Virtual Sex: The Best VR Sex Toys, Games & Porn in 2021

When looking for virtual sex options, honestly you would think that technologies moved faster…

But there are some exciting developments. 3D goggles and VR sex toys (like the best blowjob machine) coupled with VR porn is the most impressive of them all.

You cannot manipulate as much things as you would like, but with good imagination…or good remote control toy manipulated by woman on the other side of the cam…you just might fulfill your darkest fantasies.

This guide is the result of over 20 hour of research and years of fanboying around the VR sex developments.

So what are your options for VR Sex?:

  • Virtual sex games
  • Sexting chat rooms
  • Virtual reality porn
  • Adult webcams

woman looking in vr sex goggles

What Is Virtual Sex?

According to Wikipedia, here’s the definition:

“Virtual sex is sexual activity where two or more people — or one person and a virtual character — gather together via some form of communications equipment to arouse each other by transmitting sexually explicit messages.

Virtual sex describes the phenomenon, no matter the communications equipment used.”

Now let’s review the best options out there:

woman in sexting chat room

Sexting chat rooms

Sexting chat rooms are for guys who are more interested in erotica type of textual experience with real people.

For example there is a place like: /r/DirtyPenPals where people both write erotica stories, but they are also looking to create those stories together…in a form of the discussion thread.

dirtypenpals subreddit screenshot

Then there are places like AdultFriendFinder where you can have cybersex and have a virtual threesome with like-minded kinky people…

adult friend finder site for cybersex

And you can bring it to reality then if you want.

Another alternative is ChatAvenue where it’s a live experience like IRC channel.

chat avenue adult chat room

It attracts a quality audience that can be great for “letting off some steam” if you find the right person.

I also found the Reddit discussion type of sex & relationship subreddits are great for arousing sexy real stories & intelligent sex-minded conversations with other people.

woman playing virtual sex game

Virtual sex games

First thought would be Second Life.

They are the biggest and best known.

Software is free, truly vast choices of Avatar appearance, great client for Mac and so much sex themed content.

second life adult game

You can also try 3D Sex Villa 2.

It’s pretty realistic these days.

Sex Villa is a real-time interactive 3D sex simulation role-playing game with tons of content, sexy models, different locations, poses, outfits and sex toys  – good to give this a shot if you’re not as excited about your pussy toys anymore.

3d simulation sex game sex villa 2

woman standing nex to the waterfall

Virtual reality porn Coupled With VR Sex Toys

First check out this cool Subreddit that collects virtual sex porn videos where women are pretending to have sex with you.

But then if you want to have a true virtual sex experience and know how to simulate blowjob.

You gotta get a Fleshlight Launch & or Kiiroo Onyx 2 and connect it with those videos. 

These are the best high quality yet very affordable option for guys based on the research across hundreds of guys.

The setup is like this:

  • Auto-masturbator like Fleshlight Launch connected with phone or computer via Bluetooth
  • VR Reality Porn (You can find Pornhub VR Videos for free)
  • Add headphones and VR goggles for best sensations

This kind of setup will cost you around $350 in upfront investment and then you can use it pretty much forever.

What’s great about Virtual Reality porn + masturbator is that it actually syncs with the video and replicates the speed and intensity of the motion done in actual porn video.

Bluetooth mode and now the software that’s available to go with specially encoded porn videos is INCREDIBLE!

man using vr toy fleshlight launch

If you get it all setup right — the sync will be perfect.

The technology now is there to support it! 🙂

It’s better and cheaper than buying your own sex doll hah (though you can find a cheap sex dolls for $600 nowadays…compared with $2000 a few years back)!

camgirl  holding webcam and smiling

Virtual Sex With Adult webcams & Camgirls

For adult webcams there are options to:

  • Go for a public freechat kind of experience, but it’s more designed for masses.
  • Or you can get individualised camgirl, for example on subreddit /r/SexSells you can find individuals for around $2/min

Chaturbate is the biggest and best free (models do it for tips) adult webcam, sex chat, live sex experience:

chaturbate adult webcam portal

long distance relationship sex

How to Have Verbal CyberSex In Long Distance Relationships?

“I have a semi- long distance with my SO ( 8.5 hours away on the weeks Im not in town ) and so we have this cybersex dynamic

I find this to actually be really intimate and sexy of a time especially with so many distractions (work, kids, extra curriculars).

I really wanted to improve and I also didnt know what to do or say for the first while, because I had a hard time figuring out how to pleasure someone with words alone.

Generally we take a few different mediums to keep it fresh and interesting:

  • We have email threads (some with pics and some without),
  • We share a private snap chat account (we update for each other and leave surprises on it),
  • We have some skype live sessions (sexy and sometimes with masquerade masks),
  • And we have some phone sessions as well but not as often.

The suggestion for gone wild audio is great, id also check out r/erotica and a few of the incredible authors there (i follow on this throw away) have really awakened my non-in-person sexual skillset.

I make my pics really anonymous, because I am super self conscious about being photographed in sexually suggestive positions, but if i use part of my face its from the lips down.

We have a bit of dom/sub in our relationship, but something as simple as:

“Does the Madame (my nickname) have time for a delicious adventure ?”

Would easily send me reeling and unable to focus all day. Haha

I almost always oblige, and return with:

“Perhaps.. As your tip find its way into my mouth, just for a moment.. The warning shot for an electrified evening looms on the horizon..”

I find that descriptive adjectives and multi digital mediums keep things fresh, sexy and exciting.

Also, if you are very careful with it, you can look into conversational hypnosis and state control.

I care for my S.O. so much id never use it to hurt him even if we fight.

But i find that controlling his state even as a submissive, with mixed mediums can have very sexually satisfying results, where even if he were to be hit on or approached by another, within minutes its very obvious nothing compares to you.”

man having cybersex online

How Cybersex (with camgirls) can look like while being in relationships

“Hello, I am a married 32, male and have a good active sex life with my wife (about 2–4 times per week on average).

I masturbate a lot more frequently though, I will skip days but often make up for it by orgasming 2 or 3 times in a day, so I would say I do it around 7 times a week on average.

The thing is that I spend A LOT of time doing it, and it’s not even really the “doing it” part I spend time on, it’s finding the right material.

I have used porn before and it works fine, I can get off to it without problem.

I can even get off quick, like in less than 5 minutes if I’m motivated to rush.

However my preference is to slowly nurture my libido until I find something that just drives me over the edge.

Some might call this edging but I don’t take myself to the brink of orgasm then come back down, I just never let myself get close until I’m ready.

This brings me to cybersex.

First of all, to clear the air, my wife knows I have cybersex online and is fine with it, I have very open communication with her regarding that, so it’s not seen as a betrayal/cheating in our relationship.

Ever since I was a teenager I went into adult chatrooms and met women and we had cybersex.

I think the names changed a bit over time and it’s now more common to call it “roleplaying”.

I really enjoy the aspect of getting to act out some of my more taboo or extreme fantasies in a safe way online.

I prefer it to porn even, many times I will start out looking at porn and instead log onto a chat site looking for a partner.

I enjoy the interactivity the most I think.

Maybe there’s more to it, but it lets me exercise my creativity with a partner and get some kind of instant feedback.

I also get off on giving people pleasure.

My problem is that I am very picky when it comes to this.

Finding the right partner can sometimes take hours if I find one at all.

I even have tried roleplaying as the opposite sex or different ages/identities since to me the fantasy is more important than what role I play in it, but it still takes up a lot of time.

Going to different rooms, going from person to person to first even find someone willing, and second see if we are compatible, it’s something I put a lot of time and effort into.

I’ve come to realize I will spend hours and hours doing something that 10 minutes of porn could also accomplish.

cybersex woman having vr sex

I guess the orgasms are a bit better but it certainly doesn’t scale well with the amount of time put in.

I don’t really feel bad for spending the time doing that, I just think I could be doing other things I enjoy.

I don’t feel truly addicted, I’m never late for work, I don’t neglect my spouse, my chores, or my family and friends.

At worst I might stay up a bit too late.

It’s just how I choose to use my free-time, but it’s hardly the only thing I enjoy doing. I have other hobbies too.

I will often go through several weeks of binging out on masturbating and cybersex and have a bit of a “crash” where I lay off it for several weeks while I do something else.”

Source: sbourwest

happy woman staring in sun

Bringing It All Together

So that was a very quick rundown of options…

I do recommend also checking out different male masturbators and other pleasure options:

  • Prostate milking — you can have super intense prostate orgasms, much different from penile ejaculation! If you have been jealous of women having multiple orgasms, with prostate stimulation you can have it too…!
  • If you’re in long-distance relationships, check Lovense Lush (and other of the best vibrating panties) for remote kind of stimulation (you could control her pleasure being other side of the world.)
  • Blowjob machines — this is the big research of male masturbators that would give blowjob type experience. there are even sex toys for small penis.
  • Or maybe you want to get your own sex doll to get unlimited access to sex and all the holes? (it’s a great way to declare MGTOW freedom from women and fix the loneliness)

There are tons of great options for male pleasure nowadays!

Enjoy, experiment and find yours!


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