Womanizer vs Satisfyer: Which One Should You Pick?

Womanizer Vs Satisfyer

Here again, goes the battle of the beasts. Between the original Womanizer Vs Satisfyer, which drowns the other?

The Womanizer was the first of its kind to introduce the Pleasure Air technology. Over the years, many others have come up with a replica.

That includes the famous models from Satisfyer – one of the most hyped brands with similar technology.

…Hence this Womanizer vs Satisfyer face-off.

Well, Satifyer retails at a cheaper price. But, we are yet to know whether it matches the functionality of the original Womanizer.

Now, both toys share the same air pressure technology for their stimulative action. And the nozzle attachments in both products are silicone.

So, when all is said and done, it’s a tight race. 

But we’ll still dive in deeper and see how the two models compare or differ in their specs.

Let’s Begin The Face-Off: Womanizer Vs Satisfyer

In this comparison, we are going to handle the Womanizer Premium Vs Satisfyer Pro 2. These two are currently the top models in their brands.

The Womanizer Premium (full details in our Womanizer Premium review) came with a bang when it first entered the female toy industry. It stands out as the company’s most ingenious creativity in the clit-pleasuring technology.

It comes with Pleasure Air Technology that’s also copied by other manufactures.

On top of this… As the years went by, they developed newer and more thoughtful features to blend into their toys. These include Smart Silence and Autopilot technologies.

All which we will discuss later on in the Face To Face section.

On the other corner of the ring… 

We have the Satisfyer series. The Satisfyer line is one of the top brands that has come close to matching the Womanizer.

They have used similar feature designs and technical engineering of the Womanizer. They also have the air pressure clitoral function that was first introduced by its counterpart.

The Satisfyer series is cheaper and more affordable than the Womanizer. This could get attributed to the cheaper means of production that go into their manufacturing.

But still, even though pricier, the Womanizer comes with better features as hinted above. And on stimulation, they have more tuned pulsating modes and settings for a quality experience.

So, how do the Womanizer Vs Satisfyer compare in a table? 

Let’s find out in the table below…

Air Pressure

A Quick Womanizer Premium Review

black gold womanizer premium vibrator

Retailing at $180, the Womanizer Premium is among the top sought after models in this category. It comes with only one but very powerful motor that powers the pressure wave stimulation.

It has a 4-button control interface at the front side of the toy. They control the “Increase”, “Decrease”, “Autopilot”, and “Power” functions.

This is an improvement from the initial PRO 40 that had the control interface on the inner side. That made control-navigation difficult, especially during the night.

What’s more, is that it comes with an interchangeable nozzle for varied clitoral anatomies. And all this you can get when you get the standard Womanizer package.

Other cheaper but equally loved versions from the company include the Classic and Starlet2. They retail at $120 and $70 – 80 respectively.


  • Has a smooth silicone body that gives an awesome grip.
  • It has up to 12 preset speeds for you to explore.
  • Has an interchangeable nozzle for different clitoris sizes.
  • It is rechargeable therefore allows multiple usages. 
  • It is very discreet in use and storage.


  • It is fairly expensive.
  • Not for you if you need broader stimulations.

A Quick Satisfyer Pro 2 Review

rose gold satisfyer pro 2 vibrator

The Satisfyer Pro 2 also adopted the Pleasure Air technology. They’ve used a cheaper way to produce the touchless stimulations… As with all other Womanizer models.

Even though they weren’t fully original, Satisfyer introduced a much cheaper alternative for the Womanizer. And again, you can use this model as a field test before making a decision to buy a Womanizer.

Also, it’s a safe choice for newbies seeking to venture into the touchless clit stimulation.

Now, they have done quite an impressive job with Pro 2 functionality. But on the negative side, it does not come with an interchangeable nozzle. 

The same is also true for the Pro Deluxe model which is largely faulted by its inconvenient short and round body design. It makes it difficult to hold and Deluxe only has 1-button control that doesn’t do it any justice either.


  • It comes with a silicone stimulation nozzle.
  • It has 11 preset speeds for varying stimulation.
  • It is discreet in storage and usage.
  • It has rumbly air pulsation that’s more powerful for those who like something aggressive.


  • It has a rougher motor that’s less refined than the Womanizer Premium.
  • Its controls are placed on a thin neck on the toy, making it difficult to navigate the settings.

Comparing Womanizer Premium And Satisfyer Pro 2 Features Face To Face

It’s time to see how these 2 compare face to face in their features…

Size And Measurements, Discreetness

The Womanizer Premium has a streamlined body design. This makes it very easy to hold and handle. It’s also quite smaller than the PRO 40 and can get wedged comfortably in between your crotch. 

In detail, the Womanizer Premium’s dimensions measure 6.10” x 1.97” x 1.38”. Pulling a weight of a mere 0.3 lbs.

On the other hand…

The Satisfyer Pro 2 is slightly girthier and heavier than the Womanizer Premium. It’s also longer than the Satisfyer Pro 3 and Penguinmodels.

It measures 6.5” (L) x 1.8” (W) x 2.6” (H) and weighs 0.55 lbs.

Now, despite these varying numbers, both Womanizer and Pro 2 are very discreet in storage.

Design And Functionality, Waterproof

The new Satisfyer Pro 2 comes with an 11-speed preset setting controlling the air pulsation tech. You can navigate from the mild lower pulsation to the more rumbly higher settings.


The Womanizer Premium, Duo, and Pro all come with an outstanding 12 air pulsation intensities. That’s a remarkable improvement from the previous PRO 40 and Classic’s 8 settings

It also means that it has one extra mode setting over the Satisfyer Pro 2.

Again here, both models are waterproof and you can use them in the shower or bathtub. Just ensure the nozzles are fitted in properly to prevent water leaking inside the toy.


This is another area where the Womanizer and Satisfyer models share qualities.

Their nozzles are all made with medical-grade silicone that is both phthalates and latex-free.

They are also built using ABS plastic that comprises their internal structures. This gives them their sturdy bodies and provides the framework for the overall shape.

Usability, Feel, Noise

These are the most sensitive parts for users when it comes to any sex toy. They determine the pleasure, convenience, and practicality of the features when put to action.

Well, as I had mentioned earlier, the Womanizer Premium has a 4-button control interface. It controls the Increase, Autopilot,Decrease, and Power functions. 

And the good news? 

This Womanizer comes with a better grip. All thanks to the silicone-covered body. And adding to this… It also comes with an extra nozzle that you can fit for a varying clitoral stimulation.

With the Satisfyer Pro 2 on the other end…

It only has a 3-button control interface that includes the Increase, Decrease, and Power buttons. 

And unbeknown to some of you, this is a great upgrade from the Penguin and Deluxe models.

On the actual feel… The Womanizer is very steady on the pressure waves delivered onto the clit. The Satisfyer has rougher but powerful rumbly sensations that sit well for women who need extra force. 

So to close this off… They’re both very quiet and won’t give you away when using.


Well, I’d say that despite the Satisfyer not being a pioneer with technology, it matches grit here. The air pulsations in both models are controlled by the mode settings in each. 

And from how my girl reacts to both of them, I’d say we have a thin draw here.

Battery Life

The Womanizer Premium has a magnetic charging feature. And on top of that, it takes 2 hours to get it to full charge, giving you up to 4 hours of usage time!

With the Satisfyer Pro 2… It comes fitted with a Lithium-Ion battery that gives up to 90 mins of usage time from a full charge. And like its opponent, it also has a magnetic charging feature.

So simply put… If we’re considering the duration of sessions, then the Womanizer is your best bet.

Warranty, Support

Both the Womanizer and the Satisfyer models come with a 1-year warranty. 

Once you buy them, you may return and get another one shipped to you in case of a design flaw.

Reaching out to the Womanizer and Satisfyer support is only a click away.

How Easy To Clean And Durability

Since both models have the same design, the cleaning routine is pretty much the same.

To clean either of them… Pop-out the silicone nozzle and toss it in boiling water, dishwasher, or soaking tub for this. Normal soap gets the job done.

And since they’re made with non-porous silicone, you don’t have to worry about the toy harboring any scent.

Also, you can clean up the body by wiping it clean with a toy cleaner or other sanitizing agents.

What Comes In The Package

The Womanizer comes with a magnetic USB charger, one extra silicone nozzle, a storage pouch, and the Womanizer stimulator itself.

The Satisfyer model comes with a USB charging cable, user manual, and the toy itself.

Price Considerations

I already mentioned that the Womanizer models retail at a higher price than the Satisfyer. 

Again, it depends on where you make your order. The Premium goes for $199.99 at Womanizer.

While this may look pricey… 

But consider the extra nozzle included, the better in-built battery, and you’ll agree it’s a nice offer. Also, if you love quality from primary brands, then the Womanizer is a great match.

On the Satisfyer’s price tag, the Pro 2 model goes for $49.95 at Satisfyer. Now, this is a good deal if you’re working on a budget.

The downside is that they don’t come with an extra nozzle like the Womanizer models.

Comparison Table For Top Clitoral Stimulators

The comparison table below shows the differences in some of the top brands in this category:

Satisfyer Pro 2
ABS, Silicone
Satisfyer Deluxe
ABS, Silicone
Womanizer Premium
ABS, Silicone
Womanizer Pro 40
ABS, Silicone
Womanizer Starlet
ABS, Silicone
Lelo Sona
ABS, Silicone

Stand Out Features

There’s one thing that stands out with the Womanizer that lacks in the Satisfyer.

That’s the ingenious Autopilot and Smart Silence technologies. 

The Autopilot feature gives you a random control experience. That means that you won’t have to control the settings once you’ve turned it on.

The Smart Silence feature makes the toy turn off when it’s not in contact with a skin surface. This is great when you need to cut things off in case of an intrusion.

What Other People Say

Read other people’s review about the Womanizer Vs Satisfyer from Reddit.

“I have the Womaniser Pro40 and then also treated myself to the Satisfyer Pro 2 as I’d seen so much buzz about it online. I’ve found them very similar but these are the main points I’d make about each;

Satisfyer Pro 2:
Good value for money
I like the magnetic charger
Really easy to clean
Charge time 150m for 30m use
A more ‘rumbly’ sensation than the Womaniser

Womanizer Pro40:
Premium finish & sleek design feels good in your hand
2hr usage time per charge
Comes with two size silicone nozzles for the best fit
Easy to clean but the white finish on mine is ‘stained’
I don’t like the plug-in charger on this one – I broke the little cap that covers the charger hole which makes it’s waterproof
Slightly quieter than the Satisfyer

Overall, I’d say they are both pretty AWESOME! I’m not sure I’d go out of my way to get the Womaniser if I already had the Satisfyer, but of the two the Womaniser is definitely my fave.”


Squirrelmunk also had this to say:

“The point of Satisfyer’s existence is to make cheaper versions of the Womanizer. Womanizer’s toys used to all be well over $100, so Satisfyer entered the market to fill lower price segments.

In general, Satisfyer toys like the Pro 2 Next Generation provide a better bang for your buck. But Womanizer toys still beat them in overall quality.

The best Womanizer toys are the Classic and the Premium. Here are the differences between them:

The Premium has an optional Smart Silence mode that prevents it from turning on until it’s close to your body. This is great because these toys sound much louder when their nozzles aren’t pressed against a surface. So the Premium won’t needlessly make noise that others might hear.

The Premium has an optional Autopilot mode. It randomly increases and decreases intensity, like an extended, unpredictable wave pattern. This is great if you enjoy edging or not knowing what the toy will do next.

The Premium has 12 levels vs. the Classic’s 8, so you can make a more granular choice about how much power you want.

If these features appeal to you, get the Premium. If not, there’s no real difference in power, so get the Classic.”


Final Thoughts

As you have seen from this Womanizer Vs Satisfyer comparison, the two compete fiercely.

What stands out is that the Womanizer is the original of the two in this category. It has a more premium finish and appealing design that screams elegance.

The Satisfyer has lesser feature offer but still carries applaudable performance. It provides a cheaper alternative to the Womanizer but still lacks finesse.

To pass my verdict… 

Womanizer still kicks ass. Check out our Womanizer Pro review for another product that rocks.


You should choose Womanizer if:

  • You want a toy with more polished designs and features.
  • You care for quality over price.
  • If you prefer having an extra interchangeable nozzle.
  • You want something autonomous yet discrete in use.

You should choose Satisfyer if:

  • You want to test the air pulsation experience before buying a Womanizer.
  • You don’t care about using replicas over the original brands.
  • You are working on a low budget.
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