TENS Unit Estim Prostate Stimulation & Masturbation: Beginner’s Guide

Electric prostate stimulation is a great and unique way to achieve prostate orgasm. A TENS unit helps you achieve this as it’s effective during both masturbation and BDSM action. Insertable electrodes work better as they pass the currents closer to your prostate.

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The fact that you are here means that you have had some experience with a prostate massager. And chances are, you’ve heard about the electrifying estim and want some of that juice up your body.

Through your P-spot to be precise…

Well, we’re gonna take a look at the TENS unit sex kit. In full it stands for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation.

It delivers stimulations by charging electric currents to your nerves. This passes via the skin using electrodes.

So, how to have a prostate orgasm with a TENS unit?

For precision, it will involve using inserted estim electrodes. They work more by directing the electric current through to your prostate. They’re inserted a few inches inside your anus.

In what ways can we use a TENS unit estim kit? Let’s check it out below…

How To Use TENS Stimulator For Masturbation & Sexual Pleasures

Before you get down with it, you’ll need a TENS unit. They consist of a control box, lead wire, and 2-4 electrode pads.

Using TENS For Prostate Stimulation

Achieving prostate orgasm using external stimulation alone may get difficult for a majority. That’s why I recommend using an insertable electrode with a TENS unit instead.

You may use a cock ring or urethral sound and pair them with an electro butt plug. 

Afterwards… Apply a generous amount of conducting lube to enhance the current’s stimulation. Then place the insertable electrode inside your rectum.

Ensure you push it 3 inches in and tilt it forward as that’s where the prostate is.

Finally, turn the power on starting with the lower levels. You can then experiment with the other levels and modes until you find what works for you.

Hint: TENS units are not very powerful. But one works wonderfully if you control the pulse amplitude (intensity), pulse width (duration), and pulse rate (frequency). 

Also, note that this type of orgasm isn’t like the regular ejaculatory one. As a matter of fact, you may achieve orgasm without cumming.

So, how else can you use a TENS unit?

You Can Use The TENS Unit Estim Prostate For BDSM

This you can achieve by placing it on the penis (for pleasure), balls (for more sensation play), or nipples (only if you know what you are doing!). 

And the great news is that the TENS unit sex kit works both for men and women. 

The electrodes could get attached to your inner thighs to zap you with electric pleasure. Yeah… You’re probably gasping at this. And it just gets better…

If gotten right, you can achieve some fantastic levels of Dominant control. You could give a slave impudence punishment by releasing a quick jolt. Or, one could administer a sustained pain experience by slowly ramping up the charge.

You Can Use The TENS Unit On a Penis

The frenulum is a very sensitive part and can reward you greatly if pleasured well. 

And for that reason, the frenulum has turned out as a favourite pleasuring area with estim. You can place the negative and positive electrodes on the head and this part. 

In the end, what you get is a very unique kind of stimulation. This estim method is pretty rad and could get you to cum in under a minute!

What’s more…

You can experiment with different areas including the testicles and your perineum. Like most sex aid devices, it’s just a matter of experimenting till you find out what works for you.

Tips When Using TENS Unit Stimulation

  1. Shave if you have extra growth in the electrode placement areas. Otherwise, you’ll feel some mild but very sharp pain anytime the electrode pad peels off the skin. 
  2. Unless you’ve done it before successfully, don’t try the electrodes on your upper body (up until the waist). The current may interfere with the heart rhythms and you could accidentally cause yourself real harm.
  3. Always turn the device off when you want to change the locations of the electrodes. This is prudent in stopping the electric current from passing through your hands. And prevent you from getting shocking news!
  4. If you are a newbie, then you should try it yourself first before trying it in a BDSM experience. That will help you understand how its features work. And get you familiarized with the controls.

What Are The Differences Between EMS, E-stim, TENS?

Lots of guys tend to get confused with the differences between estim, EMS, and TENS. Well, you can use them independently depending on the type of stimulation you want. 

One thing you’ve gotten right so far is that they all involve electrical currents…

And what causes the difference in their performance are their varying power levels and waveforms.

So, what do these terms really mean?


There are plenty of Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) boxes in the market. They mostly target nerve endings to deliver stimulation.

TENS units numb pain signals using a nervous system targeting function. And from the soothing results, people discovered the unit’s electrostimulation potential. 

The TENS unit lacks the power found in play-control boxes. Hence, they can’t handle insertables needing stronger currents or larger electrodes.

But it’s a great starting point for beginners. 

What’s more, you can use any TENS unit to stimulate the prostate too.

Simply adjust the pulse width, pulse amplitude, and pulse rate to hit the right spot using the navigational control buttons on the TENS unit.

Also, the units come with external stimulation pads. To get effective internal stimulation, get a separate insertable electrode for the job.


Known as Electrical Muscle Stimulation, it differs from a TENS unit as they focus on muscle stimulation. 

They’re widely used in hospitals for muscle therapy once a patient undergoes surgery.EMS makes muscles tighten and contract and the units are used for muscle development. 

When used on the anal sphincter/kegel muscles, you’ll realize it has erotic electrostimulation capabilities.

And, like the TENS unit, they have electro-pads but some come with insertable rod-like electrodes.

Be careful to avoid cheaper units. They don’t have enabled control over the sensations. This makes them feel spiky and harsh when used for electrostimulation. 


They are made-for-play boxes and are among the best options for electrosex stimulation. They are more expensive as they are more technical.

One of the outstanding features is the versatility that allows them to be used in both systems above. They deliver more power and can facilitate bigger insertable electrodes compared to the TENS.

Worth noting is that different models have either the electro pads or insertable electrodes. 

Larger electrodes mean larger surface area being stimulated and therefore more pleasure felt by the user.

The best part is that there are models coming with internet/remote control functions. This is great for enhancing creativity in use.

How To Prepare For Prostate Stimulation For The Most Effect?

Just like the regular prostate stimulation, this also requires preparation before exploration. A few basic checklists are, as outlined below:

Relax The Mind

As this is a more unique method of prostate stimulation, getting your head right first is important. 

This is especially true when you’re sensitive about electric currents running through your body.

You should start doing this hours before the actual session…

And to help you relax, you could make use of music such as binaural beats to simmer you down.

Also, when you’re almost beginning, you could play some audio erotica to help you get aroused.

That will surely get you in an anticipatory mood of what is yet to come.

Prepare The Space

This mainly entails getting rid of any distractions that could interrupt your session. As you know by now, prostate stimulation is delicate and needs special concentration. 

So, if you think there’s anything that’s likely to distract your process, you ought to put it aside.

This involves things like incoming phone calls, work engagements, or hosting friends/guests over. 

And though this kind of stimulation may take shorter periods, it’s important you secure about 3 hours minimum.

This duration is usually enough. You can experiment with the device as you also understand how your body functions as well.

Pair With Other Sex Toys

This is a great way to boost your performance and get the best overall experience. And some of the other sex aids you can use are cock rings and urethral sound. 

Cock rings are effective aids that help sustain an erection. This is great in ensuring that you get longer playtimes with your TENS unit. 

With a full-on erection, you could use the electrode placements on different parts of your shaft. This gives you enough time to explore all the nerve endings in and around your penis.

Urethral sounding is better placed with dark BDSM scenes. It involves inserting special rodes into your urethra to give a higher pleasure level. It can get painful but gives tremendous satisfaction to masochistic recipients. 

What Insertable Is Best For Prostate Stimulation?

As an alternative to the electro pads, you could also get an insertable prostate electro-stimulator. 

My top recommendation is the ElectraStim Quadri-Polar Electrosex prostate massager. It’s made from velvet-smooth silicone and has up to 4 contact points for stimulation.

How To Use:

Once you have either above… Connect both channel wiring and insert it inside your anus after lubing up with conductive gel. Push it a few inches in as that’s where the prostate gland is.

Ensure that your insertable has a flared base. This will prevent it from getting sucked all the way in by the powerful sphincter muscles.

When through, turn your device on.

Remember, try and keep your hands off your penis. This drives more focus and sensitivity to your prostate.

For both ends of the toy (the tip and perineum part), start with lower power levels at first. Later, when you get the hang of it, you may venture to the higher power levels.

Tip: Try stimulating different depths to get varied sensations. Also, avoid silicone-based lubes when using silicone insertables to prevent material degradation.

What Other People Say About Electrical Prostate Stimulation

See other people’s prostate massage stories to electric prostate stimulation from Reddit.

“I have some experience and I own a 200€ box so much less powerful than those ultra-high-end machines but I can say I definitely like it.

I have yet to manage a purely anal/prostate orgasm with it. 

But to be honest, I only have one anal probe that I suspect is a little on the small side for my anatomy. And besides that, it can definitely give you a nice “ghost fucking” sensation.

But I hardly believe I could come exclusively from a probe in my ass even it if was bigger.

Having said that…

With one lead coming through the plug and another through a cock ring/loop around the balls and the base of my cock. I can target like hard my prostate. And usually, I start precumming hard in a matter of minutes.

And sometimes I even cum without any other stimulation. Another interesting combination is… again one lead coming from the anal probe and another from a cock loop right under my glans.

Or from a sound deep inside my cock, near the prostate. That is quite intense but never fails to make me cum hard.”


“I’ve figured out to have anal/prostate orgasms with only estim equipment. 

Those orgasms can be different from ejaculating orgasms. In that, you might not cum, don’t need any recovery time, and could have several ones after another.

But still, get that moment(s) of ecstasy and that feeling of release.

I think the key for me is a butt plug electrode right against my prostate paired with a cock ring or a urethral sound. Though this second part is all about relaxing and not trying to force yourself. 

I really can’t stress this enough. Anything that distracts you like twiddling dials, worrying about my balls rising, finding the right porn or music. All keeps my head out if enjoying it.”


“Sounding is fun but you need to be super sterile in your procedure.

Always boil the sound in water for at least 10 minutes prior to use (make sure you let it cool!) so that it’s safe to use. 

Wear gloves and use plenty of sterile lube. Ideally, you’ll want to be sure your skin is clean and disinfected so you don’t drag bacteria from the glans into your urethra… increasing your risk of a urinary tract infection. 

Also, be sure to urinate immediately after play.”



With the TENS unit, you may achieve both prostate pleasure and a fun masturbating experience. And it’s a great starter pack for beginners and BDSM play.

Also, the few insertable suggestions I’ve mentioned up there works the same if you need variation.

What are some of your TENS unit estim hacks that you’d want to share? 

Leave your suggestions in the Comments Section below!


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