How We Rank the Top Sex Blogs In Each Sub-Niche

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Hopefully, a more objective & fairer way to discover and determine the “best”.

Ever since I build my first website online (2008) I always loved leaderboards.

Here are four reasons why:

  • I believe competition makes us better, it’s refreshing to see where you stand amongst the peers.
  • It’s insightful to analyse what the most popular sites are doing, find correlations, and make your own adjustments to grow faster.
  • As you keep coming back to ranking you can observe who’s growing the fastest and strive to understand why.
  • It’s a great way to discover new sites & make friends in the industry.

The trouble with other ranking systems in my mind is that:

  •  they are static — updates are made only once a year, which doesn’t allow us to see who’s growing fast & doesn’t inspire the competitive spirit. A good ranking system should update numbers at least once a month, keep adding new great sites that show up, and clean inactive ones.
  • rankings are subjective or alphabetical — this makes it hard to really understand who’s doing the best job. Alexa stats are questionable, social media following is easy to “game”. It’s hard, but you can find a mix of accurate numbers that help to assess the quality and popularity of the website.
  • categories aren’t clear — just a list of 100 sites is hard to go through. Chances are if you’re interested in sex toys, you just want to look at the best sex toy review sites. If it’s BDSM, then you want to look at those sites. Our lives are busy, the easier it is to find what you want, the higher the chances you’ll gain value from it and take positive action.

leaderboard rankings explained

With that being said, no ranking system is perfect.

Molly’s Daily Kiss & Kinkly are doing a great job filtering the sites, bringing the community together, and allowing for easy discovery.

But we wanted to do something different here.

How Objective Rankings Are Determined?

We wanted a constantly evolving, updated TOP 50 in the most popular categories based on the hard numbers like:

1. SimilarWeb Traffic Data

SimilarWeb is the most accurate tool nowadays to check the overall traffic of the website.

The site’s ability to generate eyeballs in our eyes means that they are doing a lot of things right, which is why we made it our main metric.

similarweb traffic data

2. Domain Authority 

this is Ahrefs number (iteration of Google Pagerank, read more here).

It ranks all the sites in terms of authority 0–100. Higher authority means that the site is good at generating high-quality backlinks, and is a crucial part of the community.

In our eyes, it’s an important and objective ranking factor.

Ahrefs is the best SEO tool out there right now (paid) and their crawlers are the best in the business making numbers highly accurate.

ahrefs domain rating

3. Take into Account The  Search Traffic Data (Ahrefs)

This indicates the site’s ability to satisfy Google searcher’s intent.

It’s important to cover topics that people want to read than just focus on what you like to talk about.

top blog ranking spreadsheet

Just a glimpse of the research and data we collected.

On top of that, we’re excluding sites that haven’t been updated for the last 6–12 months.

Our main metric is Traffic because this indicates the site’s overall success and usefulness.

Some people, for example, don’t approve SluttyGirlProblems site as a sex education site.

But in truth, if they would be doing a bad job, nobody would be reading it.

Some people just prefer no-fluff, scientific research-based advice, while others enjoy simple tips, and erotica types light education type of content.

It’s not for us to judge. It is what it is.

But at the end of the day we want the rankings to be fun and insightful so you can learn about great sites in each sub-niche.

Get ideas. Get inspired. Get educated.

How Can You Benefit From The Leaderboard The Most?

The most popular websites satisfy the masses (the most people), while smaller niche sites satisfy ultra-passionate individual needs.

This leaderboard helps to discover both.

It helps to discover the most popular websites and learn from them, to be able to grow your own site into a more helpful and maybe even more financially successful project.

how to use leaderboard

But it also helps to find small personal and deeply focused sites, that are part of a passionate community.

Yes, TOP 20 sites will be focused on the masses, what most people are looking for.

But TOP 30–50 has plenty of active smaller websites that just might satisfy your individual reading needs!

To help to find more niche specific websites instead of only having the main TOP 50 leaderboard, we added four more categories:

  • Sex Education & News — covering sites that focus on education (in varying seriousness levels), and adult industry news (porn etc).
  • Sex Toy Reviews — bigger sites cover general toy advice on broader categories. Smaller sites focus on individual toy reviews.
  • Erotica & Personal — Erotica is a huge industry ranging from pure fiction to simple personal sex stories and pictures from real life.
  • BDSM & Other — for the kinkier and open-minded readers who are sex-positive, active and more adventurous than most people.

Categories are not perfect, of course.

For example, the Erotica category is mixed with Personal type sex blogs, which aren’t necessarily intended as erotic writing.

Then there is BDSM & Other section.

You’ll find BDSM erotica, trans-gender-friendly sites, and polyamory, swinger lifestyle-focused blogs.

There weren’t enough sites to deserve their own category, but it’s a stretch to put them under the BDSM section.

It is what it is.

But we do think that this way of organising, updating, and adding/removing sites every month we can create a great, helpful resource that:

  • inspires the competitive spirit, others striving to be better and learning from successful websites
  • offers deep insight into the most popular and active sites within the sex industry.
  • serves as a discovery tool to find new blogs to read, new friendships to establish.

Come back every month to see the movements of the rankings (indicated by +1 or -5 numbers next to the number).

If you want to submit a site that would qualify for the leaderboard (has enough traffic, fits in the category, and is recently updated), contact us here with the subject “leaderboard”.

We also made badges that you can proudly feature on your site to gain extra credibility and let your readers know about the hard work you’ve been putting in.

Grab the appropriate badge here by right-clicking on the image and saving.

best sex blogs badgebest sex advice news blogs badge sexualalphabest sex toy review blogs badge sexualalphabest erotic personal sex blogs sexualalphabest kinky bdsm blogs badge top 50 sexualalpha

Make sure you hyperlink the image with the leaderboard so your readers can also benefit from it.

…or you can go to individual leaderboard pages and at the bottom of each leaderboard, there is HTML embed code that you can simply paste anywhere.