Vixen Colossus Review [2021]: Are Vixskin Sleeves Any Good?

Vixen Creations penis sleeves don’t disappoint by giving access to a big size and giving enough support for guys with ED challenges or smaller penises.

The Good | Vixen sleeves are made from soft, high quality silicone that will really help if you’re struggling with ED or want to keep pleasuring your partner between refractory period.

The Bad | Vixskin can be still too hard for some people as it must be rigid enough to support flaccid penis. The snap and putting the sleeve on might be a challenge.

The Bottom Line | It’s one of the highest quality penis sleeves available in the market (more here). If expectations and measurements are right, you’ll have plenty of fun with increased size and ED help.


In this review I’ll focus on their most popular Vixen Colossus extender which I got my hands on, however I also briefly will discuss their other length and girth versions.

One size doesn’t fit all, but Colossus is the most popular because it’s the best option for average size penis owners (5.1″-5.6″ length).

If you’re smaller or want thicker or bigger sleeves, Vixen also has Ride On and Holster different size versions.

Vixen creations penis sheath

Here’s a quick overview of their all models:

  • Ride-On – is the best for small penis owners that crave increased size.
  • Holster – is Vixen thickest cock sheath for girth lovers.
  • Colossus – is their most popular sleeve made for average size guys who want to get hung like a pornstar overnight.
  • Colossus X – since many people complained about how rigid Vixen Creations sleeves are, the company created another softer, more flexible version, that will feel better. But keep in mind that with more flexibility it’s not gonna be as effective for wearing with a flaccid penis.

Vixen’s sleeves will be best for people who crave for realistic looking, feeling penis, but just need help with extra size or erection.

Here’s a better way to compare how the sizes are different:

Insertable Length & Girth
Colossus X
Ride On
Insertable Length & Girth
5.5″ & 1.4″
5.5″ & 1.4″
4.5″ & 1.37″
4″ & 1″


Vixen Creations is famous of their ultra realistic, ultra soft dual density silicone dildos and their penis sleeves use the same famous formula.

All of their sleeves are made from a high quality silicone, that’s non-porous, doesn’t smell and will last you a lifetime (if you don’t break the strap by stretching too aggressively).

Price, Where To Buy

Vixen isn’t cheap. Quality costs money and their sleeves range in $150 price making them one of the more expensive sleeves.

But what you get for the price is quality and warranty. More specifically for penis sleeves where straps could break you get a one year replacement warranty.

Keep in mind though, that warranty only counts if you buy them from the authorised retailers.

Amazon is NOT one of them.

A good place to buy is Babeland or Lovehoney, a company that’s been around for a long time and is a trusted seller.

Design & Features: Texture and Firmness

We received their caramel color version, but there are 3 color choices in total: caramel, vanilla, and chocolate.

All of Vixen sleeves are made with realism in mind so all three colors are made after skin tones.

Colossus was quite firm, which makes sense since it’s supposed to hold a flaccid penis.

The sleeve looks incredible though, it’s a piece of art – the defined veins, the head the ridges feel exciting to touch.

In Use: How Does It Feel Like?

Colossus was shipped discreetly to us and was stationed in nice transparent round box.

When unpacked it felt quite firm, but it was a joy to investigate it closer – it looks very realistic.

I must warn however that I measured very carefully my length and girth to ensure that I fit the sleeve just right.

For most Colossus will fit just right, but if you find that the length is a bit too much, Vixen sells also inserts that you put inside the penis sleeve to provide reinforcement (for flaccid use).

In use, it required quite a bit of warmup and lube for my girl to start enjoying it. She’s tight, so it took us a long time. But for size queens the big stretch would be ideal.

Other note is that the penis owner will not feel much at all. There’s no inside ridges, nothing.

I slipped it on after I already came, and she wanted more.

In this way, she was warmed up a bit already, but I could keep going between erections to leave her satisfied and exhausted.

Finally, I would recommend that you learn how to put sleeve on before the actual play.

There is a bit of learning curve to be able to apply just the right amount of lube and stretch the strap around your balls with ease.

How Easy To Clean & Durability

Since Colossus is made from body-safe silicone the cleanup was effortless with a warm water, soap and antibacterial toy cleaner.

From time to time we either boil it or throw it in dishwasher for a more thorough cleanup.

The only challenge is to clean the insides, but since there are no ridges there, I encountered no challenges.

As for durability, the challenge might be with a strap.

Especially in the beginning if you stretch too much, the strap might break which is why Vixen Creations offer a one-year replacement warranty for penis sleeves.

My suggestion is to use it a lot after buying to ensure you’ve got a quality model.

If the sheath survives initial tests, it will last you a long time.

Would I Recommend it? If so, to whom?

Yes, I would definitely recommend it, but only if your expectations are right.

You’ll have a great experience if you use it as intended, but if you expect something else from this sleeve – it will disappoint.

And the price will be high for this disappointment.

My #1 tip – make sure you discuss the size with your partner first…and then measure carefullly!

Who is it for?:

  • For size freaks who want to get a well-hung overnight.
  • For guys who not always are able to perform, but still want to be the ones driving the thing.
  • For people who crave the realistic human penis shape, just want a bigger size.

Who is it not for?:

  • Not for penis owners who want to feel sensations while wearing the sleeve.
  • Not for couples where average penis size is already hard to handle.
  • Not for people who don’t spend time to measure carefully upfront.

What Other People Think About It?

Yes, we had a specific experience, but we collected other people views to give you unbiased and rounded review. Here’s how others liked / didn’t like Vixen Creations penis sleeves:

Here’s a quick review from Reddit user pornus_melorkus on Vixskin Colossus:

This is a large toy. We have the Vixskin Bandit and the Vixskin Johnny. The colossus is probably as long as either, but the Colossus dwarfs both in terms of girth.

I am an average size – about 6 inches long, and OK girth (never measured). I found the Colossus hard to put on. Even with lube, I was a bit too girthy to ease in, even with the toy rolled up.

At the same time, I wasn’t long enough to fill it. The toy is floppy, and so this made the end of the toy flop around and it felt like having sex with a flaccid penis. Using the toy, my wife found the shape of head, with the pronounced ridge, created an awkward, unpleasant suction feeling inside her. So we used it a bit, but then took it off.

The next morning, I was experimenting with it a bit, seeing how best to put it on. Within a minute, the loop that secured this to my testicles snapped! and then, the base of the shaft split! This rendered the toy useless.

Fortunately, the company I bought it from said they’d honour the warranty and send me another toy of my choice in place of the Colossus.

To sum up, you have to be the right size to fit this toy, you need a partner who will love a very large toy, and you have to be careful as it seems the toy isn’t too durable.


Another user comparing Vixen Ride on vs Colossus:

After searching “does losing weight increase penis size” online I needed a faster solution so I bought both of them. I bought the Colossus first and did not really pay attention to the inner dimensions. It is too large for me. The Ride-On is best if you are smaller or cannot stay hard in it.

We do not use the Ride-On anymore because it was “underwhelming” for the wife. We have quite a few Vixen Creations products and they are all well worth the price. The realistic dildos are the wife’s favorites. You can ask away if you have specific questions.


And another review on Colossus extension:

I’ve used it and was just a bit too large (she’s quite small!). It’s a shame because it’s the best quality one I’ve used, the silicone is just so lifelike and colouring is exquisite.

I wish they would make one slightly less girthy – 6 inch circumference max. Perhaps with a slightly softer head as well, as the head girth & firmness was the main complaint. The ride on is too small for me.



Are the any good alternatives? Well, it depends what are you looking for.

But my suggestion is not to have Vixen Creations as your first penis sleeve – it’s quite a bit of money to shell out to just test the waters.

I would simply suggest something a bit cheaper with a ball strap, and then if you like it, then upgrade to high quality material and design.

Another thing is that Vixen sleeves are made to be worn without an erection and you won’t feel anything with them.

If you crave some sensations as a man:

  • you might want to get a thinner sleeve
  • one with inner ridges or open tip

Also check out our Bad Dragon Sheath review for another good option.

Conclusion: Final Thoughts

Vixen Creations penis sleeves will be the highest quality sleeve you’ll probably ever find.

Bad Dragon comes close, but Vixskin is simply unmatched with their soft firmness.

Still, discuss before with your partner if the size is something she’s willing to consider.

And if yes, be very careful measuring your penis size and then picking the right size extension for you.

If expectations and size is right, it’s a great realistic cock sheath.

Vixen Colossus Review

Dainis Graveris

vixen creations colossus


Vixen Colossus is a high quality penis sleeve for guys who are looking for something they can use even when flaccid. However, it comes with a downside – penis owner won’t feel anything while wearing it.


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