What Is A Sex Machine & How It Feels To Have Sex With One?

So what is a sex machine? Or more specifically…

What does the term ‘Sex Machine’ mean?

A sex machine is a mechanised device that is used to simulate a sex intercourse, most commonly – the thrusting action.

A sex machine can be called any sex toy that has a motor stimulating vibrations, thrusting, or/and rotation.

When people say “fucking machine” it usually means it’s a machine (like the ones in this guide) that has a thrusting dildo mimicking the back/forth intercourse motions.

There’s a saying where people call someone a “sex machine” because he can go long and hard for an extended time.

Well, sex machine actually does that:

  • It never tires,
  • Never changes the thrusting direction without your instruction
  • You can adjust the thrusting speed and depth just the way you want it
  • …All the while choosing just the right size, firmness, and type dildo that you enjoy.

What Types of Sex Machines Are Out There?

Now that you learned the basic meaning, it’s time for a better understanding of your choices if you actually want to own one.

There are three main types of sex machines:

#1 – Thrusting Sex Machines (commonly called Fucking Machines)

This is most commonly what people mean when they say a sex machine.

It’s a machine that simulates the thrusting motion and can be used by women for vaginal penetration, and by mean and women for anal play.

The one in the picture is our favorite: Hismith, check our review.

Many men enjoy this type of machine for prostate milking.

While the functionality will differ from the money you’re prepared to pay, during last years the prices have significantly dropped and quality improved.

Now you can get a high quality machine for less than $400.

With this kind of machine you can expect to have:

  • Adjustable trust length
  • Remote control the speed and intensity of the thrusting
  • Many accessories to change to the dildo that you enjoy the most
  • Adjustable angles
  • Sturdy, heavy design for comfortable use

Anything less and you’ll be compromising the quality.

#2 – Vibrating sex machines (commonly called Sex Saddle)

We need to thank Sybian for the popularity of these machines. Sex saddle are designed almost exclusively for women.

The use is simple – you sit on the saddle that presses against your clitoris, adjust the intensity until the powerful vibrations force out explosive orgasms.

These types of machines will set you back around $1200, but they have never in my experience failed to get an orgasm out of women.

Because they are expensive, you’ll usually find these only at sex parties.

Oh, and you don’t even need to remove clothes to use it – the motor is so powerful that it trembles through clothes.

This is also a downside to this machine – for some people the vibrations are too powerful numbing the clitoris, but for many women for whom the orgasms require heavy stimulation – Sybians are just perfect.

Finally, I also need to mention Monkey Rocker sex machine:

monkey rocker

It’s a rare mechanical machine that you activate by simply rocking back and forth. Through this rocking the dildo will thrust in and out back and forth.

The pro of this device is that it is sturdy, the con – you still need to do the work for yourself.

#3 – Blowjob & Penis Milking Machines For Men

This is where it gets tricky. Technically every sex toy with a motor can be called a sex machine.

But as for men, it usually means that the male masturbator is doing the job for you.

It’s thrusting automatically, vibrating, rotating almost hands-free, you just need to hold on to such toy.

In a sense, these machines are mimicking what thrusting sex machines are doing with dildos, just there is an artificial vagina thats doing the thrusting.

Which brings me to the point – that you can use thrusting sex machines with a male masturbator too.

Most advanced thrusting machines allow you to change the attachments, so you can simply add Fleshlight at the end of it.

The most popular male sex machines are Fleshlight Launch that are actuallydoing thrusting for you.

Others like Kiiroo Onyx simulate the thrusting, while also rotating, vibrating and/or doing the suction effect.

The most favorite feature comes from new developing technologies though: Virtual Reality.

You can connect these masturbation machines with a porn, add VR goggles, and have an immersive experience where masturbation is simulating the speed and depth of thrusting that happens in the video.

How Does Sex With A Machine Feel Like? (Real Reviews)

All this sounds great, but you may ask how it actually feels like? For that, we found real reviews of people sharing their experiences.

But if I had to sum up with it’s this: “It’s like having a sex with a Superman (or superwoman)”.

I’ve got a thrusting sex machine by Hismith.

Quality: Pretty good for the price, it’s solid, heavy, and very quiet.

Usability: Highly adjustable, you can (with some time) find a really good position. It’s early days and I’m yet to find my perfect position. Haven’t taken the speed past 1/3rd of its max speed.

Other noteworthy thoughts:

It doesn’t feel like I imagined it to. Don’t get me wrong, it’s good but certainly doesn’t feel like sex at all. I have found that I prefer the softer attachment over the firmer one.

You also need to be mindful of how you move while it’s working away. I wiggled a little and the next thing I knew is whoa Mumma that went way too deep. There is very little that can stop it when it’s at anything apart from a snail’s pace. It’s POWERFUL!


I bought one last year and its the best thing ever.

I felt really guilty about spending the money but the first time I tried it I forgot all but the money because I was coming over and over. The only downside is getting into position can be a pain.

Usually what I do to start is adjust the stroke to be short and then make sure the toy is fully extended. In other words when the machine starts it will retract the toy. That way I can position myself to the correct depth and not get a painful poking when the machine starts.


I used a Sybian once. It made me drool and forget my name. A++ would ride again.

I also used a machine called The Love Machine. It was purple with a red heart logo. It was fun and a great way to achieve faux DP. (I think I’m too big for real DP. There isn’t enough room for 2 dudes to get to the right angles in me.)


I’ve only used one, it was the cheapest I could find simply because at the time I was broke at…

If I were to buy again I’d look at the adjustments if it’s easy or not, because mine is cheap it’s a pain to adjust.. I still can’t get the right angle.

I would like more attachments, the box said it came with attachments but the stock Dildo was stuck into it and I legit cut it off with a knife. I had to reinsert the dildo a few times because there is a weird metal rod attached to the suction cup.. But it’s ok now.

Due to the angle and my tightness sometimes the machine will seize up instead of pushing through, sure safety is nice but sometimes you just want to be ravaged.


So that’s it!

Try one, it’s fun, but you do need to spend a few hundred bucks for a quality experience, otherwise, you having sex with a machine will be a disappointment.

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