Tenga Spinner Review: Which One Is The Best? [2021 Comparison]

In this Tenga spinner review, you’ll see all the best spinners ranked & reviewed to help you make an easy decision RIGHT NOW.

Tenga Spinner 03 Shell Featured Image

If I told you you could have a light, discreet, reusable and satisfying masturbator for just 30 dollars… 

…you’d say I was pulling your leg. 

Well, get ready to pull (and twist!) something else because here’s the Tenga Spinner. 

Actually, Spinners. There are 6 of them, ever since they introduced 3 new ones last year. And they’re all great. 

But how do you choose one for yourself?

Over the last two years, I ended up trying all of the Spinners. And in this review, I will show how different they really are.

And if you don’t like the look of the Spinner, Tenga makes a whole smorgasmbord of neatly designed sleeves and strokers which might be more up your street. 

Don’t wanna hear the whole story? Check below for the highlights. ⬇️

The Good

It feels awesome. Up and down and side-to-side simultaneous stimulation feels like the future of jacking off.

It’s semi see-through so it’s fun to use alone or with a partner, and there are 6 different patterns to choose from. Plus, it’s reusable! 

The Not So Good

Unfortunately, it won’t fit everyone. It stretches up to a maximum of 2.15 x 6.73 inches, so if you’re bigger than that you’re out of luck.

As with most soft plastic sleeves, it won’t last forever, then again at this price you can afford to replace it every year.

The Bottom Line

It’s a cheap pocket pussy that feels like it should cost way more. The innovation and design that went into the Spinner is fantastic, and assuming it fits your size it’s my top recommendation for a great value stroker.

Tenga Spinner is for you if:

  • You want a unique twisting sensation
  • You appreciate good value for money
  • You like cool and innovative designs
  • You want something to use alone or with a partner

Tenga Spinner might not be for you if:

  • You have a really wide member (congrats bro)
  • You don’t like toys that make a noise when used
  • You prefer anatomical-looking sleeves
  • You want very intense textures

My First Impressions

Tenga Spinners ship in a discreet box, all very nice and… standard.

The Spinners themselves come in cool little cylindrical boxes that you can use to help dry them out. Once you’ve washed the Spinner itself you put it in the canister and the water drips out to dry.

It’s a neat feature and saves you from having to leave your masturbating sleeves out on the drying rack with your dishes! 

Plus once you’ve worn out your Spinner you can repurpose the box for something. I use one of mine as a pen holder. They all look pretty dope. Compliments to the design team. 

My first Spinner was the Hexa, and the first thing I did was take it out of the container and stretch it to see the spiral in motion. 

It looked awesome, like a kaleidoscope for your cock, but how does it feel in action? 

Spinner’s Design and Features

First, a confession. I thought the twisting feature was just a gimmick.  Something that would look pretty but wouldn’t really add anything to the experience. 

tenga spinner out of container

I like to think that I’m man enough to admit when I was wrong, so here it is. 

I was wrong. 

I’m on team Twist now. 

They accomplish this feat of engineering with a kind of hard rubber spiral that flexes when you move and stretch the sleeve.

This hard coil means there is a limit to the girth it can comfortably take. It’s a pretty generous 2.15 inches (6.7 circumference), but if you’re that thick or more then you won’t be able to enjoy the Spinner to the fullest. (If that’s you, check out the table below for other Tenga toys that might be more suitable.)

What makes it so unique is that the Spinners don’t move exactly as you predict. It’s almost like they have a mind of their own. They want to whirl around and give you a good time. 

They’re pretty durable for TPE toys, too. Most of the other TPE sleeves I’ve used wouldn’t last very long being contorted so much, but even after about 50 uses my 05 Beads still gets the job done. The opening and internal pattern are a little worn, but apart from that, there’s no damage. 

And the great design doesn’t stop there. 

Unlike a Fleshlight or other heavy strokers, the Spinner is light and easy to use with one hand, but still stretchy enough to use with two. 

I love toys that give you the option to mix things up! 

Being half see-through makes it fun to use with a partner too. I always like watching what’s going on and so does my partner when she uses toys on me. The moving spiral is hypnotic and watching the movement is fun for everyone involved. 

tenga spinner on background

I even like the sound it makes when I enter it! Some people I asked seemed to be less enthused about it but personally, I found it to be sexy. 

Note: I’m talking about the hot, sloppy noise it makes. The one that reminds me of hard thrusting with a really wet partner. 

The Spinner sometimes makes a farting noise if you don’t pinch out the air bubbles inside the sleeve. That’s much less sexy, definitely not my thing.

There’s also a chemical smell when you first open the Spinner. But thankfully, it goes away after using it once and leaving it to dry out. 

That’s pretty much it for the downsides. 

Now, how do you choose the right Spinner for you? 

Choosing The Best Tenga Spinner

tenga spinner texture guide

There are 6 Spinners in total, all with their own patterns and strengths.

They’re all the same size, stretching up to 6.73 inches long and 2.15 in insertable diameter. In some, the spiral is a little tighter than in others.

The title is how Tenga describes each one – let’s see how they perform and who each one might be best for…

“I have the Tetra. I tried it with KY Ultragel and had the most insane time I have ever had with a toy. Now it’s my go-to”

unserviceabledix Reddit

On to the Spinners…

01 Tetra

01 Tetra – “Geometric tiles with mild edges”

Best for: guys who like less intense sensations, or as a first-time toy 

I think of the Tetra as the “basic” Spinner. The tiles are a gentler texture than most of the others, so it’s all about the soft grip and the twisting feature. Nice, but not my personal favorite.

02 Hexa

02 Hexa – “Hexagonal tiles with Pointed Edges” 

Best for: couples

My favorite container of the bunch with a nice grey and orange color scheme. The toy itself feels like an upgrade on the Tetra. More stimulating, more firmness, a little wider-feeling in diameter. The twist feels great combined with the hexes, stronger than the Tetra but not distracting from the overall feel.

03 Shell

03 Shell – “Fanned Tiles with Firm Edges” 

Best for: suction lovers 

If you squeeze out all the air in your Spinner (more on that later) you can get some pretty decent suction. This one is the best for sucking sensation, which combined with the twisting is eye-rollingly good. Those firm edges keep things interesting and tingly, while the soft tiles spin hypnotically.

04 Pixel

04 Pixel – “A Spiral of Delicate, Enveloping nodes” 

Best for: edging alone or with a partner 

Subtle sensations here, delicate and teasing. I think this was designed for edging, keeping you just engaged enough to stay on the verge but light enough not to send you over. It also doesn’t need as much lube to be enjoyable, and it seems to clean and dry the fastest.

05 Beads

05 Beads – “A Spiral of Varied, Alternating Spheres” 

Best for: stamina training

Similar to the Hexa but just a bit more stimulating in all of the right ways. It feels like the best twisting blowjob out of all of the Spinners, the perfect blend of realism and enhanced sensation. And if you hold it the right way the circles spiraling up and down your shaft feels infinite. Probably my favorite overall, it sure finished me off the fastest!

06 Brick

06 Brick – “a Spiral of Bold, Impacting Tiles”

Best for: guys who like strong sensations

The soft but sharp corners caress and tease every inch. They’re so pronounced that you can feel all the bumps, which is a lot. In a good way, unless you’re very sensitive. 

The Brick feels a bit tighter than the other Spinners, so if you’re girthy it might not be the best choice.

How to Get the Most out of Tenga Spinner

Use water-based lube at all times. All Spinners come with a little sachet of their proprietary water-based lube. It’s a good lube. Really good. If you want a quality water-based lube for stroking, this is one of the best I’ve tried. 

tenga real lotion drip

You can take it in the shower since there are no electronics and it’s fully waterproof. 

All of them twist automatically so you don’t have to worry about twisting it yourself. But there’s a knack to getting the most out of it. 

Sure, you can just jerk it up and down. You’ll have a decent time that way. 

But if you really want to level up your stroking, follow these grip style pro tips: 

  • Squeeze the air out of the tube before inserting. This makes it suck better and stops any bubbles of air from getting in the way. 
  • After applying lube, roll the Spinner around in your hands for a few seconds to even out the lube. 
  • Heat them up in warm water, not hot water. 
  • Speaking of heating, they trap heat pretty well so you don’t have to heat them up at all unless you want it warm instantly. 
  • If you hold on to the base, then the tip will do most of the spinning. While if you hold on to the tip, then the base will work the magic. Alternate for a good time. Or use two hands and experiment! 

Spinner vs Other Tenga Masturbators

different tenga products

Tenga has so many products it’s hard to keep track of them all. And then you have to decide which one is right for you!

Well, fear not, friend, because I am here to sort this out. I’ve arranged the best Tenga products in a handy table, along with what you need to know to compare them to the Spinner. 

Tenga Product
Tenga Product
Air Tech
$39 (set of 6)
$99 ($200 electronic version)
• Comes in a variety pack and each egg has a different texture 
• Very small, stretchy, ultra-soft
• Tear easily, won’t last as long
• Airhole for more suction, very nice
• Variety of textures in each sleeve
• Invertible, super easy cleaning
• 10/10 suction
• Tight and grippy
• Doesn’t twist
• Fits most sizes
• Not very durable
• Less pronounced textures
• Intricate detailing
• Modern art masterpiece
• Easy to use, clean, and store
• Compact case, easy to hold and store
• Very tight
• Pressure spots you squeeze to adjust the internal pressure
• Internal orbs are intense
• Insane textures
• Flip open for easy cleanup
• Same pressure spots as the Flip Orb
• Also has a vibrating version (recommend)

The Vibrating Flip Zero would be my pick of the bunch, but it’s not exactly a budget option at 200 bucks. Worth it, though. If you have the money to spend then it’s hard to look past it. 

tenga flip zero

Eggs are a great choice if your guy has ADHD and needs lots of new things to try out. They’re cheap considering you get so many different textures in one pack, but each Egg tears easier (than the Spinner) and can get gross fast if you’re not religious about your cleaning. 

The rest of them all have their own strengths and weaknesses. If you’re not bothered about twisting sensations then the Air Tech or Geo might be a better choice for you. 

Cleaning and Maintenance

tenga spinner inside out

You can’t turn it inside out (it damages the spiral), clean up isn’t the easiest. You have to scrub it out with soap and water instead of just inverting it and rinsing it. 

I am used to cleaning like that as I own multiple masturbators that need tender care, but I know some guys want maximum convenience when cleaning their strokers. 

What you can do is turn out the ends and clean in the middle part pretty easily.

Still a bit confused? PRO TIP: Tenga shows how to do this in their official Tenga Spinner product video.

Drying the Spinner is a breeze thanks to the included drying rack. 

This is a nice feature and one that I wish more toys incorporated into their design. Much better than leaving your sleeve on the dish rack. Or leaving it on the radiator to dry and coming back to find it’s partially melted. 

LIFE ADVICE: Don’t dry your strokers on a radiator! 

How Long Will It Last?

I got my first Spinner, a Hexa, about two years ago, and it lasted about three months. But that was because I was an idiot and used oil-based lube with it a few times without thinking. 

tenga spinner in hand

The second one was a Shell that I got right after the first one wore out, and I still have it. Works fine. I ended up using my Beads Spinner the most and that one is only a bit worn around the edges. It doesn’t twist with quite as much energy as when it was new, but it’s still more than enough to get me off. 

So my educated guess is that a Spinner will last about as long as any other TPE sleeve. If properly washed and maintained, I’d say a year or two of regular use is easy. 

Price and Where to Buy 

You can pick up your own Spinner ($27) from the official Tenga store:

It’s a pretty outstanding value at $27 if you ask me. I mean, a Fleshlight is about 3x the price and they don’t even twist. 

You can use a Spinner alone or with a partner and in so many different ways. All you have to do is alter the grip or stroke style and it’s like a whole different feeling. 

Personally, I’d get a few. (Actually, I did.)

Final Thoughts

So, to sum up. 

Is the Tenga Spinner the best cheap masturbator you can buy right now? 

Uh, yeah. It pretty much aces everything. 

Frankly, if you find a better masturbator at this price… Please let me know so I can try it out for myself 😀 

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