Ruby Moore

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Well, hello there! I’m Ruby, writer for SexualAlpha. 

I have a sexy imagination and I’m not afraid to use it! 

Writing for SexualAlpha has given me the freedom to let my freak flag show. I get to combine my sexual appetite and experience with my insatiable kinky curiosity and my long term love of writing. 

Even back in high school, I used to write sexy stories for my classmates. The pages were passed around under the tables like sordid little love notes. It excited me that my words gave such delight and I could make people FEEL. 

I have traveled throughout Europe as a professional dominatrix, putting subs in their place in amazing cities such as Rome, Paris, and Sofia. 

Even though there were no sex acts involved, these experiences gave me incredible insight into the BDSM world, the toys involved, and the intimate relationships between players. 

I got to explore first hand, peoples’ deepest darkest fantasies, their fetishes, kinks, and “perversions”. I saw them at their most vulnerable and their most euphoric.  

While I prefer the submissive role in sex, exploring the dominant side was hugely liberating and empowering. For me, this is what good sex and good sexual relationships are all about… acceptance, understanding, and exploration. 

The more you learn, the more pleasure you can give AND receive. Everyone deserves good sex. And my job is to help you get it! 

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