Permanent Chastity 101: Safety, Long Term Effects & Tips

Enjoy your tantalizing cock cage journey while being 100% safe! Learn doable tips about keeping out of harm’s way while in permanent chastity through this guide.

Permanent Chastity

It’s pretty hot. The helplessness, the mounting frustration, doing whatever your keyholder wants you to, them promising you release, both physically and orgasmically, only to unabashedly go back on their word even though you were the best servant there ever was…

Even for a few hours, being caged can be really intense. But some go at it for much longer. Long as in months, if not years.

If that’s something you’ve thought about doing but felt is impossible, rest assured that it is doable. Very doable, in fact.

You just have to go about it safely.

And that’s where this guide comes in. 

Here, you’ll learn all about staying safe while in permanent chastity. From finding the right cage to hygiene and maintenance, this will be your go-to treasure trove of tips and tricks for staying healthy while staying locked.

So, with that out of the way, let’s get into it.

Getting The Right Size Cock Cage For You

Cock cage must match your package exactly. Otherwise, it can be too uncomfortable—and even impose a health risk.

So, what size do you need?

Find The Right Ring Size For You

Find the Right Ring Size for You

Size-wise, there are two parts of that you should pay attention to. These are the cage itself and the ring.

The ring should fit around your cock and balls tightly, but it shouldn’t hurt in any way. Before buying any cage, measure yourself accurately to get a good idea of what size you need.

A good way to see if a ring fits you well is to simply wear it for a few hours (or less if you’re a cage novice).

If it doesn’t hurt, and if your balls don’t slip through at any point, that’s a great sign. But should it leave any red marks after removal, it’s too tight.

Another neat method for checking the ring is to try slipping your middle or index finger between your junk and the ring.

You want to be able to squeeze the finger up to the first knuckle. If it’s too easy, the ring is too loose, and vice versa.

It might be a good idea to buy the rings separately and test them out to learn what size suits you best.

If your chastity ring is too tight, it can block blood flow to the penis. This can result in issues with getting hard if the cage stays on for too long.

But you can also experience a range of problems, from bruising and chafing to infection.

In general, prolonged discomfort or discoloration in the genital area indicates a ring (or cage) that’s too snug for comfort.

Now, some users think that the ring is too tight, but in reality it is just the hair that gets in the way. Shaving or trimming your pubic hair will prevent it from getting caught in the cage.

If you’ve never shaved before, get accustomed to it a few weeks before embarking on your permanent chastity journey.

Find The Best Cage/Tube Size For You

Find the Best Cage or Tube Size for You

When it comes to the cage itself, it should be a very snug fit. 

Due to gravity working, your cock cage will still sit a little lower on your penis.

Thus the rule of thumb says that the cage size should be a quarter-inch to (maximum!) half-inch shorter than your flaccid dick’s length.

Remember that buying a cage that’s too long for you is a bad idea!

You see, a long cage makes it harder for you to pee without getting said cage wet. And pee that stays on your junk spells trouble.

For one, it stinks (duh). But it also irritates the skin, and it may downright infect it.

Pretty bad stuff that you want to avoid, I assure you.

Keep in mind that your junk slightly expands in hot environments. So in the summertime, for example, you’re a little bigger, meaning you’ll need a larger cage or ring.

You can take a hot shower if you want to see how much of an expanding effect heat has on your genitals.

How To Wash The Caged Area And Clean The Cage

So, being caged up for so long it is important to maintain your hygiene while being “chaste.”

The majority of cages have enough holes to make regular cleaning very easy. They’re even specifically designed for it (the good ones, at least).

And it’s for good reason. Sweat, urine, and who knows what can easily get stuck in the cage. You’ll want to get rid of that stuff.

Here are the best ways to clean yourself with a cage on:

  • Shower daily. Yes, you can do that with your permanent chastity device on. Wash off all the filth with a mobile shower head (preferably one with a high-pressure setting). If you don’t have access to such a shower, put some hot water in a spray bottle.
  • Use a cotton swab dipped in a bit of water with gentle, unscented soap to clean your penis more thoroughly. 
  • Cages with electrical work (like shocking cages) should be taken off and cleaned with great care. Any water that ends up in their inner workings may ruin its zappy functionality.
  • Utilize a washcloth, towel, or some tissue paper to thoroughly dry your cage. In a lot of cases, your own body heat will take care of any residual moisture left from showering.
  • For a quick drying up, blow the moisture away with a hairdryer. Put it on a low setting, though, and don’t get too close to your junk. The cage heats up quickly, especially if it’s steel.

When You Should (And Shouldn’t) Use Lube

Now pay attention because this one’s really important. Lube should only be applied during the installation of the cage.

If you use it routinely while caged up, that’s a sign that your cage is too tight. It’s bad news, and you should find a better fit for you.

With that out of the way, we can move on to picking the right lube.

water based lube

When it comes to a great lube for cages, only water-based lube or baby oil (particularly baby oil gel) will really do the trick for you. Sliquid H2O lube is a popular choice between cock cage users.

They won’t degrade the cage, and they’re mild for the skin.

On the other hand, any other lubricant substance will, in all likelihood, be too sticky to wash off. Some will even adhere to the skin when drying and create a tugging sensation.

This can lead to a bacteria buildup and open the door for infection.

A lot of lube-y products are scented. That means they will leave behind an aroma that sticks around for a long time, maybe even weeks. If that isn’t your thing, avoid scented lubes.

When putting your cock cage on:

  • Apply a generous amount of lube on the cage, and make sure to spread it throughout the inner part of the cage. And don’t forget lubing up the ring!
  • You can wipe off the lube with a rag and cotton swab. However, the most efficient way to clean the cage is to just wash it off with warm water (assuming you’re using baby oil or water-based lube). Remember to clean thoroughly!

Unlock The Cage From Time To Time For Checkups

Despite what the name suggests, permanent chastity doesn’t mean being in the cage non-stop. That would actually be very bad for your health.

Rather, you should have regular checkups once every week or so. It’s an integral part of keeping chastity safe.

Take off the cage and have a good look at your cock and balls. Look for any discoloration, bruising, chafing, cuts, or irritation.

If you find any, change your cage and visit a doctor if the situation is severe.

Speaking of which, it would be great if you can find an open-minded doctor with whom you can freely discuss your cage situation.

Of course, you ought to visit them uncaged so that they can take a look at you.

While you’re at it, you should also wash the cage. A washcloth with water and a bit of gentle unscented soap or antibacterial toy cleaner will do the job.

If you want, you can also disinfect it with alcohol, but don’t do this every time. Of course, you’ll want to dry the cage well.

Some people boil their cages. Naturally, not all materials respond well to such extreme temperatures. So check to see if yours can handle it.

Mind you, you should keep track of your “package” while in the cage, too. Any change in color will likely mean it’s time to remove the cage.

This is also a great chance to clean the area more thoroughly. But if you’re avoiding orgasms through the penis, don’t get carried away!

Odds are you’ll be super sensitive down there, so be careful (have your keyholder clean you if you can’t trust yourself).

Long Term And Permanent Effects Of Prolonged Chastity Device Use

This is where we do some mythbusting.

The first thing you should know here is that, if done correctly, long-term chastity is perfectly safe. As long as you’re clean and you remove the thing routinely, you’ll be fine.

And if you happen to experience medical issues, it will be down to improper use. In those cases, removal and cleanup, if not a visit to the doctor, is in order.

However, this hasn’t stopped all sorts of rumors circulating the chastity world. So let’s take a look at the most common and alarming myths and debunk them.

Will I lose my erections if I wear it too long?

Will I Lose My Erections if I Wear my Chastity Cage Too Long

One of the greatest health concerns raised by its wearers is that over time they will lose the ability to get and maintain an erection.

Anyone reading this and worried about the same thing can relax.

There haven’t been any cases of getting permanent ED directly due to cages

Even if you’re locked up for years, you won’t have issues with the ability to get hard.

That said, you’ll probably notice somewhat weaker hardons right after removing the cage after wearing it for a long time (more on that below). 

This, however, is a short-lived inconvenience. You’ll be up to your regular hardness within a week max. In many instances, things go back to normal in less than a day.

Is Wearing The Cage At Night Painful?

Since penises typically get hard overnight, the assumption is that you’ll be in agony every time you sleep with a cage on.

As it turns out, that isn’t the case. As long as the cage fits well, this shouldn’t become an issue. You’ll feel some discomfort at worst. 

People who sleep on their stomachs may feel some discomfort. However, that’s down to the extra pressure your own bodyweight places on the caged area.

While sleeping with your cage on won’t hurt you, you should still let your privates out two to three times a month

You see, nighttime erections are good for keeping a proper blood flow. This keeps your genitals healthy.

Will My Junk Shrink?

Will My Junk Shrink

Another long-standing myth is that your penis or balls will become smaller because of the constant constriction coming from the cage.

But his one has been more complicated to debunk, mostly because it mingles with the truth in tangential ways.

Penis Tissue and Shrinkage

You see, the penis is made of a spongy, elastic tissue called corpora cavernosa (among other parts). This tissue can expand, causing erections. But it can also shrink, and permanently so.

This usually takes place for three reasons: lowering of testosterone, fatty deposits in the arteries blocking blood flow to the penis, and repeated microtears that form rigid scarring, stopping the tissue from stretching to its fullest.

Again, as long as your cage is not too tight – you will be fine.

In any case, the penis shrinks with age for most people. And this can coincide with people wearing chastity for many years, leading them to believe the cage is responsible. 

Relying on People’s Personal Experiences

Another obscuring factor is that there’s scant scientific research into the long-term effects of prolonged use.

For that reason, we mostly have to rely on opinions and anecdotes.

These can be shaky grounds for any definitive claim since it’s exceedingly easy for anyone to just hop online and spread disinformation.

What Really Happens

One thing does seem to be true, though. Wearing a cock cage will shrink your penis – temporarily.

Here’s the thing. The tissues in the penis can shrink while in the cage. Since there’s no need for so much blood to flow into it, it won’t expand. This happens after at least a week of near-constant lockup.

But these tissues are also elastic enough to get back to normal state.

So once you’ve gotten rid of your long term cage, your initial hardon will fall a little short of your expectations, so to speak.

But something like 2-5 nights later, it should be back in all its former glory.

In the end, the sissy chastity shrink fantasy seems to be just that – a fantasy.

Avoid Spiked Chastity Devices In Long Term Chastity

Avoid Spiked Chastity Devices In Long Term Chastity

We’ve already covered the things about permanent chastity that can cause you trouble down the line. These are poorly-fitting toys and bad hygiene.

Well, there’s a third one, too.

Spiked cages (or anti-pullout) have tiny spikes on the inside. They’re meant to cause severe discomfort when an erection starts, so that it punishes the wearer.

While normally blunt, the spikes can cause a lot of problems when used long-term.

They can easily create irritations or bruises after prolonged use It’s particularly dangerous at night, when you typically have several involuntary erections.

So, if you’re into spiked cages, feel free to use them in the short term. But avoid wearing them for months on end.

Commonly Asked Questions About Wearing Cock Cages Permanently

For those of you who scrolled down hoping for quick takeaways, this is your lucky day. Congrats!

We’ll quickly cover some commonly raised questions pertaining to cock cages.

Should you wear it in the shower?

Yes! They are (or at least should be) perfectly fine to wear in the shower.

Silicone, stainless steel, and other durable materials for cages can handle the water just fine. Showering is also a great way to clean the cage, not just your body.

Can I use lotion to put on my cock cage?

You can, but there are better alternatives. Water-based lubes and baby oil/baby oil gel are great since they don’t irritate the skin and don’t degrade the cage. They also evaporate soon after applying, so they won’t stick to you.

Is leaving it on for days unsanitary?

Is leaving a chastity cage on for days unsanitary

The short answer is: no, if you clean yourself right. Showering daily (read the “Washing The Caged Area” section) and keeping the cage dry will ensure that you’re clean and healthy. 

Can you expand a plastic cage?

Can you expand a plastic chastity cage

Quality cages will keep you firmly in place, even if they’re plastic. However, poorly made ones might deform and even break under the force of your erection.

Even worse, they can pinch you really hard if they break!

Does getting an erection while in the cage hurt?

If the cage you wear is high-quality and fits you well, you shouldn’t feel any pain when you start getting hard. At worst, you’ll feel a little discomfort, but that’s all part of the pleasure!

How do I pee in chastity?

Peeing in chastity while standing up can get messy. You’ll probably spray urine all over the place. That’s why sitting down would be better: there will be less cleanup.

A Few More Parting Tips

So that’s your crash course on permanent chastity cages! By following these tips, you’ll be enjoying your tantalizing cock cage journey 100% safe.

And to make sure that you do, this bit will cover a few extra tips on stuff that may happen along the way.

  1. If you feel discomfort getting hard during the night, remove it until the next day to let your skin breathe.
  2. You will probably end up buying the wrong size sometimes, but don’t feel discouraged. It’s all part of the journey to finding the ultimate cage for you!
  3. When starting off, buy a cheaper cage first, and then get an expensive one once you know what you need.

    You’ll save money and spare yourself some bitter disappointment when a fancy cage doesn’t suit you.
  4. If you have a foreskin, it can squeeze through the holes in your cage, which can feel uncomfortable.

    If you can’t get your hands on a cage with small enough slits, a feasible solution is to use a rubber ring placed in the cage to keep your foreskin rolled back.
  5. If you are new to chastity, don’t immediately jump into permanent chastity. Rather, wear a cage for half an hour at first. Then leave the cage be for the next day or two.

Next time, wear it for an hour or so. Gradually, you’ll work your way up to a whole day.

Have fun – if your keyholder allows it, of course.

You can top it off by getting him to wear Crotch Rocket Strapon – he will be still with the cock cage, but can still please you 😉


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