Traz Rhino Review [2021]: Is Rhino Penis Extension good To Use?

Traz Rhino penis sleeves are perfect for size lovers. At a good price, you get a lot of increased length and girth with no annoying straps.

The Good | Innovatory design gives the wearer internal stimulations and Rhino sleeve uses suction to stay put (no fiddling with straps).

The Bad | It’s made for average penis size owners. Not gonna work if your penis length is outside the range of 4.5″ to 7″.

The Bottom Line | Traz Rhino company produces a high quality penis sleeves at a good price. If you both want to experience how it is to be hung like a pornstar overnight – this might be a good choice.

For this review, I got a Traz Rhino Genesis penis sleeve, which is their most popular sex toy (more bestselling toys here).

I’m average size (5.1″) and I was excited to experience the inner ridges, while not needing to fiddle with the strap over the balls.

Traz Rhino Cock Sleeve Models

As with all penis sleeves, there is a learning curve. You’ll need to prepare upfront and cut the sizing core just right to ensure for comfortable fit.

While at the first look, Genesis is not too realistic, the material did feel soft and nice to touch. I was curious to put their innovatory design to test.


There are four Rhino Traz extension versions. They are all very similar in size (since you can customise the length by cutting it).

The only differences are in girth (Sleek is 0.5″ slimmer), and the shape:

  • Genesis has simplified rounded design,
  • Stampede has little ridges and a more defined head
  • Rhino D has defined veins and the most realistic penis design
Traz Rhino Genesis
Traz Rhino Stampede
Traz Rhino Sleek
Traz Rhino D
Defined tip
Realistic shape


Traz Rhino is made from body-safe silicone. Not only a penis sleeve itself but also the tip and sizing core are all made from high quality material.

No allergy scare, no trouble with cleanup, no smell – all the good things.

Price, Where To Buy

Rhino isn’t cheap, but isn’t expensive either. At $70 range it’s priced right in the middle of the penis sleeve market.

The best place to buy is Shevibe store. They stock all Rhino products and make it easy to compare model one with others.

Avoid Amazon as it is famous of their counterfeit pieces that have no warranty and don’t look anything like in the pictures.

This is especially dangerous with sex toys when you don’t know what material that toy is made from. It may say silicone and be at great price, but chances are it’s a lie.

Be careful, you’ve been warned.

Design & Features: Texture and Firmness

We liked the Traz Genesis the best. It’s the most simple design and it was nice to simply focus on girth and size and not worry about any ridges, veins and bumps.

The silicone is medium-soft – it feels nice and realistic, while also having enough structure to hold on its own.

As for the penis owner – the ridges inside felt very interesting. Didn’t experience any discomfort – I was actually pleasantly surprised.

As with all external toys keep in mind you’ll need to use a lot of lube to make the insertion as easy as possible.

In Use: How Does It Feel Like?

There is a slight learning curve, but the instruction manual included quickly explains how to size and use the Rhino sex toy.

I did the sizing, cut it for custom fit, splashed some lube inside.

I was ready for the play. When I was hard, I put penis inside and stuck the vacuum seal plug on top of it. Surprisingly it held well during the play.

But back to the play… so how does it feel?

My girl is quite tight so it took a while to warm up her to the size. When looking down, the dong looked huge.

But she did like the material and feel of it a lot. She said it felt like using the dildo, yet it was a lot more shared experience that she enjoyed.

Inner ridges felt weird on my penis at first, but I appreciated stimulation they gave. It was just enough for me to stay hard, but not too much for me to ejaculate fast.

My erection ranged from 50%-100% and the sleeve stayed firmly on all the time. Even at 40% when taking it off, it required to remove the vacuum seal to come off.

For men who’s wifey is a size queen and she wants you to last long – this is a perfect toy.

Note: You might lose the vacuum seal tip over extended use. It’s a good idea to order more tips upfront if you foresee using this sleeve a lot.

How Easy To Clean & Durability

Cleanup was a breeze. I used a soap and warm water and encountered no problems.

The internal ridges might be more challenging if you really want to be thorough, but the sleeve is big so it’s easy to get in there.

As for durability – I don’t see how you could ever break this toy.

The only concern that I mentioned already is losing the vacuum seal tip. It’s a small thing, that just might get easily lost if you’re not extra careful.

Also as for as sizing goes – be more conservative cutting the size at first. You can always cut more later, but you cannot add it back.

Would I Recommend it? If so, to whom?

Traz Rhino makes high quality toys that I’ve learned to love. But as always – there is no one size fits all.

If your expectations are right – this penis sleeve will work wonders.

Who is it for?:

  • For big size lovers
  • If you want internal sensations for wearer
  • If you have tried other sleeves and hate the strap that goes over the balls.

Who is it not for?:

  • For a lot smaller than average size guys.
  • If your partner is already tight and isn’t excited for “sizeable” upgrade
  • For the first penis sleeve it might be too big and pricey.

What Other People Think About It?

I asked and looked around on other people experience with Rhino by Traz sleeves to give a more rounded review:

We got the Traz Rhino Sleek and gave it a try. It was really fun. I’m glad I didn’t get the Genesis as it would have been too thick. The sleek is actually thicker than they state on their site and was close to being too thick for my wife.

I would say it was just right. It pushed her boundaries a little without hurting, we just had to take it slow. It is about 5.75″ in girth.


Traz Rhino D sleeve stayed on and moved very well the entire time. I could feel what I was doing, and I stayed hard the entire time, with some periods of 50% to 100% erect, and the toy stayed on and was usable the whole time.

I did not come close to orgasm, but I loved the experience of having a larger penis. I am an average guy, somewhere between 5.5 – 6 inches, and about 1.6-1.7 inches in diameter. This made it feel as thought I had a 7-7.5 inch penis with about 2.25 inches girth.


Traz Rhino has three different styles but I loved Genesis the best. This one was the bomb. It was as girthy as the Stampede, most certainly far girthier than the Sleek, but it didn’t have the grainy texture I ended up hating.

It was nice and smooth and went in and out with ease, though it did take some getting used to, I mean, this thing is huge! Prepare thy vag, women!



This might be a bit too BIG upgrade on your first attempt.

The same way if you’re looking for something to help with erectile dysfunction and cannot even get 30-40% hard, Rhino Traz won’t work. Check our RX sleeve review instead.

I would recommend to start with something smaller, more like a thick condom penis sleeve type (like Perfect Fit Fat Boy).

If it’s your first time using a penis sleeve – something cheaper would make more sense to test the waters.

Conclusion: Final Thoughts

If your expectations are right and you truly want something 8″ big and girthy Traz Rhino will fulfil this role extremely well.

Just keep in mind – it won’t help with ED and you must be quite hard to wear this sleeve.

While it might look simplistic, it’s a great design that feels great to use. There is more than meets the eye, sort of speak.

Traz Rhino Genesis Review

Dainis Graveris

traz rhino genesis
Value for price


Traz Rhino Genesis won’t disappoint if you are average sized and looking to impress your size queen. This sleeve stays put well, and offers internal sensations for wearer. Great value for price.


Dainis Graveris

Dainis Graveris

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