Spit or Swallow? The Dilemma & How Many Women Swallow

Shall you spit or swallow?

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The jury is out on this one, and we will never get a definitive answer. Because the truth is that it is entirely a matter of personal taste (if you’ll forgive the pun).

But what if you are still on the fence? What if you don’t know where your preferences lie just yet? 

Don’t worry. Whether you’ve only recently become sexually active and don’t have much BJ experience, or your partner wants you to try something new and you are not too sure about it, this post should help you.

It answers eternal questions such as: Should I spit or swallow? What percentage of women swallow? Do women like to swallow? 

To learn all that and more, keep reading!

Should I Spit Or Swallow?

Whether you spit or swallow when giving fellatio is entirely a matter of personal preference. Both can be rewarding and arousing.

However, it is important to communicate with your partner and discuss your boundaries.

They should never pressure you into doing something you feel uncomfortable with. 

What Does It Mean To Spit Or Swallow?

It’s just what it sounds like: at the end of a blowjob, after the man ejaculates in your mouth or on your tongue, you can either swallow his semen or spit it out. 

Either option is perfectly fine, and it’s all up to the person giving the blowjob. Never let yourself be pressured into swallowing if you don’t want to do it. 

However, if you choose to spit, make sure to do so tactfully and discreetly in a tissue or a piece of toilet paper that you’ve prepared in advance.

Also, let his cock rest in your mouth for a second or two after he cums. Don’t pull it out and go rushing into the bathroom right away — he might get offended. 

And if you absolutely hate the idea of having semen in your mouth, just tell him that (politely and without hurting his feelings).

Ask him to ejaculate elsewhere on your body instead — your face, boobs, belly button, lower back, or just about anywhere else.

Alternatively, you could move straight to penetrative sex halfway through the blowjob. 

What Percentage Of Women Swallow? 

According to this survey of 740 sexually active men and women, 42% of men said swallowing was their favorite type of finish, compared to only 9% of women. 

Just over half of all survey participants said the man often finishes in the woman’s mouth, and more than 1 in 5 men ejaculate in a tissue or elsewhere on the woman’s body.

Most people also reported that they vary their finishing locations, and only 22% said the man never ejaculates in their partner’s mouth.

Is Swallowing Semen Safe?

If the man is healthy, then ingesting or touching his semen is perfectly safe — unless you are allergic to it (yes, it’s a real thing: some women are allergic to sperm).

However, unprotected oral sex carries a risk of STD transmission if the semen comes into contact with microscopic tears, bleeding gums, or cold sores in your mouth.

So, if you are unsure of the health of your partner, always use a condom.

Is Semen High In Calories?

You may not know this, but semen only contains 1 to 5% sperm (those little swimmers you’ve seen in sex-ed class). The rest is a fluid called seminal plasma, around 80% of which is pure water.

As a result, semen has around 5 to 7 calories per ejaculation. So, if you are on a diet, don’t worry: your body will barely register that. 

Is Semen Good For You? 

Semen contains a lot of vitamins, minerals, and other healthy nutrients such as vitamin C, calcium, zinc, magnesium, and lactic acid.

It also contains some amounts of the hormone melatonin, which regulates sleep cycles and can help with insomnia and other sleeping issues.

There are some claims that semen has anti-aging and anti-depressant properties, helps reduce anxiety, and can improve memory and brain function.

However, these remain largely unsubstantiated, and there are no definitive studies on the subject. 

Furthermore, men only produce around a teaspoon of semen per ejaculation, and it’s mostly water, so it’s nutritional value is probably minimal. In any case, though, it’s not unhealthy

Why Does Cum Smell Bad?

Before you even get to spitting or swallowing semen, you may get to smell it first.

There’s no point denying the obvious: the semen of most guys does not smell great, and it often gives off distinctive chlorine or bleach-like smell. 

That smell is due to the fact that semen is alkaline in order to survive the highly acidic environment of the vagina. 

That said, not all women find the odor of semen unpleasant, and its intensity varies with different men. A man’s lifestyle and diet can also affect the smell of his semen.

However, if his ejaculate is particularly foul-smelling, that might be an indication of an underlying health issue… or poor hygiene.

What Does Semen Taste Like?

While most men’s semen has a distinctive smell, there is no universal taste. The flavor can vary drastically from one guy to the next: it can be bitter and salty or perfectly sweet.

It may even taste like nothing at all. It all depends on the guy (and your taste buds).

The good news here is that eating certain foods can affect the taste of semen. The following tends to make ejaculate more bitter:

  • Alcohol
  • Cigarettes 
  • Marijuana
  • Coffee
  • Garlic
  • Onion
  • Asparagus
  • Broccoli
  • Cabbage
  • Leafy greens
  • Meat and dairy 

And these can make semen taste sweeter (or at least, somewhat better):

  • Oranges
  • Papaya 
  • Pineapple 
  • Celery
  • Parsley
  • Wheatgrass
  • Cinnamon
  • Nutmeg

So, if you don’t like the taste of ejaculate, make your partner drink a few glasses of pineapple juice before giving him a blowjob and see if it makes a difference. 

Do Guys Like It When You Swallow?

Yes, very much so — most guys find it incredibly arousing. Surveys and community responses among men across the world indicate an overwhelming preference for swallowing.

The problem is that men often interpret the unwillingness of their partners to swallow as a sign of rejection. “I find it disrespectful if you don’t swallow my cum,” they say. 

Of course, that’s definitely not the case. So, if you are not into swallowing, make sure to sit your partner down and talk things over.

Explain that it’s just a matter of personal preference and that it doesn’t mean you find him any less attractive.

Final Thoughts On Spitting And Swallowing

To wrap things up, whether you choose to spit or swallow, here are a few tips and tricks on making the most of the experience:

  • Always keep tissues or a towel handy
  • Don’t forget that sperm is notorious for leaving stubborn stains
  • Consider ejaculation on other parts of your body
  • Never have unprotected oral sex with a partner whose health status is unknown
  • Remember that pre-ejaculatory fluid can also transmit STDs (and can get you pregnant too)
  • Discuss your preferences and boundaries with your partner before giving him head
  • Never let anyone pressure you into doing anything you are not fully comfortable with
  • Relax, have fun, and enjoy the ride!

What Other Women & Men Say: Spit or Swallow?


“I’ve never even come close to enjoying the taste of cum. it tastes as earthy and musky as it smells, which just isn’t very palatable.

That said, I’ve swallowed cum anytime the opportunity has come along and I plan to keep doing it. I’ve actually never talked directly about it with any partner, come to think of it. I just don’t care enough not to swallow it once it’s in/near my mouth.”

“Taste – The taste is ok. I’m neutral on it. Sexual – Love to do it! It’s so hot to play with cum and to continue teasing my partner even after he’s exploded everywhere.

Sex doesn’t have to stop at climax. If you’re in a relationship I believe that sex is happening at all times. Keep the game going. Give him something to think about later.

It’s more about the show and the act than it is about the taste.”

“I absolutely do. It’s fun and makes me feel really sexy.”

“ I dislike it. The taste and texture are both unpleasant.

There isn’t any real psychological component to this. I am also a really picky eater and lots of things have unpleasant tastes and textures to me.

In my relationship, this works out.”

Reddit user


“I kind of wonder about all the comments here that spitting would be ‘rude.’ I don’t walk around under the impression that my ejaculate is the nectar of the gods and am not offended if someone doesn’t enjoy the taste or the sensation of swallowing it.

I don’t think most other men are that insecure either. That said, swallowing is a very arousing visual.”

“Why wouldn’t men be insecure about that? Women are often very insecure about their taste when someone goes down on them.

How would a woman react if you ate her out and then spat out the taste? I myself don’t see it as explicitly ‘rude,’ but it is kind of symbolic action.”

“I will say spitting, as in if she lets it out of her mouth onto her tits, it’s incredibly hot, though licking it back up usually goes with that.”

“I think the reason we men like this so much is that it shows you are not grossed out by us at our most pleasurable moment. Imagine if your guy was going down, and just when you started to cum he started spitting on the floor.

I’m not at all trying to say all women should have to do this or that you should feel bad if you don’t. Just letting you know why we like it so much. Plus, it feels amazing, of course.”

“I don’t think it’s ‘Yay, she’s not grossed out!’ I think it’s much more… primal than that — the idea that she wants to consume it, wants to have it inside her, that it’s entering her.

It doesn’t really get consciously articulated, but it’s what makes it so alluring and feel so emotionally rewarding and intimate.

On the other hand, it also means you should only do it if you can do it with enthusiasm […]. If a woman is uncomfortable with swallowing or doesn’t find it arousing, I don’t find it that attractive.”

Reddit user

Conclusion: To Spit Or To Swallow – That Is The Question

Well, there you have it. You can now (hopefully!) make up your own mind on whether to spit or swallow. 

In any case, do whatever feels natural and comfortable to you, and don’t force yourself to swallow just because you or your partner have seen it in porn videos.

That said, though, you might find it rewarding to push your boundaries a little bit and give swallowing a try if you’ve never done it.

Who knows, you might end up loving it — or the very least not minding it too much — and your partner will most probably thank you for it.

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