Sybian vs Motorbunny Sex Machine Comparison Review [2021]

The battle of the giants has begun! Sybian vs Motorbunny – how do they compare against each other?

comparison of sybian and motorbunny sex machines

While Sybian started the vibrating saddle market, many companies have been trying to compete with them for years.

Motorbunny sex machine has created the closest replica to Syibian and while they compete on price, it’s still a tough call.

Motorbunny starter kit is cheaper, but the machine is also louder, has TPE attachments (vs silicone), only one color choice, and the design feels a bit lower quality.

In the end, it’s a close call. We’ll dive deeper to explain how each machine differs and when you should pick which one.

An Uptight Competition Has Begun: Sybian vs Motorbunny

Sybian started it all in 1987 when it’s released the first and perhaps the best Sybian machine. You could call them the sleeping giant because they haven’t changed much about their machine.

As new competitors come out, they try to one-up Sybian, the market leader.

Motorbunny positions themselves as a machine maker to create vibrating saddle that’s accessible to everyone (while Sybian is positioned as luxury toy).

To be frank, I am not sure they have succeeded.

Yes, Motorbunny starter kit is $900, which is $350 cheaper, but for that price you basically get a little worse version of Sybian.

You can pay $100 extra to get Bluetooth and internet control which makes it a lot more interesting.

In my mind, if you care for remote control (long-distance relationships or camgirl) that’s the only real reason to get Motorbunny and not a Sybian.

But let’s dive deeper…

To give you a better idea on how Sybian and Motorbunny compete…

Here are both of their standard models compared side by side:

Classic Black Sybian Package



Price: $$
Weight: 22 lbs
Noise: Loud
Controller: Wired
Dimensions: 10″ H x 13.25″ W x 12.5″ L

MotorBunny Original



Price: $
Weight: 17.4 lbs
Noise: Even louder
Controller: Wired (for $100 can upgrade to app)
Dimensions: 10″ H x 13.24″ W x 12.49″ L

symbian sex toy machine

A Quick Sybian Review

Weight: 22 lbs | Warranty: 5 years | Vibration Motor: 0-150 RPM (0.059 HP) | Rotation Motor: 6000 RPM (0.04 HP) | Attachments: 4 silicone or TPE attachments | Dimensions: 10″ H x 13.25″ W x 12.5″ L | Controller: Wired | Noise: Loud | Color Choices: Black, Red, Pink, Purple | Price: $1,245

  • A high quality machine with great design
  • Has silicone attachments by default
  • While still loud, it’s more silent than Motorbunny
  • Hasn’t updated technologies for years – don’t support app or remote internet control

Sybian is a high quality sex machine that has stood the test of time.

The whole experience using it feels luxury:

  • you can pick between nice colors
  • the design and finish feels solid
  • the lifespan of motor is proven to last for a long time

It’s really great that in the standard package you can choose to get silicone attachments (usually you pay extra). But yes, Sybian has got a really good design, it simply works.

motorbunny review sybian knockoff

A Quick Motorbunny Review

Weight: 17.4 lbs | Warranty: 5 years | Vibration Motor: 0-160 RPM (0.8 HP) | Rotation Motor: 7000 RPM (0.04 HP) | Attachments: 4 TPE attachments | Dimensions: 10″ H x 13.24″ W x 12.49″ L | Controller: Wired (for $100 can upgrade to app) | Noise: Even louder | Color Choices: Black (can add pink nylon cover) | Price: $900

  • For $100 extra can use with app remotely
  • Has 4 eyelets for restraint bondage play.
  • Offers financing with payment plans.
  • Comes with TPE attachments, need to pay extra for silicone.
  • Overall a little worse knockoff machine than Sybian (louder, buzzier)

It’s a tough call. Yes, you can save few hundred bucks, but basically what you get is simply a louder, little less polished version of Sybian.

However, there are few functionalities that Motorbunny stands out with. They have 4 eyelets (2 in front and 2 in back) for a restraint play, making forced orgasm play easy.

And, the biggest Motorbunny advantage in my eyes is them embracing new technologies, namely the fact that you can connect to controller through bluetooth or internet using an app.

Other than that, you’ll find yourself paying extra for attachments, and will not see any noticeable savings after all.

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Comparing Sybian and Motorbunny Features Face to Face

Devil is in the details, huh? Move to the interesting section or scan to see what catches the eye:

Design & Functionality

If you put Sybian and Motorbunny side by side the size and design of products look exact replicas. So Motorbunny has done a good job knocking Sybian’s proven design off.

But how good and have thy improved on anything?

comparing sybian vs motorbunny design

Motorbunny is a bit larger than Sybian and the foam at the top of the machine (where you sit on) does feel a lot softer than Sybian.

However when you take the closer look on how well the edges are connected Sybian wins hands down. It’s much better polished and closer inspection reveals that.

Also Sybian has several color choices available to choose from, while Motorbunny on their story only has pink nylon finish option.

However that doesn’t affect the functionality and use of the product.

If you check the specs than you’ll see that both the vibrating motor and rotating motors are very similar in power.

In use you won’t be able to notice the difference though. Their most powerful settings will numb you fast and trick the orgasm out of you…but lower settings will be nicely massaging.

sybian vs motorbunny remote controls

As you see there is a bit of difference in the design of remote control.

While Motorbunny has the switch to increase the intensity of Twirl (rotation) and Buzz ( vibration)…

Sybian has the buttons plus on/off switches. They come handy to visually see what’s on and off, and while no dramatic difference, do feel a lot better made.

Noise & Usability

When using both machines feel very similar. Yes, Motorbunny has a LITTLE bit stronger vibration and rotation motors, but you won’t notice the difference.

You will however notice the noise. If Sybian is noisy, then Motorbunny is even nosier.

Yes, you can put them on the carpet, or buy a floor mat (Sybian accessories), but don’t expect it to be super discreet.

You’ll need a background noise (like loud music) to silence it up, but then again you may be louder than the machine itself.

Here’s noise test videos:

To compare Motorbunny has 74 db noise level, and Sybian has it at 72 db. Close enough still.

Attachments & Accessories

Okay, now lets move to the fun parts.

Keep in mind both companies have plenty of accessories you can buy on top of the basic package.

And then again if you shell out $1000 bucks for a machine like this, you should consider getting most out of the machine.

sybian motorbunny attachments

But out of the box:

  • Sybian offers either 4 TPE attachments (1,2) in picture, or 2 silicone attachments
  • Motorbunny offers only one color 4 TPE attachments (1) and that’s it.

Here Sybian wins hands down. Yes, TPE is softer, but it’s a porous material that cannot be fully cleaned. Silicone is 100% body-safe and is always a better choice.

For extra price however you can buy plenty of different size and material attachments:

  • Motorbunny has 10 different size and type silicone attachments (priced $35-50) and many cheaper bigger size TPE attachments.
  • Sybian has 6 different extra silicone attachments and plenty of other size TPE options.

Both companies offer double penetration attachments though admittedly Motorbunny has more attachments for men.

They have jiggle butt for men and few options for targeting prostate.

Other Accessories:

  • Sybian: You can get storage cabinet that disguises as a chair ($365), fluidproof cover ($80) and floor mat ($100)
  • Motorbunny: Has pink cover available, storage case and knee pad attachment.

But here it’s important to mention that Motorbunny has little something for BDSM lovers. Both sides of Motorbunny has 2 eyelets for restraint play.

motorbunny bdsm eyelets

You can buy hand and leg restraints and/or nipple clamps and tie your consenting victim to this orgasm bringing machine for extra fun.

Warranty & satisfaction guarantee

From the first looks it looks the same:

Both companies offer 5 year warranty to their products, and have 45 days money back guarantee (except attachments).

But don’t get too excited because even if you want to return your device, you’ll need to pay a $200 return fee for Motorbunny and a $175 fee for Sybian.

Additionally you can buy a lifetime warranty for $195 from Sybian which is a good idea if you’re not handy yourself and plan on using Sybian for a long time (as you should).

How easy to clean & durability

Sybian has stood the test of time with durability and many experienced users praise Sybians sturdy motor.

Also, Sybian design is better done so it is easier to clean the machine especially if you got liquids pouring all over it.

As for attachment cleaning – there is no difference. Both company attachments are pretty much identical – antibacterial toy cleaner will work for TPE toys.

And as for silicone attachments, you can boil them, bleach them or put them in the dishwasher for complete cleaning. Very easy.

Price considerations

Okay, so where is the best place to buy Sybian and Motorbunny?

How much should you expect to pay for one?

Well, if we return on price – Sybian is $1245 and Motorbunny is $900.

But Sybian pretty much doesnt have any upsells – except the attachments, but you can live easily without extra attachments and just enjoy 2 silicone ones.

For Motorbunny however to get most out of it expect to pay:

  • $900 for strater kit with standard controller
  • + $200 if you want it to be remotely controlled ( which is a big technological pro to Motorbunny)
  • + $35 for 1 silicone attachment, to match Sybian 2, let’s put it at $35 x 2 = $70

So on one side you get better designed original Sybian machine for $1245 (and lets not forget that you can choose between 4 color designs).

On other side you get Motorbunny for $1170 and app remote control.

The question is do you care about app remote control?

If yes, then hands down you should buy Motorbunny.

If not you should choose the original Sybian and know that it will be the money well spent.

Oh, and finally, Motorbunny has financing available. You can put it on the payment plan with Klarna (start with $100 down payment).

Maybe that’s attractive to you too.

Stand out features for motorbunny

To recap the differences then yes, Motorbunny has few fun technological advancements and functionality that Sybian doesn’t have:

  • app remote control – great if you’re in long distance relationships
  • 4 eyelets for BDSM play – if you love the forced orgasm play.

What Other People Say About These Products?

Now let’s add some perspective of other users:

If you decide to do this go sybian. The parts are higher quality and us made vs the Chinese motor in the motor bunny. Stronger, more adjustable. I have one and love it. But I love it for play with my husband. When I’m solo it’s too much hassle to set up.


The sybian weighs 22 lbs. It’s not a toy that your girlfriend can easily pick up and hide. Where ever she puts it will most likely stay there. This might be an issue if you have kids or nosy room mates.

It’s a somewhat loud machine. If there’s music playing in the background then it can mask the sound of it. The other problem is the vibrations of the machine can be felt through the wall or the ceiling depending on where the sybian is. You can dampen it by having it on top of a cushion.

Lastly, the damn thing cost $1,300. Even more if you want to customize it with additional attachments. A lot of couples and single women have enjoyed riding my sybian, but they cannot see themselves spending a large amount of money for a machine that had only one purpose.


I purchased the sybian. It gets used once every couple months. We have a ottoman it gets stored in (along with all attachments and the stool). It is LOUD! We only use it when the oldest kid is at his mom’s and the youngest is sleeping.

The attachments between that and the Motorbunny are interchangeable, so no issue there. We have damn near every attachment made for it – but the wife does not use it solo.


Final Thoughts

As you see they match together quite close. The only way I would see Sybian eventually become history is if they will stop innovating.

New technologies are coming in, but Sybian design has remained the same since 2000s.

Give it 5 more years and a much more silent and technologically advanced sex machine will take its place.

You could also take a look at other Sybian alternatives – there is TheTremor, Cowgirl, and some simpler (cheaper) solutions over there too.

You should choose Motorbunny if:

  • You want app control & play with the machine over long distance.
  • You’re a man and want to use machine vibrations for prostate play or as a masturbator
  • you want to save little money.

You should choose Sybian if:

  • If you want the original, not the knockoff.
  • If you notice little details and care for a luxury experience
  • if you would someday want to sell it used for discounted price

What are your thoughts? Maybe you have questions left standing or experience to share?



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