Tenga Flip Zero Review [2021]: After 3 Month Testing

In this Tenga Flip Zero review you’ll learn if it’s a good masturbator to get in 2021. And how it compares with similar Tengas: Flip Hole / EV / Black versions

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“Just use your hand, bro.”

That would’ve been my reply if you would’ve asked me about pocket pussies a few years ago.

You see, I was one of those dudes who had only tried cheap pocket pussies from eBay. The experience, to put it bluntly, was quite disappointing. I was done with those deceivingly named silicone rolls!

That was until back in early 2020, when I got my eyes on the Tenga Flip Zero while wandering around a local toy shop. I had heard people rave about it, and the moment I picked it off the shelf, curiosity got the better of me.

Long story short, I took the Flip Zero home, and boy, it blew my mind! (Well, more than just my mind). And I would be a selfish man to keep this golden goose to myself.

So, here is my personal Tenga Flip Zero review with all the things I liked and disliked about it so you can make a choice for yourself. 😉

The Good

Flip Zero is a masturbator that doesn’t look like one. It is very discreet and its openable design makes Flip Zero much easier to clean than any other penetrable toy. The opening feels very realistic. Inside, Flip Zero has three kinds of textures and suction pads on the sides to get you off regardless of your mood! 

The Not So Good

There aren’t too many color options (well, I needed to mention something!). And Flip Zero could be too intense for sensitive penises. 

The Bottom Line

If you don’t mind spending a hundred dollars on a pocket pussy, the Tenga Flip Zero will not disappoint and will leave you asking for more.

Tenga Flip Zero is for you if:

  • You want intense stimulations.
  • You like toys with controllable suction.
  • You want a pocket pussy that is discreet.

Tenga Flip Zero might not be for you if:

  • You prefer vibration over suction.
  • Your penis is bigger than 6 inches and you want something that covers it entirely.

Unboxing and First Impressions

When I held the retail box for the first time, it honestly gave me ‘Apple’ vibes because of its clean, minimalistic look. It totally nailed the premium design everyone was talking about.

Inside the box, there is the Tenga Flip Zero itself, along with a couple of lube sachets. There is a user manual too. Some of you might find it helpful because it can be tricky to take apart the toy and assemble it the first time around.

The Flip Zero comes in a transparent storage case, and the entire thing is neatly packed into one compact unit.

I love how you can take it anywhere, and it wouldn’t come off as a sex toy at first glance. My girlfriend thought it looked like a pill-shaped Bluetooth speaker.

Sneaky, isn’t it?

Design and Features

The Tenga Flip Zero has a soft and smooth feel in hand. The white plastic parts are made from ABS Plastic and feel plush and durable. The rest of the toy is made from soft, translucent TPE. 

Being a Tenga product, it feels solid and well-built. To me, it looks straight out of a sci-fi movie with its futuristic capsule design. It’s sleek, modern, unique, and small enough to be carried in a sport bag.

And before you ask, yes, it is waterproof and submersible, so you can take it to the shower or bathtub.

Side Note: You could easily hide it in a tiny drawer. It’s so discreet, you could leave it on a shelf in your living room, and no one would suspect it’s a sex toy unless they took a closer look. (Don’t pull this stunt if you live with your parents, though.)

But enough about the external beauty. Let’s dive straight in!

The inside of this premium pocket pussy is what the hype is all about. It is built to accommodate up to 6 inches of your manhood, and every single inch is designed with intricate jelly-like textures to give you different levels of sensation. They’ve even named all the four different sections, and deservedly so!


When you enter Flip Zero, you’re greeted by the Ripple Dome. It has multiple layers of ripples enclosed in a spongy eye-shaped shell that makes you slide right in.


On the opposite side is the Ridge wall, which gently brushes your frenulum (the smooth skin between the head and the shaft) as you go further.


The real fun begins when you pass the Triple Chain Gate. It is made up of a series of soft bumps that surround your shaft with a firm grip.


BUT, it’s the last section, the Layered End Orb, that really takes the cake. It’s like an enclosed dome that covers the tip of your penis as you hit the final layer.

This, along with the amazing sensations from the other layers, will make your knees tremble in ecstasy.

The Flip Zero also comes with suction pads on both sides. You can gently press them while stroking to add intense suction and cum faster. It’s a nice touch and I, for one, loved the extra play. I suggest you apply a little suction while entering the Ripple Dome. It feels heavenly!

Oh, I should probably tell you this—even though it’s not that heavy, I found the toy challenging to hold for more extended sessions. It’s not a dealbreaker, and you will get used to it, but it’s definitely worth pointing out.

Is It Easy to Clean Tenga Flip Zero?

If you have used masturbators before, you will find the Tenga Flip Zero easier to clean. Traditional masturbators like the Fleshlight are enclosed, which makes it hard to know if you cleaned them properly.

The Flip Zero has a clear advantage here. Because of its openable design, it’s more convenient to clean and dry. You get to see what you’re cleaning, so you reach all the corners easily.

After every use, all you need to do is flip it open and wash it under running water with some mild soap. You might need to gently investigate and rub the insides of the different sections with your finger to make sure everything is out.

After rinsing it thoroughly, pat dry with a towel and leave it flipped open on the side-rails, using them as a stand. Usually, it dries out entirely within a day or two.

Before putting it away in the drawer, make sure it is completely dry. You don’t want mold growing inside it and finding its way to your penis. That could be a serious health issue.

Pro Tip: After the toy has dried up, sprinkle some cornstarch on the insides. The starch will absorb any excess moisture hidden in the nooks and also get rid of the stickiness. Dust away the extra starch and store the Zero in a cool, dry place.

How to Use the Tenga Flip Zero

Although the flip design of this toy might look complex at first, it’s pretty straightforward and practical.

To open the Tenga Flip Zero…

  1. You need to gently squeeze the side rails and pull them outwards. The toy will now flip open.
  2. Lube up the insides generously.
  3. Now close it and put the sidearms back into position.

Your pocket pussy is now ready to welcome your glorious stick. Lay back on the bed, insert yourself, and start stroking.

Don’t forget to press the suction buttons between the strokes for some fantastic sensations. You will be amazed at the amount of suction this bad girl can create. 

Tip: For easy penetration, apply some lube on the entry hole and on your penis. Only use a water-based lube, though. You don’t want to destroy this luxury pocket pussy by using an oil or silicon-based lube.

Tenga Flip Zero: White vs. Black

The Black Zero is the more powerful version. The regular White Zero is already impressive. But if your penis isn’t sensitive and you require more ‘feeling’, the Black one takes it to the next level.

The Black Tenga Flip Zero is more buffed-up with a tighter, firmer feel and a lot more interior texture. As someone described, if the White version feels like a woman’s vagina, the Black one will feel like an alien pussy. Slightly unrealistic but pretty powerful!

I’m not saying it will cure your Death Grip, but it’s definitely much ‘beastier’. If you’re one of those guys who have trouble orgasming easily while masturbating, the Black Zero is a clear choice.

I think the White model is more than enough for most users with its gentler stimulation. The Black edition offers more pressure and will make you cum more quickly. It’s definitely not for everyday use and definitely not for every penis. It also requires a lot more lube.

If I had to pick one, I think the White Zero would keep me happy.

My Experience With The Tenga Flip Zero

I love using sex toys with my girlfriend. But for the Tenga Flip Zero, I wanted to go solo the first time I used it.

So, one night, when I was all alone in the house, I finally took out the Flip Zero and decided to see if it matched up to the hype. I lubed it up with Tenga Real Lotion and put on my favorite pornstar’s video. 

By the way, I find the Real Lotion so much better than Sliquid and even Uberlube. Its texture is much more gooey than liquid, but it stays on for so much longer! It has recently become our go-to both in solo sessions and couple’s play.

But coming back to the Flip Zero…

The first time I entered the Zero, even though I had seen all the layers, ridges, and bumps inside, I was taken by surprise. There are four different sections inside the toy with uniquely designed walls and ridges.

Every time I went deeper, I felt something new.

The middle section felt incredibly grippy. But the last section, called the layered end orb, was pure bliss!

I played around with the suction pads too. The Flip Zero felt so realistic and heavenly, especially the entrance section. It actually felt like a real pussy. 

As I increased the speed and suction, the toy started making queefing sounds. But it isn’t too loud to be heard outside the room.

Needless to say, the Tenga Flip Zero really made me change my opinion about pocket pussies. 

Because of its detailed interior texture and the suction feature, I would say it’s also a great toy for building stamina

Price, Where To Buy

Although the Tenga Flip Zero is not as cheap as other pocket pussies, it’s definitely worth every single penny. If you don’t mind spending a hundred bucks for a premium toy that will probably beat all the other pocket pussies you have ever used, this is it.

The Flip Zero is available for $99 on the official Tenga store, and free shipping is applicable for US addresses.

You can buy it from the Amazon store as well, but the prices are mostly higher there.

In case you are considering getting the Black edition, it also costs $99 on the official Tenga store.

What Do Other People Think About It?

Let’s be honest—not everyone is going to spend $99 on a pocket pussy. Even then, the Flip Zero has received great praise from sex toy lovers.

I give the Zero a solid “A”. It will be my go-to toy for a long time to come. (Pun intended.)

Reddit user: heddhunter

The interior sleeve is soft, yet firm and the variety of bumps is so very satisfying. By far better than fleshlites.

Reddit user: Volto47

Interestingly, an uncircumcised man found the Flip Zero a bit uncomfortable to use. It seems to be a rare case, though.

It’s not ergonomic. Not meant for uncircumcised men’s use.

Reddit user: SershoLeJuan


If you would like your Flip Zero to have vibrations and don’t mind paying double the price, I suggest you check out the Tenga Flip Zero EV.

At $200, you get a rechargeable pocket pussy that feels as good as the regular Zero while giving you more intense stimulations with powerful vibrating motors.

While the electronics make the EV heavier than the non-EV version, the added vibrations can be really intense. Plus, it’s still waterproof. But the vibrations tend to be loud and could be too much if you have a sensitive guy down there.

If you don’t want to pay $99 for the Flip Zero and need something cheaper yet effective, you can get the Tenga Flip Orb for around $79. It’s similar in design to the Zero, although the internal structure offers lesser stimulation.

Also, the plastic parts in the Orb seem cheaper.

But the Orb can be great for you if you come too quickly and want something less intense. It’s an excellent option for dudes who like to have longer stroking sessions.

Final Thoughts

If you have used the older Tenga Flip Hole and liked it, you will love Tenga Flip Zero. It comes with significant improvements and offers a really unique experience, although at a premium price.

I personally think the Flip Zero is worth buying if you have never tried a premium pocket pussy before.

The Zero barely has shortcomings, and I’m sure there’s something in it for everyone.

It will keep you entertained for a long time before you start looking for another toy.

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