Vixskin Outlaw Review: Is This Vixen Dildo Any Good?

The Vixskin Outlaw from Vixen offers both top realism and a great stimulation experience to users. It’s made using 100% Platinum-cured silicone that’s body-safe and comes in multiple color options. What’s more, it’s made bigger than the Mustang and offers relief to the size junkies.

The Good | Like other Vixskin dildos, it comes with a variety of colors that you can pick from. The shaft is soft yet firm and is bigger, therefore, a good match for size junkies. It also has a well-detailed network of veins running along and across the penis. Also, you can use it with a strapon harness (for couples) or you can decide to handle it using your hands.

The Bad | It lacks the upward curve at the tip, meaning that it won’t do much in P/G-Spot stimulation. The size is definitely not ideal for a beginner looking to get into the dildo action.

The Bottom Line | It offers a great chance to experience both realistic and effective stimulation. The fact that it’s made from high-quality silicone makes it body-safe and very sensual during stimulation. And we commend the gesture of making it bigger to accommodate people who respond to larger toys.

I know you’ve probably come across the Vixskin dildos online. And you have also seen the loud buzz that’s surrounding the series created by Vixen, the parent company.

And… All that is with good reason. 

In this space today, we’re going to do a Vixskin Outlaw Review as requested by many of our top fans. This is a toy that’s closely related to the Vixskin Mustang, Buck, and Royale models. 

The Outlaw’s body comes made with Vixen’s 100% Platinum-cured silicone giving that plush touch making it one of the most realistic dildo you can find.

Adding to this… It’s way bigger than the Vixskin Mustang and will fit well with people who love monster-size dildos.

The other notable thing about the design is that the shaft is much straighter than the Mustang too.

Well, what more rules have this Outlaw broken?

Let’s find out below 🙂

Vixskin Outlaw Review: Tech And Specs Overview


As I’ve mentioned above, the Vixskin Outlaw is a giant in the Vixen family. It’s pretty big and requires special handling if you’re coming across it for the first time.

Its dimensions measure 8.5” (L) X 2.0” (D) and are great for sizing up.


The Outlaw’s also made using Platinum-cured silicone that’s both body-safe and luxurious. 

And like the Mustang, the silicone’s also hand-crafted in making the vein and print details on the shaft. 

This is again used in creating the dual-density feature. This technology creates a strong and firm inner core and a much softer silicone layer on the surface…

Giving the dildo a skin that moves and stretches just as the real one does.

These two together score the Outlaw a clean “A” in Realism.

Price, Where To Buy

This model retails at a price range of $132 – 160, depending on where you make your order.

To get one, check out PeepShowToys or Lovehoney and pick from the 5 color variations present.

Both stores offer a 1-year warranty and free shipping for orders above $68 and $60 respectively.

DO NOT buy this from Amazon or eBay. Else, you’re likely to receive counterfeit items made from unknown materials. What’s more, you won’t get issued a valid warranty.

Comparison Table:

Check out the table below comparing specs between the Outlaw against other Vixskin models.

8.5”, 2.0”
6.5”, 1.63”
6.0”, 1.63”
6.0”, 2.0”
Manual, Vibrating

Design & Features: Texture and Firmness

The Outlaw has a more gentle head, killing the initial struggle you might face inserting the monster. 

This again gets doubled with a longer and straighter shaft. And unlike the Mustang, its dual-density feature entails a much firmer core and top skin layer.

And though it’s kinda streamlined… It has an outlined network of silicone veins hugging its entire length. 

These add to the pleasure one gets from a thrusting stimulation. It also gives it smooth texturing that’s lightly felt when you start riding this dong.

Also worth mentioning…

The Vixskin Outlaw has a flared base at the bottom. It prevents the toy from getting pulled in during anal play. (Though I doubt anyone can suck this monster up at all).

And to spruce up your sessions, you can also attach it to a strapon harness and fire away with it.

In Use: How Does It Feel Like?

We used a water-based lube on this silicone guy.

Inserting the Outlaw requires lots of gentleness and communication if you’re with a partner.

The streamlined head wasn’t that hard to get into my girl. 

And to our surprise, it did not put a lot of strain on her vagina. The outer layer is much softer than you’d think and gives in to the squeeze from the internal walls. 

And as the inner core is much firmer than the Mustang, you can enjoy faster thrusting speeds (If you can manage). 

This is because it’s stiffer and does not bend in-action. Also, it does not pinch and will drive in-and-out, resulting in a very smooth ride in the end.

Adding to that fact… You’ll notice that the toy picks and retains body heat with continuous use. Just like the real peen… 

And this makes it all the more fun, unlike plastic toys that get cold in a very short while. Turning you off in the process.

Now, the only bummer with this dildo is that the texture is somewhat mild and you may miss it. Even if you go anal.

But other than that… It’s a great toy to help you work your appetite into the real showdown.

How Easy To Clean & Durability

Cleaning this toy is easy. You may boil it for 3 minutes, wipe with a cleaning solution, or use soap and water to go about it.

Also, the silicone is both durable and non-porous and therefore doesn’t retain scents or gunk.

Just make sure that you dry it well before you store it to hurt the chance of molds growing on it.

Would I Recommend It? If so, to whom?

Yes, I would. It’s great for sizing up and is much firmer to allow faster thrusting speeds.


Who Is It For?

  • People who like dual-density toys.
  • People who prefer firmer penis shafts.
  • If you like sizing up before the main events.

Who Is It Not For?

  • People who prefer smaller toys.
  • If you prefer dildos that are softer.
  • If you’re working on a budget.

What Do Other People Think About It?

From Reddit:

“The Outlaw is the perfect toy.

When she gets into it and wants me to really feel it she can push all the way in and go past the rectum into the colon and it can send me over the edge.”


“The core of the entire toy is pretty firm, including the core of the head…

The outside of it is pretty squishy and comfortable and the firm middle makes it easy to ride without worrying about it flopping around unexpectedly.

I use it anally and have had no issues with it being tacky or sticking, even after the lube has dried up. It’s usually my warm-up toy before I use my more intimidating ones.

Also, the tie-bright is wonderfully vivid and really pops well, so I’d recommend it if you were thinking about it.”



Other than its Vixskin siblings from Vixen-Creations, there aren’t any notable alternatives to the Outlaw.

But say you want a toy that’s a bit smaller in size and plays well with beginners… Then the Vixskin Mustang will cut it for you. More details in our Vixskin Mustang review.

It’s from the same company and has the same top-realism features. It’s also a top performer that gives a very great G/P-Spot stimulation experience.

Conclusion: Final Thoughts

To put a cherry on this cream… Vixen’s Outlaw is one of the most realistic penis-inspired dildos. It’s also effective during stimulation and worth the bucks.

But if you prefer a dildo with better G/P-spot stimulation… Then hook up with the Vixskin Mustang from Vixen-Creations too.

Hope this Vixskin Outlaw review was helpful.

Have some questions? Drop them with any other query in the Comments Section below!

Until next review… Ciao!

Vixskin Outlaw Review

Dainis Graveris

Vixskin Outlaw


Overall the Vixskin Outlaw is a great realistic dildo with effective stimulation. Its larger size makes it a plus for those who prefer a bigger alternative and it is built with high-quality materials.

Dainis Graveris

Dainis Graveris

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