Sissy Husband Training: How To Make Him A Sissy

If you’re in a submissive or dominant marriage/relationship and like a bit of humiliation play, then turning your hubby into an obedient partner might be right up your alley. Read on and let the sissy husband training begin!

How To Make Him A Sissy

Sometimes called ‘forced feminization’ or ‘hyper-feminization’, sissification can give you the ultimate power trip. 

Just imagine…

Watching your male submissive wobble around on 6” stilettos wearing lacy panties as they cater to your every whim and devious desire

Or giving them a full face of make-up and having them suck on your strap-on before you flip him over for a good anal pegging.

But turning your hubby into a good and obedient sissy takes time and it takes training…

Want to know how? Read on!

First Up, What Is Sissification?

What Is Sissification?

Sissification is a particular kind of dominance and submission kink that involves the male submissive partner taking on hyper-feminine roles, traits, and appearance.

They may then be forced to do demeaning tasks, sexual or otherwise while being called a ‘sissy’ with the sexual thrill coming from the power play and/or erotic humiliation.

Although the act is also known as forced feminization, the ‘forced’ aspect is and always should be a ruse. Every sex, kink, or fetish explored with a partner should be entered into with mutual consent

Now we’ve got that straight, our next question is…

What Is Sissy Training?

Sissy training teaches your submissive how to look and act more feminine and to take on the more perceived ‘female roles’ in the bedroom or in life in general

It can include things like wearing women’s clothing and makeup, or more behavioral things like changing their walk or how they talk. 

And of course, it can also be sexual… 

For example, many femdoms will teach their sissy how to suck cock using dildos, introduce them to pegging, or for the brave sissy, even train them to take the real thing… 

How far you go depends on whether your BDSM is just for the bedroom or you live the lifestyle 24/7, and how much of a sissy he is willing to become! 

How Do I Even Begin Sissy Training?

First of all, turning your man into a sissy won’t happen overnight. It’s a slow and difficult process that will require patience. But what is absolutely vital is constant communication

Just as it goes when introducing a partner to any sort of kink or fetish, you need to discuss each other’s limits, thoughts, and emotions. 

It’s one thing to have a fantasy in your head, but acting it out is completely different! Everyone needs to feel completely comfortable going forward. 

If one partner is not 100% on board, then you have to accept that. It may be they just need more time or information, but no matter what, you should respect their boundaries.

Anything else will simply be abuse and manipulation. And that is NOT cool.

Sissy and femdom relationships are built on a deep level of trust and understanding.

Entering into that zone can strengthen your connection as a couple and that in itself can be a huge turn-on!

But it has to be done gently…

Sissy Training: Step By Step Instructions

Start With Underwear

Step 1: Start With Underwear

Often the first foray into sissy play is underwear. There is something sexy about seeing a man’s package barely contained in a tiny lace thong. 

You can let your sissy in training choose from your own underwear drawer, or take him shopping and let him buy his own.

Add to the humiliation play and make him ask the shop assistant if they think they would fit him!

Once your sub is comfortable with the panties, you can progress to garters and stockings. Pantyhose are another favorite sissy husband starter item. Then try him in a bra.

For complete sissification, it’s a good idea to throw out his regular boxers and briefs, forcing him to wear his sissy panties all the time. 

Here are a few items you can add to your sissy’s underwear drawer:

  • Thongs and frilly panties
  • Petticoats
  • Corset 
  • Garter belt and stockings
  • Knee-high socks
  • Fishnet stockings
  • Babydoll nighties 

Make Him Look Pretty

Step 2: Make Him Look Pretty

It’s so much easier for your sissy to act feminine when he looks the part. Nailpolish is a good place to start. Hot pinks or bright reds are perfect.

You can even make him an appointment at a nail salon.

Make him wear the nail polish for the whole week, even to work. It’s a great way to assert your dominance over him and keep that pang of humiliation even when you’re not around.

Then, start dabbling in makeup. 

Get your sissy a basic makeup kit with eye-liner, mascara, eye-shadow, rouge, and lipstick. You can apply it for him and make him your little makeup doll. Or make fun of him as he tries to try to make himself beautiful.

Time To Play Dress-Up

Step 3: Time to Play Dress-Up

Now your sissy husband in training has his sexy underwear and makeup, it’s time to sort out the rest of the wardrobe. Fill it with frills, pinks, lace and glitter!

Take him shopping to make it more humiliating. If he’s obedient, you can make him try on some women’s clothes in the male fitting rooms.

The risk of flashing his thong or panties will also add to the challenge! 

Some sissies and femdoms prefer the over-exaggerated costumes that you can pick up from specialist sissy clothing sites. Beer wench, bunny girl, and French maid costumes are popular choices.

But no matter your preference, here are a few things every sissy boy should add to his new wardrobe: 

High heels: You might need to go for drag shoes to get them in the right sizes

Plaid skirt: Think school-girl fantasy!

Miniskirts: The shorter the better. Tennis style skirts are also a good option.

Hot pants: Short n tight, show off that sissy-booty!

Tight tops: Have a selection of boobtube types, revealing and sexy shirts.

Bodycon dress: Form fitting dresses will leave nothing to the imagination.

Super Sissy Costumes: Have one or two ridiculously sissy outfits to humiliate him with.

Don’t Forget The Hair

Step 4: Don’t Forget the Hair

If your sissy man has long hair you can play about with it. Put it in pigtails, a ponytail or go super cute with some ringlets.

If he has short hair (or none!) then you most definitely need to give him long pretty locks with a wig. 

You can go bold and bright with crazy colors or choose something more ‘natural’. It all depends on your preference and what style of sissy or costume you’re creating. 

Smooth That Sissy Body

Step 5: Smooth That Sissy Body

As well as being pretty, your sissy husband’s body should be smooth. That means no bushy beards, no hairy arms, legs, chest, back, butt cheeks, or asshole. Everything off. 

Of course, this is a lot in one go! 

For sissy training purposes, start with the crotch area since no one sees that. Then strip the chest/back etc. Building up to the arms and legs. 

You can shave with a razor but if you have a hairy boy, it’ll take forever and the results won’t last for long. You can also end up with ingrown hairs, cuts, or a shaving rash. 

Opt for waxing instead. You get a smooth sissy and the added pain can be a pleasure for you both

If you want a more permanent solution, look into laser hair removal. It’s more expensive but after 8-12 treatments, you’ll have a completely hairless sissy. 

Acting The Part

Step 6: Acting The Part

This is where you teach your sissy husband how to walk the walk and talk the talk! 

If you haven’t already done so, give your sissy a pretty name. It can be a feminine version of their own or something completely different. 

Having a new name can help your sissy get into character and leave their manly self behind.

Another great sissy training tip is to use old-fashioned etiquette techniques to school him in the “ways of the woman”. 

For example, get him all dressed up in his girlie gear, place a book on his head and teach him to walk in heels. 

Or, teach him how to sit and cross his legs like a lady. Another idea is to use vocal training techniques to soften his voice or increase pitch.

Here are a few other sissy training tips to change his behavior:

  • Learn how to sway his hips when he walks.
  • Practise seductive body language.
  • Teach him how to receive guests and be an attentive hostess.
  • Teach him how to moan like a woman during sex.

This stage of sissy training can be made even more fun with punishments and rewards. Or, add in some sexual (or non-sexual) servitude and teach him how you want to be served! 

Sexual Sissy

Step 7: Sexual Sissy

Dominate your male sub through orgasm denial and the use of a cock cage. Combining the chastity play with sissification, will completely strip him of his ‘manhood’ and put his sexual pleasure under your control.

As well as training your sissy to be a lady, he should also learn how to be a slut.

Introduce him to your dildos and get him to give it a sensual blowjob. You can make him watch porn and copy it if he needs help.

As well as giving oral, your sissy should be trained to receive penetration. If he’s brand new to anal play, then start with a finger or two before moving onto a small dildo. 

Then, when he’s ready, get a strap-on and peg him good and proper!

Pegging can also be a means of training your sissy to take a real cock. Of course, cock training isn’t for every couple. Just think of it as an optional bonus step in your sissy training program!

Create Your Own Sissy Husband Training

Use our sissy training tips as a guide to inspire your own kinky journey.

Read through the steps together and decide which aspects you’d like to explore, ignore, or take further. Then, let your sissy husband training begin!

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