What Does DP Feel Like For Men & Women

Relaxing your mind and body is all that is key in getting to know “what does DP feel like”. For women, it’ll most likely be a “fuller” experience with a little more intensity inside along with the pleasures. For men, if you’ve ever finger-plugged your partner during PIV, then you’re all not too far 🙂

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So, what does DP feel like?

It goes without saying that many people have at one point in their sexual lives fantasized about giving or getting double penetration.

And that is rightly so because it has one of the most intense and fulfilling pleasures you could get from a three-way sexcapade.

You could end up opening the doors to pleasure levels that your bodies never thought existed.

You could end up discovering the hidden passions that lie deep within yourselves and help each other explore them.

While for the ladies it is kind of a “filled up” experience, men will have to adjust to being served extra tightness.

“It’s the fullness, it’s just delicious! You can feel every good thing about PIV and every good thing about anal all at the same time!”

Source: Reddit user, Assparragoose.

What Does DP Feel Like

What Is Double Penetration?

There goes the million-dollar question!

Well, to answer that… The Medical-Dictionary defines it as:

“(A) sexual activity in which a sexual partner is simultaneously penetrated in two orifices at the same time—usually understood as peno-anal and peno-vaginal penetration of a female by male partners, but which may also include receptive oral sex and anal/vaginal penetration.”

Source: Medical-Dictionary

And I think that’s a very beautiful way to put it.

But on the other end, to demystify a myth… 

It is NOT true that DP sex MUST always happen with two men sticking their dongs up a lady’s butt or vagina.

You can also achieve double penetration by having one guy and the help of a dildo or an insertable sex toy. (As with when I am with my girl)

Hell, a woman can also get double penetration by herself if she has two insertable dildos that she can use for her vag and butt. (As with when she’s alone)

But first… Are you both comfortable with DP intercourse?

And even more. Especially for an MFM double penetration… Are you (men) comfortable with your junk touching with another man’s business?

If your answer is YES to both questions, then you should read on. 

If you have a NO to any of the two questions, then you might just as well read and see what you may be getting wrong about the matter.

Do Girls Like DP? What Does It Feel Like To Have Two Guys Inside Of You?

Do Girls Like DP? What Does It Feel Like To Have Two Guys Inside Of You?

“Put one finger in the ass, one in the vagina, then move them. Won’t be the same, but I’m sure you can extrapolate.”

Source: Reddit user, RadicallD11.

Well, I would say that this greatly relies on the particular woman’s fetishes or fantasies.

In my experience in this field, I’ve interacted with quite an astonishing number of ladies who dig getting filled both ways.

Obviously, there are those who are shy or are just reserved about it. In most cases, they would want to do due diligence before engaging in the scenes of double penetration.

Also, the lady must be comfortable with an extra shaft (dick/vibrator) sticking up her insides.

My girl, for instance, is very cool and is always receptive to try anything new that can add more spice to our bedroom kink.

Now, for the ladies, it is important that you first start your experience with a bit of plug play…

Before getting into it… You might want to test yourself by first using anal plugs to familiarize your butt with what it’ll be up against.

Already there are myriads of butt plug options available in the market. 

So picking one for yourself shouldn’t be that hard… 

You could go for the vibrating or non-vibrating option depending on what your personal preferences are.

And to make things better for you… There are also different sizes that come with the butt plugs. You may choose to start off with the smaller ones if you’re totally new to anal play.

Then, gradually, you can rise through the ranks till you get to the larger ones once your body’s loosened up.

Another way of finding out how it feels is through allowing your partner to stick up a finger inside your butt as you do PIV sex.

The feeling you get there is what you should expect when you finally try it out. Only this time things will be amplified a bit… 🙂

“I’ve done it before with an anal toy and my Bf. I’m (f) it feels great. The sensations are more intense and the feeling is more full. Definitely a fun experience”

Source: Reddit user, piesR.

How Does It Feel For A Man?

How Does It Feel For A Man?

“If you’re not comfortable with cocks touching, this is not for you, yes you can feel the other guy’s junk both ways… a little more in DV… it’s a little awkward getting into the position it’s not as glamorous as on porn, but it can feel really good.”

Source: Reddit user, Smgameday7.

Well, most men would want to try this with their girls. But a great number can’t follow through because they get stuck up with the idea of rubbing dicks with another guy.

In as much as I believe consent does clear a lot of that, you must be also willing to let your bodies be in such close proximities. 

What do I mean?

The man must have no chills with another dick brushing against his during a three-some. 

Achieve that and you’ll open the door to enjoy the most intense three-way experience in your life. 

As for myself, I haven’t gotten a chance to get it on with a fellow man yet, but I enjoy the experience when I use a vibrator.

It’s like a mini thrust-rush inside there and this excites me so much.

“It feels significantly tighter along with feeling like something else is sliding against your penis. You can feel each thrust of the other guy sliding along your own penis.

If you’re a man while having PIV, slip a finger in the back door and give yourself a little hello from the other side. That’s what it feels like but a lot more with another guy in there.”

Source: Reddit user, csesium.

Does DP Hurt?

As I’ve mentioned earlier, it’s important that both of you are comfortable with it. A relaxed mind and body set the best premise for a successful double penetration pleasuring.

Even more important, you have to make sure that the lady receiving is aroused enough. This eases her into the mood and makes it simpler for her to enjoy the pleasure from it.

Now, it’s no biggie that a good number have gotten their inspiration from watching blue movies. But the real-life experience spells something different… all acting and coaching aside.

This is especially true when you consider that everyone has a different package hanging down there.

Too big and you’ll feel more pain than pleasure. And the vice versa could leave you with more of a ‘Meh’ experience.

So, how do we handle this? 

Again, you might want to consider the butt plugs I recommended earlier to “pave the way” before penetrating.

Another thing that may determine whether DP will hurt for you or not is the size of the shaft(s) you’re dealing with.

As this majorly alludes to the MFM scene, it also applies to the dildos or other toys you intend to use.

As a more cautious method. It’s always best to allow the slimmer size to go into your ass and the bigger one to go into your vag.

And on the DV action… You need a whole new level of readiness before taking on two dicks in your cooch.

This kinda penetration is not mostly a darling because of the extra ‘commitment’ it requires from everyone involved.

Stroking will be much slower and you’ll feel more aware of the pain (if any, when you’re too tight) during the whole event.

But to avoid generalizing… 

There are girls who love getting filled to the brim through both doors here. I am talking about those who love everything in life bigger and bolder.

These are less prone to getting discomfort as they derive pleasure from the overwhelming feeling of expansion and the occasional pain during thrusting.

They probably enjoy DP more as they are open to anything wild and spontaneous.

Hint: You should get yourself a good lube that’s paraben and glycerin-free if you want a smoother anal ride. Getting lubed up correctly helps counter the high friction levels that are mostly associated with double penetration.

Other People Tips, Experiences & Techniques

Check out what the other had to say in Reddit about DP…

“Firstly… it’s really not like porn, also I cannot imagine it working with guys that weren’t secure with their sexuality. The three of you are definitely having sex with each other in a way you just aren’t in other three-way positions.

Getting going was awkward, we switched around a lot before finding a position that worked, then one would slip out, or I would start laughing. But once we got going, with one guy in my butt and one in my cunt, well holy fucking shit, it was so incredibly intimate. 

All the skin contact, their bodies and the sounds they made. Hands are always kinda everywhere in a threesome, but feeling both men find places to hold onto me, it was so different.

At first, they weren’t really ‘in sync’ and I find that I need a rhythm to penetration to be able to cum, they would stop or change just as I was getting into the orgasm zone. It didn’t take long for that to change and after that, I came a lot…

It was gonna be a one-off, but we’ve done it since and will certainly again.

… And since my DP adventures with the boys. I’ve been a lot more into butt-plugs. Before I didn’t really get it, but now I really love wearing them for PIV sex.” 


And another user:

“It depends on the dildo and the penis. If something is going in my ass, it should be smaller than what goes in my vagina. This is a personal preference. The same goes for using 2 dildos.

To have both my ass and my vagina full is lovely. We usually only do DP with that last orgasm of the night where we’re both exhausted and want more and more of each other…

My preference is doggy style so that as he thrusts, the plug/dildo etc. are also pushed in when he thrusts. The feeling of the orgasm depends a lot on how I’m feeling and how relaxed I am. The orgasm that I feel could be described as an explosion of feel-good-happiness. 

My body becomes super hot and I can feel the back of my throat ache and tingle. Then I feel the pressure well up and I somehow manage a 3-way orgasm, from my clit, vaginally, and anally, and then I make another terribly strange face and the aftershock orgasms start.”


“In the words of my wife “intense, satisfying, but totally overwhelming” …. for her it’s something she loves but also something she just physically can’t handle more than once in a blue moon. I’m sure that’s not everyone’s experience, but that’s her’s.”



To seal this hole…

Double penetration offers an entirely new world of pleasure-filled intensity for both men and women.

Getting started on your first DP experience just needs consent and willingness from every party involved.

A willing body is more open to the hidden treasures that are found in this kind of play.

And to check whether you’re body is ready for it, you might want to try a finger-in-the-butt experience.

This works both ways as it serves to help the receiving partner get the idea of how full things could get. And for the giving partner, how tight and what amount of friction he’ll most likely be up against.

Also to answer the question of ‘Does dp hurt?’… It’s important that you get generous with your lube and test yourselves with fingers and plugs first before engaging.

But all in all… If you find yourself needing more assistance, then you should check out how to do double penetration.

There is a brighter tunnel that’ll safely lead you to a fantastic orgasm.

I hope all these help you out in your journey.

Have you enjoyed reading this article? Feel free to share and leave any questions in the Comments Section below.

Till next time… Have a blast!

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