Womanizer Premium Review: Will This Sex Toy Work For Me?

This is a unique invention as you’ll get to see in this Womanizer premium review. The Pleasure Air technology is a distinctive feature that has turned tables undoubtedly in the sphere of chic toys. It has 2 new features that add to its overall performance and is also made from body-safe silicone that’s soft to the touch.

Womanizer Premium Review feature

The Good | It has 12 intensity levels for a broader experience. A new Smart Silence tech makes the toy only switch on when it comes in contact with your skin. It also has the Autopilot mode that gives users a random clit stimulation session. It’s very discreet.

The Bad | The Pleasure Air technology is new and still warrants a learning curve to get used to it. The stimulation is not exactly a suction but more of a constant pressure prodding against your clitoris. The power button lacks indentation and can cause access difficulty especially when using at night. It’s also quite expensive.

The Bottom Line | The Womanizer Premium is a great upgrade from the Classic. It’s more functional than the Starlet and 2GO models. The added features are a huge plus but the air pulsating technology is yet to sit right with most girls. The silicone material is silky-soft for smoother stimulations but its retail price is a turn off for many also.

Womanizer pioneered the first touchless stimulation and other brands have since followed suit. The two added features (Smart Silence and Autopilot) are a great way to spice up the experience.

In this Womanizer toy review, we’ll look at the ergonomic design and get to see whether they play well with grip. We’ll also look at the Pleasure Air feature and see why ladies have mixed feelings about it.

All in all…

Has the Womanizer Premium stimulator lived up to its promise of a “guaranteed orgasm”? 

Well, it’s both a hit and a miss. It’ll work for some and blow others’ steam off in the same breath. I hope you’ll understand why as you read through this review.

So starting off…

Womanizer Premium Tech and Specs Overview

Womanizer Premium Review Overview


The Premium is streamlined and light for easy hand use. It measures 6.10 x 1.97 x 1.38 inches and weighs just 0.3 lbs.

In comparison, it’s smaller than the Womanizer Pro40. This is a plus because Pro40 can cause great discomfort if you want something to wedge in between your crotch if you go prone.


This model is made using two key materials:

The ABS plastic makes up the stylish gold band across the handle and silky soft silicone that’s body-safe for the stimulating nozzle. 

Also, the silicone is non-porous. This makes cleaning easier and prevents fluid retention that often encourages fungal/bacterial infections.

Battery Life

Charging takes 2 hours to complete. Once full, the charge can give you up to 2 hours of playtime.

3 LED lights mean a full charge, 2 LED lights mean it’s halfway used up/filled. 1 LED light means that you should probably consider a recharge now.

To recharge, simply attach the magnetic adapter at the base of the toy and plug it into your laptop or any other universal plug with a USB receiver.

Price, Where To Buy

Simply put, the Premium’s price sure is a stinker and is $70 more than the Classic. You could attribute this to the fact that it has 2 added features and 4 new intensities. 

It ranges from $180 – 200, depending on where you get yours.

To get one, you could check out Womanizer’s official store ($199.00). They offer free shipping within the US for orders above $50 and gives a valid warranty.

KEEP OFF Amazon and eBay, lest you want to receive counterfeit items made with unknown materials. They could harm your body and, even worse, don’t have a valid warranty/return policy.

Comparing Different Model Specs

Well, here’s a table comparing 7 top Womanizer models. I hope it’ll help you make an informed buying decision in the near future. Check it out…

Design & Features

Womanizer Premium Review Features

Pressure-Wave Intensities

The Premium, Pro, and Duo models all have 12 air-pulse intensities as compared to the Pro40 and Classic’s 8. 

Also, you’ll realize that the Premium’s motor is more refined than the Starlet and 2Go’s motor that is a bit rough and jerky.


It has 4 control buttons (Increase, Decrease, Autopilot, and Power) at the front. This makes controlling easier. 

Unlike the case with the Pro40 where the buttons are inwards and limit reach in some positions.

Not forgetting… The silicone body is smooth and silky and gives a great grip on the hands. It also comes with two interchangeable nozzles that you could switch if you want a tighter-fitting mouth size.


Let’s just say you can wedge it in your crotch while reading on the bed and Room Service won’t notice when they come in with your Martini.

In Use: How Does It Work & Feel Like? 

Well, again, I had to borrow an honest reaction from my girl for this section. I saw the opportunity to also have a couple play session… so win-win, right? 🙂 

Getting into it…

We turned it on by pressing the power button for 2 seconds. You may also use a lubricant if you want to.

Just make sure you use a water-based lube. Using silicone lube degrades the toy’s material and overall usability. 

Hint: Use a small amount of lube! It enhances the suction levels and creates a great vacuum space if you want the best experience. 

Once we got things moving… 

The varying intensities were a great adventure to experience. But the lower settings might not work if you usually need that extra oomph. Even the reaction on my girl here was kinda ‘meh’.

Let me give you a quick low-down using this Womanizer model:

The Smart Silence feature only turns on the rumblings when the nozzle is in contact with a surface. This function is very helpful in ensuring its usage remains discrete if that’s a thing you’re after.

Quickly lifting it up from your spot prompts it to shut down immediately. You can turn it off by pressing the (+) and () buttons together for 2 seconds.

The Autopilot mode is more of a random ride. It alternates through all the possible Premium combinations to give you an unpredicted clitoral bliss. It ramps up the intensities and slows down at random intervals liberating you from the task of manually trying to set the right combination. 

This feature is best when you want freedom from many hassles to switch the settings. It has 3 levels: Soft (1-4), Medium (1-8), and Intense (1-12) for the strongest settings. To turn this feature on, simply press the button with the wriggly line above the power button. 

In Manual Mode, you can increase or decrease the intensity by pressing the (+) and (-) buttons respectively.

Now, there’s only one thing that maybe could hurt the Womanizer’s pride. And that is the fact that the suction tech (which really isn’t suction) is not a majority’s preference.

Well, due to its small size, we found it easy to use with Doggy, Spooning, and even Missionary.

Suffice to say, my girl is the most open-minded person I’ve met. But she too struggled to get the jest with the Pleasure Air technology business.

The orgasm was great but nothing extraordinary for her.

How Easy To Clean & Durability

Cleaning is easy as it’s waterproof. Just take off the silicone head and wash it in warm water and soap. You can also use the opportunity to clean up the inner space as the nozzle dries.

Remember to put the nozzle back on after drying is complete before storing. 

Premium also comes with a drawstring storage pouch that you can use to keep dust and dirt away from the toy.

Would I Recommend It? If so, to whom?

Girls with super-sensitive clits will most likely benefit from this toy. This is because it has much softer lower vibration settings as compared to the Starlet model. 

Other than that, it still remains a matter of preference to speak fairly.


Who Is It For?

  • If you have an extra sensitive clit.
  • If you prefer discreet engagements.
  • If you want a toy that offers something different from vibrations.
  • If you want a toy with a broader variety of intensities.
  • If you like precision stimulators.

Who Is It Not For?

  • If you require broad clitoral stimulations to get an orgasm.
  • If you prefer a firmer touch on your clit.
  • If you prefer vibrations to pressure-wave technology.
  • If the price is too much for your pocket.

What Do Other People Think About It?

Get a glimpse of what others had to say from Reddit.

Here’s one user who felt that the Premium was an orgasm cliff hanger:

“The first time she tried it, she said it just felt like a cheap underpowered vibrator and ended up giving up on her session. She said the second time she tried it was the same.

Granted, all women are different, and what works for one won’t work for everyone, but damn…

Now we just have a really expensive paperweight.”


Another user, bubbletummythird, suggested this solution to the obvious concerns:

“It’s an unusual toy. Precision placement when using is critical. The sensation is unusual – takes some getting used to. The wife says that it tends to be very intense (depending on the power setting, of course). Puts her on a ‘plateau’ and keeps her there for 5-10 minutes before orgasm. 

I’d guess that the “underwhelming” experience may be related to how tightly it was latched to the clitoris (lubricant helps….but not so much lube)…the power level used….and maybe being relaxed enough to explore a different kind of sensation the toy produces.”


Nuzzleen had this to share concerning the various models in the series:

“Instead of the Womanizer Classic I would suggest the Womanizer Liberty which is less expensive, smaller, and also have the same features as the womanizer classic.

If it is a first suction toy, the Womaniser Liberty is a good choice especially if you are very sensitive to the clit.

You can also choose the Womaniser Premium. It has more modes for vibration however, it’s way bigger than the Liberty version.

The big advantage is in the “smart silence” feature: the toy becomes silent if it’s not in contact with something, so you can forget it when you are in the action, instead of turning off.”



Womanizer Premium Alternatives

Aside from the suction technology, the other thing that I know might burst your bubble with the toy is its price.

But if you’re a Womanizer fan and want to keep your pleasure in-house, then I’d suggest you check the cheaper Womanizer Starlet version.

And if that doesn’t still cut it for you. Then the Satisfyer Pro 2 ($50) is also another viable option that you could explore. (use code: -25% to get 25% off).

Check out our Womanizer vs Satisfyer comparison for more details.

Conclusion: Final Thoughts

So, putting a cap on it…

It’s a great toy. But promising a guaranteed orgasm is, in most cases, suicidal for a brand! Especially when big bucks are involved. 

It would’ve been safer saying it’ll deliver a unique stimulating experience and leave it open. 

At least that way, you won’t feel owed as compared to a guarantee. 

Other than that… You can try out the cheaper Starlet first and upgrade later if you like the experience. 


You can get the Satisfyer Pro 2 if Starlet’s size is a bother.

Did you enjoy reading this review? Feel free to share and leave any queries in the Comments Section below.

Until next time!

Womanizer Premium Review

Dainis Graveris

Womanizer Premium


The Womanizer Premium is called the brands #1 product for a reason. Overall it has improved features, great functionality, and high-quality silicone material that will leave most girls satisfied.

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