RX Sleeve Review [2021]: Penis Sleeve For ED Any Good?

This is hands-down the best penis sleeve for ED or size in the market, but it comes at a heavy price.

rx sleeve in hands

The Good | RX sleeve works great – the harness ensures it stays in place, material is soft and realistic. On top of that, you can choose between 15 unique designs that you can further customise for fit.

The Bad | The price. Expect to say goodbye to around $400. When you can buy other quality sleeves in $50-$150 range, the question remains: is it worth it?

The Bottom Line | If money is no object it’s hard to go wrong with RX sleeve. It works incredibly good. It will give the realism, the size and definitely help with ED issues. But with good alternatives for 3x lower price, it’s a hard sell.

RX sleeve is a penis sleeve manufacturer located in US, California.

They are the only company I know of that makes hollow strap ons with custom internal dimensions for best fit. Also, it’s the only company that I know of that’s FDA approved.

While they advertise themselves to ED market, it will work very well for people who simply want increased size and are looking for ultra realistic designs.

There are 15 realistic penis sleeve designs available and I chose to get Manhattan soft sleeve which is their most popular item from the menu.

Sleeve sizes range from 5.5″ to 9.5″ in length, 4.5″ to 7″ in girth (external).

Here I compared their top 3 penis size measurements:

External Length
External Girth
Hole Length
Hole Girth
RX Manhattan sleeve
RX Hermosa sleeve
RX Monterey sleeve
External Length
External Girth
Hole Length
Hole Girth

You cannot customise the external length and girth, but if you want different hole length and girth than is standard you’ll need to pay extra.


This is where RX sleeve shines. The sleeve and its stretchable loop is made from platinum silicone that feels good to the skin.

Then the harness that is used to keep sleeve in place is made from paracord material that can be extended to 60 inches.

Price, Where To Buy

I already mentioned that RX sleeves range from $400-$500, but be prepared to add $100 extra to it, if you want a custom size.

Oh, and if you want a 1-year repair or replacement warranty, it will cost you an extra $100.

I must say that for the price you’re investing in, it would be a bummer to not get the right size.

I would actually urge you to get that Replace warranty and then ensure that you get the perfect fit.

You can buy their sleeves on the official RX Sleeve website. It took 4 weeks for the item to arrive, but if you live in the US it will take 2 weeks.

If you want priority shipping it will cost you extra.

Design & Features: Texture and Firmness

This video demonstrates the difference between soft and firm materials the best:

In the nutshell, if you have trouble getting or maintaining the erection you should choose a FIRM material.

In firm option the shaft is rigid, but the head is made from soft silicone to feel good for receiver.

I got the soft version as I don’t have ED issues and when using it I went from 50-80% erection range and had no issues it staying on.

With soft you need semi-erect penis, while with firm version it doesnt matter. You could use the sleeve even if you don’t have a penis, just as a strapon.

In Use: How Does It Feel Like?

Firstly, I must mention that this sleeve has no internal ridges so while I enjoyed suddenly getting a bit bigger and girthier, I would have liked to feel something.

But then again, it’s ED sleeve after all. I made a mistake of using it the first time when I was horny myself, but the next time I was smarter.

I took out the sleeve when I was already tired, but she wanted to go on. With this bad boy, I could go as long as she wanted and have a nice workout at the same time.

She said she enjoyed the soft material and after the warmup said that she even forgot that it wasn’t my penis. If it wasn’t for the bigger size, she wouldn’t know the difference.

Overall it did what it promises. The harness was nice to use and there were no logistics issues (how to keep the sleeve on).

How Easy To Clean & Durability

Since the sleeve is made from high quality silicone – I quickly cleaned it with warm water and soap. Our ridges took a bit of attention to clean thoroughly, but overall it was a breeze.

As for durability, if the firmness and size is right, I don’t see how you could manage to break this thing.

The harness straps are made of quality material that will be hard to break. Sleeve itself has no small elements that could break.

Maybe if you stretch the soft version too much over years there might be some tear marks, but I am yet to see any.

Would I Recommend it? If so, to whom?

For the right person with right expectations, it’s definitely a good penis sleeve. I don’t regret having it and it’s gonna last you a lifetime.

Who is it for?:

  • For people who want ultra-realistic penis sleeve that helps with ED. (firm version)
  • If you want the best there is and money is no object.
  • If you want to increase size while also benefiting from soft and realistic penis sleeve design (soft version)

Who is it not for?:

  • If you’re buying your first penis sleeve this will be an overkill.
  • If you’re on budget.
  • If you don’t crave for realistic design and don’t like wearing harness.


RX Sleeve is specifically advertised for ED market which is why the first sleeve that comes to mind is the one from Vixen Creations like Colossus, Ride On sheath models.

These will cost you the half the price of RX sleeve. The main difference is that you gotta fiddle with that ball strap that many men don’t like.

On the upside, Vixen Creations is known for its ultra-realistic silicone formula that really feels like the real thing. RX sleeve comes pretty damn close, but Vixskin still is my favorite.

Also if you want to feel something as a sleeve wearer you should look for open tip designs or sleeves with inner ridges.

Lastly, read our Traz Rhino review for another alternative or if you already have an average size penis, we have a guide on how to please a woman with 6 inches.

Conclusion: Final Thoughts

I don’t regret having RX sleeve in my toybox, but it’s hard to recommend it to most people. Not because it’s not a great sleeve – exactly opposite, but you can get something that helps with ED and is realistic for half the price.

Yes, you would need to mess with the straps (stretching the ball loop over). The harness is the most fool-proof way to keep a penis sleeve in place.

I would prefer to buy 3-4 other fun penis sleeves for that price and get a lot better overview of what I like and don’t like.

Then if I absolutely love and must wear penis sleeve to help with erection, yes then I would invest in the highest quality option available: RX sleeve.

RX Sleeve Review: Manhattan

Dainis Graveris

rx sleeve review manhattan
Value for price


While you get a realistic penis sleeve with a harness that works great (if you get the sizing right) and helps with ED… It’s a steep price to pay when there are other ED sleeves for half a price and very close quality.

Dainis Graveris

Dainis Graveris

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