Real Prostate Massage Stories That Lead To Explosive Orgasm

In this article, you’ll get to see some real prostate massage stories. I have had a lot of discussions when it comes to the elusive Super-O in men. By now I assume a considerable number of guys have heard about it someplace somewhere.

Also, some have achieved success while some are still finding their way around it. With me, it has taken a good number of years to master what I can now do with my body (with the help of toys in this guide).

So, what’s my prostate story? 

Indulge yourself below… 

My Prostate Massage Story

This specific experience is drawn from one Friday afternoon a few years back. I had heard about the magical prostate orgasm but wasn’t well informed about its low-downs. But this was all set to change after getting a prostate test done on me…

Doctor’s Appointment

I had arrived in the afternoon for an appointment with my doctor at his office. Funny thing was that I wasn’t really there for a prostate check-up. It was just a regular check-in with my doctor as usual. 

After he had finished running his routine on me, he asked if I had had my prostate checked yet. “No… Not yet,” I replied. “But I have not had any problems with myself there.” 

“Well,” he started. “We’re running a prostate awareness campaign and offering free tests currently.” The truth is, I had always thought of getting myself checked but hadn’t gone through for some reason.

So I said to myself, ‘Well…f*** it – am getting tested.” I was positive about it and feared that if I procrastinated, I might end up not following through with it in future. 

Well, there was nothing magical when the doc performed the test on me. He excused himself for a while to prepare the kits required. I was left with some patients’ gown to dress into as I relieved my pants of their duty.

When he came back, he slapped some medical lube on his gloved hands and my anus.

It was plain and flaccid… Even banal I’d say. 

I did feel a pleasant spark ignite inside me at one moment but didn’t hang on for long. This feeling was accompanied by a gentle rush of seminal fluids trickling down my penis.

That almost didn’t shock me…

Before the test, I was ‘counselled’ and told that that might happen for some people.

…That afternoon, I was “some people”.

He finished and we cleaned up and I was set to go home. I did not put much thought into it, but I felt that there was something awakened inside my body. 

I was aroused for reasons that were unknown to me. And I had to walk to the parking lot – concealing the bulge forming in my pants using my hands planted deep inside my pockets. 

Did That Just Happen?

When I got home later, we had dinner with my girl and downed a few drinks. She started dancing and swinging her hips and the bulge in my pants came back to life. Thing is… Her body always gets me sexually excited.

Before long, we were making love on the couch while we were both faded from the sundowners.

As I was on top, she grasped my butt and placed her middle finger in my crack as if pressing my thrusts further inside. She moved deeper and deeper. And before long, I felt her slender fingers inside me – rubbing my walls and everything they could touch. 

Just then, I felt the spark from earlier on igniting again. It grew with every stroke and I didn’t want it to stop! Without warning or caution, I had a wild and explosive orgasm with her finger still stuck in my butt.

The feeling was VERY sweet… and frightening for me. Was it the alcohol doing rounds in my head?

Come Saturday morning (I was sober as a judge), I was not sure if what had happened was real or not. Anyway, I dug in to work as there was a couple of stuff I needed to finish and publish. 

This day was different though, I was in a constant state of daydreaming… My mind was dazed – trying to recollect everything that had happened the night before.

The weird part was that I wasn’t all too sure if it happened at all.

So, I decided to hold off up to later in the evening when we were both together again.

All along, the thought that my girl might have cornholed me the previous night reeled in my mind. And the idea got me slightly aroused (again) and I had to pause off work a bit. Then out of nowhere… 

“Last night was great :)” – read a text from her. 

“Ohh!” I exclaimed as I let out a sigh of relief. 

I couldn’t say why I was relieved. Was it maybe because I liked what “might” have happened and wanted a return match? Or was it the perfect timing of her sexy text arriving when am getting a hard-on? It beat me…

May I Cum, Mistress?

We couldn’t wait to have each other when the evening came that day. This time, she had me lie on my back and cuffed me to the bedposts and made it known she was in charge.

First, it was normal foreplay as usual. She teased me until I got shakingly aroused. She had kept off my penis all this while making my longing even more.

When I popped my head up a bit, I saw my peen was successfully hard. It was hot, throbbing, twitching, and aching to get doused in pleasure.

I can’t recall when the lube was brought in… I just saw my girl squeeze some of it on her hands, a bit on my tip, and more on my taint.

Given how ‘hot’ I was then, the feeling of the lube trickling down my penis onto my balls was very tantalizing. I could see and feel the veins on my shaft pulsating as blood rushed through them. 

Pre-cum had started dripping down from my penis’s tip and it was warmer than the lube. Despite all this, she still kept off my dick. And this made me go completely nuts! 

I chose to endure the denial and submit to my mistress’s designs. 

With her dainty fingers, she started massaging me externally on my perineum (learn about external prostate milking). Then internally, slowly getting inside my butthole…fiddling around a bit… not aware I was a ticking time bomb.

Not long afterward, she touched that familiar place from last night and my body responded in kind… 

My abs involuntarily crested, then all of a sudden, waves started emanating from inside. They were very intense and each wave grew more pleasant as her rubbing speed increased.

I felt my whole body sweat during this time and my pelvic muscles spasming in pleasure. 

Little drips of pre-cum had by now formed small pools on my belly. Some flowed down on either of my sides and she scooped small loads and jerked me off with it.

This totally brought down my defense. Making me aware of the immense pleasure I was getting from my ass.

My ears became numb and my toes kept fiddling as if they were playing an organ piano. With her every stroke, I felt the ball of pleasure grow inside my pelvic region.

It grew bigger and spontaneously flushed throughout every nerve of my body. It was as if every nerve of my body was experiencing the same sensual feeling at the same moment. 

“Sh*t!” I mumbled to myself. I started shaking violently and before I knew it…

Large spurts of cum had jetted off my peen onto her face and were dripping down onto the sheets. It was the strongest, longest, and most exhausting orgasm I had ever had in my life.

Before then, I had never seen so much cum ejaculating from one body. 

And experiencing it in bondage almost got me speaking in tongues…

I have since done magnitudes of research into this kind of anal pleasure over the years. This has led me to understand myself more.

Since then, I have discovered massaging toys and techniques that could make me achieve powerful prostate orgasms.

When anyone asks me about my prostate massage stories, the events of that day always pop up in my mind.

Other People Erotic Prostate Orgasm Sex Stories

“Eve has a Dom side that only shows itself now and then, this night was one of the nights it shined through. 

She had mentioned how much she likes playing with guy’s asses and was wondering if I would be willing to try it. I had been tentative but aroused by the idea, finally, I gave in… literally. She brought over an enema kit and explained how to use it.

Then she bound my arms to my bed but left my legs free, she wanted to ballgag me but since this was new territory we decided to hold off on that.

She lubed my cock and balls up, heavily, and began playing with them, teasing, not trying to get me off, not trying to edge me either, just fondling.

She admits she loves playing with balls, and she is great at it. She moved her mouth onto my cock and blew me. Just as she was picking up rhythm her lubed finger slipped into me. I reacted but she told me to relax, I did my best to and let her find my prostate.

She started putting a little more pressure on it and began jerking me vigorously. She was sitting between my leg leaning over so her tits were above my cock. She kept jerking and rubbing until I shot all over tits, I think 5 shots landed on them and two or three more dribbled out.

I had cum but she wasn’t done with me, she lifted my legs and began licking my ass, which was strange. I had rimmed her before but this was too much for one night. I told her we could try again, but not tonight.

She moved up and straddled my face and sat down on it, telling me to her eat her pussy. I ate her out as best as I could, it was so hot looking up at her cum glazed tits while I was.

She came and then made me lick her ass for a little bit before shifting back to her pussy and giving her one last orgasm.”


“Haven’t had sex in a few days, so girlfriend was teasing me rubbing my balls and penis for a bit while lying down next to me. I suggested putting the Aneros in for a bit which she did, and kept rubbing my balls for a while.

Felt incredible already but this just warmed me up for something amazing. After about 10-15 minutes of this mild testicular caressing, she sat up, grabbed the lube, squirted it on my dick, and looked at me with a smile.

She started gently rubbing the Aneros so it was moving around inside me ever so slightly. I could feel these waves of bliss radiating throughout me. Then… she grabbed my lubed up dick. And slowly started stroking. Oh my fucking god.

I have never felt so much blissful pleasure in my life. I closed my eyes. My head was actually spinning. I told her not to do anything differently whatsoever. She abided. As she slowly stroked away I swear I went into another dimension. I lost track of how long she was going for.

It could have been 1 minute, it could have been 5… all I was focused on was riding out this blissful pleasure. It was so fucking beautiful.

Then something changed in out of nowhere. A huge wave of beautiful pleasure smashing into me. Wave after wave, they smashed into me as I shot my huge load all over my girlfriend’s hand and my belly.

I have never experienced an orgasm so powerful and I am still in shock at how incredibly powerful and intense it was. I was honestly shaking mildly after the whole affair and am already hoping to get another tomorrow.”



I have revealed to you one of my most intimate moments when doing a prostate massage. I have also shown you some prostate massage stories from other people on the Reddit forum.

What stories and what other experiences do you have regarding prostate massaging?

Check out my estim prostate stimulation experience.

Feel free to share yours in the Comments Section below 🙂


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