Urethral Sounding: The ONLY Beginner’s Guide You’ll Need To Read

Learn more about urethral sounding in this beginner’s guide. Discover the best sounding toys, penis plug, and tips on how to use them safely.

Urethral Sounding

I spent hours upon hours to understand the safety concerns. And analyzed hundreds of urethral sounding “experts” suggestions to craft this ultimate beginner guide for you.

You’ll get education, tools and best practices. All in one place.

Sounds good? Lets jump in.

What Is Male Sounding & Why Do People Do It?

Urethral play is also known as cock plugging, cock sounding, or stuffing. Some refer to it as a catheter fetish.

Sounding is inserting a specifically designed sex toy in the urethra. The toy is usually made from stainless-steel or silicone. 

It’s not like you can substitute a sound for something else. (Like knitting needles or ballpoint pens.)

The urethral sounding rod or penis-plug is inserted into the urethra. (The penis hole or the hole you pee from.)

To gain a new kind of sexual pleasure, and for men, it’s the only direct way to prostate stimulation.

Originally urethral sounds were only used by doctors during a medical examination. (Like the treatment of kidney stones.) Or to unblock the urethra/bladder1 when a person wants to pee, but for some reason, it is now being used in urethral play.

Well, over time some people (mainly guys) discovered that they enjoy the thrill. And also enjoyed the sensations so much. That they started doing sounding home purely for the pleasure.

And the sexual pleasure is what we’ll focus on.

Keep in mind, it’s an advanced type of sexual play. It requires quite a bit of preparation and specialized sex toys. 

This is why after the introduction is done, we’ll focus on urethral sounds themselves. And which types are best for whom, as well as what to avoid.

If you’re not careful, chances are high that you’ll run into trouble2. As medical professionals have kindly pointed out3

But then there’s another case report by urologists4. That suggests using a stainless steel chopstick to perform self-dilation. 

In fact, that’s how the first men discovered sounding after they needed to do a self catheter at home for a while. The feeling was so good that they just kept doing it for pleasure. 

So it’s not all black/white.

And not to worry, there are guys who’ve done sounding since 8–10 years without trouble. 

Learn the basics and use your common sense, and you’ll be fine. 

In fact, you’ll be more than fine! 

You’ll unlock a completely new source of insane pleasure.

male urethra and prostate anatomy

You insert rod (in red) in urethra. And after you pass the shaft and the curve you get a chance to touch the prostate directly.

The urethra is full of sensitive nerve endings. Which if probed during urethral play, can deliver unique and tingling sensations. 

Urethral sounds have been proven to be very pleasurable. And it can stimulate nerve endings.

It’s usually a mental block that keeps from enjoying this activity. (sticking something in you) More than any physical roadblocks.

Urethral sounding can be done both by males and females, but it’s a lot more popular among men.

The reasons are simple — male urethra is a lot longer. There’s a prostate that can be directly stimulated. And the male urethral opening is a lot more exposed and easily reachable.

Female urethral sounding is possible. But women carry a slightly higher risk of getting an UTI (urinary tract infection).

It’s because the female urethra is a lot shorter and closer to the bladder which carries the risks. For men, the bladder is quite deep behind the prostate.

Plus, the female urethra it is hidden and not that easy to locate and pinpoint the best insertion point. 

Yet some women who really understand their hotspots. Know that urethra is very close internally to the clitoris. And also the possibility of the G-spot giving unique orgasmic sensations.

introduction to urethral sounding guide

How Does It Feel?

Using urethral sound feels insanely good. 

If it didn’t, people wouldn’t be doing this voodoo.

Heh, it’s one of those feelings you can’t explain unless you do it, but it feels amazing. It’s different. 

Initially sounding will feel exactly like you would expect. Like you’re being penetrated in the most unusual place.

The feeling is familiar and new at the same time. 

It sort of feels like jerking off from the inside out. 

Or as someone said: “I imagine it’s what must feel like to be fucked. Only slower.”

The mental side can be extremely intense, even freaky.

It feels good because internally urethra has a cluster of nerves. And when directly stimulated with a sounding rod it can feel arousing.

It’s like you suddenly discover an extra G-spot or prostate, but it’s just hard to reach it.

Here are three simple tricks you can do. To understand how the use of urethral sound could feel. Without actually sticking a rod inside your penis:

  • While you’re peeing and have a nice strong stream going on, it feels quite good, right? Now pinch and squeeze the bottom of your penis gently. 
  • While masturbating, squeeze the base of your cock hard with one or two fingers. Indirectly stretching your urethra to get a sample of how sounding kind of feels like.
  • While in the shower stretch your urethra a bit with a pinky finger (make sure it’s extra clean). This is a common way men discover they enjoy these kinds of sensations.

If you want to start simple, just get a basic steel penis-plug.

penis plug sounding safety

But know that the best sensations come when you go deep.

Like 8–10″ deep (depending on how long is your penis), all the way into where the prostate is. That’s where out of the world experience gets unlocked.

And please don’t use any household objects as sex toys. (Unless you have a stainless-steel chopstick laying around)

You want everything to be sterile (surgical sterile). You don’t want to have urinary tract infections after your urethral play.

We’ll talk about love and the importance of sterilizing your sex toys later in the article.

Why Do People Do It?

  • Most love the feeling of the sound slowly working its way in. And then sliding it back and forth (kinda like fucking the cock with the sound). Some can cum just from doing this.
  • Then there are girth lovers who enjoy the stretching, full feeling
  • Enhanced orgasms. Masturbation with the sound in and then removing it on orgasm. (Some even mix it up with a blow job)
  • Some love the psychological thrill of inserting it and having it in place
  • Experienced guys go deep. And directly enjoy prostate massage through the urethra or pee hole
  • Then there’s electro play. It is done by adding vibrations to sounding and tons of shapes and sizes to experiment with.

Women do it because they’ve discovered at some time that it gives them 10x enhanced orgasms.

If you get used to all the preparation and do the whole urethral play right. Then this story best describes what does GOOD KIND of sounding can feel like:

“I do it every 2–3 months just to spice up things a bit. Feels awesome, but too intense for me to do all the time. 

Makes my dick hard as a rock, and the explosion of orgasm shoots the rod straight outta my cock like a long bullet. Weird but awesome feeling.”

Source: frubbly

Yeah, most guys don’t know what they are missing out on and aren’t getting the full potential of their cocks.

penis plugs and urethral sounds compared

What You Should Know

Yes, you need special tools, but the cost of entry is quite low.

You can get a penis-plug for a cheap price, and a whole sound set will not cost a lot. Then there’s a surgical lube and you’re good to go.

There are two main categories:

  • Penis plugs — this is what most guys start with. Since penis plugs are shorter, easier to insert, and often come with a ring around the plug to keep the plug in place. It can give additional pleasure to the glans. They can be kept in during slow sex or masturbation. And usually, have ridges and notches to prevent them from easily falling out. Penis plugs make the penis more sensitive. Men get used to experiencing harder erections and more intense orgasms. Under this sex toys category, there are also sperm stoppers. — short plugs with a ball at the end (though no they don’t stop sperm, just increase sensations). On the opposite end, there are hollow penis plugs. Which allows to peeing and having orgasm while having the plug inserted. Some guys love the fact of how far they can shoot seem with the narrow orifice.
  • Urethral sounding rods — these are a lot longer urethral toys for deep sounding. There are straight roads that are meant for deeper urethral play. And there are curved roads that are meant to go deeper. After the urethral curve and directly stimulate the prostate. Usually, people buy urethral sound kits so they could easily change the width. From smaller to larger as even those few mm make a lot of difference. Beginners start with straight rods, while advanced go for J curve Van-Buren sounds.

Then, of course, there are urethral vibrators for e-stim lovers. And tons of shape & texture variations.

silicone versus stainless steel urethral sounds

What Materials Are Safe For Urethral Play?

The best and most popular material is stainless-steel.

It’s great because you can easily sanitize it, and it has a weight that allows easy urethral insertion.

You just let the lube and gravity do the work.

Other popular materials are silicone. Rarely you’ll hear about titanium as the ultimate upgrade. 

But basically the competition is between silicone and stainless-steel sex toys:

  • Stainless-steel is the most popular. Because of the weight and effortless gliding with lots of surgical lube applied to it.
  • Silicone urethral sounds are bendy. Making them more flexible and they stretch a bit, but the downside is that they are light and don’t slide as easily.

Often you’ll see that stainless-steel is chrome plated for extra safety.

Here’s the word of warning though:

Don’t buy urethral toys on Amazon if you value your health.

The sexual wellness industry is pretty much unregulated. But there are trusted companies that use safe materials. And then there’s Amazon.

It’s notorious for allowing stock counterfeit products. Where you have no idea what material the toy is really made of, and if it’s safe.

You’re not even protected if you buy known brands. Brands like Pratt, Hegar, and Master Series. As there are sellers who pretend to sell the real thing for a very attractive price. Which is, of course, fake, made from low-quality material.

Yes, items on Amazon will be cheaper. 

But the urethral play is the most dangerous of all sexual plays. Do it wrong and you can easily get a UTI (urinary tract infection)5.

Be extra careful.

We identified a few safe sounding toy sellers further down in the guide.

choosing the right size urethral sound

How To Choose the Right Urethral Toy For You?

Urethral sounds come in sizes from 3mm to 18mm. This is quite a range.

The bigger sizes are for experienced users. Who work for months on stretching their urethras and gain immense pleasure from it.

First of all, you gotta measure your urethra size and choose the dilator or plug that’s similar to your size now.

If you’re new, start with a shorter penis-plug that’s very close to your urethra opening size. Ideally use stainless steel, because of its added weight allowing easier insertion.

Then many men make a mistake of going too small (width), but that’s actually more dangerous. 

You can damage the fragile inner urethral walls so much easier when there’s too much wiggle room. 

The best size is the exact size. Or little smaller than your urethra opening of flaccid (semi-erect) penis.

Then, as you get more experience you slowly stretch the urethra and build it up to bigger size sounds. 

Allow some time for your urethra to get used to the toy. So that the pee hole can start to accommodate it.

This is why urethral sounding kits are so popular. 

You can mix and match the best size for you and aren’t forced to use the too small or too big rod for you.

There are many cock cages which come with penis plugs. Or other urethral sounds… endless possibilities!

penis plugs with different textures

What Texture & Shape Should you pick?

The most important part you need to look at is the shape and width of the plug you will insert first.

As a beginner stay away from curved or ribbed rods.

Go for straight, shorter penis plugs.

Make sure that the tip of the plug is smooth, round and not too wide allowing smooth and safe insertion. 

The easiest to insert rods have a tapered tip, which you should start with if you’re new.

Later, as you learn what kind of sensations you like. You can experiment with rosebud, ball or urethral vibrators. 

Start simple. 

The Best Sounding Toys

First of all, it must be stressed again and again. That as one of the safety tips, you must use a sterile lube with any of these sounds.

There are two options:


If you’re new, just get sachets, but if you know you’ll play with urethra sounding a lot, get these in bulk for big discounts.

Hegar kit

Hegar Kit

 Overall best & our pick

You cannot go anywhere on sounding world and not go without hearing about Hegar sounding kit. 

Experienced sounders recommend this as #1 starting sounding kit for beginners. Because of the variety of sizes and the nice curve.

But you must know that not all Hegar sets are made the same. 

There are tons of cheap counterfeits made and sold for incredible prices. (yeah, looking at you: Amazon, Alibaba, Ebay)

Chrome plated, brass plated this and that.

Don’t fall for it.

You want the genuine surgical stainless steel 316L urethral sounds. And you can get those only from reliable sellers like TheChainGang.

Also know that even though length is 7.75 inches in the middle. There is a slight change of width which will prevent it from sound going deeper than 4inches.

Hegar sounding kit should be in every sounding enthusiast’s toolkit.

standard penis plug

Standard Penis Plug

Beginner’s choice

This is a labeled as beginners choice. Since it’s short, hollow, has a ring and beaded ball to avoid losing it, but the challenge is getting the size right.

Get too small and it will come out too easily (which maybe is not a bad thing as a beginner). 

Oh, and hold on to it while urinating or you’ll lose it.

Some use it for longer-term wear but know that for most it doesn’t stay in. The only guaranteed penis-plug to stay in is with Albert Prince’s piercing.

One hack is to use a cloth and rubber band to secure the glans for hold if you want to wear it for longer.

smooth vibrating urethral sound

Smooth Vibrating Urethral Sound

While not labeled as a beginner sound, this could be a great first time toy too since it’s only 7mm width.

Urethral vibrators are something else. It feels incredible as it vibrates all the way down in your dick.

The battery at the end adds a nice weight. The only downside that it’s straight, not curved so it may be harder to insert as twisting it won’t do much.

While some complain that vibrations could be stronger, for the price it’s a steal. 

Experience the electro-stim and then if you love it. You can always upgrade to something a lot more powerful and advanced.

master series silicone sound set

Master Series Silicone Set

I know some of you are looking for silicone urethral sounds. Which is why this is an honorary mention (but not really a recommendation).

While with all other toy, silicone is incredible. With urethral sounds silicone has tons of cons. 

I would really not recommend them. Unless you’re very experienced and know that silicone sounders is what you want.

The benefits are that silicone sounds are bendy and have a little bit of “give”.

But the cons are that they are light which means that you’ll need to push them in vs letting gravity doing the work. Which opens more room for error and injuries.

Then they don’t slide in as easily as the super smooth stainless steel.

There are other silicone sounds that are one-size and long. Allowing them to get past the curve to reach the prostate gland.

But really Van-Buren urethral sound set will serve much better then.

rosebud urethral sound kit

Rosebud Urethral Sounds Kit

Now we’re entering in the world of advanced depth urethral sounds.

Rosebud urethral sounds have insane 12″ length. (about 11″ insertable) And they are a little bit bendy allowing to reach the prostate gland.

There are two sets available, but for most the 6-piece set will be more than enough.

Some love Van-Buren urethral sounds. Some love Rosebud urethral sounds more to get past the curve in the shaft of the penis — there’s no clear winner.

The buds have smooth ends, but please don’t use these as your first kit. 

It should really come with safety instructions and video how to use them. 

Watch some videos on Pornhub to see how others use it to get started.

van buren dilator sounds

Van Buren Urethral Dilator Sounds 

Upgrade pick

This is where it all started. The history of the sounding.

William Holme Van Buren was an American surgeon. Who first learned of the average length of the male urethra. (around 8″) And these urethral sounds were called after his name.

These J curved urethral sounds are specifically designed for deep prostate penetration. 

Van Buren sounding rods feel insane when pointed right into the prostate.

When performed right, this can help in prostate stimulation.

You’ll also notice that the sizes are marked in french.

Use this millimeters to the french calculator to figure out your sizes.

A word of advice: don’t use anything smaller than 6mm (18 french) to avoid bloody events. 

Not sure why there are so small urethral sounds (3mm). But be careful about using anything that’s much smaller than your urethra. 

Get used to the widest that you can fit. And checking porn videos of others using Van-Buren urethral sounds are highly recommended.

deluxe cock stuffing sounds kit

Deluxe Stuffing Cock Sounding Kit

This set does exactly as the name implies . It will stuff your cock.

While you cannot insert it very deep, the urethral sounds reach up to 13mm in width. Allowing some nice stuffing and stretching training.

Each sound has tapered tip and angled curve, allowing for easier insertion. 

It starts smaller and around 2.5″ there is a marking indicating that you reach the actual size. Which is the key to make stretching easier.

Here’s how the kit looks like in real life. 

Oh, and if anyone figures out what the 14th, 90-degree curved item is supposed to do, let me know…

titus beginners urethral dilator

Titus Beginners Urethral Dilator

Budget pick

Update: Alternatively you could look at this $35 silicone 45cm vibrating bendable dilator as Titus seems to be often out of the stock.

After learning that you need special tools you might have become scared that for a safe play you’ll need to spend a lot.

Not so. For most guys 5–6mm (till 8mm) is the best width.

Yes, it’s better to have a kit to be able to test and try. And then slowly upgrade to bigger sounds, but this is a great, inexpensive way to get started.

This Titus urethral sounding rod is a solid stainless steel toy, that can be used from both ends (5 or 6mm). 

The smooth transition from one width to another also allows going deeper than 4 inches. Which is were arguably more pleasure lies (at the base of the shaft).

Its weight and tapered end ensure for easy insertion where you just need to lay down and let the gravity do the work.

How To Use Urethral Sounds

So how would one start doing this safely from the Day 1?

Oh, and while the guide is primarily targeted towards penis owners, women can do it the same way.

The only big note is that the female urethra is only about 2″ long. (while the male urethra is 7–8″ due to penis length) so make sure you don’t go deep to avoid puncturing the bladder.

Oh, and for guys don’t insert anything in your butt. (Yeah, looking at you, prostate lover and those that love a good vibrating butt plug.) As the plug or prostate massager will add pressure to the prostate. Which could cause problems if you’re doing a deep insertion.

Here are the steps:

  • Get the necessary equipment — this includes surgical urethral sounds, sterile lube like Surgilube. (It’s actually safer to get sterile lube in individual packets lube for one-time use.) And also Gloves, syringes, towels, antibacterial soap, alcohol wipes. And again, let me repeat — use a toy designed for the play to reduce the risk of injuries.
  • Sterilize everything — silicone and stainless-steel urethral sounds can be sterilized. When being kept in boiling water for 2–3 minutes. Do it right before the play. Wipe the sound with an alcohol wipe, let it cool down to a safe temperature.
  • Use an anti-bacterial soap to clean yourself. And urinate before the sounding — you want everything to be clean, your hands and your genital area. Be sure your hands are very clean, wash them with warm soap and water for at least 30 seconds, and air dry (no towel). Or to be extra safe get sterile medical type gloves. Pee before you start and also make sure you drink a lot of water prior to urethral play. To make sure you have something to urinate after the play.
  • Get yourself half-erect, semi-flaccid before the play — don’t get stuck on the idea that you need to be erect. The easiest insertion is actually with a semi-erect penis. As the head will be much softer and more willing to open. Some guys actually use a cock ring or tie their cock and balls. To keep a great head-on sticking straight up, but if you’re new don’t worry about the erection. The penis doesn’t need to be erect when doing a urethral play.
  • Hold your penis 90 degrees against the body and stretch it for easier insertion. (Important) — you want to have the urethra as straight as possible. And so you could place the sound at the top and let the gravity do the work.
  • Apply lube to the tip of the head. Use a small dental irrigation syringe to squirt it deeper in the urethra — only use sterile lube like Surgilube, anything with glycerine in it is a big no-no. Also, saliva or any oils are a terrible idea, that’s a fast way to get a UTI. Be generous with lube. Squirting the lube deep down in the urethra with a syringe will help big time. Specially with lubrication and ease of insertion. Oh, make sure you sterilize a syringe too.
  • Pick the correct size sound or plug for your urethra, apply lube on it — a common mistake is to get too thin rod when starting. This is a really bad idea as more space increases the risk of damaging the urethral wall tissue. You want the sound that’s about the size of your urethra, for most, it’s 6–7mm thickness. Penis plugs are fine. But they are usually too short to have a chance to give the max pleasure that’s hidden deeper inside. Urethral sounds with a tapered top / are much easier to insert than ball-shaped.
  • Lay down, press your urethra open with one hand, place urethral sound at the opening with the other hand — Relax, breathe, start slow. 
  • If stainless-steel urethral sound, then let the gravity do the work. Relax and it will go in by itself. Even too fast — You might want to slow it down. The only time when you should apply force is when you’re pulling the sound out.
  • At some point, you’ll notice that the urethral toy will stop going in — It’s because the urethra is narrower going in and there are three points of blockage. You just need to wait for the urethra to relax and ease in, don’t force it. If after time nothing happens —lightly wiggle the toy or try twisting it gently. If that doesn’t work, take out, apply more lube or choose a different size sounding rod. 
  • Listen to your body — the sensations at some point can be unpleasant. But there should be no slight discomfort or pain. A more likely outcome is that you’ll actually feel strangely good and new sensations. Enjoy them. The more relaxed you are the better it will feel. Urethral muscles actually naturally will try to push the toy out or block it, resist the urge to contract.
  • How far can it go? — There are about 2″ of the urethra after the base of the penis. At first, you should go just the length of your penis. Which is as far as you can go with a straight long urethral rod. (like Hegar) Later if you go advanced you can get a J curve Van-Buren urethral sounds. To attempt reaching the prostate. Just remember that when using curved urethral sounds for prostate massage. You need to wait for the erection to go away before taking the rod out.
  • The fun begins — As the plug or rod enters the urethra. It immediately puts pressure on the sensitive nerve endings inside. Making the entire cock so much more sensitive. It will make you orgasm so much easier later and it will be much more intense when you do. Additionally, once you’re deep enough, you can start having fun. Pull the urethral sound back out about 1–2″ and let it fall back. You can also slowly jerk yourself off as you would normally or gently twist the urethral sound. You’ll notice that something will feel better than anything else. Maybe you just enjoy it being in, or in some depth, it will feel extremely nice. 
  • Take it out before orgasming — while you can definitely orgasm with urethral sound. It’s not recommended. It’s called retrograde ejaculation6 where trapped semen goes to the bladder. And later you just gonna pee it out. The most fun way to orgasm is to pull the urethral sound out nearly outside. And then let the force of ejaculation push the sound out till the end. It will increase the length and intensity of the orgasm quite a bit.
  • Aftercare — when you’re done make sure you pee again to clean your urethra from any bacteria or lube that’s in there. You may feel a little sore a while after. But if you did it safely it’s gonna pass after a few minutes or the latest after 24 hours.

That’s about it. 

You can later add vibrations, different shapes, and textures. There are even wearable penis-plugs for even more newfound sensations. To further spice up your sex life.


It Doesn’t Go In? Should I Push It A Bit? 

You shouldn’t force the urethral sound down the urethra. Relax, allow the sound to sink in just using gravity. Use plenty of lube and that should do it. It takes time.

More experienced users apply little wiggling or twisting. To help with insertion, but be very gentle.

How Long Can I Wear A Penis-Plug? 

For example, could you wear it all day at work? Yes, as long as there is no discomfort, soreness. As long as it feels good, it’s all safe.

Plus, if you’re looking for daywear, choose a hollow penis-plug to allow easy peeing. Also, keep in mind that there are no muscles on the glans to keep it in. So the only sure way to use penis plugs for long term wear is with Prince Albert genital piercing.

Can I Lose The Sound Inside Me If I Go Too Deep? 

First of all, the male urethra is curved so it cannot get too far.

Secondly, naturally, the urethra will push the urethral sound out. This is why it’s suggested to relax when you’re inserting dilator.

The sound can be easily forced out by repeatedly contracting your Kegel muscles.

How Often Can I Do Cock Sounding?

While there are no real rules, most expert sounders recommend not doing it more than once a week. As urethra doesn’t have the same adaptability as other parts of our bodies. Though there are of course urethra “stretchers” who do it daily, but not sure if it’s generally advisable.

A Drop Of Blood Came Out As I Removed The Plug, Is Everything Ok? 

This is quite common and means that you stretched or scratched the urethra a bit too much. Just give it some rest and time to heal, and you’ll be fine.

“The urethral lining has the consistency of wet paper towels. And can be damaged easily, producing scarring. And the male urethra takes a bend just before the prostate. Negotiating that bend takes talent, and that’s where most sounding injuries occur. ”

Does Sounding Hurt?

Insertion should never hurt. 

If it hurts, you’re doing something wrong.

Like too little lube, didn’t sterilize, too wide or too narrow urethral sound, rushed too much. 

However, even if you did everything right. The next time you pee you’ll feel a slight burning sensation for a few seconds. It should go away fast. 

In the worst-case scenario, if it persists for 24 hours, then you probably created a micro tear in the urethra. And should check in with the doctor. 

Some people use larger urethral sounds to make a urethra larger. This does cause some pain and soreness, but it’s probably more extreme than most will take it.

Is Sounding Safe?

If you sterilize everything, take it slow and don’t go too deep you’re safe.

As urologist Dr. Keith D. Newman said best:

“The urethral lining has the consistency of wet paper towels. And can be damagedeasily, producing scarring. And the male urethra takes a bend just before the prostate. Negotiating that bend takes talent, and that’s where most sounding injuries occur. ”

Two big risks are infection and perforation:

  • Infection — not using a piece of sterile equipment, lube, fingers
  • Perforation — using a really thin urethral sound that’s way too big for the urethra hole. Remember, urethral lining = wet paper towels. With thinner sound, you have a higher chance of poking the urethral walls. Ideally, you go for the urethral sound that’s the size of your urethra and leave a little bit of space for the lube.

After the basics, most injuries occur when trying to reach the prostate after the bend. 

Which is also for most men where the main reward, sensations hide.

Risk and reward, huh.

Before you go anything that deep you should learn to understand sensations — the cues of what’s good. Where are the blockage points, when to take extra care, and when to stop and not push forward.

Then you’re as safe as you’ll ever be.

Bringing It All Together

It’s been a long guide, but this is a serious sexual play topic. I would say one of the most dangerous and freakiest of them all.

Urethral sounding is not for everybody. But when done right, it can be a fun way to switch up your sex life

I hope you read it all and took tons of notes as I would hate to see you injure yourself.

It’s supposed to be about the pleasure and fun after all right?

Finally, if you’re looking for likeminded people, here are few recommendations (NSFW):

Stay safe and looking to hear your stories in comment section 😉

Let the sounding begin!


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