Satisfyer Men Review: Is This Male Masturbator Worth It?

The masturbator has a streamlined body with a top-valve as you will see in this Satisfyer Men Review. This is again accompanied by two pressure pads on the sides that help adjust the tightness level. Also, it has a removable cap that keeps dust off the internal parts of the sleeve when not in use.

The Good | The Satisfyer Men One has a streamlined body that’s easy to control during stroking. The internal sleeve comes in a variety of textures that you can buy separately. Also, the model has pressure pads on either side that help you adjust the tightness you want on your shaft. This is accompanied by a top cap that adjusts to control suction levels inside the sleeve.

The Bad | The Satisfyer Men One’s body, again, could prove difficult to handle once you get lube on it. The suction-game of this model is barely noticeable. And you may not fully experience the bumpy texture if you have a shorter penis size (<5.2”).

The Bottom Line | Well, I would say that the Satisfyer Men One is a very affordable toy offering average service. The pressure pads on the sides are a nice touch and the sleeve’s depth can accommodate bigger penises. Great for low-budget hunters.

The First Impressions

Fronted by Rocco Siffredi, an industry legend, the Satisfyer Men One serves as a males masturbator. This is a manual stroker as compared to other Satisfyer vibrating masturbators e.g. Men Vibrator.

It comes with a promising design that includes a suction-control cap at the top and a Cyberskin sleeve.

This model also has a streamlined body for a better grip and a removable cap at the bottom to keep dirt off the sleeve.

And The Most Intriguing Bit?

The design includes two pressure pads on either side of the toy’s casing. These help you adjust the level of tight/looseness you want over your penis during usage.

So what more does it have to offer? Let’s find out in this Satisfyer Men review I’ve prepared for you…

The Men One’s Tech And Specs Overview

Though from the same company, the Satisfyer Men One and the Men Vibration have quite notable differences… 

For example, one is a manual stroker while the other is an automatic vibrator.

Let’s see how these specs compare in the table below:

Satisfyer Men One
Satisfyer Men Vibrator
Size Dimensions
Sleeve Texture
Satisfyer Men One
Silicone, ABS plastic
9.9” (L) X 3.4” (W)
1.21 lbs
Has a bumpy surface
Manual stroker
Satisfyer Men Vibrator
Silicone, ABS plastic
2.8” (L) X 6” (W) X 3” (H)
0.65 lbs
Automatic vibrator

What Are The Key Difference Between The Men One And Men Vibrator?

Well, aside from the vibrating function… 

You’ve probably noticed that the Men One is bigger and heavier than the Men Vibrator.

Reasoning being…

The Men Vibrator focuses on stimulating the tip and frenulum parts of the penis while Satisfyer Men One focuses on shaft-long stimulations, hence the size and the sleeve texture.

Let’s Talk The Men One’s Design And Functionality

Design Look And Feel 

The model’s shape looks like a cone. It’s more like a flask than a toy and will evade prying eyes. 

Also, the body’s made using ABS plastic and is pretty sturdy on handling.

Now, the top side of this toy again has a cap shaped like a cylindrical cone. This cap serves the same function as the capped end of the Fleshlight STU. Which is adjusting the level of suction along the length of the Men One’s sleeve.

The Satisfyer Men Vibrator, on the other side, actually resembles Fun Factory’s Cobra Libre 2

Any Notable Features?

Again, the Satisfyer Men One comes with another removable cap covering the mouth of the toy’s sleeve. The cap is very handy when the toy is not in use as it keeps dust from getting into the internal sleeve.

The Satisfyer Men Vibration, on the other hand, does not have this. This means that you may need a separate pouch to store it in to prevent dust from accumulating on it. 

The Men One Sleeve 

The sleeve has a bumpy texture that adds more stimulation to the experience.

Also, the sleeve is a removable one like some of the Fleshlight’s designs. This makes cleaning and upgrading into a new one easy. 

You can upgrade it by making a separate purchase of the other sleeves available. These include Lusty Tongues, Chambers of Pleasure, Tri Delights, Kinky Waves, and Pressure Spiral.

What About Functionality

This is a manual stroker. You can use it either for solo or couple play (best for foreplay). It has 2 pads that come placed on either side which regulate the amount of tightness your shaft receives. 

These also have tiny valves placed just above them to help regulate the air pressure from within the walls. 

In Use: How Does It Feel Like?

I loved the Men One’s sleeve texture and give it a thumbs-up. In fact, I feel even shorter penis sizes might still get a good deal from it if they go the long-plus-deep strokes way.

TIP: To adjust the temperature… You can take out the internal sleeve and insert it in warm water. Afterward, put it back in and enjoy the new experience. You can also get the Men Cooling lubricant to get a cooler experience.

Moving on…

I also loved playing with the pressure pads on the sides to adjust the narrowness of the sleeve. You should take care not to make it too tight. This is because the pressure that builds up inside might make it hard for you to insert or thrust.

On the contrary, it’s a nice measure as this means it can also accommodate much leaner girths.

I loved the fact that the Satisfyer Men One model retains a lot of lube during use. In many of the instances I’ve pulled it out for a test-drive sesh, I’ve only used a small amount of lube each time. That saves all of us some amount of lube in the long run.

The suction experience didn’t offer much to go about. I could barely feel any difference playing with the top cap. 

As another tip… 

You could try and adjust the stimulation from the bump texture using the pads on the sides.

This you can achieve by applying pressure right above and beneath the tip of your head.

Then, randomly play with the firmness you apply as you stroke to get a unique experience.

Cleaning, Maintenance, And Durability

Cleaning the Satisfyer Men One is an easy process. All you need is warm, running water and an antibacterial soap of your choice. 

And to go about it… First, you’ll have to take out the sleeve from the body casing.

Then you’ll need to run the warm water through the insides of the sleeve to flush out the jeez. If you have one, you could use a soft brush to lather and clean the insides. Rinse thoroughly and leave it to dry. 

Worth mentioning… Make sure that you only unscrew the top cap when you are at a sink or cleaning tub. This is because the load collects at that end and could easily spill out once you take the cap off.

You can also use cornstarch on the sleeve to prevent bacterial/fungal growth. Also, replacing the bottom cap prevents any dust build-ups inside the toy.

Price And Where Can I Get One?

The Satisfyer Men One sells at $39.95 over at Satisfyer’s Online Shop. They offer free shipping for all orders above $49 and currently have a 25% discount on all orders.

They also offer a 1-year warranty and have shipping options for orders outside the US continent. All at an extra cost of course.

If you want extra sleeves options… You can select any from the list available and pay an extra $12.95 for each.

I don’t recommend you shopping from Amazon and eBay as the vendors there are notorious for shipping counterfeits.

Would I Recommend It? If So, To Whom?

In my honest opinion… I’d say that the Satisfyer Men One is a good toy for starters, especially if you work on a super tight budget but really want to try something else than the hand.

That said, if you are in for a much more quality experience, you will need to save up some bucks.

  • People on a low budget that want to try things out.
  • If you like toys that have great lube retention capabilities.
  • People who have larger penis sizes.
  • People who prefer discreet toys.
  • Guys who prefer toys that have more aggressive sleeve texture right from the entry.
  • If you hang anything below 5 inches.
  • If you have high expectations from your masturbator.

What Do Other People Think About It?

I’ve gathered a few personal reviews showing what other users feel about the Satisfyer Men One.

See hellenbach’s personal review of the toy:

Honestly, the sleeve feels good. I have a very average penis, at about 5″. I mean, it’s no Lotus Garden or Destroya, and certainly no STU (basically my three favorite textures from Fleshlight) but it’s not bad. 

I have no experience with any of the other sleeves than the default. It does come with a little guide about the other sleeves… But none of them have a sort of “wow” factor to them. Nothing makes me want to say, “I’m definitely buying this sleeve!”


Other Options That You Can Check Out?

Well, lemme just say that there are a ton of other males masturbator toys that you could explore. Some of them are just as cheap as the Satisfyer Men One, but others will require you to dig deeper into your pocket…

As my #1 alternative, I’d recommend that you check out the Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit. This is also a manual stroker. And the best part is that it also has a removable cap that you can use to adjust suction levels in the sleeve.

If you want something that’s more on the cheaper side, then the Tenga 3D Series will do for you. The models retail at a standard cost of $39 and have a lot more texture if that’s an issue for you.

Conclusion: Final Thoughts

The Sastisfyer Men One is a cheap male masturbator that could work well with low-budget studs. 

What really matters when it comes to manual strokers is the sleeve experience… Which, I feel the Men One masturbator has done a commendable job on. And the pressure pads on the sides are also a great way to bring variation into your session.

As for other alternatives, you can check out the Tenga 3D Series. They are just as cheap and offer some amazing sleeve textures.

Satisfyer Men Review

Dainis Graveris

satisfyer men one vibrator


The Satisfyer Men One offers a commendable service. The pressure pads on the sides plus the sleeve’s depth are great features. Overall, this masturbator is great for those on a budget.

Dainis Graveris

Dainis Graveris

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