Svakom Tyler Review [2021]: After 3 Months Hands On Testing

In this Svakom Tyler review you’ll learn how to get the most out of it, whether it will work for you, and what are the top alternatives:

Svakom Tyler on top of a hand

The Good | The Svakom Tyler is a great couple’s vibrator and has some of the strongest vibrations. It has 5 different vibration speeds that you can experiment through. The ring is pretty tight and actually acts as a cock-ring should. The slightly tipped angle of the clit pad ensures clit stimulation in various positions. You can use Tyler on the clit during solo-play.

The Bad | The toy always starts on the 3rd speed which is a bit confusing, especially if you like the lower settings. Like many cockrings, Tyler tends to move a little to the side during intercourse, so you need to adjust it.

The Bottom Line | Despite some minor inconveniences, we found The Svakom Tyler to be a high-quality cock ring that has a lot to offer. It offers a great variety of vibrations that each individual could work with. The angled clit stimulating pad is a big advantage. On top of that, it does the cock ring’s first purpose well.

The Svakom Tyler is a couple’s cock ring that serves very strong vibrations. It comes with 5 speeds and has a tilted base that perfectly angles for great clit stimulation. The clit pad is studded and adds extra texture for a more defined clit stimulation.

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The First Impressions

A lot of companies have tried developing the perfect cock ring that would give both parties pleasure during intercourse.

Svakom, an American brand, is one of them. And they managed to make a fair amount of buzz with its Svakom Tyler.

I really love the way Svakom presents their toys. Tyler arrived packed in the beautiful box. Apart from the toy it contained a USB charging cable (pin-hole), and a grey velvety pouch for toy storage.

svakom tyler product shot

In the box, you will also find a user guide, quality brochure, and a warranty code to register your toy.

Let’s get down to the Svakom Tyler review.

Oh, and if you prefer watching and see how it looks in real life, check out this video:

Do The Tech And Specs Cut It?

In a snap, let’s see what this licker has in store for us in the summary table below.

Inner Diameter
1.14 inches
Materials Used
Body-safe silicone
Charge Time
1 Hour
Usage Time
1 Hour
Number Of Speed Modes
Yes (Splashproof)
No. Of Motors
Total Weight (unboxed)
0.07 lbs
Noise Level
Under 50dB

What You Need To Know About The Svakom Tyler’s Functionality And Design

Look And Feel

The Svakom Tyler vibrator comes in 3 different colors which include black, violet, and plum red.

This model comes made with high-quality silicone and it covers the better part of the toy’s body. This is with the exception of the small, circular ABS plastic plate that’s fitted on the clit pad’s underside. 

Now, the silicone surface gives a velvety-smooth feeling when touched with the hands. 

Also, the silicone goes all the way into the device’s charging port which seems to be hidden deep inside the toy. I am surprised Svakom says Tyler is only splashproof.

‘YAY’ Factor…

As I mentioned in the beginning…One of Svakom Tyler’s big advantages is the ingenious clit pad fixed in a gentle tilt.

Both of us (me and my girl) thought it was a very creative touch. 

The angle gives the pad decent contact with the clit in various positions, without the need to melt your bodies together to get the full vibration stimulations.

The stimulating pad of this model also comes with a heavily studded texture. This improves the sensation you get from the vibrations sent across the silicone covering.

a closeup image of svakom tyler


The silicone ring is stretchable and will fit most penis sizes. 

And the tightness it brings around your penis makes it stand out as an actual cock ring. It may be tight for girthier fellas, but most guys will like how it sticks in place.

Worth mentioning for the toy’s control… Tyler comes with a single button that’s located on the left side of the toy. It acts as the Power On/Off (long-press for 2 seconds) and Speeds Changer (press once).

Let’s Talk Vibration And Power

The Svakom Tyler has 5 different vibration speeds

The 1st and 2nd settings are rumbly. The 3rd-5th modes, on the other hand, will give you quite a cranked-up buzz that’s very strong. 

…Which is a great token if you like super strong and aggressive vibrations.

So, if you’re sensitive, then you may work with the first 2 settings. 

Will Betty From Next Door Hear Us?

The noise level from this vibrator is way much quieter than other models we’ve come across. 

On the first 2 lower speed settings, you can hardly hear the vibrations in a silent room. From 3-5, however, things get buzzy, but you can still maintain a discreet profile with it.

From our tests…

The 1st setting recorded 33 dB at the most (with the room noise of the 30dB) while the highest clocked in 43 dB

In Use: How Does It Feel Like?

The user manual suggests not using silicone lubes on Tyler, as well as lotions and oils as it might affect the material-quality. We always used a water-based lube when playing with our silicone toys.

Breaking ground… 

Putting Tyler on was a breeze, and it held firm and tight at first. Even after I turned the vibes on. 

Tip: It’s more convenient if you put it on when you’ve already gotten a boner. 

stretching the Svakom Tyler

The button placement is comfortable and easy to use. The button is big and easily traceable even in darkness.

How Was The Action?

First off, the ring REALLY stuck to my shaft after wearing it. Even when I began thrusting, it still retained its position and it felt pretty comfortable.

Occasionally it would slip aside but you could hardly tell it did as a better part of the clit pad still remained over her clit. This is a pretty common issue within cock-rings. But thankfully, it is very easy to adjust it. 

Also, we didn’t understand why would someone set the 3rd setting (pretty high) as the default. Maybe it is a commonly-loved one? 

My girlfriend likes to add just a little spice to enjoy the long run. It meant, that we had to cycle through the higher settings first to reach the gentler vibrations.

Other than that…

The vibrations were a blast once we found our footing.

The studded surface provided a unique sensation different from what she gets from other cock rings.

Here’s a quick review from Reddit user axle-ace on Svakom Tyler:

“The thing I liked was that it covered a larger surface area which when getting into it is nice because it doesn’t involve making sure the rabbit is pinpoint on the clit for stimulation.”

Source: Reddit user, axle-ace

Is It Worth Your Dong/Clit?

The speeds offer something for everyone. For example, the first 2 are nicely sensual and not overly stimulating. 

And the higher settings are really STRONG. 

Still, they feel nice even on the tender clit as the pad is not in constant touch with it. So it brings a sudden “Woah!” and leaves the clit rest as you move away.

I cannot stress how amazing Tyler’s tilt is! Together with the high-quality vibrations, it brought us a very rich experience.

I think it is really a great toy – it is intuitive, versatile, and does its job well (both for the penis owner and on the clit)!

Also, if you love more powerful vibrations, you’ll love what Tyler is selling…

How Easy To Clean & Durability

This toy is splashproof – NOT waterproof! Even though looking at the charger’s opening I am pretty confident it would withstand being washed with some antibacterial soap under running water.

TAKE CARE to clean off all the goo and lube from the silicone maze in the clit pad. This area could retain some of the bad business if you’re not thorough.

Once Tyler is dry, simply store it in a grey pouch… Special pointers always go to manufacturers who include a pouch for storage 😉

Where And How Much Is The Ring Selling?

Well, the Svakom Tyler is an affordable vibrator ring and currently retails at $79. And considering that it’s a rechargeable, vibrating cock ring… It’s a pretty good deal if you ask me.

To get one, head off to Svakom’s online shop to make your order of the Tyler couple’s vibrator.

Svakom offers free standard shipping within the United States for all orders made from their site. And what’s more, for any order above $80, you will get an express shipping delivery.

I suggest you stay away from Amazon or eBay as there is a high chance of getting the knockoff. 

Would I Recommend It? If So, To Whom?

Yes, I would… Svakom Tyler is a simple toy and it performs just well. It offers enough patterns to satisfy and can be used both as a couple’s toy and for solo clit play.


  • People who need very powerful vibrations to get off.
  • If you are looking for a simple clit stimulating toy during PIV sex.
  • If you are looking for a vibrator toy that’s discreet in use and storage.
  • If you want a high-quality toy that will serve you well
  • Males who have a penis with very large girths. 
  • If you have an extra sensitive body and prefer gentler vibrations.
  • If you don’t enjoy vibrating rings.

Any Alternative Options?

There’s a couple of other cock rings you could try out if Tyler hasn’t made you happy.

For instance, the Hot Octopuss Atom Plus. It’s a rechargeable cock ring and also has pretty powerful vibrations.

But for the most-detailed 2021 guide, you should check out the Best Vibrating Cock Rings.

Closing The Curtains…

The Svakom Tyler is a decent rechargeable vibrating cock ring. It has a beautiful design and the varying speeds are great for a varied experience.

If we put aside the universal ‘shifting’ problem, it’s a simple, intuitive toy, that does exactly what it is supposed to.

And the best part? It’s affordable and can last you quite a while if you maintain it well.

That calls our time for this Svakom Tyler review! Hope it helped you…

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Svakom Tyler Review

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The Svakom Tyler is a high-quality cock ring that offers a great variety of vibrations for a unique experience. The angled clit stimulating pad is also a big advantage. On top of that, it does the cock ring’s first purpose well for an affordable price.

Dainis Graveris

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