10 Good Dildo Mouth Ball Gags For Penis Gag Bondage

If you’re looking to up your gag bondage game, then penis gags may be just the thing. Find out which one is best suited for you!

Dildo Mouth Ball Gags

But just like the real male member, penis gags come in all shapes and sizes.

So finding the right one to stifle the cries of your bratty sub can be quite the challenge. 


We’ve checked out a wide variety of dildo mouth gags to bring you a nice selection to choose from.

So no matter if you’re a newbie or pecker gag pro, into drooling or just want a silent servant, you’re sure to find something to satisfy.


Top Cock Gags In 2021

Beginner Pecker Gag

Beginner Pecker Gag


Price: $$
Dildo Material: Silicone
Dildo Size: 2.5″ length / 1.6″ diameter
Strap Material: Leather
Strap Fastening: Velcro

Tantus Fantasy Gag

Fantasy Gag


Price: $
Dildo Material: Silicone
Dildo Size: 3” length / 5” circumference
Strap Material: Leather
Strap Fastening: Velcro

Humiliator Gag

Humiliator Gag


Price: $$$
Dildo Material: Rubber
Dildo Size: 8” length / 1.5” diameter
Strap Material: Neoprene lined leather
Strap Fastening: Buckle

Tantus Medium Silicone Dildo Gag

1. Tantus Fantasy Gag

Best overall

Dildo Material: Silicone | Dildo Size: 3” length / 5” circumference | Strap Material: Leather | Strap Fastening: Velcro

The Tantus medium penis gag is sizable enough to muffle your sub and give a good drool effect. But it’s not so big so you can wear it for longer scenes. 

Made from medical-grade silicone, it also means no nasty taste (or chemicals!) in your mouth. 

The strap does let it down a little bit. The Velcro fastening has the tendency to get tangled in long hair. That said, the Velcro does allow for quick on and off

Beginner Pecker Gag By Tantus

2. Beginner Pecker Gag by Tantus

Best for beginners

Dildo Material: Silicone | Dildo Size: 2.5″ length / 1.6″ diameter | Strap Material: Leather | Strap Fastening: Velcro | Additional Features: Comes in black or red

This pecker gag combines a comfortable mouthpiece, a non-intimidating dildo size, easy to clean silicone, AND quick-release Velcro fastening.

All of which makes it a great starter gag.

However, some people have mentioned that they have been able to push the dildo out with their tongue.

That might not give the strict restraint experience you want. BUT, at the same time, it could give newbies peace of mind! 

Humiliator Gag Head Harness & Dildo Attachment

3. Humiliator Gag Head Harness & Dildo Attachment

Upgrade pick

Dildo Material: Rubber | Dildo Size: 8” length / 1.5” diameter | Strap Material: Neoprene lined leather | Strap Fastening: Buckle | Additional Features: Multiple gag attachment options

If money is no object, or you just really LOVE to humiliate your slave, then check out the “How May I Serve You?” set up.

It’s made from high-quality leather lined with neoprene. This extra comfort is important for a dildo attachment like the fairly large 8” rubber dildo.

You also have the option of a feather duster, an ashtray, or a toilet brush attachment. All at an extra cost, but plenty of versatility for your humiliation playtime.

Inflatable Penis Gag With Tube

4. Inflatable Penis Gag with Tube

Dildo Material: Rubber | Dildo Size: 2-3″ in diameter | Additional Features: Breathing/fluid tube

This rubber mouth gag starts off as a 2″ penis-shaped head. Using the hand-pump, you can inflate it to roughly the size of a small apple. 

This gag doesn’t strap on though, so if you’re into restraint play, this might not be the penis gag for you. 

BUT…if you’re into piss play the 5.5” soft rubber breathing tube can also be used for forced urine drinking. 

Bondage Boutique Leather And Studs Dildo Gag

5. Bondage Boutique Leather and Studs Dildo Gag

Dildo Material: Rubber | Dildo Size: 2.5” length / 4.5 circumference | Strap Material: Leather | Strap Fastening: Buckle | Additional Features: Studded leather

This studded leather dildo gag gives a real BDSM look. The wide mouth covering doesn’t sit flush to the face. But it still provides enough of a gag to keep that sub silent! 

The 2.5” rubber dildo is firm yet squidgy enough so that you can bite down without hurting your teeth or damaging the gag. Great for intense fucking sessions! 

The downside? The dildo is stitched into the leather. With no way to remove it, it’s harder to clean. 

Bondage Boutique Silicone Penis Ball Gag

6. Bondage Boutique Silicone Penis Ball Gag

Dildo Material: Silicone | Dildo Size: Internal mouthpiece 5.5” circumference / external dildo 4.8” length + 4” girth | Strap Material: Leather | Strap Fastening: Buckle

Make your male sub suck on the ball gag as you slide down the silicone dildo. He gets a fantastic view while the angled dildo hits your G-spot. Or, peg him with your face.

The dildo has an insertable length of 4.8”. It’s not going to excite the size queens but the ridges should show you a good time.

The ball gag and dildo aren’t actually attached meaning that the dildo isn’t supported as well as it could be. You may need to use hands to guide it in. 

Fetish Fantasy Penis Ball Gag

7. Fetish Fantasy Penis Ball Gag

Dildo Material: PVC | Dildo Size: 5” exterior dildo, 1.5” girth | Strap Material: Leather | Strap Fastening: Buckle | Additional Features: Lockable

The ball gag connects directly to the base of the penis dildo for a more sturdy feel. If you’re topping, just be careful you don’t gyrate too vigorously as you could hurt your sub’s teeth!

It’s also made from PVC…not the best material as it’s porous and hard to clean. 

But check out the lockable leather straps for total control during power play! 

Zado Leather Mouth Gag

8. Zado Leather Mouth Gag 5.5 Inch Dildo Harness

Dildo Material: Latex | Dildo Size: 5.5” external dildo & 3” gag dildo | Strap Material: Leather | Strap Fastening: Buckle | Additional Features: Double-ended

With the Zado double-ended penis mouth gag, everyone gets a cock! 

Subs get 3” of penis dildo to suck on, while the other 5.5” of penis dildo is ready to be plunged into whatever hole your dom chooses. 

If you’re the one wearing the harness, you will need to bite down on the gag piece to keep it from moving too much when in action.

But the latex is firm enough that you won’t cause any damage. 

In And Out Penis Gag With Removable Dildo

9. In and Out Penis Gag with Removable Dildo

Dildo Material: Latex | Dildo Size:  6″ long, 2” wide | Strap Material: Leather | Strap Fastening: Buckle

If your sub isn’t ready for something stuck in their mouth, but you still want to gag and face fuck them, then this harness will do the trick. 

This penis gag is one-sided, with the base of the outward-facing dildo curved to fit against your sub’s face and keep them quiet as you use them. 

The latex dildo can be removed easily by unsnapping the 4 fasteners on the mouthpiece. Great for manual use AND easy cleaning.

Zado Head Harness With Dildo

10. Zado Head Harness With Dildo

Dildo Material: Internal – rubber / external – latex | Dildo Size: External – 5.12” long, 1.32” wide  / internal – 1.57” wide | Strap Material: Leather | Strap Fastening: Buckles | Additional Features: Padded leather 

This heavy-duty BDSM penis gag is made from padded leather for maximum comfort. It has a good leather smell, which can add a certain kink effect…unless you’re vegan! 

When something looks this badass though, I would have liked an equally impressive dildo. But at just over 5” of insertable length, it’s a bit disappointing. 

It does have a nice veiny texture to compensate for its ‘shortcomings’. 

What To Look Out When Buying Dildo Mouth Gag?

With such a variety of shapes and sizes, materials, and straps, not all dildo gags are going to work for every person.

It’s a matter of weighing up what’s important to both master and slave. 

Here are a few things to consider when choosing a penis ball gag:


The most common materials for penis gags are silicone and rubber. For me, it has to be silicone all the way. 

Rubber can have a really unpleasant taste, which might be a plus if you’re into S&M. 

Rubber is also much harder to clean, whereas silicone can be sanitized in boiling water or popped into the dishwasher. 

Be aware that some people are allergic to rubber/latex. Always check with your play partner before buying.


 When it comes to straps, there are three main areas to consider: 

  • The Look and Feel: Leather/faux leather gives a hardcore bondage look. If you’re into long scenes and comfort is key, padded leather or neoprene lining are best. 
  • Adjustability: If you’re a petite female, will the strap be tight enough? Or, if you’re a couple who like to switch, check the head straps can be adjusted to fit you both.
  • Fastenings: For kinksters fairly new to penis gag bondage, a Velcro fastener for quick and easy release is popular. But if you want the option to lock the gag in your sub’s mouth, then you’ll need a buckle. 

Which brings us nicely to…

To Lock Or Not To Lock?

If locking ability is important to your scene, then Velcro fastening straps will be no use to you. 

But you don’t necessarily have to buy a penis gag with a lock

Almost any buckle fastening penis gag can become lockable. Just add your own small padlock to the strap holes

Depth And Size

For penis ball gags, smaller is better. Why?

Well, you might be a size queen when it comes to penetration, but when it’s going in your mouth and STAYING there it’s a completely different story. 

Keeping your mouth open wide can cause some serious jaw ache and cut the length of your playtime. 

But you’re a deep throat pro? 

Nope. There’s a huge difference between what you can take when you can easily pull away AND having something strapped in that needs time to be removed.

Many gag wearers will tell you that 3” insertable penis mouth gag is plenty. Especially if you plan on wearing it for any real length of time.

This is all about safe gaging. Alternatively, you can also check out the open mouth gag version.

Size And Safety

Penis gag dildos are always going to be shorter in length than normal dildos for safety reasons. While you can train your gag reflex to be less sensitive, it’s your body’s natural defense to foreign objects in your throat. 

Suppressing that instinct completely comes with a risk…

A longer/thicker dildo gag can actually cut off your air supply by closing off your nasal sinus passages or blocking the throat. 

Gagging can also cause vomiting and if your mouth is plugged, you risk aspirating that into your lungs. 

Leave the massive dongs to vaginal or anal play!

Safe Signals

Before any type of restraint play, you should always agree on safe words. In the case of penis gag bondage and some of the best bondage toys, your sub won’t be able to verbalize anything. So, have a safe SIGNAL.

This can be a noise that your sub can make even when gagged. Or, if their hands are free, a tapping signal or dropping an object like a set of keys that they hold during play. 

With an agreed set of signals, you can keep playtime safe and fun for everyone!

Get Gagged!

Whether you want to muffle the moans of your play partner, silence your sub, or humiliate your sex slave, penis gag bondage can be a whole lotta fun. 

All that’s left for you to do now, is take your pick out of these penis gags and get busy!

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