Vixskin Mustang Review: Is This Dildo Worth The Price?

The Vixskin Mustang is a great piece of art that gives life-like realism to dildos. Its shaft has pronounced veins and a crown that adds to the thrusting pleasure. It also comes in various colors, made from premium silicone, and has a dual-density build for better usability.

The Good | It has nice vein details coupled with a prominent head. The Vixskin Mustang has a dual-density body with a hard inner core and a plush external cover. It also comes in a variety of color tones including the Tie-Bright blend. This dildo comes with a very nice plastic casing that you can use for storage.

The Bad | Other users may need extra pressure when using it as it is a quite squishy model. The suction cup may also prove less functional when attaching to a surface.

The Bottom Line | The Vixskin Mustang is an outstanding penetrative dildo with some rad realistic details. It’s enhanced by the lively tip and careful vein texture crafted on the outer silicone surface. Also, the dual-density feature gives an amazing handling experience. The suction is a bit wanting but it retails at a fairly decent price.

Vixen Creations have over the years created some of the most interesting sex toys for users.

They’ve maintained the high standards of craftsmanship they’re known for in their releases.

Today, we’re going to look at the Vixskin series and do a Vixskin Mustang (Tie-Bright coloring) review… As this is the model currently in my possession.

Like most dildos in the Vixskin line, it’s hand-made with the highest form of realism in mind.

It comes with different colors you can select from and a dual-density feature for its body.

Does the Vixskin Mustang have what it takes to be the most realistic dildo?

Vixskin Mustang Tech And Specs Overview


Before saying anything here, I would like to point out that the Vixskin Mustang is an average in size. This I say in comparison with the other Vixskin series from the company.

On the Vixskin Mustang’s actual size… This model has dimensions that measure 6.5” (Length) X 1.63” (Width). 

This again accompanied by a meager 0.51 lbs in total weight… A great combination for you if you’re looking for an easy-to-handle dildo for longer sessions.

So in other words… The Mustang’s the best fit if you’re looking for something longer than Tex but smaller than the Bandit.


The Mustang comes made with Vixen’s trademark Vixskin100% premium silicone. This gives it a smooth and soft touch when either inserted into a vagina or anus.

Its realism is enhanced by the vein texture that’s also sculpted from the same silicone material.

This is again the same for the 2 layers of dual-density structure making the shaft’s body.

Price, Where To Buy

Compared to other brands making realistic dildos, the Vixskin Mustang sells at a fairly decent price.

If you want to get your hands on this beauty, then head out to Vixen-Creation’s Store. They offer both local and international shipping services (at an additional fee).

Also, they give a 1-year warranty for every purchase made in case of a design flaw in your order.

You can also check out Lovehoney and use its 4-month payment plan and free shipping within the US.

STAY AWAY from Amazon and eBay! Their vendors are known for sending counterfeits made from generic materials.

Comparison Table:

Here’s a table comparing specs between the Mustang and 3 other models.

Manual, Vibrating
100% Platinum silicone
100% Platinum silicone
100% Platinum silicone
100% Platinum silicone

Design & Features: Texture and Firmness

Just on sight alone… You’ll notice that it has a magnificent curve that arcs upwards from the base to the tip.

The upward curve is great for engaging g-spot stimulation and adds pleasure to the thrusting experience.

That aside… The Mustang has a prominent network of veins detailed across the entire length of the shaft.

And the fact that they are also crafted from silicone makes them very fulfilling during stimulation. They’re squishy and therefore won’t exact extra pressure.

The insertion is a smooth and gentle affair. The crown is very flexible and comes complete with a retracted foreskin.

It doesn’t have the harder inner core that makes the rest of the toy hard.

And about the Vixskin Mustnag’s firmness…

The dildo comes with the dual-density feature that makes it have two layers of material cover.

This includes the harder inner part serving as the core and while also providing the toy’s structure. 

It makes the toy have an outer layer (with the vein texture and details) that you can pull. And another internal layer that’s like a firm rod, running from the base to the penis’s ridge.

This makes the toy to remain flexible yet firm to deliver great thrusting experiences.

And to cap this all… The Vixskin Mustang also has a flared base that makes it safe to use during anal play or pegging.

And though the suction is a bit wanting, you can use it perfectly well with a strapon harness.

In Use: How Does It Feel Like?

Before using any toy, it’s always good to do a little foreplay to get you (or your partner) in the mood.

And since this is a silicone toy, we used a water-based lube to moisturize the toy.

There was no resistance to getting it in because of its squishy properties.

My girl commented on how she almost couldn’t feel it once I left it stuck in. The plushness from the soft silicone body was a true comfort for her.

A few moments later… I took it out and started doing a thrusting sequence with the Mustang.

The soft and squeezable head gave in easily and slipped in and out without any pain for my Miss. 

She mentioned that the prominent network of veins of the shaft felt great when rubbing against her vaginal walls.

This she mostly enjoyed while lying flat on her stomach. She could then feel the long vein-ridge running from the base to the frenulum.

Also, if your cervix is within the thrust’s range, you can feel the blobby head make a ‘pop’ sound.

This is most likely to happen when it gets across your pubic bone. This is just to show how soft and gentle the head of the penis is.

Again, what was more pleasing is the dual-density skin layer covering the shaft. No matter how fast or slow I went, that did not affect the amount of length going in.

Even when the outer skin gets creased in a fold, the inner hard silicone core still moves in and out.

Well, there’s one thing I’d like to put across for the rough riders…

The Vixskin Mustang is not a hard-bodied dildo. As you have already figured out by now, it has more of a soft and flexible than hard and rock-firm body.

And because of this, you may not feel the sensations the same way. This gets much truer if your body only responds to the more aggressive touch.

In a nutshell…

The Mustang silicone dildo proved to be a fantastic toy for getting the best build-ups before the O’s. It grows in you as you feel your body start synchronizing with its texture (even in anal).

And the icing here is that you will get very intense orgasms that you can replicate over and over again.

So, in short… The Vixskin Mustang has earned a place in our top-shelf dildos. And we’re definitely having more future engagements with it!

How Easy To Clean & Durability

As is the case with most silicone toys, cleaning the Vixen Mustang is a sure breeze. The Mustang’s silicone surface is non-porous.

Therefore, it doesn’t hold and retain any gunk or scent if you give it a decent cleaning.

To go about it… You will need warm water and a mild bacterial soap of your choice. You can choose to either soak and scrub with a light brush or hands, or use a toy cleaner if you prefer.

After rinsing, you should let the toy dry off well. To help you, use a lint-free towel to dry excess moisture from the silicone surface.

Now, Mustang comes with a beautiful plastic casing. And you can choose to use it as a storage box.

And if your privacy allows, it can make a nice decorative piece on top of your bedside drawer. 

Would I Recommend It? If so, to whom?

Yes! I would definitely recommend the Vixskin Mustangto people. There are only a handful of other brands that can pull off a realistic dildo like this one… And at such a price.

It’s a true aesthetic beauty made awesome with the nicely pronounced vein network on the shaft. They add to the texture experience during thrusting and there is a firm yet flexible body to this effect.

And to further sweeten the deal, it comes with a great color variation that you can pick from. 


Who Is It For?

  • If you like having great build-up before you climax.
  • People who love toys that come with dual density.
  • People who prefer dildos with a variation of color options.
  • People who prefer a dildo that is curved for G-spot/P-spot stimulation.

Who Is it Not For?

  • People who prefer getting a quick thrust and splash.
  • People who need dildos with harder textures to get off.

What Do Other People Think About It?

Check out what other people have to say about the VixSkin Mustang dildos on Reddit.

“Best for: Comfortable G-Spot/Prostate Pressure, Fast Thrusting, Squishy Awesomeness

So what’s the big deal about the VixSkin Mustang? In brief:

VixSkin dual-density silicone has this super smooooshy outer layer. (It’s delightful to squeeze.) Meanwhile, the firm core keeps the shaft stable during vigorous play.

That squishy outer layer makes Mustang’s exaggerated corona feel like a million dollars when it’s thrusting into my G-spot.

I sometimes get overwhelmed by harder, less-realistic silicone dildos, and Mustang is the polar opposite.

No matter what mood I’m in, the VixSkin Mustang will still give me orgasms because it’s essentially comfortable G-spot pressure.

Everyone has a different level of sensitivity, and that’s why the following may work best for other users…”


“I have the Mustang (in Tie Bright, because I too am weak to pretty toys) and I love it. My vagina is not particularly accommodating, so I try to veer towards more modest-sized toys. 

But I find the squish factor of VixSkin makes them easier to take with less warmup.”


“I love Vixen Creations, they hand make all their toys – and for realistic dildos, the Vixen toys probably my #1 pick, they are all hand made, and hand-painted.

The VixSkin set (i.e the dual-density range) feels super soft, are realistic and it’s one of the times where they do cost a little more but they do reflect it in their quality.

They also have some other great toys of all different sizes. 

The only downside I’ve ever experienced with them (and this isn’t really even much of a downside) is because they are smaller and hand-make their toys it can take a little longer to get orders.”


“The Mustang is very easy to insert and not completely rigid in addition to having the soft outer layer.

I thought at first it would be too gentle to do anything, but the head shape is really great for spot stimulation. ”



Well again with this product… I honestly can’t think of another toy that offers this much realism and pleasure at the same time.

When I say this, I’m looking at the toy’s design, functionality, and the price at which it is sold.

But if you must, feel free to check out our Vixskin Outlaw review or RealCock 2 review.

Conclusion: Final Thoughts

The Vixskin Must is a top-brass in the realistic dildo category no questioning that. And on top of it, it gets actually get the work done giving you a worthwhile experience.

If you want something that is fairly-priced, has the best penis detail, and made from platinum silicone… 

Then pick a ride with the Mustang.

I hope this Vixskin Mustang Review was of help!

Vixskin Mustang Review

Dainis Graveris

Vixskin Mustang


If you want the best realistic looking and feeling dildo then the Vixskin Mustang is definitely the top choice. All the features add up and make it a solid toy that will give you a great experience.

Dainis Graveris

Dainis Graveris

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