Lovense Lush 3 Review [2021]: Is It Worth The Upgrade?

Keeping the intimacy alive with your partner shouldn’t be a frustration anymore. In this Lovense Lush 3 review, we’ll explore how Lush 3 has improved and whether it’s worth upgrading if you have a Lush 2 toy.

lush 3 vibrator in its box

We’ve all been there…

You get a Bluetooth vibrator hoping that the technology will work for you only to be disappointed by a sketchy connection, a vibe that misses the “spot,” or tractor-like sounds in your panties!

Over the years, I’ve tested all the long-distance toys I could get my hands on, from the Kiiroos to the We-Vibes and the OhMiBods.

I know how important it is to have a toy that just WORKS and doesn’t add to the frustration you already feel when love is long-distance.

Lovense has already proved itself in aiding and abetting kinksters looking to be “controlled” from a distance with their Lush and Lush 2. 

Now, with the long-awaited Lush 3, I wondered if the sextech brand had hit the jackpot.

In this guide, we’ll explore how Lush 3 has improved, whether it’s worth upgrading if you have Lush 2.

But if you’re pressed for time, here’s the TL;DR version:

The Good

Lovense Lush 3 is a quality insertable silicone egg vibrator that delivers super-strong vibes to your G-spot. Unlike Lush 2, it has a fixed, figure-hugging design for a more discreet and comfortable experience and an upgraded antenna for better connectivity.

Plus, like other Lovense toys, the jam-packed app offers endless patterns to control stimulation, while the real-time sensations and chat options help close the distance between you and your lover.

The Not So Good

It only delivers internal vibrations and won’t stimulate your clitoris. There is a learning curve to the app if you don’t own any Lovense toys before.

The Bottom Line

Lush 3 packs a lot of features and vibrating power for a small wearable device that stays put for an extended time. If you’re looking for a reliable, discreet G-spot stimulating toy that you can use with a partner close by or long-distance, then this is for you.

But if you need something to stimulate your clit at the same time or if you’re perfectly content with your Lush 2, then you might want to sit this one out.

Lovense Lush 3 is for you if:

  • You want a wearable toy that sends intense, rumbly vibrations to your G-spot
  • You like a feature-packed app to control your toy (different patterns, modes, features)
  • You’re in a long-distance relationship searching for a reliable toy to keep the intimacy alive
  • You want a discreet toy with a reliable connection for naughty public play
  • You’re looking for a comfortable toy you can wear throughout the day
  • You love to tease/be teased

Lovense Lush 3 might not be for you if:

  • You need internal and external stimulation at the same time (Lush 2 + Wand combo is your best bet)
  • You prefer anal insertion (check out the Lovense Hush)
  • You have a Lush 2 and are absolutely, perfectly happy with it (if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!)

What’s In The Box?

The Lush 3 turned up on my doorstep in plain discreet packaging, which did not indicate anything naughty.

In it, I have found a Lovense Lush 3 package, sealed with all the contents. 

Which are?

  • Lush 3;
  • a black storage pouch;
  • user manual; 
  • setup guide;
  • and a magnetic charging cable.

The Lush 3 sits snugly in the packaging, behind which you’ll find all the other bits and bobs, including the pouch…which feels a little plastic-y to me.

I prefer to keep my sex toys in something silky soft. BUT at least it does come with a protective storage pouch which many others don’t. So, there is that!

lush 3 and accessories

My First Impressions About Lush 3

The Lush 3 came to me half-charged, ready to use out of the box. Usually, I give my new toys a full charge before the first use.

But the half-charge was oh-so-tempting. So, I gave in! As a sex toy reviewer, you know it’s not every day that our libido levels shoot up.

If you’re an eager beaver like I was, then you’ll have a couple of hours of playtime before the juice runs out.

A good indication of a powerful battery!

I also noticed the absence of any strong chemical odors, which you sometimes get with new sex toys. The Lush 3 just had that new-out-of-the-box smell, which isn’t unpleasant.

Cradling it in my hand, it felt pretty light and super soft.

Oh, and I dig the shocking pink color. So far, I was impressed!

The Nitty Gritty Details

We all know that not all sex toys are created equally. So, what features are you actually getting when you purchase a Lush 3? 

Design & Materials

The Lush 3 is made from premium-grade silicone that is body-safe and feels super soft.

But the most visible upgrade with the Lush 3 has been the antenna. The long ‘tail’ of the Lush 2 has been replaced with a fixed but flexible curved antenna that wraps upwards towards your clit.

The result? A much more discreet and comfortable toy for public play or long wear. Instead of dangling between your legs, it fits flush to your body.

For me, this is a great design tweak since I broke my original Lush by pulling the antenna forward to get a little clit-stim going. And I ended up messing with the Bluetooth!

Having the antenna in a more convenient outward-facing place also helps with connectivity, so it’s a win-win.

What About The Size?

measuring the circumference of lush 3 vibrator

The insertable part of the vibrator measures about 1.5 inches thick (4.7 inches around), and the body is about 3 inches long.

It’s slightly thicker than the Lush 2 (1.4 inches) but also a little shorter. The Lush 2 insertable measures 3.14 inches. 

These tiny margins of difference are NOT noticeable.

measuring the length of lush 3 vibrator

So, if you’re pleased with the size of Lush 2, you’ll be equally pleased with the Lush 3.

And if you’re new to the Lush table, don’t worry. It’s not intimidating by any means, and it’s easy to insert with a little lube.

Once you pop it in, it stays put, sends strong vibes, and keeps the pressure on your G-spot.

Key Features of Lush 3

Lush 3 is jam-packed with a bunch of familiar features and new and improved ones that I’ve come to love. Let’s start with the toy’s powerful vibrations.

Vibration & Pleasure Patterns

lush 3 and its app showing the vibration control setting

Lush 3 packs a lot of vibrating power for a small wearable device. But if you have the Lush 2, you won’t really feel A LOT of difference.

Unlike some of the wearable vibrators I’ve tried, Lush 3 and Lush 2 are the most powerful by far. Lovense has clearly hit the mark on creating small, powerful toys.

I would describe the vibrations as being somewhere between a deep rumbling build and a “wham-bam-thank-you-mam.”

Not super hardcore intense, but they are certainly strong enough to make a good impression on your G-spot!

At lower vibration settings, you’d feel more rumbly vibes. But they do get a bit buzzier when you ramp up the power.

You can find the vibrating motor at the tip of the insertable bulb that works for most anatomy.

Contrary to popular belief, the end of the tiny antenna that sits on your clit has NO MOTOR. So if you do feel something on your sweet spot, they’re just residual vibes from the inside.

If you’re looking for more external stimulation OR both clit and internal stim, then this is not for you. But If you enjoy powerful rumbly vibrations for G-spot stim, then Lush 3 could suit you.

The toy has a total of 7 built-in vibration functions.

Pressing the button on the toy itself cycles you through 3 steady “buzzes” with increasing intensities. The fourth to seventh patterns are a mix of pulses, waves, and escalations.

Want more? Using the Lovense Remote app, you have the option to adjust the speed levels of the four preset patterns — Pulse, Wave, Fireworks, and Earthquake.

And if those are not enough, you can create, save, and share your own patterns. You can even browse through an entire PUBLIC LIBRARY OF PATTERNS.

Or let your partner create patterns and control the vibes on your Lush 3 (much more on that later).

Magnetic Charging

lush 3 and its magnetic charger

The Lush 3 features a magnetic charger located at the end of the antenna, which is much better than the Lush 2, IMO.

Lush 2 had a USB plug-in port located on the insertable end, which is just a recipe for bacterial infections! Also, I have heard stories of the pin of the plug breaking off inside it.

So, the new magnetic charger is safer and much more hygienic.

I’m not usually a fan of magnetic chargers as the connection can be so fickle. Thankfully, this charging port’s flat design is more stable. 

While charging, a solid red light stays on. Once full, the light will turn off. If you’re unsure about the toy’s battery status, you can connect it to the app. Then, check the battery indicator.

It takes about 85 minutes to charge fully.

Yeah, it takes longer than other rechargeable sex toys, but it does provide up to 2 hours more of continuous use than the Lush 2.

If you want to maximize your webcam tips or wear your Lush 3 all day for spontaneous teasing sessions, then this could be a big advantage! 

Noise Level

measuring the noise level of lush 3

We’ve already established that Lush 3 is a pretty powerful wearable device. But a powerful vibrator that’s also “ silent”? Hhhmmmm…

Well, I have NOT to HEAR it to believe it.

So… Lovense claims that Lush 3 has 43 dB as its highest sound level. 

As per our testing, the absolute highest sound level of the Lush 3 is 50.7 dB. You can still hear it rumble, but it’s pretty quiet when you compare it to other sounds:

  • Library – 40 dB
  • Birdsong – 44 dB
  • A conversation at home – 50 dB
  • Conversation in a restaurant – 60 dB

Note: This is the sound level we’ve recorded with the Lush 3 out. If you’re going to insert it inside you, then the layer of tissue, skin, and clothing will drown the rumbly sounds.

If you want to build some tension while inside the car, the sound of the road and engine will muffle the toy’s vibes. All the more if there’s some music blasting on your speakers.

OVERALL VERDICT? I’d say that just like Lush 2, Lush 3 is quiet enough to use out and about in most public settings.

You could easily use it in public places with constant ambient sound without being busted — but not within super-quiet intimate places.

Now, I have to say that I don’t usually use my Lush 3 at its full intensity.

If you’re unsure about the kind of setting and noise you’re dealing with, you can start fooling around at the lowest setting. Then slowly increase the vibration intensity through the app. 

Lush 2 vs. Lush 3: How Do They Stack Up?

Lush 3
Lush 2
What’s It Made Of?
How Big Is It?
Tail Design
Fun Time
Charge Time
Lush 3
Body-safe silicone, ABS
Insertable diameter: 1.5 inches
Insertable length: 3 inches
0.15 lbs. (69.9 g)
Fixed, curved tail
4.5-5 hours of continuous use
85 minutes (1 hour, 25 min)
Lush 2
Body-safe silicone, ABS
Insertable diameter: 1.4 inches
Insertable length: 3.14 inches
0.16 lbs. (73 g)
Super flexible tail
Up to 3 hours of continuous use
70 minutes (1 hour, 10 min)

The main reason why I love reviewing Lovense products is the company behind them. They really listen to what their customers say.

Once they get a good idea about what’s lacking or needs work on their products, they release better ones. Like some of Lush 2’s not-so-good parts turned good parts on Lush 3.

One of the major complaints of Lush 2 users is the toy’s flexible tail. The toy got uncomfortable when used for an extended time because of it.

Lush 2 didn’t stay in place. It kept moving. Sometimes, the tip on my Lush 2 was sticking out in all the wrong places that I needed to be careful about my outfit choices.

With Lush 3, I didn’t experience any of these things. That’s because they changed the antenna design and went with a more fixed, flexible tail.

This form-fitting design means that the toy stays in place better for most women and is noticeably more comfortable for extended wear.

Even if Lush 2 and Lush 3 are almost the same sizes and weight, you’ll feel more pressure and vibrations on your G-spot with Lush 3.

There are no obvious changes in the vibrating motor. Both Lush 2 and Lush 3 still offer deep, powerful rumbly vibes. Plus, they’re both stronger than the OG Lush.

However, Lush 3’s vibes begin more rumbly than Lush 2’s. And I noticed that Lush 3 is more powerful on lower settings than Lush 2.

But when you choose the highest settings, you can’t tell the difference at all.

Now, onto the connectivity. Lovense equipped Lush 3 with a brand-new antenna and printed circuit board (PCB).

That means Lush 3 offers a more reliable Bluetooth connection than Lush 2.

I couldn’t really tell the difference in connectivity between Lush 2 and Lush 3. I didn’t have any issues with my Lush 2. Both connect easily and remain connected for close-range and long-distance control.

But if you had connectivity issues with your Lush 2, then upgrading to the Lush 3 could resolve this issue.

In terms of noise levels, Lush 3 is slightly quieter than Lush 2 on low settings. But once worn, both are pretty discreet when used in public places with ambient noise.

Of course, let’s not forget the charging experience. Lush 3 now comes with a more convenient magnetic charging cable.

Although charging Lush 3 takes 15 minutes longer than Lush 2, you’re getting almost twice more power on continuous use!

Yup, that pretty much translates to longer public play action or lots of dough for cam models.

If you loved the Lovense Remote app on Lush 2 (and other Lovense toys), don’t worry. You’re getting the same in-app experience with the Lush 3.

pink lush 3 product shot

How to Use Lovense Lush 3

There are TWO ways to use Lush 3. First, you can control it manually by pushing the toy’s one and only button. You can cycle through 3 steady levels and 4 preset patterns.

Second, you can use it through the Lovense Remote app. That means you can control the vibration intensity, patterns plus customize them through the app WITHOUT touching the toy.
Heck, you can even create and save your own patterns, share them, or download and use other Lush users’ patterns.

You can also give your partner short-range (via Bluetooth) control = DISCREET PUBLIC PLAY!

OR long-distance (via Wi-Fi through the app) live control over your toy = LDR lovin’!

Plus, you can chat and video-call your partner or synchronize each other’s Lovense devices if you both have ‘em. Oh, you can also sync its vibrations to music and background sounds.

How Does It Work?

The Lush 3 has one button to rule them all. It’s located at the end of the antenna for turning Lush ON/OFF and moving through the pre-programmed patterns.

It’s super easy to operate.

Just press the little button for a few seconds, and it will give a little pulse and a flashing light to signify that it is ON.

Then press it, again and again, to move to the next patterns. Then hold it down for a few seconds to switch OFF again.

The simplicity of it lets you switch off and get turned on without any fuss!

Using It Manually

Using Lush 3 manually is easy-peasy. Before insertion, I usually apply a generous amount of water-based lube to the toy’s insertable end and a lil’ bit on myself.

Then, I slowly insert the bulb inside. I don’t turn the toy on yet. I first make sure that the tail sits on top of my sweet spot (AKA my clit).

Once done, I press the control button for 3-5 seconds until I feel a small buzz.

I seldom take the manual way when I use my Lush 3 (or all of my Lovense toys, actually). But for the sake of science (and this review), I went ahead and explored the built-in vibration functions.

Pressing the toy’s control buttons a couple of times cycles you through 3 steady speeds and 4 preset patterns.

Once you find a vibe you like, that’s it. You can sit back or lie down and enjoy the vibes.

But if you think that the previous vibe/pattern is better than what you’re on, you can’t go back to it. Because there’s only one button, you have to go through all patterns again.

In my case, I prefer the third steady buzz vibes. I usually do a mental 1-2-3 count to get to my go-to vibe. There were one or two instances, though, that I went beyond the third. 

And going through another cycle of these functions was a buzzkill!

Well, there’s no need to deal with this issue if you use the Lovense Remote app, which I’ll discuss next…

Using My Lush 3 With The Lovense App

lush 3 and its app showing the popular vibration patterns

Most of Lush 3’s magic happens when you use it with the Lovense Remote app.

If you have other Lovense toys in your arsenal, then you know what I’m talking about.

However, the app for Lush 3 is the same as that for all Lovense toys. You’re not getting something extra with the 3.

BUT if you’re a Lovense virgin, then you are in for a treat because this app is the most customizable and full-featured app I’ve ever come across.

Well, there’s a bit of a learning curve to master the functions and find the best vibration setting that works for you. Honestly, testing and using the toy for one day won’t even cover them all.

If you’re a curious cat like me who enjoys playing around with a bunch of controls, then this toy is perfect for you.

Here’s a quick rundown to get you started…

Download the app to your phone or any compatible device and register using your email address. Connect the toy via Bluetooth by holding the power button for around 3 seconds.

Note: Make sure that your phone’s Bluetooth is also turned on.

lush 3 and its app

On the app, select the Link button. The app will find and connect to your toy in a few seconds. You’ll see Lush toggled on along with its current battery status.

The connection is super fast and only takes a few seconds. I didn’t experience any connection hiccups in close-range as long as I control it with my phone on the front.

That means this app-controlled toy is a must if you’re looking for a stable connection in close range. 

Now, you’re all set, starting with the app’s default page with Close Range controls.

In Close Range, you have 5 options: Remote, My Patterns, Music, Sound, and Alarm.


You or your partner in close range can control the toy’s vibrations in real-time. If you choose the “Tap and Slide Panel,” you will see a pink floating circle. 

Simply move the pink circle up or down to increase or decrease intensity. You can select the “Float” option if you want consistent vibes; “Loop” if you want to repeat a pattern you’ve created.

The “Traditional Panel” is like the previous panel. But instead of a floating button, you’re getting a slider. Dragging the slider up or down increases or decreases the vibration intensity, respectively.

My Patterns

You’ll find the toy’s 4 preset patterns I talked about earlier here. If you don’t want to control the toy with the vibes you created, you can choose from these patterns. You can even tweak their speeds.

You’ll also find the list of patterns you’ve created through the app here. If you’re feeling creative, you can click the “Create Pattern,” and customize your vibration pattern and intensity. Then, you can save, download, and share the pattern you created.

Note: If you select “Patterns” from the bottom of your screen, you get to access a massive collection of patterns from other Lovense users. When you hit the download button, you’ll, later on, see them on “My Patterns.”


You can sync the toy’s vibes to the beats of the songs on your phone’s music library or your fave music streaming platform like Spotify. Just keep in mind that the vibes will change when the song’s rhythm changes, NOT THE VOLUME.


The Sound option is the exact opposite of the Music option. Choosing this option means the toy vibrates from the background sounds it picks up. This feature is great when you’re in a concert or club, anything with changing sounds.

You can even adjust the microphone’s sensitivity levels. Like your partner can whisper all the dirty things they want to do to you, and the toy vibrates accordingly.


If you want to wake up happy instead of grumpy, you might want to take advantage of this feature. Insert the toy before going to sleep and set the time you want to wake up to powerful vibes down there. Good morning, sunshine!

I really love the Lovense app because you get to feel the sensations as you create them.

You don’t know what you’ll feel with other apps until you save the patterns and try them out. But with the Lush 3, the egg vibrates in real-time as you adjust, so you have more control to create something that works for you from the word “Go.”

The only disappointing feature for me is the Music feature.

The buzz doesn’t really respond to the beat as much as I would like – I wished for my Lush to pulsate, but it changes the intensity of the continuous buzz instead.

But want to know my fave part about using the app?

For me, it has to be the sound-activated vibration. 

Why? Because what other sex toy allows your partner to whisper “I want you. BAD!” straight to your G-spot?!

Dirty talking has never been so arousing!

lush 3 connected to a smartphone

What about Long Distance control?

In long-distance mode, you and your partner are getting similar control options as in close range mode. However, there are few more fun ways to interact with your partner while playing with the app and your Lovense toy(s).

First things first, both of you need to download the app, sign up, and create profiles. Next, you can add your partner or accept their request.

Once you’re connected, you can chat, call, video call, and send voice chats and pictures like any other messaging app.

BUT wait, there’s more…

You can actually control each other’s toys while on voice or video call. The control panel will appear as an overlay of your video chat.

voice activated lush 3

You can also send patterns you’ve created for your partner if they have another Lovense toy. But they have to accept the patterns you’ve sent first before they can enjoy ‘em and vice-versa.

Of course, the best part about Long-Distance control is giving your partner control over your toy.

But you have to send them an invitation that they must accept to control your toy. After that, you or your partner can choose to accept vibrations from each other automatically.

Once accepted, they’ll take full control of your toy. And there’s no way for you to override it unless you stop their control.

Our long-distance experience? When my other half had to leave town for a few days, it was the perfect opportunity to put the Lush 3 to the test.

It was super easy to set up. He just had to download the app, register, and find my profile. Then, once we were ‘connected,’ the fun could begin! 

He loved that even though we were miles apart, he could control my pleasure in real-time. Plus, he got really turned on from watching me (and hearing me!) react.

We used both the video and the voice call function, but you can also text if you prefer. 

lush 3 and its app showing the voice call feature

The connection was, for the most part, steady throughout.

It did drop a couple of times but reconnected quickly. And when we were on the video, there was no lagging or buffering of any kind. 

So, no frustrating pauses in the action — a huge plus if your income depends on it!

As part of my testing, I wore it in different environments and got my partner to do his thang in the app…

From doing the housework to driving the car, ordering coffee, and visiting the supermarket — I was completely comfortable, no slipping, no pinching, or pain… And no strange looks from innocent bystanders!

You can hear the buzz if you stand perfectly still in a silent room. But if you’re moving around, with music playing, or people chatting, then it’s not noticeable.

Your flushed face might be, though!

Cleaning & Durability

The Lush 3 has an IPX7 waterproof rating. That means you can submerge it in water for 30 minutes — great for shower or bathtime fun!

It also means it’s easy to clean.

Just lather up some warm soapy water and/or give it a spritz with a good toy cleaner. Be sure to dry it thoroughly before popping it in the storage bag.


If you are using lube with it, best stick to a water-based lubricant. You might damage the silicone material if you use silicone or oil-based lubes.

For those thinking of adding the Lush 3 to your toolkit with the thought of using it every now and then, be sure to recharge it every six months to maximize the working life.

If you’re concerned about splashing so much cash on a sex-tech toy, Lovense does provide a 1-year warranty, which gives some extra peace of mind.

Lush 3 Price (again) & Where To Buy It?

The Lush 3 will set you back $199. Sure, it’s not the cheapest vibrating egg. But for a toy with so much variety and the ability to personalize settings, the price is very reasonable!

It can also be a great investment.

Cam models have already been seeing an upsurge in tips when using the Lush 3. So, if you’re using it regularly, the Lush 3 could basically pay for itself!

It is brand-new on the market, so for the moment, it looks like you can only get it from the official Lovense website. But if you’re lucky, you can even get up to 50% off when you buy online.

That’s right, sometimes Lovense slashes the price down to $119.

I would always recommend buying your sex toys from either the main producer site or a reputable reseller.

Stay away from Amazon as much as possible! You can never be sure you’re getting the real deal or an imitation with toxic materials.


Do the tail and the tip vibrate as well?

As I mentioned, there’s no motor on the tip or tail of the Lush 3 or even the previous Lush generations.

If you’re gonna feel some vibrations on your clit from either, they’re going to be subtler. They’re simply leftover vibes that come from the insertable bulb.

They’re definitely not that strong to give you pleasurable sensations (or send you over the edge).

Can you use Lush 3 for anal play?

Oh, hell no!

Lush 3 has no flared base. So if you use it for some anal play action, you could lose the toy inside your butt hole.

You don’t want to be wheeled into the emergency room and deal with the pain and humiliation of explaining to your doctor what just happened.

If you’re looking for a vibrating butt plug that you can use for discreet public play, I recommend getting Lovense Hush.

It’s made from body-safe silicone and has a T-shaped base to keep the toy securely in place. It comes in two sizes, so you can choose which one’s the most comfortable for you.

Can I turn off the light on Lovense Lush 3?

Yes, there’s the option to turn off your toy’s LED light.

Under the “My Toys” page, tap Lush 3. You will see the “Enable/Disable LED” option.

Toggle off if you want to turn off the light.

Personally, I don’t bother turning the LED light off my Lush 3 because it’s not that visible, especially when you’re just wearing undies and other clothing.

Lush 3 Alternatives

Lovense Ferri

If G-spot-only vibrations are not your thing, you might want to check out Lovense Ferri. The Ferri is like Lush 3 but for vagina owners who prefer more clitoral stimulation during public play.

It’s technically a clitoral panty vibrator (NOT insertable!) with a super-strong magnetic cap that keeps the toy securely on your panties.

It’s the smallest toy from Lovense made from body-safe silicone/ABS material. Plus, it’s as quiet and has the same in-app features as Lush 3 for almost half its price.

We-Vibe Jive

But if you’re looking for something that works just like Lush 3 at a much lower price, get We-Vibe Jive. It’s an app-enabled wearable G-spot vibrator that’s quieter than Lush 3.

It’s a bit more comfortable to wear because it’s smaller. And you can even choose from two different colors.

However, its vibrations are not as powerful as Lush 3, and the We-Vibe app is not as reliable and feature-packed as the Lovense Remote app.

Final Thoughts

If you don’t have Lush already, Lush 3 is DEF worth getting. It gives all the vibrating power that your G-spot needs.

Plus, its reliable connectivity and discreet vibe add some spice to your relationship, whether long-distance or not.

But if you have Lush 2 and are pretty much happy with it – just stick to what you’ve got and wait for Lush 4 or 5.



Anastasia is a sex toy reviewer and a part of the SexualAlpha's Core Team.

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