Womanizer Pro 40 Review: Does It Deliver?

In this Womanizer Pro review, we will show you why it’s a great intermediary amongst all the toys in the PleasureAir releases. It offers a longer but lean body surface compared to the Womanizer w500 and is very sturdy. What stands out is the 8 intensity levels and simplistic 3-button control that makes usability a breeze.

Womanizer Pro 40

The Good | It has a long battery capacity with 8 intensity levels for you to experiment through. It also comes with an interchangeable nozzle if you’d want stimulation from a different fit. The 3-button control is simplistic and better than the Starlet, offering a new dedicated power on button. It is thinner and has a streamlined shape that makes it easier to hold in your hands. 

The Bad | The intensity is only good for build-ups and will require a little creativity or boost to get you there. It is a bit expensive, especially if you’re considering upgrading from the Satisfyer imitation.

The Bottom Line | The Pro 40 is an amazing entry and Womanizer heeded to users’ feedback to pack a longer-lasting battery. The silicone nozzle is body-safe and gives a truly skin-like sensation with the suctions. The intensity levels may work for some but girls with a rougher kink may feel under-served by it. Also, it’s quite expensive.

So, our hammer this time fell on the Pro title, hence, this Womanizer Pro 40 review.

The Womanizer Pro 40 is a great suction toy for women as it offers the most moderate feature-functionality package of all the recent Womanizer models.

The body is sleeker and definitely more appealing than the Classic’s appearance.

What’s more, it’s quieter and has maintained the signature ergonomic design that the Womanizer versions are known for.

The only prevalent concern with its use is the faulty assumption of a one-size-fits-all nozzle.

So, very quickly… Let’s see what this Womanizer is really all about.

Side-note: we also have a Womanizer Premium review if you’re interested.

Womanizer Pro 40 Tech and Specs Overview

Womanizer Premium Pro 40 Overview


This model is very streamlined and thin across the girth. It’s longer than the w500 and just under an inch short when compared to Premium.

It’s dimensions measure 4.72 x 1.81 inches and weighs in at a negligible 0.31 lbs.

This makes it very light and convenient to carry in hands.


The Pro 40 is made with a smooth ABS plastic that covers most part of the toy’s body. There’s also the use of medical silicone that has gone into the production of the nozzle attaching at the mouth.

Both materials are body-safe and blended to give a smooth and sleek finish. This is very pleasing in the hands when holding.

Battery Life

This model comes fitted with an in-built Lithium-Ion battery and a USB charging cable. You can plug this cable in your laptop, TV, car, and any other plug that is USB-compatible.

The Womanizer Pro 40 takes about 2 hours to make it to full charge. 

This can serve you up to 4 hours of playtime depending on your intensity settings.

Price, Where To Buy

The model retails at a range of $119 – 129.

You can get yours at Lovehoney ($119.99) and get a one-year warranty as well as free shipping if you make this order within the USA.

Also, you may check out the Womanizer ($129.00) that had a $99.00 offer at the time of this review. They’ll provide free shipping within the US and also offer a valid warranty.

KEEP OFF Amazon and eBay as their vendors are known for sending FAKES made using unknown materials with no viable return policy.

Let’s Compare Different Models

This table shows how Pro 40 compares to others in the line. It may help you make a more informed decision during purchase.

Womanizer Pro Review: Design & Features

Womanizer Premium Pro 40 Features


The Pro 40 has 8 varying intensity levels for a broader stimulation experience. The intensities are rather moderate, depending on the levels you get off on.

The Womanizer X Lovehoney Pro 40 is an alternative option that pretty much offers similar sensations but has only 6 intensity levels.


The 3-button control makes it less cumbersome to use compared to the Starlet’s 1-button affair. The pulsating waves here are relatively quiet too.

They have also thrown in an extra nozzle that is larger than the default which you can put to use if you have a larger clit.

And to top this off… 

They shifted the nozzle design from circular to an oval shape. This acknowledges the fact that clits are mostly longer and not wide across as perceived.


The Womanizer Pro 40 could get a bit loud when you activate and hold it in the air. This, though, like most Womanizers, is toned down when you suck up your clit in the nozzle.

In Use: How Does It Feel Like?

This time around my girl could not wait as she had done her research on air-suction stimulations. She was open to getting into the experience now that she knew how it all works. 

Getting down…

To turn on the toy, you have to hold the power button for at least 2 seconds and you’ll hear the motion inside come alive. This is accompanied by a red LED light that maybe suggests “it’s about to get hot in here”…

We again used a small amount of water-based lube. Always feel free to use just a little amount of lube on your member if you’re unsure of going natural. Doing this enhances the level of suction on your clit.

Moving forward… A good foreplay session beforehand is always a nice way to warm up to these occasions.

First, she used the Pro 40 solo to get to see how it holds down on its own. What we noticed almost immediately is that the pressure-wave intensity from this model is rather strong (more than the Starlets) and may still as yet numb your glans.

And unlike most of the other womanizers, this model’s 3 lower intensities were working just fine and my girl commented on how gentle they were.

The 3 higher intensities obviously got her attention as she twitched and fidgeted from the sensations she was getting. The highest settings were not her thing and we reverted back to medium settings.

She liked this level more at the time so I stayed there for a while and let her discover the new pleasure. That really got her on edge.

Hint: In case you feel that you aren’t cut out for such levels of intensity, then you can press the power button once and it’ll act as a kill-switch to the lowest level instantly.

The only problem here was that it led her to a steady build-up but never really got her to orgasm at the peak. Her body sorta became immune to the sensation or something like that.

So next we tried it with PIV penetration and the results were amped in a flash. She was definitely enjoying it way better with me inside her and she orgasmed multiple times over.

How Easy It Is To Clean & Durability

Cleaning is a breeze as it’s waterproof. You can clean the body separately as you soak the nozzle in hot/warm water and soap.

The toy is also rechargeable therefore it can last a good while provided you give it proper maintenance.

Would I Recommend It? If so, to whom?

Yes, I’d recommend the Pro 40 to girls who’re already into suction play. It’s a great avenue to explore and I’m sure there’s a good number who’ll love what it offers.

Who is it for?

  • If you’re into build-ups.
  • Girls who want to experience a unique stimulation away from vibrations.
  • If you like longer masturbation sessions.

Who is it not for?

  • Girls who prefer quick orgasms.
  • If you’re working on a budget.
  • Girls who don’t fancy the air-suction stimulation.

What Do Other People Think About It?

As always, here are a couple of independent reviews from Reddit on the Womanizer Pro 40. 

LittleSwitchBitch had this to share about the Pro 40:

“I guess we all have an item we most definitely would grab if the house was burning down and this is mine.

I’d go as far as saying it’s my most used toy and since owning it any other suction toys I own (all Satisfyer models and the Womanizer w500) have pretty much become invisible to me.

The battery life is spectacular – I’ve owned it for several months now. It’s waterproof. And most importantly, it has +/- buttons meaning you can completely jack off uninterrupted to exactly how you enjoy it without having to deal with every other intensity level like you have to with most of the Satisfyer models.”


Another user, jaffacake00, seemed to have a different experience with the Pro 40 altogether:

“I recently purchased a Womanizer Pro 40 after being fortunate enough to try a Satisfyer Pro 2 and deciding to go for the original.

While I love the lightness and the buttons, I’m disappointed with the head – compared with the Satisfyer I find the ridge sharp, and after 5 uses total I’ve become sore from pressing down hard enough to create a seal.”



Womanizer Pro 40 Alternatives

If you are looking for something that’s more refined or will get you a much broader experience with your clit, then there are a few alternatives you could check out.

My top pick is the Womanizer Premium for a high-end experience or the cheaper Starlet if you’re working on a budget. We have a Womanizer Starlet review for more info.

There’s also the famous copycat Satisfyer Pro 2 ($50) that is an imitation of the Womanizer.

It offers the same perks as the Womanizer but at a cheaper price. This is because they have used cheaper materials and technology to make this product.

For a more detailed comparison, check out our Womanizer vs Satisfyer guide.

Conclusion: Final Thoughts

The Womanizer Pro 40, like all other Womanizer versions, is a great attempt at amping the suction play for women. But just like every other toy, it all narrows down to the specific body anatomy of the respective user. 

What else matters is the taste and preference… you know? Like “I’m a suction chic” or “I am more of a vibrator vixen”. If you get this figured out then maybe you can avoid over-expecting or undermining these products.

It always takes a special tri-combination of Body>Product>Expectation link to fully appreciate any given experience.

Well, speaking from a front seat experience, the best alternative to the Pro 40 is the Womanizer Premium coming with a more refined high-end experience.

A cheaper option is the Starlet but you could also try out the Satisfyer Pro 2 before getting the original Womanizer.

I sure hope this helps 🙂

Did you like this review? Feel free to share or leave any questions in the Comments Section below!

Happy hunting!

If expectations and size is right, it’s a great realistic cock sheath.

Womanizer Pro 40 Review

Dainis Graveris

Womanizer Pro 40 product shot


The Womanizer Pro 40 is definitely better than its previous predecessor with amazing battery life and the quality materials give a truly skin-like sensation. Not the most cost-effective price but still great for most users.


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