The Handy Sex Toy Review: The Best Handjob Machine in 2021?

In this Handy review we share our insights after 3 month testing this handjob machine. You’ll learn how good it is, how to use it, and the best alternatives. Read on:

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So a while ago, I reviewed the Kiiroo Keon and posted about it on social media. Got a few comments, most of which were asking “how does it compare to the Handy?” 

What’s a Handy? I thought. 

So I looked it up. Hey, that looks pretty neat, but I have other things to review. I’ll get around to it. 

But then it kept popping up when I was reading about other masturbators and I thought maybe I should check this out after all… but no, I still have more important things to do. 

Finally, one evening while browsing CzechVRNetwork (a favorite of mine) one day, I noticed a button that said “use with Handy [new]”. 

And that was it. I knew I had to get my hands on one. 

And I gotta say… I’m annoyed that I didn’t try it out sooner. 

Here’s why in a nutshell: 

The Good 

It strokes fast, packs a hell of a lot of power and you can use it with a bunch of different sleeves! 

The buttons, interface, and interactive features are simple to use and very effective, especially when it syncs up to your favorite porno.

What’s more, they regularly put out updates to the firmware and new features, so the Handy should keep improving way into the future! 

The Not So Good

It’s not hands-free. No matter what you’ll have to hold it in your hand or jury-rig something.

Handy also can’t be used with bulkier sleeves as they’ll overload the motor.

It’s wired, which helps it stay light and deliver a lot of power, but it’s obviously not that portable since it has to stay plugged into the wall. 

The Bottom Line

If you’re looking for one of the best automatic masturbators out there, then the Handy is a good bet. It’s not cheap, but it’s worth the investment.

The interactive options are improving with every update, and the variety of strokers you can use it with is unparalleled. 

You’ll love the Handy if:

  • You want interactive porn that works
  • You have many sleeves you want to use automatically
  • You want to be at the forefront of sex technology

You might not love the Handy if:

  • You like full-size sleeves
  • You really need your masturbator to be hands-free
  • You’re on a low budget

If you wanna give it a go, we also got a special discount code ALPHA that gives 20USD off for any order above 150 USD.

The Handy: My First Impressions 

If you’ve read any of my reviews before, then you’ll know that presentation is important to me. 

As the saying goes, “you only get one chance at a first impression.” 

And Sweet Tech smashed it out of the park with Handy’s packaging. 

It’s sleek, minimalist, all black, and makes an excellent impression. It would be a great gift. 

Actually, mine was a great gift for myself. 

It even says “YOU’RE WELCOME” on the box! 

The Handy Sex Toy Review unboxec

Inside you get: 

  • The Handy 
  • TrueGrip sleeve
  • Cable 
  • Instruction manual
  • Discount voucher for free trial + discount on interactive porn, etc. 

So far, so good. But what about the Handy itself? 

Design, Functions, and Usability 


Length: 9”

Width: 2.75”

Stroke Length: up to 4.5”

Stroke Speed: up to 600/min 

Weight: about 2lbs


The Handy is made of high-quality plastics, electronic wizardry and the usual other bits you might expect from a toy like this. 

The sleeve is made of TPE or something like it, so again no surprises here. 

The Handy itself is light and easy to hold in one hand. Much easier to move around and hang on to than the Kiiroo Keon or Fleshlight Launch. 

I get the impression the Handy is built tough enough to survive a drop or two. 

An accidental drop test from a few feet up posed no threat. I didn’t have the guts to try dropping it again, but I’m confident these things are built to last. 


Is it just me or does it look a little bit like the HAL 9000 from 2001: A Space Odyssey? 

When I first turned it on and started stroking I half expected it to say “I’m sorry Dave, I’m afraid I can’t let you do that.” 

But it didn’t, mercifully. We’re still a long way from intelligent sex toys that take over the world. I hope. 

Jokes aside, it is a pretty thing.

If not for the strap on the side, you might look at it and think it was a Bluetooth speaker or an Amazon Echo. 

So the box looks good, the machine looks good… but what’s under the hood? 

The Handy’s Key Functionality

Adjustable Strokes 

You can adjust the stroke length up to 4.5”, which should be more than enough for any size of penis or preference.

That’s better than most other masturbators I’ve tried, which usually manage 2-3”.

And that speed. I’m not sure who exactly wants to feel like they’re being jerked off by the Flash, but it’s very impressive nonetheless.

10 strokes a second… That’s frightening. 

Remote Control via App 

Once you’ve got a connection key and got it hooked up, you can control your Handy via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi through their HandyConnect app.

It’s a bit of a hassle the first time with the connection key and all, but after that it’s plain sailing. ??

Different Sleeves 

Handy offers two different types of their TrueGrip sleeve — open-ended and closed-ended. 

They’re both surprisingly good — I was expecting them to be mediocre when I first saw them, but the soft textures and easy fit made them work wonders once strapped in. 

The Handy Sex Toy Review texture

The open-ended sleeves are a bit tighter but still comfortable for any size, and in motion, they grip realistically. 

But a huge part of the appeal of the Handy is it works with any small to medium size sleeve. 

Fleshlight Quickshots, generic pocket pussies, Tenga sleeves… if you’ve got one already you can give it a shot and see how well it works for you. 

Some sleeves give more resistance which can heat up the motor but also feel more realistic, like the Tenga Spinner.

The Handy Sex Toy Review with tenga spinner

The up and down combined with the twisting motion was insane, but I noticed the mechanism struggling to move quickly. Still, I came in like 3 minutes so who’s worried about overheating? 

VR and Interactive Porn

I know, I know. Companies have been promising immersive, interactive porn for a few years now, but the technology is still playing catch-up to these promises. Most of the time it’s buggy, glitchy, or just doesn’t sync up very well in the first place. 

The Handy isn’t perfect either — occasionally it syncs badly and doesn’t match the strokes you see on screen. 

But it’s a lot better than most of the other toys I’ve stuck my penis into! 

It connects easily and stays connected reliably, which is already better than some machines out there. 

It uses funscripts to sync up motions with the videos you’re watching. It works with 2D porn or in VR, so if you’ve got a headset already then prepare yourself for an incredibly immersive experience! 

Best of all for this feature, Handy is still updating and upgrading its firmware to iron out bugs and improve the overall experience.

For example, with the latest update you can skip around in the videos you’re watching and the Handy will instantly keep up with the changing stroke rate. What sorcery is this!? 

My Experience with the Handy: How Handy Is It Really?

Lazy guys take note: it has a learning curve. 

It’s not difficult to use, but getting it perfect takes some practice. 

The first few times I used it I ended up cumming too fast and not really enjoying the whole process. 

I wanted to start out slow, build it up, try out different speeds and stroke lengths. But nope — the Handy turned me into a two-pump chump! 

That should tell you just how good the Handy is. Even the sleeves were surprisingly awesome. 

The open and closed-ended sleeves both look pretty simple. Too simple, even. Comparing them to the more interesting-looking Fleshlight textures, I was expecting disappointment.

Imagine my surprise. The bumps and nodules on the inside don’t look like much, but DAMN they deliver on sensation.

And even better: if you don’t like the sleeve they give you you can simply swap it out for another one. 

It won’t work with a full-size Fleshlight or anything like that. They’re too heavy; the motor struggles to keep them moving and is likely to overheat. 

The Handy Sex Toy Review with fleshlight

But a Quickshot? You bet. 

Tenga sleeves? Most definitely. 

And it has all those interactive features! You can download funscripts and go to town with connectivity. 

I like the Fleshlight Launch, but the lack of interactive options felt like a missed opportunity. 

So then Handy said, “hold my Aquavit” and stepped in to fill that gap. 

And I didn’t even tell you about my favorite part of the mechanism yet… 

I LOVE that it pushes against me while in motion. When it’s stroking deeper the motor keeps pushing through the resistance, but it slows down.

I don’t know if this is an intentional feature or not, but it does an amazing job of adding some realism to the experience. 

Think about it. When you’re having sex you don’t thrust at exactly the same speed all the time. That would be pretty strange! 

So the variation makes it feel amazing. Get the stroke speed, length, and sleeve all right and it is mind-meltingly good. 

Cleaning And Maintenance

The best part about cleaning it is you can simply detach the sleeve and turn it inside out. Handy’s proprietary sleeves are invertible, so you just flip them around and rinse them out with mild soap and water. 

If ease of cleaning is important to you, the Handy is a good option. 

Many other sleeves that will fit the Handy can also be inverted, so you shouldn’t have too many problems with cleaning. 

This is especially nice when you compare it to the Kiiroo Keon or Fleshlight Universal Launch, both of which use big Fleshlight sleeves that are much harder to clean and dry out.

The Handy: Where To Buy One?

The Handy is available directly from their website, where it retails for around $170. Cheaper than many of its competitors but a luxury price tag nonetheless. Still, it feels like a bargain. 

Also we got a special discount code ALPHA that gives 20USD off for any order above 150 USD (which makes the price of Handy – $150).

What’s more, they currently have a 14-day trial period where you can return it no questions asked and get your money back (minus the shipping fees). I wish other companies were so generous with their returns policies!

I got The Handy fairly recently and I can say with full confidence, it is the best. King of the hill. It’s fairly lightweight and easy to handle. It has a very quiet (not silent) motor. It can go really slow. It can go really fast. It can do broad full strokes. It can do quick small strokes. It can be synced to video (VR coming soon). It can be remotely controlled. It can fit nearly any sleeve on the market, and comes packaged with a sleeve that is actually pretty great already. AND BEST OF ALL, at $160, it is less expensive than it’s competitors.

inbetweentheboobs, Reddit

The Handy: Alternatives

I already mentioned the Kiiroo Keon, which I’ve reviewed and loved before. It’s just as good as the Handy in my opinion, but it excels in different areas. 

But which one is for you? 

Here’s a handy (heh) table to help you decide: 

The Handy 
Kiiroo Keon 
App and interactivity
Stroke Length
Power Supply
Sleeve type
The Handy 
Interactive porn and app control, scripts are more responsive 
Adjustable stroke length and speed up to 600/min 
Smaller and lighter
Works with small to medium size sleeves eg. Tenga Spiral, Quickshot
Kiiroo Keon 
Interactive porn and app control, overall easier to use 
Adjustable stroke length and speed up to 250/min
Bulkier and heavier
Works with larger sleeves eg. Fleshlights

Each one has certain advantages over the other. The Handy is lighter and has a higher maximum speed, but the Keon is no slouch in either department and can also be used wirelessly. 

For me, it comes down to which sleeves you prefer. If you want full-size Fleshlight sleeves or similar, go for the Keon. 

Smaller pocket sleeves more your jam? Go for the Handy.

Either way, you’ll be getting one of the best automatic strokers 2021 has to offer. 

The other major name in this category is the Autoblow AI. It’s a decent masturbator, but to be honest it doesn’t really compete with the Handy or the Keon.

The textured sleeves aren’t as stimulating as what the others can provide and it looks kinda silly. It’s still a good automatic stroker, but not the best option for most guys.

Basically, everything the Autoblow does, the Handy does better. 

Final Thoughts

It’s well-made, fast, fits a huge variety of sleeves and has some of the best interactive options I’ve seen in a masturbator so far.

What more could you want?

Well, maybe a desk or wall mount. Handy, if you’re reading this — wall mount. Get your engineers on it. 

Anyway, if you wanna see more about the Handy and what other people think, take a look and don’t forget to have fun out there! 

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