The Vice Chastity Review [2021]: Is It A Good Inescapable Cock Cage?

In this Vice Chastity review, we’ll put to test if this is really a viable inescapable cock cage in 2021, its pros/cons, and compare it with the best alternatives:

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A good chastity cage is worth its weight in gold. It seems almost impossible to find. 

A quality cage has to be comfortable to wear for a long time. And it has to be hard to escape from, right? It sounds simple enough. 

So why is it so hard to find one? ?

For a long time, I thought there were only two options. 

You can spend $400 or more on a custom made one. They’re guaranteed to fit your requirements, but that’s a heck of a lot of dough. If you’re not a cock-locking veteran, it’s hard to justify that kind of money. 


You can buy a cheap trash cage from Amazon or a shady Chinese vendor, and hope for the best. 

I don’t know about you, but I don’t lock my penis in anything I don’t trust.

So I thought I was out of options. 

Until I heard about LockedinLust’s Vice Chastity Cage: Comfortable, well-made and inescapable? All for less than half the price of a custom cage? 

I had to find out whether it lived up to the hype. 

2 months later…on and off testing. 1-week marathon, attempting escape plots, having my girlfriend as a keyholder… I am back with the results.

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The Good

It’s durable, does what it says, and the sandpaper-like anti-pullout design is BRILLIANT. It should be in every chastity device, and I wouldn’t be surprised if other manufacturers start copying this design in the future. 

It’s light and easy to wear for extended periods of time. Heavier or bad fitting cages can be downright painful, and not in a good way (i.e. safe and controllable). 

It also has plenty of openings which are good for teasing and keeps it light and breathable. You could wear it for longer than many cages. 

The Not So Good

It’s plastic, which might not be to everyone’s taste. Even though it’s adjustable, it won’t fit everyone perfectly. The lock is external and occasionally rattles on the outside of the cage when naked. And the enclosed end means you can’t keep it on forever – it has to be taken off and cleaned after a couple days or so.

The Bottom Line

If you’re new to chastity cages or looking to upgrade on a cheaper one, this should be your next step. It’s adjustable enough to fit most penises comfortably, and the anti-pullout feature will keep any chastised man in line.

The Vice is a reliable and fun way to cut your teeth practicing male chastity. 

Vice Chastity is for you if:

  • You want to learn the ropes of male chastity
  • You’re not ready for a custom-made cage
  • You want to try something kinky and different

Vice Chastity might not be for you if:

  • You don’t like plastic
  • You want a cage you can wear permanently
  • You don’t have a willing keyholder

First Impressions 

The Vice comes in a plain cardboard box. Standard discreet packaging, no problems. 

Inside the box you get the 1 year warranty – awesome – the cage itself, and all of the various rings and spacers you need to put it together. 

It comes in five colors: black, clear, pink, purple, and chrome. I like the black and chrome colors the best as they look the sleekest, but they all look good. I got the black and I’m glad I did. 

The Vice looks a lot like the Holy Trainer and the CB6000. All three of these are premium “off-the-shelf” devices.

They’re all much higher quality than any cheap tacky product you can get for 20 bucks, and it shows right out of the box with the Vice. 

But enough about form. What about function?

Tech Specs

The Vice comes in three sizes of cage: Mini, Standard, and Plus

Here’s a table to compare: 

1.4in->1.3in (tapered end)

Besides the different cage sizes, the Vice is sold with different sizes of rings, spacers, and anti-pullout piece. 

I won’t bombard you with all of the different numbers here – you get all of the sizes so you can put it together yourself to get the perfect fit.

Pro Tip: You can even get an extra small or extra-large ring included for free.

Which is great customer service. Many other manufacturers charge extra for different size pieces and end up costing a lot more because of it. 

Design and Features

Putting it together was simple. I just started with the larger sizes and worked my way down to the smallest comfortable size. This is important – too big and it doesn’t really feel like chastity, but too small and you risk cutting off circulation to the penis. Ouch. 

Once it was on, I could appreciate how good it looked. The Vice has to be the best-looking plastic cage out there. Why not lock up your penis in style, right?

But the design isn’t just for show. All those holes and vents in the cage? 

They let the skin breathe, which is crucial for long-term wear. If your skin can’t breathe you’ll end up with a gross smell and maybe even skin infections. Yikes! 

They’re also fun for teasing. Having my partner tickle the exposed parts of my shaft with a feather was enough to drive me crazy.

Since I could get a little hard but not fully, I found it incredibly frustrating… in the best way. Getting aroused and feeling my shaft start to get hard but forced to stop halfway was so much more teasing than not getting hard at all. 

How does it fit? 

A common complaint about cheaper cages is that they don’t fit very well. A cage that doesn’t fit is irritating physically and mentally. 

But for me the Vice was easy. I played around with a few different ring and spacer combinations until I found one that fitted me perfectly. Restrictive, but not crushingly tight. 

I was really surprised that an off-the-shelf device could fit so well! 

Quick disclaimer: I have a pretty “normal” penis – basically average size and shape – so your results may vary. But I’m confident that the Vice can be adjusted to fit the majority of penis owners. 

What about Discretion?

The Vice is so light that you can almost forget it’s there – in a good way. I found I could perform all my daily activities with no problems. 

What’s more, it was discreet enough to walk around with in public. Wearing baggy pants, it was impossible to tell I had anything kinky going on in the trouser department. 

The only negative I found was the external lock, which occasionally rattled as I walked. It wasn’t loud – on the street there’s no way anyone would hear it – but it might be audible in a library. 

Also, the lock is metal. It’s very small, but I wouldn’t be brave enough to try to walk through airport security with it. 

In Use: Comfort and Security

Many cages disturb sleep because of the pain of waking up in the middle of the night with your penis trying to erect. 

With the Vice, however, I slept like a baby! Maybe it’s the slight compression of the penis head due to the tapered fit, but I didn’t have any severe pain when aroused. 

Some keyholders might find that the disturbed sleep is a feature, not a bug, but for me getting a good night’s sleep is more important than anything… including chastity 🙂 

But is it REALLY inescapable? 

I think it’s safe to say that unless you’re the Houdini of penis-related escapology, you won’t be able to get out of the Vice. 

The clever part is that the anti-pullout part of the Vice is on the sides. That means that you can’t compress and wriggle your penis out since there’s no way to reach the anti-pullout ring and no way to tilt it enough to squeeze out. 

What’s even more impressive is that the anti-pullout system gets more effective the longer you wear it for. It indents and digs into the skin (not painfully), and once that happens you’re really stuck. 

Of course, with enough lube, time and maybe a few tools you could probably escape from the Vice… 

…But if you’re going to try to escape that hard, you should think about getting a Prince Albert. 

How Easy is it to Clean? 

Very easy! The plastic washes and dries quickly. 

If you plan on wearing it for a long time, then the extra vent holes are good for cleaning yourself in the shower. But it won’t stay clean for more than a couple of days without being removed, in my experience. 

So it’s a good hygienic cage, just don’t expect any miracles! 

Price and Where to Buy 

The Vice Chastity Cage retails at about $160 (LockedInLust) so it doesn’t come cheap, but the quality is worth paying for.

What do other people think of The Vice? 

The Vice Chastity Cage is by far one of the best quality cages we’ve ever owned. The best comparison we can give for this product is as if the CB6000s cage was redesigned from the ground up, and every component improved upon, including the addition of a non-spike based anti-pullout component.

peggedinpanties, Reddit


If you want the feeling of hard metal without breaking the bank, Oxy’s “Lock It Up!” steel cage is a great option. It’s very effective for preventing erections and very reasonably priced!
Around the same price and made of sturdier-feeling materials, the CB6000 is a solid alternative to the Vice. It doesn’t have the anti-pullout ring though.
Also very similar to the Vice (but not as good-looking in my opinion), the Holy Trainer is the best choice for wearing out in public because it has a very small internal locking device. It also comes in more sizes: 5 compared to the Vice’s 3.

Final Thoughts 

If you’re looking to get into chastity but don’t want to get a custom-made cage, then the Vice Chastity Cage is the next best thing. 

It might be pricey, but do you really want to wear a cheap knock-off piece of crap around your most sensitive area? 

Didn’t think so! ?

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