10 Sexy Animal Tail Butt Plugs for Fun Furry Foreplay

It’s never been easier to unleash your inner animal during roleplay. Take a walk on the wild side with the sexiest animal tail butt plug.

Sexy Animal Tail Butt Plugs

What Kind of Animal Do You Want to Be?

Deep in the kinky cauldron of animal role-play, bubbles endless possibilities.

With a sexy animal tail butt plug, you can bound around the bedroom in the ultimate sultry safari. Or, obey your Master like the obedient little puppy you are.

Basically, these neat toys allow you to step into the paws (or claws, or hooves) of your favorite furry fetish.

You can be a feisty fox, a smirking, sexed-up kitty cat, a cute piggy or bunny, a ferocious dragon, or even a sweet little Pikachu. Yeah, seriously. A Pikachu.

Told you, the possibilities are endless.

If you want something more traditional, you can check out our favorite butt plugs here.

But if you are ready to unleash your inner beast, you’re in the right place.

Top Tail Butt Plugs In 2021

Frisky Fox Tail

White Fox Tail


Price: $$$
Materials: Faux fur and silicone
Insertable Length: 4”
Diameter: ~1.4”
Tail Length: 20”

Tailz Grey Wolf Tail

Wolf Tail


Price: $$
Materials: Faux fur and crystal
Insertable Length: 4”
Diameter: 1.75”
Tail Length: 19”

Tailz Rainbow Pony Tail

Rainbow Pony Tail


Price: $
Materials: Faux fur and cystal
Insertable length: 3.5”
Diameter: 1.3”
Tail length: 20”

Wolf Tail Butt Plug With Matching Ears

 #1 Wolf Tail Crystal Butt Plug

Our pick

Materials: faux fur and crystal | Insertable length: 4” | Diameter: 1.75” | Tail length: 19” 

More of a whole package kinda deal than just a butt plug, the ears are a cool addition to complete the look.

So, furry fetish friends, you can be the alpha of the pack or the runt of the litter with this matching two-piece ensemble. Whatever floats your kinky boat.

Glass is compatible with silicone lubricants, and you can still plug up comfortably. Also, it is completely body-safe and easy to clean!

Plus, the faux fur feels irresistible when it brushes against your thighs.

White Fox Tail Vibrating Butt Plug

#2 White Fox Tail Vibrating Butt Plug

Alternative vibrating pick

Materials: faux fur and silicone | Insertable length: 4” | Diameter: ~1.4” | Tail length: 20” | Power: 3 x LR44 batteries (included)

White foxes are notoriously cunning, not to mention rare. You can be a sexy, stalking, winter fox with the White Fox Tail Vibrating Butt Plug from Frisky.

Although, the vibrations might give you away…

This soft, swishy tail does the talking here. It’s theatrically long and wide, so you can have all kinds of foxy fun pulling the tail (which feels glorious inside you when you attach the removable vibrator, too) or just parading yo’ stuff in your bedroom/wildlife reserve.

There’s only one setting on the vibrator and it’s not the most powerful (think electric toothbrush), but like we said, it’s more about the aesthetic with this one.

Rainbow Pony Tail Butt Plug

#3 Rainbow Pony Tail Butt Plug

Materials: faux fur and cystal | Insertable length: 3 sizes | Insertable diameter: 1.3” | Tail length: 20” 

Saddle-up, and go for a raunchy ride on your ranch with the Rainbow Pony Tail butt plug. Add a riding crop to punish any naughty behavior, and you’re good to go.

The flared base makes the plug feel super secure inside your ass, so you can buck, swish, and gallop to your heart’s content.

The smooth crystal slides in like a dream, and you can use a silicone based lube if need be.

Plus, the tail length is really long, so you can braid and style it. 

It is synthetic hair though, so over-styling won’t do its longevity much good (and avoid heating tools, girls and guys!) and it might get a little itchy with time.

Cat Tail Butt Plug

#4 Cat Tail Butt Plug

Materials: glass and faux fur | Insertable length: 4” | Diameter: ~1.6” | Tail length: 15.5” 

Move over vanilla Catwoman Halloween costumes. This Cat Tail butt plug allows you to go even deeper into character…

With the ass plug being, well, a glass plug, it feels weighty and solid without being too heavy. It’ll stay inside you nicely while feeling quite indulgent and expensive. 

Yes, you can be a kitty with class, even with your ass filled up.

Bunny Tail Glass Butt Plug

#5 Bunny Tail Glass Butt Plug

Materials: Real fur and glass | Insertable length: 2.8” | Diameter: 1.3” | Tail length: short 

For a luxurious Playboy Bunny-style treat for your ass, the Magnetic White Bunny Tail by Crystal Delights is probably the most premium butt plug on our list.

The real rabbit fur on this (don’t worry, the company only uses byproduct fur – they do not condone cruelty) means it’s insanely soft and silky to the touch.

Definitely more on the innocent side of hardcore, the little plug and the fluffy white tail gives off a super angelic vibe. Plus, it’s perfect for feather-light touch play.

On the other hand…

This combo of Black Bunny Tail Plug is firmly in the darker realm of naughty with its BDSM aesthetic.

Kind of like if the Easter Bunny fucked the devil and they had a baby.

The relatively mini plug is easy to push into even a virgin butt, so you won’t need to warm up too much.

The fluffy tail doesn’t remove from the plug, so cleaning can be a bit taxing. However, you can use mild soap and a blow-dryer on it safely.

Pikachu Tail Butt Plug

#6 Pikachu Tail Butt Plug

Materials: Silicone | Insertable length: 3” | Diameter: ~1.1” | Tail length: 4”

As Pokémon fans have grown up, so have their merchandise. Now, you’re as likely to find a Pokémon-themed butt plug as you are a Pokespot. And, your folks thought it was child-friendly! LOL.

With Pikachu being the pinnacle of all things cute, you can totally embody that cuteness by… yep, sticking a legit ‘Piky’ tail up your ass. Unorthodox? Maybe. But totally worth it.

Scoring 10/10 in the novelty category, this Piky butt plug adds 100x cuteness to any kinky Pokémon roleplay you may be partaking in.

Fox Tail Anal Plug

#7 Fox Tail Anal Plug

Materials: steel and faux fur | Insertable length: 3” or 4” | Plug Diameter: ~1.2” or ~1.6” | Tail length: 14.5” to 16.5” 

The fox tail butt plug by LoveHoney could be perfect if you want to take your inner fox for a stroll (we all have one, truly).

The furry, faux-fur tail is attached to a steel butt plug. Thanks to the choice of sizes, the smaller plug can be newbie-friendly for those fox cubs out there.

Of course, if this ain’t your first rodeo, the larger size is better.

Plus, the swishy length has got some swing to it (which allows for some sassy strutting).

Pig Tail Butt Plug

#8 Pig Tail Butt Plug

Materials: PVC | Insertable length: 4” | Diameter: 1.46” | Tail length: 5”

The Pig Tail butt plug is a pleasantly humiliating choice for your badly-behaved sub; make them squeal like the piggy they are!

Totally degrading, there’ll be no feathery feels to be had here. Getting on all-fours with your ass in the air and this little plug protruding out, you’ll feel like the dirtiest of pigs.

Of course, this differs from the softer, furrier options, but definitely possesses its own unique appeal.

The all-overPVC is long-lasting, but it is still a porous material that cannot be fully sanitized. So, you should make sure you clean it thoroughly after each use.

Cow Tail Butt Plug

#9 Cow Tail Butt Plug

Materials: Silicone or metal and faux fur | Insertable length: 2.7” to 3.6” (dependant on the material and chosen size) | Diameter: 1.1” to 1.7” | Tail length: 25”

Wanna get in the MOOO-d? Try plugging in this little buddy for some cowtastic coitus.

You can choose between a metal or silicone plug (metal is most popular- the feeling of cold metal sliding into your ass? Divine).

The tail is super cute with formidable length, and therefore plenty of pulling potential. Plus, it’s long enough that the silky tip can be used creatively for touch-play on other body parts.

Dragon Tail Butt Plug

#10 Dragon Tail Butt Plug

Materials: Silicone or metal and faux fur | Insertable length: 2.7” to 3.6” (dependant on the material and chosen size)| Diameter: 1.1” to 1.7” | Tail length: 30” or 40”

Put your dragon in its place with the Dragon Tail Butt Plug. How to Train Your Dragon, indeed!

Perhaps surprisingly, there’s no scaly texture on this dragon tail. In fact, it’s made from faux fur and is rather soft.

It’s got cute little spikes, so it looks the part, but in terms of pain-inflicting, it’s about as ferocious as a 3-week old kitten.

It’s super long, so it’ll get pleasingly tangled up in any legs present, creating a sensual trail of tingling in its path.

What are the best animal tail butt plug materials?


There are typically two options: real fur, or fake (faux).

Of course, depending on your sentiments towards living, fluffy creatures, you may prefer to opt for faux fur. Faux fur tails are more cost-effective, however, the quality of your butt plug overall will not rival that of a real fur version.

Real fur is a little trickier to take care of but feels much softer, and will last longer.

Butt Plugs

Generally speaking, you can opt for silicone, metal (usually stainless steel), or glass.

Silicone tends to be more beginner-friendly, as it’s more flexible and can move with your body (although you can get rock-hard silicone, too). Best to check before purchasing!

For more seasoned butt pluggers, glass or metal are excellent for that weighty, solid feeling.

For those who want a little more aesthetics, you can check out our guide on the best jewel butt plug.

Plus, with the latter options, you’re free to use any type of lube, whereas silicone will require a silicone-friendly lube (usually water-based).

Contrary to logic, silicone lubes actually destroy silicone toys!

How do you clean it?

Faux fur can be cleaned carefully, with a mild soap detergent, and a cool blow-dry. Don’t ever leave it damp, as this will cause unwanted odors and potentially damage your tail.

Real fur takes a little more attention when cleaning. It’s best kept in a cold area and with good air circulation so that the leather doesn’t dry out.

Ideally, you’ll clean it with professional fur products, but mild soap and lukewarm water can work.

Remember to brush it regularly, too!

When it comes to the butt plugs themselves, try to deal with them separately to the tails.

Antibacterial (but gentle) soap is necessary, with some warm water. Wipe them thoroughly after every use.

What’s the best size and shape?

Often, animal tail butt plugs focus more on the external tail than having an overly large plug.

When it comes to the tail, you are completely free to select whichever anthropomorphic vibe you like! 

Longer tails tend to give off a more sensual, pendulous appeal, while shorter, bunny or pig-style tails are more cute and punchy.

In terms of the plugs: if you’re completely new to anal play, it probably goes without saying to start with something slender and shorter to ease yourself in.

A lighter tail could be more comfortable, too.

How to use the tail Butt plug in furry role play?

Once you’ve chosen your perfect animal tail butt plug, the furry fun can really start!

Embodying the characteristics of your chosen animal can be amazingly liberating, and allow you to explore avenues you’ve never thought of. 

Whether it’s a one-off fantasy or something that permeates your dreams on a nightly basis, we’ve got some ideas you’re going to love:


This one is a no-brainer. Of course, when you’re parading around like a sexy little minx (no matter which animal you’re playing), your partner is going to want to fuck you. 

With the plug inside you, it’s going to make your pussy feel way tighter. Obviously, this is excellent news for both him and you!

Pet Play

This can pretty much include any animal. It’s very BDSM (as is generally the nature of animal play!), as one partner plays the ‘owner’ and the other (wearing the tail) becomes the ‘pet’.

As ‘pet’ you’re under total control of your owner, and you must do everything they say. Of course, you can be a badly-behaved pet, too. But there might be consequences…

Puppy Play

As much as you unleash your inner animal, you can leash up, as well. With a puppy tail and a leash, you can roleplay a puppy training session. Make sure there are all kinds of naughty treats as rewards for good behavior (as well as punishments, of course!). 

Foxy Fun

As a wild animal, when you’re playing a foxy vixen you don’t have to abide by the same rules a domesticated pet would follow!

This allows for much more biting, scratching, and general viciousness, which can be deliciously naughty.


So, hopefully, we’ve demystified the big wide world of animal tail butt plugs! 

Whose idea was it to take a simple, assuming tail butt plug and stick a furry tail on the end of it?

We don’t know, but we want to thank them from the bottom of our deviant little hearts.

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