Svakom Alice Review: Affordable G-Spot Vibrator That Works

svakom alice in its box

Welcome to smokin’ fresh Svakom Alice review in 2021!

Over years we’ve tested over 30 G-spot toys, vibrators, rabbit vibes. I’ve gone through a graveyard of broken promises, disappointing power, and curves.

So what’s the verdict?

Alice is a budget toy ($60-80) that is surprisingly good! I call it a vibrating-silicone-pure-wand for 1/2 the price (not the best name, but bear with me…)!

It has a great G-spot curve that hits the spot even better than my previous G-spot fave (Soraya Wave) without me needing to apply much pressure. Less work, more pleasure.

For example, Soraya is a great luxury gift if you can swallow the price. However, Alice is 1/3 cheaper, still has nice packaging, elegant design, and most importantly – it works!

On top of that, you’ll get competitive battery life, a high range of quality vibrations that will work both for sensitive souls & folks who demand higher intensities.

Read on to learn about each functionality in depth, but here’s the TL;DR version:

Who should get Svakom Alice?

  • If you’re looking for an elegant sexy gift that doesn’t break the bank, yet offers quality.
  • If you like pure-wand-type G-spot stimulation, but want vibrations and silicone material with it.
  • Are looking for a quality multipurpose rabbit vibe with a large range of vibrations. Alice won’t make you numb, but also won’t disappoint when you want crazy intensity.

Who shouldn’t get it (and what should they get instead)?

  • Alice’s slim design might feel underwhelming for some. Check this G-spot vibrator guide.
  • Buttons aren’t super intuitive, for the best user experience, go for Soraya Wave instead.
  • The toy is Ipx6 (splashproof, but not waterproof), again Pure Wand or Soraya Wave will serve better if you want to use it in the bath.

What’s In The Box?

First of all, the Svakom Alice packaging… 

Svakom’s smaller toys come in beautiful packages, while Alice’s box was pretty standard. It arrived packed together with a few other toys in a discreet box.

I did love the velvety storage pouch though. It’s super soft and solid. It matches Alice’s size and protects it well from collecting the dust or lint when not in use!

So, what else do you get in the box?

  • SVAKOM Alice rabbit vibrator for g-spot and clitoris stimulation,
  • Velvet storage bag
  • Instructions 
  • Certification description
  • Warranty Card
  • USB charger
svakom alice and accessories

First Impressions

Alice also turned up on my doorstep almost fully charged, so she was ready to rumble straight from the box. 

Holding her in my hands, I felt that Alice is stiffer than my other silicone toys. Like, with the Lush 3 for example, you can feel the squishiness of the silicone layers whereas Alice feels somewhat harder. 

It did make me wonder how this would feel inserted…

But, before we get to that, let’s see what makes Alice tick…

All About Alice: The Details

Design & Materials

Alice is a sleek and smooth rabbit vibrator, with an insertable ‘probe’ and a smaller ‘probe’ strategically placed to meet with your clitoris. 

With other rabbit vibes I’ve used, the clit arm can be quite rigid, which makes for awkward positioning or worse, pain. 

But not with Alice! 

Her clit vibe is quite flexible and moves with you. 

svakom alice on hand

The entire toy is made from body-safe siliconeand ABS plastic

But, what do we mean by body safe? 

Well, silicone is non-porous, hypoallergenic, doesn’t leach any toxic chemicals into your body, and it’s easy to keep clean. So, no nasty yeast infections from your vibrator…yay!

What about the ABS part?

No need to worry, ABS is a hard-plastic often used in sex-toys and is also considered body-safe. It’s just not as silky smooth as silicone. 

But as it’s only found on the handle, you won’t be inserting hard plastic into your v-jay-jay.

Alice’s Size 

At first look, Alice seems rather long. The exact measurements are 6.9 x 3.3 x 1.2 inches. 

BUT, the insertable length is actually around 4”. So both in length and thickness, Alice is smaller than the average penis size. 

You might think it is not too much, but hear me out!

It is just enough to press intensely on that G-Spot. After all, this is what it is meant to do, isn’t it?

So, if you’re looking for a non-intimidating first rabbit, Alice could be your gal. Of course, if you prefer larger toys or boys, then she might not be packing all that you desire. 

That said, if you do like to be “filled up”, the slightly smaller size can be an advantage…

You can use it vaginally during anal sex for a double penetration experience AND enjoy clit stimulation at the same time. 

You’re welcome!


Alice has just 3 buttons for turning on/off and moving through the patterns and intensity levels. You’ll see two arrows, up and down, and an “S” button in the middle (more about that below). 

The buttons are well-placed, just beneath the end of the clit stimulator, and are easy to reach when in use.

svakom alice buttons

They aren’t the most intuitive to use. 

Usually, if i wanted to change a vibrator intensity, I would click on the arrow button a couple of times…thinking I’m taking it down a notch.

But with Alice, a double click on the arrow will change the pattern. 

To avoid any frustration mid-play, I would recommend taking a few minutes to study the instruction guide beforehand.

Once I got the hang of it though, I did appreciate the function of being able to go back a pattern, inside of having to skip through them all again. 

Pleasure Patterns

When it comes to pleasure, Alice isn’t your run-of-the-mill “rabbit”…She’s a smart bunny. 

Alice features the Svakom “S” button which when pressed during use activates the “Svakom Intelligence Mode”

It is pleasure program of pulses that starts off slow and builds in intensity, to mimic the sensations of real-life sex, from foreplay to climax. 

There’s thought and design behind these vibrations. The patterns have been developed using the feedback from real women on real sexual experiences. 

Of course, as with everything in sex, whether that program works for YOU, is entirely subjective. 

BUT, even if it doesn’t, you do have 7 other vibration patterns and 5 intensity levels to choose from. 

So you should still be able to find a combo that fits your pleasure preferences. 

What is also pretty cool about this particular rabbit is the dual motors… 

Not only does that mean equal vibrating power inside AND out, but you also have the ability to work them separately. 

You can turn off the G-spot vibrations and just focus on your clit. 

The only thing missing is the opposite function— being able to turn off the clit vibe and keep the inside buzz going. (but if you want to skip the clit action why get a rabbit in the first place?)

Charging It Up

Alice features a rechargeable lithium battery which is great for you and the planet, as it cuts down the cost and extra waste of batteries.

When fully charged, Alice can give your 2 hours of continuous pleasure and when she’s finally out of juice, plug her into a USB adaptor with the cable provided and in about 1.5 hours she’ll be ready for round two!

The charging port is located at the bottom of the silver ‘cap’…

charging cord of svakom alice plug in

Now, this made me wonder since Alice is meant to be waterproof and if you watch any of their promo videos you can see her being dunked in the bath promising “underwater orgasms”. 

But surely, water will get into the charging port?? 

Well, the truth is, Alice is rated IPX6…which is water-resistant but not technically waterproof. 

It means she can withstand high-pressure water sprays from any direction but may not be suitable for submerging in water. 

So, to be on the safe side, use Alice in the shower, but leave her out of the bathtub.

How Does Alice Perform? 

My partner had barely left before I had ‘undressed’ Alice and got between the sheets! 

I found Alice easy to insert. She’s smooth enough and the perfect size to glide right in. But, a little dollop of water-based lube will help you out if you need it. Especially, if you are not used to playing with toys! 

And that stiffness that I wondered about earlier?

Well, that worked really well with the accented curve of the insertable end to really press on my G-spot. I didn’t have to wiggle it about to feel it. 

I thought to myself: “This is an nJoy Wand of rabbit vibrators!” If you know what I mean 😉 

In terms of intensity, Svakom toys tend to be pretty powerful, albeit a little buzzy, but if you’re a fan of stronger vibes, you’ll be very happy. 

That’s not to say, it’s too much to handle if you prefer the low to medium vibes. I put myself in this category, and I was able to find a pattern and intensity level that worked well for me

If I was to rate Alice’s max strength of intensity out of 10, (10 being the magic wand level) I would give Alice an 8. 

One thing worth mentioning though…

Svakom toys, when you first switch them on, start on the 3rd intensity. I prefer to start soft and slow, then build it up. So with Svakom, I have to click through the higher intensities just to get where I want to start.

But, if you’re less sensitive or just love to start off strong, then this won’t be an issue. 

svakom alice side view

What About Noise Level?

Svakom Alice is supposed to be “whisper quiet”… but is it?

Well, I tested it on the lowest setting and found it was 40 dB and 50 dB on the highest intensity.

Pretty impressive! 

I was a little surprised as Alice sounds so much more “buzzy” to me than the Sila or even the Lush 3, both around 52dB. 

So, I would say that Alice is still audible but easily covered with some gentle music. Great for those looking for a discreet vibrator.


Being splash-proof means Alice is easy to clean. You can run the silicone under warm water and wash with a mild soap. 

Then dry with a clean, dry cloth. I would recommend leaving to dry for a few hours before plugging it in… just in case any water gets into that charging port.

Price & Where To Buy?

You can easily purchase Alice directly from the Svakom website for $89.

Although we wouldn’t normally suggest buying sex toys from Amazon, Svakom does have a legit brand shop there. 

Svakom boxes also feature an authenticity sticker that you can scratch to make sure it’s the real deal. 

Of course, you’d have to part with your money first…so, it just makes sense to go direct!

Final Thoughts

Svakom Alice packs quite a punch for less than a hundred bucks. She’s not the longest or thickest vibe in the toy box, but what she lacks in length and girth, she brings in vibrations.

She gives a good power and pattern range to suit most sensitivities and if you love dual stimulation, then Alice’s dual motors will tickle your fancy!

Her compact design not only makes her the ideal solo playmate for anyone intimidated by vibrators but she will easily fit into couple play too…3-way fun without the hassle of another person AND with extra vibration! 

What’s not to love?

There is a bit of a learning curve with the controls, but nothing too frustrating. Plus, if you do want to just lie back and enjoy the ride without thinking, the “intelligent mode” has you covered!

Svakom Alice Review

Anastasia Ber

svakom alice side view


Svakom Alice packs a dual-motor that gives dual stimulation to both the clit and G-spot. This sleek and smooth vibrator is great for vagina owners looking for a non-intimidating insertable vibrator and for couples interested in dual penetration.



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