Lovense Max 2 Review [2021]: After 3 Month Testing

Lovense is a high tech male masturbator with lots of fun features. In this Lovense Max 2 review we share our thoughts after 3 months in use of this toy:

The Lovense Max 2 is touted as a revolution in male masturbators.

I’ve spent the better part of a month putting the 2.0 version of the Lovense Max to the test, both as a solo toy as well as checking out its integration with the multiplayer online 3D sex game, 3DXChat – a feature that I never knew I needed in a toy.

In this review, I’ll cover all of my experiences with the Lovense Max 2. This will include:

  • Max’s vaginal contraction and vibration functions, 
  • its local and long-distance control
  • how it compares to the original Max,
  • the effectiveness of its digital integration with 3DXChat. 

To be honest, the 3DXChat integration might virtually be the biggest selling point for the toy. 

Ready to get a vibe for the Lovense Max 2 and everything it has to offer? 


The Good

The Max 2 provides an all-encompassing multiple sensation sleeve that feels great whether you’re manually stoking, or letting it do its thing with its extended vibrator, 360-degree contractions, and adjustable air vent that controls the suction intensity.

Lovense’s integration with the virtual sex games of Mirror Life and 3DXChat provides a fun, interactive, and surprisingly immersive way to experience digital sex – whether you’re playing by yourself or joining in with other online players.

The Not So Good

Although Lovense notes that the Max 2 accommodates most penis sizes (up to approximately 14.5cm in girth), if you are thicker than average, you may find the Max 2 to be a bit too tight.

The Max 2 isn’t entirely hands-free, and the device is a bit loud with stronger vibrations.

The Bottom Line

The Lovense Max 2 is an incredible device that can effectively get you off whether you’re using it by yourself, with a partner, or within the near-perfect digital integration with 3DXChat.

It’s a great starter device if you are new to the world of male masturbators, or if you’re on a budget, but still want plenty of interactive options on a masturbator.

Max 2: My First Impressions

The packaging of the Max 2 is as expected. The device comes placed in a sleek, yet highly secure foam casing, accompanied by its magnetic charging cable, a quick-start guide, and a more in-depth user manual. 

Unboxing the Max 2 had me even more excited than I already was, so immediately after pulling the toy from its case, I started charging it. 

Glancing over the quick-start guide certainly gives you the resources to start using the Max 2 right out of the box. It’s worth taking a closer look at the user manual to learn all about the toy’s features, though, as well as cleaning and maintaining its upkeep. 

Let’s Talk About Tech Specs

3.33 inches
1.65 lbs
ABS Plastic /Skin-like TPE
Li-ion rechargeable (up to 3-hour charge)

Lovense Max 2 Design – How It Looks & Feels

The outside of the Max 2 features a textured, ribbed design. 

It is super easy to grab and hold onto while in use – I’ve even found myself twirling the device on the palm of my hand like a baton while getting ready to use it. 

Though it’s probably not wise to do so since dropping the Max 2 on a hard surface could (probably) easily CRACK or break the ABS plastic case.

In addition to the magnetic charging connection and an emergency release, the bottom of the toy has two air vents. One is used for controlling the amount of suction, the other is a pressure vent. 

On the other side, the cap can be effortlessly unscrewed to reveal the textured sleeve awaiting you on the inside. 

The Max comes together with a clear TPE sleeve. It has a neutral ring-opening and vaginal textures on the inside. The sleeve is smooth and incredibly satisfying to touch, which makes it all the more enticing to start using immediately.

Pro Tip: If you fancy realistic looks, you can also purchase separately a pink sleeve with a vagina-shaped opening.

The Max 2 is just as sleek as the box that it comes in, both inside and out. 

Even for a newbie, its design and function buttons are intuitive enough to use right out of the box, with the sleeve being easily removable for quick and effective cleaning after use.

And you WILL be getting plenty of use out of the Max 2.

Taking It To The Max (2)

The Max 2 sounds great on paper – a clearly superior device to the original. But why exactly is the Max 2 unique?

360-Degree Contractions

The improved 360-degree contractions on the Max 2 are even more effective in simulating the feeling of a blowjob.

The intensity of the contractions can be adjusted depending on your sensitivity, as can the extended vibrators, providing a truly customizable experience. 

The “squeeze” occurs throughout the entire sleeve all at once, contracting around the entirety of your penis. 

The pressure of the contractions can be as light or as hard as you want, while the pulsations of the contractions can run a range from being slow and intimate to fast and furious.

These contractions can happen by themselves or simultaneously with the vibration feature – the latter of which is the perfect way to make my toes curl while using the device.

Adjustable Air Vent 

Located on the top of the device, the adjustable air vent on the Max 2 works hand-in-hand with 360-degree contractions.

This means it gives you control over how hard the Max 2 is sucking. 

It’s easy to adjust on the fly as well, allowing you to change things up at a moment’s notice while using the device.

The vent can be opened and closed by a cover that swivels back and forth, making it easy to adjust even while in use.

Mirror Life & 3DXChat Integration

The Max 2 joins the rest of the Lovense suite that integrates with the 3D sex games of Mirror Life – a VR Game developed specifically for use with the Max 2 – and 3DXchat – an online multiplayer virtual world. 

In Mirror Life, any movements you make with your Max 2 will be represented on-screen with your digital partner, whether you’re getting a blowjob or doing it doggy-style. 

With 3DXChat, the Max 2’s contractions and vibrations are actually controlled depending on the position (and speed/intensity) that is selected in the game. 

This video gives a good overview of idea what 3DXChat is capable of.

Controlling The Vagina Contraction & Vibration Settings

Similar to the Max 2’s sex game integrations, the device’s vaginal contractions and vibrations can also be controlled via local Bluetooth or over the internet with someone else.

You can partner Max 2 with Nora – Lovense’s rabbit vibrator.

The Lovense Remote app easily connects to your device and allows you to manually control your (or your partner’s) contraction and vibration settings, create your own patterns, and even save favorite patterns that have been created by the active community.

I’m still finding and adding new favorites almost daily!

How to Use Lovense Max 2

The Max 2 is about as plug-and-play as you can get. 

You’re able to connect the toy to your mobile device via Bluetooth immediately out of the box – just add a new toy via the easy-to-use Lovense Remote app, turn on the Max 2, and voila! 

Of course, you should charge the toy for at least two hours first so that it gets a full charge (but I certainly understand if you’re just as excited to use your new toy as I was).

There are only two buttons on the Max 2 – one that turns the device on and off while also controlling the seven different vibration settings and one that controls the air pump settings for the contractions feature. This makes it easy to use the toy on its own.


I strongly suggest you play around with the app, as you can create your own unique vibration and contraction patterns, or select from a plethora of other users’ custom patterns.

Long-distance play is also available via the app through the “Sync Together” or “Video Chat” button. This feature allows you to sync your toy with a partner whether they’re in the next room or miles away.

What’s The Difference Between The Original Max And The Max 2?

Most of the features from the original Lovense Max have made their way to the Max 2 as well. 

It is primarily quality-of-life features that make the Max 2 superior to the original device, as well as improvements to the contraction and vibration functions.

The biggest difference is in the gripped case on the Max 2, versus the completely smooth, unribbed plastic case on the original Max.

The new case provides a far better grip during use than the original, which is important since stroking with the Max 2 is a pretty large component of using the device.

Another difference between the Max 2 and the original is that the Max 2 is bigger overall. 

The Li-ion rechargeable battery features a two to three hour battery life, which means you’ll probably be able to get at least a couple of uses out of the Max 2 before having to recharge it.

This spec, however, falls a bit shorter than the original Max, which held roughly 30-minutes more of a charge. It’s a small price to pay, though, for a more powerful device in the Max 2.

Finally – and perhaps most importantly – the Max 2 features Bluetooth integration that provides a local and long-distance connection to a mobile device, as well as its integration with 3DXChat.

Max 2 and Nora: Using Teledildonics in Long Distance Relationships

Another major pro of the Max 2 is that it syncs directly with Nora – Lovense’s Bluetooth rabbit vibrator. 

This means that the two toys can be synced together at any distance, allowing each toy to react to the other’s movements during a long-distance sex session via the Lovense app. 

Basically, if Nora moves in a particular way, that movement will be felt in the Max 2 (and vice-versa). Not only does this include the ability to sync the Max 2 with a Nora — two Max 2’s or two Nora’s can connect to each other as well.

What’s even better is that the toy can sync up with a recorded video (again, on the app), allowing you to “play” with your partner even if they aren’t available to join in on the fun. 

This is an especially impressive feature considering the past year and a half when social distancing and shelter-in-place ordinances were required around the world due to the COVID-19 pandemic, making dating and in-person encounters a bit more challenging. 

Get Lovense Max 2 + Lovense Nora together here.

My Experience With Lovense Max 2

My time with the Lovense Max 2 has involved three different uses – using it alone, using it with the SDXChat integration, and using it with a partner. There was a bit of a learning curve, but learning how exactly to use the device was absolutely worth it!


My first experience with the Max 2 was a solo endeavor, connected only to the Lovense Remote app. It’s important to point out that the Max 2 is a vibrator, rather than a handless stoker. 

You’ll have a wide range of vibration and contraction control while also having the ability to manually stroke. It won’t do ALL of the work for you… it’ll just make it better.

I went from 0 to 60 right away. After applying a generous amount of water-based lube and inserting myself into the Max 2, I cranked up the contractions and the vibrations to full force and closed the air vent to have the most amount of suction that I could.

It felt… fine, but it didn’t really do much for me.

After a few minutes, I decided to check out other user-created patterns. It was then that things started to click!

Repeating patterns and increasing intensities, followed by quick changes in everything made me begin to understand how to use the Max 2.

I eventually released some of the suction and began stroking while the patterns were playing, which made finishing quicker and more satisfying. 


I’m no stranger to the world of virtual reality, just ask for the things that my Oculus Quest headset has seen (… actually, maybe don’t). 

As such, I was highly intrigued with checking out the Max 2’s integration with SDXChat – I was not disappointed.

Connecting the device to the game is as simple as scanning a QR code with the Lovense Remote app, booting up the game, and virtually jumping into bed (or a chair, or the beach, or anywhere else you’re able to go in the game). 

The Max 2 mimics whatever position your character is performing in a surprisingly immersive way, whether you’re giving or receiving oral, riding (or being ridden) in reverse cowgirl, pegging (or being pegged), or having sex in any one of the other multiple positions that are available in the game. 

All of these movements are controlled on the fly by you (if you are playing solo with an NPC), or if you’re having a virtual play with another person who is controlling their own character.

You’re able to speed up and slow down movements, which makes for a very interactive experience and changed-up feeling from the Max 2

Stroking with the device while the virtual sex was happening only elevated the experience, which by the end, left me trembling, unlike any other masturbation experience that I’ve had before. 

Local/Long-Distance Partner Play

That same intense experience extended into using the Max 2 with my partner, both locally and over the internet. 

It was exciting and intimate to give up control to my partner. Though, admittedly, during our local play, we ended up casting the device aside to finish together given the heat and intensity of the session.

How to Clean the Lovense Max 2

Keeping your Max 2 well-maintained is incredibly easy. 

Simply detach the sleeve once you are done and clean it with warm water (avoiding the use of soap), and allow it to dry thoroughly. 

Just be sure to charge the device at least once every six months (which I’m sure you’ll have no problem doing with the amount of use the Max 2 is probably going to get).


Is It Suitable for Small Dicks?

The Max 2’s inner sleeve is more than capable if you are a bit below average in size. You’ll have no issues feeling each of the seven different vibrations.

However, because the contractions of the Max 2 occur a bit deeper in the device (closer to the middle), you may not get as much of a sensation if you are on the shorter side.

What Other VR Games Does It Support?

The Max 2 is specifically designed to work with SDXChat, as well as the Lovense-created programs of Mirror Life and Lovense Media player.

The device is also potentially able to connect to the SexLikeReal VR Porn app. However, you may need a bit of developing chops to get it fully integrated.

What to do if Lovense Max 2 Not Connecting?

If your Max 2 isn’t connecting, there are a couple of things you can do:

Firstly, check if Max is charged and turned on. You should see the light blinking BEFORE you try to connect to the app. Check that it’s not connected to another wireless device.

If that doesn’t work, try turning your Bluetooth and GPS location services off for a minute or so, and then turn them back on.

Try restart the app and/or your phone.

If all else fails, contact Lovense Support who will be happy to get you back up and running as soon as they can. Make sure you mention as many details as you can to speed up the process. 

This could be things such as the model of the device & the version of the app you use, details that you used for purchasing. 

Where Can You Get One? 

The Max 2 can be purchased for $99 (currently marked down from $199) directly from Lovense’s website.

What do Other People think About It?

“Overall this has been a great experience. I wish I’d bought one sooner, to be honest. I’ve often felt at the mercy of my lust and sexual biology and this thing makes me feel empowered and most importantly it feels incredible.”

throwawaysextoys123, Reddit

“It’s brought me to a finish without me having to do a thing multiple times. The ONLY downfall I have noticed is how loud the device is.”

EastMurdafieldBK, Reddit

“My fiancé and I have the set, and we love it. Nothing bad to say. Every once in a while the connection can go, but we really haven’t had any issues with it. The app is great.”

Anonymous, Reddit


The Kiiroo Onyx Plus offers up a top-tier experience (and a quiet one at that), but it’s also one that you may be paying too much for. However, with its VR integrations, it can be considered a good alternative to the Max 2. In-depth review here.

The Kiiroo Keon, on the other hand, rivals the Max 2 as a better device that also features VR integrations. It is an automatic stroker, and it costs accordingly, which makes it firmly set outside of being considered as a “budget” device. In-depth review here.

Final Thoughts

The Lovense Max 2 is a step up from the original device.

If you’re looking for your first male masturbator (or you’re looking for one on a budget), the price makes it a great starter device that is more than capable of giving you what you want.

Just make sure you check out the Max 2’s stellar integration with 3DXChat… you can thank me later.

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