11 Best Places Where To Buy Dildos Discreetly

If you’re looking to buy a dildo discreetly, your best bet would be to do that online. There are many great sex toy shops that sell dildos and offer discreet shipping, so no one will know what you’re buying.

Where To Buy Dildos

Buying a good dildo can be a challenge; I’m not going to lie.

There are so many options and so many shops that sell them, but we usually don’t want to be seen carrying a bag full of sex toys by our neighbors, right?

In this case, buying dildos online is your best bet.

So, in today’s post, I’m sharing the best places online where you can buy a dildo and not worry about privacy as well as some good brick-and-mortar options if you don’t have access to online stores. 

Let’s dive in!

8 Best Online Places Where To Buy Dildos Discreetly

I personally love buying sex toys online. 

You can relax on your sofa while you scroll online, choose the dildo, and read the reviews all at the same time.

It can be a relaxing way to spend the evening after work, and you don’t have to leave your house for that. 

So, here are six of the best online shops to buy your dildo:

#1: Lovehoney

Lovehoney is an awesome international sex shop. They have a massive array of sex toys, from vibrators to fleshlights to dildos. 

They have great photos of items and detailed descriptions, and some of their products even have educational videos. 

So, you really get the change to learn everything about the dildo before you buy it. 

They offer discreet shipping, so you don’t have to worry about people questioning you. 

You can find dildos on Lovehoney here.

#2: Shevibe

This is the most favorite website of a lot of women and not without reason. 

It has a very cool looking site with comics-style illustration, and it’s really fun to shop at. 

However, Shevibe is on a pricier side, so if you’re looking for something affordable, I would recommend looking at other shops on this list. 

They offer domestic shipping in the US, and they also offer international shipping and have a kick-ass customer service team. 

Also, their shipping is discreet, so you don’t have to worry about your privacy. 

Check out their dildo selection here.

#3: Uberkinky

Another great online sex shop on our list is Uberkinky. 

They’re a UK based company that has a huge assortment of sex toys for every taste. 

Their prices are pretty reasonable, and they have very interesting looking dildos.

While they’re based in the UK, they offer to ship to the US, and they even have a free shipping option if you spend over £55. 

Also, they have an image of their discreet packaging on their website, so if you’re very paranoid about it, you can check it out yourself here.

See their dildo selection here.

#4: Mr. Hankey Toys

This online dildo shop is extremely cool. 

They’re dedicated to selling impressive dildos, both realistic and fantasy style, and you can find so many options here. 

If you’re interested in investing and buying a proper dildo that will last you a long while, I suggest checking this shop out. The dildos here are expensive, over $100, but they’re really a piece of art. 

They also offer discreet shipping, so no one will know that you prefer an alien dick over a real one. 

You can see their dildo selection here.

Quick note:

They also have brick and mortar stores in various cities in the US. So, check if you don’t live near one, and it might be worth going into the shop with this one. 

#5: Tantus

Another online shop that offers a great selection of dildos. 

Their motto is ‘Good clean fun,’ and you can really see it in their designs. 

Their prices are reasonable, and the dildos are made of good quality silicone. 

Now, they offer a very discreet US shipping, but if you’re shipping internationally, they’ll have to disclose that you’re buying from a sex shop which is not so discreet.

Check out their selection here.

#6: Smitten Kitten

Another shop on our list here is Smitten Kitten. 

They have both an online shop option and a retail store, so if you’re close to the location, you can go buy the dildo in the shop. 

Smitten Kitten has tons of sex toys for sale, and they even have some sex education resources on its website, which is great. 

Their dildo selection is also great, but they’re in the medium price range, so be prepared to spend at least $30 for a good dildo. 

As with all the other shops on this list, they offer discreet shipping in the US, but for international orders, they need to disclose that they’re shipping, so it might not be so discreet after all. 

You can find their dildo selection here

#7: PeepShow Toys

This is a so-called online boutique selling good quality sex toys at a reasonable price. 

They have a huge selection of toys, and they do have some pretty cool looking dildos. 

The company is based in New Jersey, US, and offers discreet shipping. 

You can find their dildo selection here

#8: Adam & Eve

And the last on my list, but not the least, is Adam&Eve. 

They’re a US-based ‘#1 adult toy superstore’ as they claim, and they have a huge selection of toys. 

This shop is pretty popular among young people, and they have dildos at reasonable prices. 

They also offer discreet shipping in the US and internationally. 

You can find their massive dildo selection here.

Best Brick-And-Mortar Stores To Buy Dildos

If you’re not a fan of shopping online and have to see the dildo in real life before you buy, there are some great retail stores in the US. 

The best thing you could do is use Google and search for ‘sex shops near me’ or ‘local sex shops’ and then pick from the ones that are close to you. 

However, here are some universal brands for you:

#1: Babeland

This sex shop brand has an online shop, but they’re great if you want to go in and shop in person. 

They have multiple locations all over the US, and here you can find the locations of their stores. 

They have a pretty good selection and pretty reasonable prices for their dildos and other sex toys. 

#2: Drugstores like Walgreen

You can get a cheap dildo is your local drug stores like CVS or Walgreen.

Not every store is going to carry them, but most of them should. So, if you have a few around you, I would recommend checking them out to see if they have a sex toy section. 

Dildos are probably going to be affordable here, and they should be sold somewhere close to condoms and lubes in the store. 

#3: Mr. Hankey Toys

I’ve already mentioned this store brand in this post, but if you didn’t catch it the first time, I wanted to include it here. 

It’s a dildo boutique that sells unique dildos, both realistic and fantasy style, and while they do have the online shop, you can find brick-and-mortar stores as well. 

They have stores in most big cities in California, New York, and some international stores, but I recommend you check it out yourself here.

Stay Away From Amazon, Wish And eBay

Purchasing cheap sex toys from Amazon or other simmilar platforms can be a risky gamble.

While it might be tempting to buy your dildo from Amazon because they’re very cheap and Amazon delivery is so great, it can actually be pretty dangerous. 

A lot of dildos that are being sold on Amazon are knock-offs and counterfeits. Many times that they’re not made from the safe-to-use materials and will not give you the pleasure you seek. 

It might not be safe to insert inside your body, as it can result in allergic reactions or infections. 

So, I would avoid purchasing sex toys on these websites, and if you do decide to do it, I would encourage reading the reviews carefully before making a purchase. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

How Do I Purchase A Dildo Without My Parents Noticing?

Your best bet here would be to either buy a dildo online in one of the stores I’ve mentioned at the beginning of this post.

You don’t need to show ID to buy a dildo online, and the shipping is discreet, so your parents won’t know what’s inside the package. 

If you’re going to the physical store, there are some restrictions in the US, and they vary from state to state. 

The Walgreens and CVS should not have any restrictions about buying a dildo at any age if you have one locally close to you that carries them.


And here you have it – all the best ways to buy a dildo discreetly. 

I would personally recommend buying online as it’s the easiest and laziest way, and all of them offer discreet shipping, so your privacy is always ensured. 

If you prefer to go shopping in person, then I recommend checking your local drugstores or searching for local sex shops on Google.

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