MysteryVibe Tenuto Review: Does This Wearable Vibrator For Men Satisfy?

The MysteryVibe Tenuto vibrator is an awesome wearable toy that makes a great asset for partner play. It has powerful vibrations and holds well in place after you wear it over your penis. It’s also not only meant for penile stimulation but works well for perineum and clit stimulation. Discover more of this premium male’s toy in this MysteryVibe Tenuto review.

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The Good | The Tenuto’s vibrations can hit 6 different erogenous parts of the penis at the same time. The upper part serving as a cock ring has adjustable flaps that fit different penis sizes and hold well during action. Also, the MysteryVibe App provides more dynamic control over the motors. This means you can change the pattern and intensity of the vibrations however you want.

The Bad | Getting this toy into position might prove cumbersome as it is quite stiff. It won’t give you much freedom of movement if you have a much narrower groin. The buttons are small and located on the “perineum” part of the toy which makes it difficult to use them. The app does not offer experimenting with the freestyle patterns in real-time.

The Bottom Line | The MysteryVibe Tenuto is a cool wearable vibrator for men. If you put aside the initial cumbersomeness during and after insertion… It has some pretty rad 6-point vibrations that stimulate your perineum and your partner’s clit in PIV sex.

Introduction: The First Impressions

The MysteryVibe Tenuto is a premium males toy that comes in wonderful packaging. The developers have made it all the way better by giving it top-notch aesthetics for the outlook.

The package comes containing a MysteryVibe user guide, USB charging cable, and the Tenuto vibrator itself.

Tenuto is made using high-quality silicone that is body-safe and soft in use. From the first touch, the toy feels solid and comfortable.

tenuto packaging

What Is This Toy For?

When you first see Tenuto, you might be slightly confused, as the design is quite unusual. The opening in the toy is where the penis and balls should go and the long end presses on the perineum.

Tenuto has 6 motors: 3 located around the penis, and three in the lower part of the toy. This way, the toy not only acts as a cock ring but brings some good buzz to both penes – and the clit owner. 

All three MysteryVibe toys can be connected to the App, allowing you to play around, create your own patterns, and change the intensity without searching for the buttons.

…So what more does this bad boy have to offer? Let’s find out below!

How Do The MysteryVibe Tech And Specs Hold Up?

Here is a detailed summary of what the Tenuto male vibrator is really all about.

Materials Used
Usage Time
Up to 2 hours
Number Of Intensities
15 Intensities
Number Of Modes
8 Modes
App Control
No. Of Motors
6 Vibration Motors

What You Need To Know About The Design & Functionality

Tenuto is made from smooth and premium silicone and is only available in one color – black. It has a premium finish and feels very soft to the touch.

Worth mentioning also is the L-shaped design that helps enhance its dual use as a solo and couple play toy.

The extended bit that goes under the taint is also studded to enhance the sensations.

The upper part acting like a cock ring has 2 symmetric flaps both extend outwards. This is very important during the initial wearing and fitting of the toy.

Any Other Bonus Perks That Come With The Toy?

Well, Tenuto is waterproof (although looking at that open charging point I would have never guessed)! 

l-shaped tenuto vibrator close up shot

It is good to use in rather wet environments without fear of mechanical failure.

Enough Of Design, What About Its Functionality?

Tenuto comes with 8 vibration modes that come preset in the toy. This is accompanied by 15 intensities that I counted in-action.

The intensity range is really versatile – you start at barely noticeable action and can get up to quite strong. They are high-quality, rumbly, and deep and won’t numb you even during the prolonged close contact.

And before we get to the App, we need to first look at the manual control buttons. 

Now, this we felt gave us quite a hard time in terms of handling. 

tenuto vibrator connecting to its app

Man, I wish MysteryVibe could have made them bigger. As it is currently, you can accidentally press the wrong button while using and prompt an improper command. The buttons are positioned on the lower side of the toy that goes under your taint.

I think the creators assumed, that since App is a breeze to use, no one would care about the actual buttons.

Manual Mode Tip: Always set your preferred vibration pattern and intensity first before putting on the toy. 

Is The App Worth Your Salt?

MysteryVibe has one app for all its toys. You need to connect your toy via Bluetooth and you easily switch between the toys. The app comes with such interface controls:

  • Play: Has preset vibration patterns and intensities. Also allows control over individual motors and intensities.
  • Store: Has other patterns ready for download.
  • Create: Allows you to create new patterns.
  • Library: It saves your custom settings for future use.

Though the UI (User Interface) is cool… I wish the app offered more freestyle playing with the motors. Currently, you’ll only get a single buzz of the motor you pressed on in the pre-set pattern. 

In the creative mode, you won’t know what patterns you’re cooking until you hit ‘play’ afterward. 

So if want a quick turn-on and play – you will most likely just end up using pre-built modes. But if you are geeky about tech, you might as well enjoy diving deep into the App.

In Use: How Does It Feel Like?

If need be, always use water-based lubes when playing with silicone toys. Silicone-based lubes react with silicone toy surfaces and end up degrading the material quality.

Getting it into position with the toy may prove a hassle to a number of guys, owing to the nature of its design. 

But since, still, it’s a fairly new product – I figured that constant practice and use might help you get accustomed to the toy.

So once we got the show rolling… Tenuto actually increased blood flow to the penis and could keep me harder longer. 

I also savored the all-round sensations I was getting from my shaft, testicles, and my taint.

As the buttons were hard to identify during the play (especially with the toy on!), we used the pre-built patterns to add a sudden change of the mood and intensity.

Will It Tickle Your Fancy?

I enjoyed the vibrations once I found what worked best for me. This got all the better with the stimulation I was getting on my perineum area.

One thing’s for sure… 

The bumps on the perineum stimulator give a highly enhanced sensation from the motor vibrations. I really loved getting into the slow play and staying deeply in, as then Tenuto was pressed between both of our bodies and we could both get most of the vibrations.

And as a matter of fact, the vibrations on the perineum were pleasing and added extra taste, that I normally don’t get during the PIV. I am pretty sure that even those, who don’t normally engage in prostate play will appreciate it!

I suspect you’ll enjoy the toy more when you use it with a partner than when you use it alone. 😉

Will It Tickle HER Fancy?

Out of a number of wearables that my partner and I have used, she was pleased with the Tenuto. 

The vibration motor located at the top of the ring part was pretty powerful, but not numbing. The vibrations it produced were deep and rumbly. Tenuto has given her what she liked most – a spicy addition to the lovemaking that does not overtake the whole experience.

Well, I was also happy as I enjoyed longer, harder erections. 

When the moment came, it was a decent release for both of us.

Note: My lady is quite tender, so if you love vibrations REALLY STRONG, Tenuto might not be for you.

I feel like Tenuto is a really balanced toy, that is enjoyable for both partners (finally it is not all about just stronger erections!)

How Easy To Clean & Durability

Since the MysteryVibe Tenuto vibrator’s made using silicone, cleaning it is easy. You need not use any special tacts to go about it.

The silicone surface is non-porous and therefore retains no scent or muck after use. 

And the fact that the toy’s made waterproof means that you can give it a nice splash n’ clean session.

Well, to get things done here… All you need is warm water and a mild soap of your choice. 

And if you want to go another way, then you may as well use a toy cleaner of your choice.

Price & Where I Can Get One?

I wouldn’t call the MysteryVibe Tenuto a cheap toy as it currently retails at a discount price of $142.00. The original marked price is about $177 and it comes with a 1-year warranty.

That was the standing offer placed over at MysteryVibe at the time I was writing this review. But they also provide a 3 equal installment payment plan at no added cost. 

Also, they offer a 1 – 3 working days shipping for clients in the US. They also ship to other regions like the United Kingdom, Australia, Netherlands, among others.

DO NOT make such orders from either eBay or Amazon. Vendors on those platforms are notorious for shipping buyers counterfeit products made using unknown material that could harm your health. Save your bucks and health from scammers.

Would I Recommend It? If So, To Whom?

MysteryVibe Tenuto offers great stimulation through the 6 powerful motor vibrations. As a result, the sensations get delivered to six different regions of your shaft plus your taint. So if you are searching for pleasure for both parties, this is the toy for you.

What’s more, is that the ring flaps on the top part can get adjusted so that the toy could fit most penis sizes. You’ll have to agree that that’s a considerate design feature. Given the fact that many studs struggle to get something that will fit with their dongs.


  • People who prefer wearables that are usable with a partner.
  • People who are looking for toys that stimulate the penis and perineum simultaneously.
  • If you prefer toys coming with app-control and have powerful vibrations.
  • If you are looking for toys that hold in place when having partner intercourse.
  • If you have a rather tight or narrower groin.
  • If you don’t like vibrating toys.
  • If you are working with a lower budget.

What Do Other People Think About It?

Let’s take a look at what other people have to say about the Mystery Vibe Tenuto vibrator.

Read what Mashable said from Reddit:

“…Another really interesting one that’s kind of like a reinvention of the cock ring (cause, let’s be real, cock rings suck at stimulating clitorises) is Mystery-Vibe’s Tenuto. That one’s good for stimulating both parties at the same time.” 


Other Great Cock Rings Out There?

Now, I wouldn’t strictly call Tenuto a cock ring as it does much on top of that! But if you are searching for one, there are other awesome rings that could work just as great.

Check out the best vibrating cock rings and see whether you’ll find a fitting match for you. I handpicked those devices as the top 2020 ring products.

Conclusion: Final Thoughts

The MysteryVibe Tenuto is a toy worth seeking out. Especially if you are looking forward to getting something that’s more than just a cock ring. The vibration settings and quality are all too delightful. 

The app needs A LOT of work to improve control interactions and ease of navigation.

But if you consider the fact that it actually stays in place once worn… I believe that the Tenuto Vibrator is something worth checking out.

I hope this MysteryVibe Tenuto review was of help to you!

Did you enjoy reading this article? Feel free to share with your buds and leave any questions in the Comments Section below 🙂

Until next review… Ciao!

MysteryVibe Tenuto Review

Dainis Graveris

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The MysteryVibe Tenuto is one of the coolest wearable vibrators for men out there. The vibration settings and overall quality of the product stays true to the positive image their brand brings.

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