Mr Hankey Sex Toys Site Review:

Mr. Hankey’s Toys produces some of the best sex toys and dildos in the market. The site allows you to pick and customize from either realistic or fantasy category. Also, they have very competitive prices for their products and provide wonderful customer service.

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The Good | The site offers one of the best customizing options for dildos. The website is also user-friendly and allows easy navigation through the pages. What’s more, is that they offer competitive prices and have multiple payment options.

The Bad | They don’t allow returns on the items once shipped. You may find the price range therein too high if you’re working on a budget.

The Bottom Line | Mr. Hankey’s Toys is a super awesome site offering the best customization options. They have a wide range of quality toys made from real-life casts and fantasy models. On top of that, the prices are fair considering the quality and have superb customer service.

About Mr. Hankey’s Sex Toys Company

Mr. Hankey’s Toys was found in 2015. It was established to fill the gap when it came to finding XXXtra large toys. 

At the time, you could find small/medium and large options. But if you wanted medium-large and extra-large, there weren’t many options available.

So, starting as a hobby, they made the first model “Mr. Hankey”. And over the years they’ve come up with other models designed from fantasy and real-life casts.

At present, Mr. Hankey’s dildos are known for offering the top monster-sized toys.

What Kind Of Dildos Do Mr. Hankey Sex Toys Create & Are Known For?

Now, it goes without saying that Mr. Hankey’s Sex Toys site is a pleasure-haven for size junkies. The company is known to produce some of the biggest dildo designs in the market.

While that is true, you can also select from a variety of other smaller sizes if you so wish.

And to add flavor, they produce both Realistic Dildos made from pornstars’ casts and other Fantasy models.

Adding to that… All of the toys at Mr. Hankey’s are hand-crafted and made from 100% platinum cured silicone.

This is the highest quality of silicone and has undergone ISO 10993-10 testing standards. 

This means that they’re skin-safe, odorless, and won’t degrade when placed in contact with other toys. Making it more durable in the long run.

Moving on…

Mr. Hankey’s sex toys come in two levels of firmness for all their toys. That is the 75% Soft and Medium Firm levels.

The Medium-Firm level is firm but not overly so. It simulates the firmness of an erect peen. 

The 75% Soft firm is more flexible but still gives a decent penetration. It simulates a penis that’s about 70-80% hard. This is the majority’s favorite when selecting a level of firmness.

What’s more… All the toys are purely hand-crafted to bring out the most prominent details.

And aside from that… 

The dildos have a vac-u-hole for strap-ons and inserting your favorite bullet vibrator. This helps enhance the thrusting experience.

Also, a bullet vibrator helps to add a bit of hardness to your Hankey’s dildo.

Again, the vac-u-hole comes in handy when you’d want to connect your dildo to a sex-machine. Provided you have a matching vac-u-hole adapter.

Dildo Selection

As I’ve already mentioned, there are 2 main kinds of dildos manufactured and sold at Mr. Hankey’s. These are:

1. Realistic Pornstar Dildos

anaconda dildo product shot

These are one of the customizable options that are made to order and to your size preferences.

These dildos are all made from casts of famous pornstars’ models with their permission.

There are numerous in their catalog. These include Ray Diesel (5 sizes), Long John (1 size), Anaconda (4 sizes), and the famous Rentman (4 sizes).

2. Fantasy Dildos

dragon dildo product shot

These are designs that are based on anthropomorphic beings and other specific shapes. 

These include monsters, dragons, and many other fantasy characters you could think of. There are a number of them present in their catalog and they come in different sizes too.

Some of the popular models are Dragon (4 sizes), Beowulf (4 sizes), and The Rabbit (4 sizes)

They also include other fantasy shapes as seen in Butt Bolt (3 sizes) model. 


When it comes to toy hunting… The unspoken rule states that we should NEVER compromise on quality.

And at Mr. Hankey’s, quality is ALL you get. And often, this comes tagged with a matching price.

Most of the toys there retail at an average of $100 and above. Some accessories, though, go for much less. 

So, truth be told… If you’re on a tight budget/not the kind to spend big bucks on sex toys, then this won’t do for you.

Shipping Information

As you may have already guessed… Mr. Hankey’s Sex Toys provide both local (within the US) and international shipping (listing provided).

Now, they charge a flat rate of $16.35 for all orders within the USA. For international shipping, there is a flat rate of $29.95 but the cost may change depending on location.

The shop also encourages people to buy additional shipping insurance. This is especially when the shipping destination is in one of the unreliable risk locations (also listed).


Well, currently, Mr. Hankey’s Sex Toy company does not allow returns on any of the products sold. This, in great proportion, is because of the personal nature of the products. 

And for this reason…

The site encourages users to pay extra attention to the details of the sizes before making an order. Also, if you need help with that, you’re advised to contact support prior.

The only EXCEPTION is made for products that are shipped and found defective upon unboxing. 

Payment Options

Mr. Hankey’s Sex Toy site, like other leading online stores, also has multiple payment options.

This is meant to accommodate the diverse mediums through which buyers can transact.

And on the site, there are 4 payment options available for users. These include 3 major credit card options which are Mastercard, Visa, and American Express. 

The one other major mode of payment is PayPal.

Would I Recommend It? If So, To Whom?

A big YES! I would definitely recommend Mr. Hankey’s Sex Toys site to any person looking for dildos. 

They have one of the best customization options that could serve as a marking scheme for other sites. They also offer the best quality material for all their toys and can produce in different sizes.

What’s more… Their customer service is swift (24 hours) and very responsive to clients’ queries and order placements.


Who Is It For?

  • If you are a size junky.
  • If you are looking for a site offering diverse customizing options.
  • If you want an online sex store offering various payment mediums.
  • If you are looking for a store offering competitive sex toy prices.
  • If you prefer a website offering easy page navigation.
  • If you’re also looking for a site with amazing customer services.

Who Is It Not For?

  • If you’re old-school and still prefer walk-in sex shops 🙂
  • If you’re not willing to part with the bucks required for a customizable fantasy dildo.

What Do Other People Think About It?

I have compiled what other people out there are saying about Mr. Hankey’s Sex Toys site. Check out their reactions from the red light district of Reddit.

“I find the foreskins quite intriguing never seen them on toys like that before, looks very realistic. Loving the idea of the removable balls.

The size of these dongs though wow definitely not for the faint of heart. Watched some of the vids wow my ass is still quivering.” 


“Check Mr. Hankey’s toys. I’m in love with my Rentman 😉

Their Nick Capra is a little thicker if Rentman’s 2ish inches aren’t enough for you. (… thing is, they have these HUGE toys, but the thick ones are also LONG. — and that’s the reason I’m wanting a colon snake — to get into depth training so I can fully take my Rentman in).

Or if you want fantasy… (Mr. Hankey’s also has some fantasy, but their life casts are SO GOOD that their fantasy stuff just looks… meh in comparison.)

EDIT: note, you get what you pay for. meaning, giant silicone dildos don’t come in cheap. 😉 (still, I think my Rentman was totally worth it)

Also, disclaimer: no, I have nothing to do with Mr. Hankey’s. … I’m just in love with my Rentman (and kinda-sorta wanting to upgrade it to an L/XL in the long term — but first I need to be able to take those lengths, well, and girths! ).”



Right the top of my head, I can’t think of another site that matches Mr. Hankey’s versatility. Especially with the wide range of realistic dildo casts.

But maybe you would just want to check out other different dildos offered in the market…

In that case, I’d recommend you check this fantasy dragon dildo guide. In it, I have compiled up to 55 top picks that are majorly sought after by other hedonists.

And if you want to see other alternatives detailing other huge dildo selections, check big-huge dildo. It’s a guide carrying the biggest and most gigantic dildos in the market.

Conclusion: Final Thoughts

To put a lid on this…

Mr. Hankey’s Toys is undisputedly a great online sex toy site. The company has put in a marvelous effort in making sure that there is variety in selection.

This is all covered under their Realistic, Fantasy & Sci-Fi, and other accessories all in-site.

What’s more… The website is user-friendly and easy to navigate through.

The products come at competitive prices considering the amount of effort going into the production and distribution.

And the best part is that they have multiple payment options and a wonderful customer service team!

What are some of your experiences with Mr. Hankey’s Sex Toys?

Feel free to share and leave a comment in the Comments Section below!

Until next time… Ciao!


Mr. Hankey’s Sex Toys Site Review

Dainis Graveris

mr hankey sex toys


Mr. Hankey’s Toys is one of my favorite shops and they have an excellent selection of unique sex toys. Definitely highly recommended!

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