Lovense Edge 2 Review [2021]: How Good Is This Adjustable Prostate Massager?

This Lovense Edge 2 review covers how worthwhile is adjustability. Plus, we give actionable tips on how to get the most out of this Bluetooth prostate massager. We also compare Edge 1 vs 2. Read on:

lovense edge 2 cover

I got my first Lovense Edge three years ago, and whoa! Lemme tell you something.

On my fourth adjust-insert-vibrate-remove-repeat attempt, I finally had one of those rare X-marks-the-spot moments.

After figuring out the best angle for me, I experienced some of the most intense orgasms.

You see, prostate Os are hard to come by. Many factors come into play like a full prostate, the right mindset, right arousal, and the RIGHT TOY.

Over the years, I’ve tried many anal toys, from cheap manual massagers to some vibrating and rotating toys—some worked, some meh.

But getting the right angle from Edge surprisingly worked. My only complaint was it kept slipping out when I had to walk around.

Then Lovense surprised us early this year with the new and improved Edge 2. So, of course, I had to give it a try.

After months of use, I’ll give you the low-down on my experiences with the toy — if it works for most folks and if it’s worth upgrading.

If you’re in a hurry, here’s the TL;DR.

The Good

Like its predecessor, Edge 2 has two vibrators and an adjustable arm that hits most folks’ prostate to stimulate more powerful, full-body orgasms. But now, it has more pronounced curves for a more secure fit, so you won’t worry about it slipping out.

And you can still customize your prostate play experience and share the fun with your partner via its remote app.

The Not So Good

Although the new Edge 2 fits more securely than Edge 1 while using it in the bedroom, it’s still not secure enough when you walk with it. You’re better off using a regular butt plug for public play. Also, you only get limited customization options and long-distance play features if you have no internet connection.

The Bottom Line

Edge 2 is an unbelievably powerful and flexible app-controlled prostate massager perfect for folks who are unsure about their anatomy, want strong vibes, or first-timers looking for the right size to start their prostate journey.

Yeah, it’s better than Edge 1 in some respects, but not the “OMFG-I-need-to-upgrade-right-now” kind of deal for already-satisfied Edge 1 users.

Lovense Edge 2 is for you if:

  • You suspect you have a bit more unique anatomy down there
  • Other manual massagers that worked for most folks didn’t work for you
  • You’re looking for an average-sized massager as a first-timer
  • You prefer powerful vibrations to stimulate your prostate
  • You want a reliable app interface to control your toy
  • You want more options to customize your prostate play experience
  • You’re in a long-distance relationship and want to share the control with your partner

Lovense Edge 2 might not be for you if:

  • Your prostate’s not down with the buzzing business
  • You prefer girthier anal toys
  • You want a discreet prostate toy for public play
  • You don’t have access to a reliable internet connection

Lovense Edge 2: First Impressions

After reviewing hundreds of sex toys, you might think that it doesn’t excite me anymore every time I hear my fave mailman ring my doorbell.


“Yeah, yeah. I’m coming, Ben.”

WRONG!!!! Of course, unboxing a new toy still gets me excited every time.

ENTER Lovense Edge 2.

It came in the same good ol’ white box as any other toy I have from Lovense. But unlike the first Edge with many graphics and descriptions on the outside, Edge 2’s box has a new design.

It looks simple, elegant, CLEAN… The kind of picture most guys want their first-time anal play experience to be. (*Spoiler alert: prolly not, without proper prep!*)

I removed the shrink wrap, opened the box, and BOOM! A sleek, black Edge 2 greets ‘ya along with the Lovense logo embossed on white cardboard at the bottom.

Besides the Bluetooth prostate massager, I got

  • a magnetic USB charging cable
  • a user manual
  • a quick setup guide
  • a black storage bag

I liked that it now comes with a small storage bag ‘cause my Edge 1 didn’t have any.

Holding the Edge 2, it feels heavier than my Lelo Hugo but just the right size. The kind that’s not too intimidating for first-timers and just enough for experienced users to wear longer.

Comparing it with my first Edge, it’s still pretty solid and smooth. The overall size is not that noticeable, honestly. But you will see how its adjustable arm is shaped differently.

The new Edge has more pronounced curves with two bulbs. And Lovense claims this newly engineered arm keeps the massager in place.

Well, we’ll see about that later.

Let’s Talk About Tech Specs

Edge 2 measures 4.89″ (124.25 mm) in total. Its insertable prostate arm is 3.59″ (91.16 mm) long and 1.38″ (35.06 mm) wide in diameter. The bottom arm is about 5″ long that rests comfortably on the perineum. 

As far as prostate massagers go, the overall size is within average. That means it’s a comfortable toy for both new and more experienced users in anal play.

The insertable prostate arm is about half an inch longer than the first Edge. So if you prefer more length or the OG was not hitting your prostate enough, this might do the trick for you. But if you like to feel “full,” it’s not that girthy.

In terms of material, Edge 2 is made from silky soft, body-safe silicone. If you apply enough lube (water-based lube only!), gliding the toy inside your anus shouldn’t be an issue.

While the toy looks solid on the outside, the insertable bulbs still give a slight squish. The texture provides more comfort and safety for the user to keep the toy inside longer. 

*NOTE: Anything that you shove up your A-hole should be made from non-porous, body-safe material. You don’t want to get all itchy and uncomfy down there because of shitty material.*


You don’t have to worry about sweat, lube, poop (yup, you guessed right), and any type of mess sticking to your toy permanently, making it a breeding ground for bacteria.

Moving on to its ADJUSTABILITY—the main reason why I bought the first Edge in the first place. I have a couple of Aneros toys, but the shape was just not doing it for me.

You see, the prostate or P-spot is as elusive as its vaginal counterpart, the G-spot. According to Healthline1, you can find the prostate just about two inches inside the rectum.

Seems easy enough, right? And young, innocent Dainis once tried using a ruler and marked 2 inches on his index finger. Did he hit his sweet spot? Uhm, AFFIRMA… NEGATIVE.

The thing about stimulating your prostate right is that it takes a lot of practice, patience, and more practice.

Vibrating prostate massagers help, but an adjustable, vibrating prostate massager like the Edge 2 is even BETTER.

Lovense knew that everyone has unique anatomical configurations. So, they created the first Edge with an adjustable insertable arm. And the same feature remains in Edge 2. (Clap, clap! *cue standing ovation* Clap, clap!)

You can manipulate the prostate arm up to 180 degrees to find the best angle that works for your anatomy. So if manual massagers that worked for most folks didn’t work for you, Edge 2 might help you hit that hard-to-find spot once and for all.

Edge 2 might not look a lot flexible initially, but you can move the arm with a bit of bend. Don’t worry. It won’t break. And once it’s in, it stays at the same angle.

Key Functionality

Two Powerful Vibrators – Does It Satisfy?

YASSS! Next question, please?

Seriously, they do! Especially when they work together.

No other prostate massager comes close to the power that Edge 2 offers (except for my Lelo Hugo, maybe. But then you have to spend twice as much money for that).

The secret lies in its two vibrating motors. You can find the first one inside the prostate arm; the second inside the perineum arm.

You can control both motors MANUALLY with 3 vibration levels up to 10 different patterns to cycle through.

OR SEPARATELY via the Lovense Remote app (much more on that later).

Each motor works well independently. Like I usually turn on the perineum motor only when I get it on with my woman. I set it on the highest setting, and she can feel the vibes on her clit.

But for more intense solo play, like when I’m really turned on, I turn on both motors. And the vibes go from rumbly to buzzy FAST!

All I’m saying is if you need solid, powerful vibes for your prostate, Edge 2 is the one to beat.

App Vibration Control – Great for Solo & Couples Play

While you can pretty much use the control button found at the bottom for manual operation, the pre-set patterns are MEH. Whatever pattern you choose applies to both motors.

And do you really want to take the back route and open your butt cheeks every time you need to cycle through different patterns? Yes? No? OF COURSE, NOT!

But thanks to the Lovense Remote app, Edge 2 vibrates your prostate to life. It’s kinda like a Bluetooth remote control for your toy. JUST WAY BETTER!

Unlike the OG Edge’s connection hiccups, Edge 2 is now more stable with fewer signal disruptions. All this is possible, thanks to its upgraded Bluetooth chip.

For solo play, you can use the app to control the vibration patterns and intensities of either or both motors, customize and save patterns, download and use other P-enthusiasts’ patterns, and sync the toy’s vibrations with your voice or music.

PHEW! That was a LOT! Here’s more…

For couples play, you can enjoy both close- and long-range control.

Close-range control means giving your phone to your partner or connecting their Bluetooth-enabled device to your toy for control. If she has another Lovense toy, she can control hers and yours simultaneously. You can even exchange controls.

Meanwhile, long-range control is a pretty neat feature for couples in long-distance relationships.

But to enjoy this feature, you and your partner need to have an internet connection and Lovense accounts.

After this, choose the Long Distance tab on your screen, click the + sign, and select Add People. Next, find your partner’s username, so you can send them an invite to control your toy.

Once done, you can control each other’s toys through the Live Control button or send vibration patterns to each other. You can even do all these things while sending each other texts, photos, voice chats, and video chats.


So, how do you use the Lovense Remote app for your Edge 2?

First, you have to download the Lovense Remote app on your compatible smartphone, tablet, or computer. Et voila! You’re in prostate massage control heaven!

Note: If you see the Lovense Connect app on the App/Play Store, that’s a tip-based app for cam performers. They sync their Lovense toys and get tips from their viewers for temporary control.

You can activate the toy’s app control mode by pressing the power button for a few seconds until you feel a quick buzz. That means your Edge 2 is now active.

Go to the remote app and add your toy. Once connected, you can play with different options and ways to control your toy.

You can enjoy some pre-set vibration patterns as well as create your own and save them. You can even enjoy the patterns created by other prostate pleasure seekers.

Heck, you can even sync the vibes with your local music files, Spotify downloaded songs (must be a premium user), or music/noise from your room.

What I enjoyed most was syncing my toy’s vibes with my woman’s voice… late-night dirty voice… dirty talks (*wink*).

How to Use the Lovense Edge 2

As I mentioned, prostate play takes a lot of practice, like serious practice and some patience.

You need to be turned on and relaxed enough with the right mindset. If you’re not, better try next time, buddy, ‘cause your toy’s not gonna get anywhere near your P-spot.

But once ready, you can start warming up. First, begin penetrating your A-hole with your finger to ease any tension from your body.

Then, apply a water-based lube on your anus and your Edge 2. Find the best angle that hits your prostate by adjusting the prostate and perineum arms.

The process requires some trial and error, TBH. I started with the perineum arm at around a 90-degree angle. Then, when it wasn’t hitting my spot, I removed the toy and adjusted it.

Yeah, you need a tiny bit of muscle to move the prostate arm until you find the right angle that works for your anatomy. But once you find it, it will remain at the same angle inside you as you’re playing.

Lovense Edge vs. Edge 2 – Should You Upgrade?

Oohhh… Now, here’s the long-awaited answer for owners of the OG Edge.

While Edge and Edge 2 are slightly similar in size, what sets Edge 2 apart from its predecessor is its new perineum arm shape.

You’ll notice more pronounced curves with two bulbous heads on the Edge 2, giving it a more secure fit. Unlike the OG Edge, Edge 2 doesn’t slip out easily.

And because it stays in place, it presses my prostate more firmly and stimulates it. But in terms of power, they’re both really just the same.

So if you’re looking for a more secure fit or slightly better prostate stimulation, then upgrading may be worth it.

But if those two things aren’t that important to you or if the OG Edge was just doing fine, then the next Edge may be worth waiting for.

Can You Wear It for Daily Activities?

Based on personal experience, I think Edge 2 is best used inside the bedroom. Most prostate plugs can push out from time to time. But the new Edge surprised me with how it fits more securely than its predecessor.

And yup, it doesn’t push out while I’m using it in the bedroom. But, unfortunately, it can still push out when I walk around with it.

I think the perineum arm’s silicone material is the culprit. It easily sticks to my legs while walking. That’s why the toy still pushes out eventually.

Some users have had success wearing it in public. But nah, not for me. The best anal toy for public play is still a traditional butt plug because of its secure fit.

If you’re looking for a discreet anal toy for public play, go with Lovense Hush. It will not slip out of your hole wherever you plan to take it.

But if intense P-spot stimulation inside the bedroom is what you’re after, go with Edge 2.

My Experience With The Lovense Edge 2

Before going down to business, I made sure that my Edge 2 works. I turned it on by pressing the button for a couple of seconds, and dang!

Vibrations were pretty strong even at the first two intensity levels. I gave it a charge because I don’t want the vibes to stop mid-pleasure.

And bam! Here’s another surprise (well, not really). Edge 2 comes with a magnetic USB cord. I love toys with magnetic chargers ‘cause I don’t have to go all paranoid washing them thoroughly with soap and water.

You’ll know it’s charging because a red light near the power button turns on. The user manual says it’ll take 100 minutes to charge fully. I charged it for almost 2 hours just to be sure.

Unfortunately, you won’t know it’s fully charged unless you connect it to the app. And as a precaution, make sure that your cable’s not dangling. Find a flat surface or table where you can charge your toy so you’re sure it’s charging.

After prepping myself and adding lots of water-based lube, I slowly inserted the toy inside. I’ve always used the first Edge by angling the insertable arm at around 70 degrees.

This exact angle worked for my Edge 2 too. The soft and narrow tip made inserting the toy easy. And the two soft squishy bulbs kept the toy inside without being uncomfortable.

Once in, that’s when all the fun REALLY begins. I’ve been a fan of the Lovense Remote app since I had the Max, Edge, and Hush.

(Actually, sometimes I even relinquish the control to my woman. We’ve been having fun with the music/sound control option lately.)

My fave control is… drum roll, please. The loop mode! I can create unique vibration patterns for both prostate and perineum arms by moving each slider.

Letting go of both sliders means putting the vibration pattern on loop. I usually create and save my loop patterns and use them for edging.

Overall, the sensations and pressure I felt on my prostate from the number of times I’ve used Edge 2 were intense.

TIP: If strong sensations overwhelm you, you can tweak the intensities on either arm to get a more wobbly kind of feel. 

I’ve had some of the most powerful orgasms from using the OG Edge and Edge 2. I don’t know if other prostate massagers could ever top that!

How to Clean the Lovense Edge 2

Edge 2 is pretty easy to clean. Because it’s made from waterproof silicone material, you can wash it under running water or completely submerge it in warm water without getting damaged.

Use a mild soap or toy cleaner to clean it. Make sure to give it some thorough scrubbin’ and rubbin’ before rinsing it completely with water and letting it rest to dry.

At this point, it’s best to charge the toy. I mean, you’ll never know when you need some backdoor action. Once full, keep it inside the storage bag it came with to avoid getting dirt and lint.

Lovense Edge 2: Price, Where To Buy

Edge 2 retails for $119 from Lovense’s website (now at $109). The best place to get it is from the makers themselves.

You’re not only getting a one-year warranty, but you can also get up to 50% off the retail price when you buy online.

What Do Other People Think About It?

I wanted to check what other users think about the new Edge 2.

Here’s from one user who owns both Edge models and the Hush.

The Edge 2 is definitely more secure than the Edge 1. But I’d say you still will likely deal with some occasional pop-outs trying to walk around with it in while you’re out and about. I think the Hush is still the best anal option for public play.

But the second version is more secure than the first, and I find it more stimulating due to it’s better fit.

PleasureBetter, Reddit

And another user had one of the best orgasms of his life, thanks to Edge 2 and a bit of his fiancé’s help.

I just picked this up yesterday and in the past have only used the plastic prostate thing. I gotta say, the edge 2 gave me the best orgasm of my life. The way my fiancé controlled it and controlled my orgasm was outstanding. 10/10 will cum again!

socalgwnerds, Reddit

Alternatives To Lovense Edge

If you need a discreet toy for public play, I recommend getting the Lovense Hush. It’s a more traditionally shaped butt plug, so you won’t have to worry about unfortunate “slip-outs.”

Whether you’re out on a date with your partner getting foreplay naughty or just off to grab your fave coffee, it stays put and won’t fall out. EVER.

Plus, it only has one vibrating motor found at the insertion point. So once inside, your body dampens the noise. And peeps nearby won’t have any idea what you’re hiding down there (or why you’re smiling or sweating).

Final Thoughts

The right size. A flexible, adjustable prostate arm. Intense sensations from two vibrating motors. A secure fit.

All these make the perfect ingredients for most penis owners to hit that oh-so-elusive prostate O. And all these you can find in Lovense’s new Edge 2.

Yeah, a hundred plus dollars is serious dough for first-time anal players.

But for a product that works for most folks at half the price of most quality prostate massagers, I’d say it’s worth giving a shot.



  1. “How to Have a Prostate Orgasm: 35 Tips for You and Your Partner”. Healthline.
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