Vedo Hummer 2 Review [2021]: After 3 Month Hands-On Testing

In this Vedo Hummer 2 review you’ll learn how good is this robotic blowjob masturbator, whether it’s a good investment & what are best alternatives:

I swear, sometimes toy manufacturers will change a few simple features, slap the word “upgrade” on the box, and try to sell you something that’s basically the same as the older model.

NOT SO with the Vedo Hummer!

While the original had lots to like, the 2.0 model offers several significant improvements. But if you’re looking for a hands-free blowjob experience, is this the best machine to buy?

My complete Vedo Hummer review covers the differences between the classic and 2.0 models, what I liked about each, what could be improved, and everything else you need to know to make an informed purchasing decision.

Ready? Let’s get to it!

The Good

The sensations feel incredible, especially with the 2.0, which added ribbing to the inner sleeve and vibrations. It’s also a well-made machine that will last for many years without an issue. Plus, it’s easy to operate thanks to the convenient and comprehensive remote control.

The Not So Good

The Hummer 2.0, and especially the original model, are both bulky, loud, and require assembly. Plus, both units are pretty pricey compared to toys from other brands with similar functionality.

The Bottom Line

While both the original and new models work well and deliver a satisfying experience, I’m hesitant to recommend them. Considering the high cost here, I’d recommend that you check out either the Kiiroo Keon or Onyx, which offer a similar experience at a much lower price point. (Look out for them in the Alternatives section below.)

Vedo Hummer 2.0 is for you if:

  • You like a fully automated plug-in BJ machine over a battery-operated one
  • You want both sucking and vibrating sensations to stimulate your penis
  • You want a hands-free toy that mimics real-life BJ sensations
  • You don’t mind setting up something that’ll give you intense orgasms

Vedo Hummer 2.0 might not be for you if:

  • You’re on a budget
  • You value discreetness
  • You’re looking for something more lightweight and compact

Vedo Hummer 2.0: My First Impressions and Packaging

Honestly, when I first saw the package on my doorstep, my immediate thought was that they must’ve sent me the wrong product.

WHY? The box is huge!

Even more surprising, it’s heavy, weighing at least 12 pounds.

Inside, you’ll find the following:

  • Pump unit, a black box that contains the motor
  • An outer sleeve made from silicone
  • An inner sleeve made from TPE
  • Two hoses
  • A hose connector
  • USB charging cable
  • Remote control

Note that the Hummer (both the original and the 2.0) are not “plug and play.” You can’t use them right out of the box. Instead, you have to assemble the devices beforehand.

Assembly isn’t complicated, but the fact you have to assemble it at all makes it a bit different from many other male sex toys.

Vedo Hummer Tech Specs Comparison

Here’s a quick look at the critical details for each device:

Sleeve Length
Sleeve Diameter
Unit Size
Hummer 2.0
Sleeve Length
6.5 inches
8.11 inches
109 impulses per minute
180 impulses per minute
Sleeve Diameter
1.02 inches
1.02 inches
Unit Size
8.27″ x 3.19″ x 5.12″
8.27″ x 3.19″ x 5.12″
5 levels
6 levels
5 levels
8 automatic suction modes; 10 vibration modes

Vedo Hummer vs. Vedo Hummer 2.0 – Which is Better?

The differences between the two models are significant.

First, there’s the style. The Hummer 2.0 is sleeker than the original, with rounded edges and stainless steel accents. While neither model is the type of machine you want to display on the mantle in your living room proudly, the 2.0 definitely looks modern and cool, while the original resembles some type of medical device.

The power levels are another significant difference. The original is capable of delivering 109 suction impulses per minute. While impressive, the 2.0 takes it to another level, with six speeds that can reach up to 180 suction impulses in 60 seconds.

The 2.0 also comes with 8 fully automated suction modes/patterns plus 10 vibration modes from the textured sleeve. That’s a whole lot of speeds, patterns, and intensities. 

Finally, the biggest change between the two is the texture of the inner sleeve. The sleeve in the OG Hummer is soft and smooth, utterly devoid of any ridges. Apparently, the smooth style wasn’t particularly popular because Vedo completely redesigned it for the 2.0.


Now, the sleeve features what the company calls a “pleasure ring.” It’s a concentric circle of soft nubs that add a stroking sensation while the machine vibrates. Each nub is about 0.4″ long.

Although fairly simple, the pleasure ring adds a completely new and amazing sensation not found in the original toy.

Hummer 2.0 — Does It Feel Like a Real Blowjob?

Yes and no.

The powerful sucking action definitely feels real. Adding lots of lube – and I do mean A LOT – further enhances the experience by simulating the feel of saliva.

But the Hummer differs from reality in a few key ways. First, it vibrates. Do the vibrations feel awesome? You bet, but the sensations don’t have any real-world parallels.

Also, the pleasure ring I mentioned above isn’t realistic. Much like the vibration, the ring feels great, but it doesn’t feel like a real mouth.

Oddly, the older version of the Hummer actually feels more realistic than the new version, although I like the feel of the 2.0 better.

Another issue here is that the sleeve is made from thermoplastic elastomer (TPE), a type of rubber and plastic polymer. It feels like real skin, but it’s not as body-safe as silicone.

How to Use Hummer 2.0

Setup can feel a little complicated at first.

Neither Hummers are “plug and play” – meaning, they don’t work right out of the box. Instead, you have to set them up first.

Basically, you’ll need to attach the two hoses to the hose connector, which is a hollow square. Then you plug one tube into the pump unit and the other into the top sleeve.

Next, you’ll want to charge the sleeve’s built-in vibrator. It has a USB connector.

Before you use the machine on yourself, they recommend that you run it for a minute or two at max speed. To be honest, I’m not sure why this is necessary, but I still did it, just to be safe.

The Hummer has nine modes. The first mode is a standard sucking sensation found in practically all toys of this type. You can press the ‘+’ and ‘−’ buttons on the remote to switch between six different speeds.

Modes two through nine are programmed scenarios. The intensity and speed vary according to set routines. Unfortunately, you can’t change the scenarios in any way. Instead, the toy automatically switches to the first mode if you press the ‘+’ or ‘−’ button.

Detachable Sleeve

Looking for a quick session and don’t want to mess around with any type of setup?

The sleeve detaches so you can easily use it manually. It lacks the intensity and stimulation of the complete machine but still allows for fast fun.

My Experience With Vedo Hummer 2.0

I’m a pretty experienced user of sex toys, so I was surprised at how AWKWARD the Hummer 2.0 felt the first time I used it.

Setting it up didn’t take long, but it was still kind of a hassle. First, you have to disassemble the hoses to store the toy, which means you have to put it together every time you want to use it.

The Hummer won’t work well if you’re flaccid or half-hard, so you’ll need to prepare a bit before putting it on.

Also, you’ll need a lot of lube. Vedo recommends putting at least a half-ounce of lube in the sleeve and then another half-ounce of lube on yourself.

To use the Hummer, I laid on my back and then slid it on. It’s supposed to work without using your hands, but I never found that to be the case. Instead, the weight of the toy makes it slide to the side.

I started with Mode 1, which felt good but not amazing. Then, after cycling through the various modes, I turned on the vibrator.

WOW! The vibrator is probably my favorite part.

Another feature I liked a lot is the remote control. It allowed me to quickly change the modes and turn the vibration on and off without moving the device itself.  

You Might Wake the Neighbors!

Regular readers know that my woman and I love sex toys and use them frequently. So, discretion isn’t a huge priority around our house. ?

But that’s not the case for everybody, which is why it’s super-important to understand that the Hummer and Hummer 2.0 are LOUD. So you can’t use it secretly.

Between its size and its volume, the Hummer is one of the least discreet sex toys I’ve ever owned!

How to Clean Vedo Hummer 2.0

Both the original and 2.0 are easy to keep clean.

You probably won’t have to do much to either the outer sleeve or pump because they’re typically not exposed to either lube or bodily fluids. At most, you might need to occasionally wipe those sections down with a damp cloth or dust rag.

The inner sleeve is the main part you’ll need to clean after use. Fortunately, it detaches easily from the rest of the device.

You can then wash it in the sink. You don’t need any special cleaning products. Hot water and dishwashing soap or hand soap should work just fine. You can also find cleaners made exclusively for use with toys.

The original Hummer is much easier to clean than the 2.0 because the newer model has the ribbed pleasure ring. However, I’ve found that the best way is to turn the sleeve inside out and clean it with my kitchen sprayer.

Finally, make sure the sleeve is thoroughly dry before you reattach it to the machine. You don’t want any water dripping down into the motor.

Price, Where to Buy

Both the Hummer and the Hummer 2.0 are popular, so you’ll have no problem finding them for purchase.

SheVibe is a popular sex toy shop that sells the Hummer and Hummer 2.0. The first model is available for $249.99, and the 2.0 model is $349.99.

As you can see, the prices for the 2.0 are relatively high, which is one of my biggest issues with the product.

What Do Other People Think About It?

Redditors offered up their opinions:

“The sleeve feels pretty good on its own. The nubs are stiff enough to provide a lot of stimulation when doing the thrusting yourself.”

u/MySneakAccount, Reddit

“For us anyways, we looked it as more of a milking machine than an up and down hands-free stroker. But we did get it working for hands-free purposes – just not stroking hands-free (i.e., it can stay on by itself and without touching it was capable of giving my partner an orgasm).”

u/LadyBombus, Reddit

Vedo Alternatives

While the Vedo Hummer has quite a few benefits, it’s not the only device of its type. Here are a few other options you might like instead.

Kiiroo Keon

This is one of my favorite automated interactive masturbators. Like the Hummer, the Keon is a blowjob machine. It’s adjustable, affordable, and portable, and it comes with a bunch of interactive features.

It excels at hands-free use.

As I discussed above, the heavy Hummer typically needs a helping hand to stay in place. Because the Keon is much lighter, it doesn’t move around nearly as much.

The Handy

If you’re looking for something that doesn’t require any complex setup, the Handy is ready to go right out of the box.

It delivers up to 10 strokes a second with variable stroke length and grip intensity.

The Handy is at the forefront of sex toy technology. It features smart Wi-Fi control, remote functions, and the ability to sync up with many different adult movies.

Kiiroo Onyx

If you like the pleasure ring found inside the Hummer 2.0, but want something with a more intense sensation? Check out the Onyx from Kiiroo. It’s one of the top penis milking machines on the market today.

The Onyx has 10 contracting rings to deliver incredible sensations.

It’s also a half-inch longer than the Hummer, making it a more comfortable choice for well-endowed guys.

Another benefit the Onyx has over the Hummer is that it’s much, much quieter. So your entire household won’t hear you using it.

Final Thoughts

I want to give credit where it’s due: The Hummer 2.0 is a big-time step forward compared to the original. The inner texture delivers an amazing sensation, and the product itself is well-made.

Unfortunately, the price is high, especially compared to similar devices. Also, it’s heavy, makes a lot of noise, and doesn’t quite work as a hands-free device.

Before buying a Hummer or Hummer 2.0, I strongly suggest you investigate less expensive alternatives, such as the Kiiroo Keon or Onyx.

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