Male Perineum Massage: How To Stimulate It To Orgasm?

While massaging your taint, you may want to incorporate fingers and vibrators to get a perineum orgasm. It’s important that you also add the use of lube to prevent skin irritation from the friction involved. In some men, the teasing sensation of someone licking the perineum helps them achieve better orgasms.

What Is A Perineum On A Man & Why To Massage It?

Before we get to what a male perineum massage is, what do we refer to as the perineum?

Well, this is a triangular spot that is found in both men and women. This is the region found between the anus and scrotum’s base in men.

In women, it is the region between the anus and the vagina.

What gives it its pleasure attributes are the numerous pudendal nerve endings that converge in that area. This makes the perineum area erogenous and sensitive to mild touches when aroused.

If you learn how to work the ropes of taint massaging, then you may harvest the full pleasure potential.

And while not everyone gets it on the first try, constant practice will eventually reward you. As is revealed in Healthline.

But, how do we massage the taint well to get a perineum orgasm? Read on to find out.

What Does Perineum Stimulation Feel Like?

“So, it’s not “anal” but it’s prostate massage regardless and it wasn’t from touching my dick so I think it counts. Contributing factors:

Hadn’t cum in about a week, have been cutting back on porn/masturbation compared to the “wonder years”.

Have had sex/jerked off and teased however, mild edging

Get yourself really horny

Don’t touch your dick or use a prostate massager (example here)

Keep a steady rhythm, doesn’t necessarily have to be fast, but I was between 100 and 120 bpm when I was getting there. Just stay on beat, your body likes that.

I had been watching porn for more than an hour, stopping and starting jerking off/focusing on perineum massage and “getting it right”. I got into bed to try to make it easier on me and started looking for porn on my phone to listen to at least. 

Got frustrated not finding what I wanted, or being unsatisfied with what I heard, I just started focusing on what I was doing. I remembered how much I’ve fingered girls and how they enjoy it and started just finding a rhythm that I liked and keeping it there until it stopped growing in arousal. Eventually, I sped up, but only slightly.

Arousal kept building and it felt really nice. Then I started to feel it, briefly worrying that I started to pee somehow and that I’d been poking my bladder the whole time. It felt like peeing only in the sense of fluid being rushed through your cock, not emptying the bladder, however. 

I was shooting so fast, and my cock wasn’t being squeezed like when I jerked off. Normally you can feel the difference in viscosity. I caught it in my hand and it made quite a large pool.”


“Light pressure, almost a tickle. A slow-motion tickle. Teasing the anus by circling it with a finger.

This gets me into hip jerking, withering, out of body orgasm zone where I laugh and cry at the same time.

Hard pressure does nothing to me. In fact, it just hurts. Anal penetration also doesn’t feel great for me despite loving the thought of it, being very open about it and trying it numerous times with no benefit what so ever. Prostate massage doesn’t feel great for me either. 

Weird, because porn of this nature had always got me off, but for me, the fantasy had never lived up to the reality. So the light touch without penetration works.”


“Last friday I met a girl, not really an ONS, not really intended to doing anything naughty at all. Told her about my itching back and other stuff and while we watched a movie at my place she started to massage my back, especially the lower part.

Unusually her touching my lower spine made me somewhat instant-hard. Somehow she was expecting it and moved one of her hands around and kept searching for my erect cock to give it a few squeezes. 

After I ended up on my back. She kept pressing her flat hands around my inner legs and hip and just above my cock on the pubic bone. 

It felt all quite tingly and somewhat warm, but then she pressed 2 fingers in the area under the scrotum and it felt like my somewhat softer penis got just hard from that one touch. 

The tingly warm feeling got stronger while she used her other hand still on my pubic bone without touching my cock until I had my, what I think, first real dry orgasm.”


Where Is Perineum Located?

As I briefly revealed in the introduction, the perineum region is found in men and women alike.

And I’d also pointed out that it is found right between the anus and balls in men. This is a soft padded area that has a stretch of a thick skin covering that short length.

As you’re seated right now… 

If you reach down and cup your balls, extending your index and middle fingers will have you in contact with a seamed line. That’s the spot… That’s the place you’d call your perineum. 

And what’s more, the perineal area is almost twice as long as in men than in women.

When you exert a firm press over it, you’ll get to feel a tingly feeling that goes both ways and into your prostate area. This is an indication of the heavy presence of pudendal nerves that are packed close together. 

What that results in, is an unexplored pleasure ground that is hidden in plain sight. This is a pure gateway of getting your way to the prostate as it’s just above the perineum.

What do you think about it so far?

As you figure your answer to that, check out the different ways in which you can massage your taint below.

Ways To Massage The Taint

It’s imperative that you get your stimulation right when massaging your taint. For most people, applying too much pressure may yield more harm than good. More so for guys who have extra sensitive perineum.

Squatting exposes the prostate close to the perineum. This makes stimulation more sensational and milking it easier.

Whether you use the tongue, finger, or a perineum vibrator, check that you don’t go overboard and bruise your taint. Otherwise, you’ll have to go around walking like a wooden-legged pirate.

Nevertheless, you can mitigate this by applying a generous amount of lube and clipping extra lengths of your nails. This will help prevent your taint from burning up or developing bruises from the stroking’s friction. 

Let’s see some of the 2 main male perineum massage techniques:



This is a go-to technique for most people. And what’s best is that it’s external so there’s not much prodding as with locating the prostate gland.

To go about it, you can start by placing your middle and index fingers on either side of the seam. Then, gently stroke the part by moving your fingers slowly up-and-down your anus and balls.

You may infuse different styles e.g. rubbing or even massaging in a circular motion. The aim is to listen to your body as you explore these options and varying pressures. 

Other than that, you can also opt to slip a finger in your anus as you rub your taint with your thumb. 



It has proven to awaken your pleasure nerves in the most delicate manner. With the tongue too, a partner may stroke your taint up-and-down, in a circular motion, and exert varying levels of pressure.

Perineum Vibrators

Perineum Vibrators

These are toys that aid in giving more assertive stimulations for men (and women). 

The best kinds have a flat palm-style that makes them easier to use and sit on. 

If you don’t know where to begin, you can start with the Romp Wave vibrator. It’s made of silicone and positions well against the taint. Also, Fin by Dame is a great vibrator that’s wearable on your fingers and gives stunning vibrations.

On the higher end, the Mimic (silicone) is another effective perineum massager that gets the job done. It’s broader and covers the better part of your perineum. If you don’t compromise quality with price, then this is a must-have for you.

“Soft, gentle rub unless otherwise directed. It feels REALLY good! Also feels good when licked! Just under the balls towards the anus but not the anus itself. Good times are had there!”



Getting a perineum orgasm is a really beautiful journey for men. Once you’ve located that unexplored part of your body, learning what it likes or not is the next step.

Not leaving it at that, getting the right way to massage the taint will also add to your orgasm success.

You could either go with the traditional use of your fingers or take up the suggested perineum vibrators.

Or you can always go the DIY route and learn how to make a homemade prostate massager.

I hope this helps you in your quest for a perineum orgasm…

How is your process coming along? 

Let me know in the Comments Section below 🙂


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