10 Best Long Distance Sex Toys & Teledildonics Vibrators

Sexless long-distance relationships are a thing of the past thanks to these genius long distance sex toys, so read on to learn all about them.

Long Distance Sex Toys

Long-distance relationships are hard. Whether you’re half a world away… or living with disapproving parents, only a short street between you.

You can still find intimacy and fun in these relationships, 3,000 miles or 30 meters apart.

All you need is the right toy, a Bluetooth or internet connection, and you’re ready for sexual gratification. 

This teledildonics guide will help you find the right one for all your wishes. 

Top Teledildonics Toys & Vibrators For Long Distance Sex

Lovense Nora and Max 2

Lovense Nora & Max 2


Price: $$
Type: Stroker & vibrator
Size: 9.5” stroker, 4.72” vibrator
Material: Silicone
Battery life: Unspecified

Kiiroo Onyx+ and Pearl 2

Kiiroo Onyx+ & Pearl 2


Price: $$$
Type: Penis & vagina vibrators
Size: 6.4” penis vibrator, 7.87” vagina vibrator
Material: Silicone
Battery life: Around 1 hour

We-Vibe Rave

We-Vibe Rave


Price: $
Type: Vibrator
Size: 7.5” overall, 4 insertable
Material: Silicone
Battery life: 2 hours

 Kiiroo Onyx+ & Pearl 2

1. Kiiroo Onyx+ & Pearl 2

Best overall

Type: Penis and vagina vibrators | Size: 6.4” penis vibrator, 7.87” vagina vibrator | Material: Silicone | Battery life: Around 1 hour

  • Excellent pairing
  • Great alone, and together
  • Works amazingly with VR porn
  • Onyx not great for larger guys

Pearl 2 is a G-spot vibrator with intense vibrations alone or with a partner.

It can connect to any Kiiroo device, including other Pearl 2 vibrators. It can only connect to one at a time, but imagine taking turns, connecting to an Onyx and another Pearl 2. Long-distance threesome!

Pearl 2 can also sync with videos, including the VR.

It’s similar to the Onyx+, making them a perfect pair. On its own, Onyx+ connects to 2D and VR porn, and other devices.

Onyx’s touch-sensitive trackpad can control its own speed and Pearl’s. Also, Onyx can contract and expand according to how Pearl is used. 

Think about it: controlling your partner’s pleasure, feeling Onyx’s contractions… it’s a very realistic experience.

Although, Onyx doesn’t work very well for extra-large girth. But for the average guy, the sensations are amazing. Stronger feelings than a vagina, but not so intense that it’s distracting.

Overall, it will be intense for her, pleasantly stimulating and real for him, with great connectivity for both. 

These elements make each the best vibrator for long-distance relationships.

Lovense Nora & Max 2

2. Lovense Nora & Max 2

Best contracting vibrations

Type: Stroker & vibrator | Size: 9.5 inch stroker, 4.72 inch vibrator | Material: Silicone | Battery life: Unspecified

  • Stroker contracts
  • Vibrator has moveable clit stimulator
  • Toys can be synced to porn or music
  • Connecting is difficult sometimes 
  • Loud

You can use these toys alone. But when you’re connected, it’s like a whole new experience. 

Connecting is tricky at first. The toys might vibrate on their own, instead of the vibrator reacting to thrusts in the stroker.

Try disconnecting them and re-pair until they start working together.

Once they match, you can do a lot. Your phone works as a remote with the Lovense app. You can control both toys independently. 

You can have it so the thrusts and vibrations match, and even sync both toys to some virtual porn.

You can also sync them to music. The vibrations change to match the beat of your favorite intimate songs.

One thing to consider: the connection feature can be very loud, it’s not discrete.

Solo play will be more quiet – the toys sound like a phone vibrating.

Connected or alone, the vibrator’s material feels like skin. But, the stroker doesn’t feel exactly like that – it’s smooth with pleasant textures, just not overly realistic.

The stroker’s vibration is better than the texture, though. The nubs and ribs are nothing crazy, but it’s the contractions that are best

The stroker squeezes your penis, imitating the vagina’s walls. It’s supposed to be a stimulating alternative to sex, and it is.

We-Vibe Rave

3. We-Vibe Rave

Best app controlled vibrator

Type: Vibrator | Size: 7.5” overall, 4 insertable | Material: Silicone | Battery life: 2 hours

  • Effortless connection
  • Stimulating shape
  • For her and him
  • No separate clit stimulator

The We-Vibe is an app-controlled vibrator, designed for her but can hit the g-spot or the p-spot.

There are preset 10 vibration modes to use, but the app gives you more control. It connects to the vibrator from anywhere in the world and lets you create custom vibrations. 

All the vibrations are strong and rumbling even at slow speeds.

For men, it can be an intimately sensual experience to control your lover’s pleasure from anywhere. The woman can use buttons on the toy to control it too – good for solo sessions. 

Twisting the toy when it’s inside creates new sensations too, as the curved shape enhances the pleasure.

The toy can also be used on the clit, but not while it’s inside the vagina. It’s too rigid to bend,but some women like the firm feeling.

Lovense Lush 2

4. Lovense Lush 2

Most discreet bluetooth vibrator

Type: Wearable vibrator | Size: 8”, 3.5” insertable | Material: Silicone | Battery life: 2-3 hours

  • Reliable Bluetooth connection
  • Wearable
  • Comfortable fit
  • Charging port goes in the vagina

This is a vibrator you can use anywhere, and nobody will know.

The larger part slips into the vagina. The rest stays out, leaving the small part to rub the clit.

It’s hands-free and quite silent, very discreet for public play.

This toy can be used alone, but it’s much more fun with a partner. Men can be up to 30 feet away in any direction and control the vibrations with an app, using Bluetooth connection. 

Great for a fun game in public – pleasure your partner from the bar, while she waits at the table on date night.

For long-distance sex, you need to use internet – and since it is almost everywhere now, this toy can easily be used at home or outside.

As for the feeling – the vibrations are very strong. They’re not too mindblowing to make you look inappropriate in public, but you can’t ignore them.

It’s much stronger than you’d expect for the sound.

The firmness of the vibrator also enhances the vibrations. There’s no soft material to absorb them – it all hits you, bouncing off the hard silicone for as much pleasure as possible.

Check out our Lovense Lush review for more details.

Ohmibod Esca 2

5. Ohmibod Esca 2

Best teasing bluetooth vibrator

Type: Wearable vibrator | Size: 7.3” | Material: Silicone, ABS plastic | Battery life: 3 hours

  • Very quiet
  • Hands-free
  • Works great with Android phones
  • Struggles to pair with iPhone

Esca 2 is another vibrator to use in the same room or on other sides of the world, using Bluetooth when together and an internet connection from afar.

There are different optional settings to use it with.

One setting is using the full motor, with the LED light on the clit stimulator turned on.

The light is there to add excitement for the partner – being able to see what pleasure patterns the vibrator-wearer is getting.

 The light flashes in rhythm with the vibrator’s vibrations, controlled by an app or another Kiiroo device.

You can always use the full motor intensity and no light – you’ll get the most battery life out of it this way.

You place Esca’s bigger part inside the vagina, with the thin, hard bit coming out, curling around in front of the vulva.

It shouldstay in by itself. The insertable part is silicone, but the parts that touch the outside are ABS plastic.

You may need some lube to get it inside even a wet vagina. The insertable bulb isn’t very long so the girth makes up for that.

Once inside it’s a great experience for the wearer and partner. All the wearer has to do is sit down and wiggle a little while her man takes things from slow, to strong and back again.

The vibrations feel rumbly with a small amount of buzz. It’s not a super intense toy so it’s something you could easily wear outdoors and have your partner tease you.


6. Vibease

Best vibrator for light foreplay

Type: Panty vibrator | Size: 3.5” | Material: Silicone | Battery life: 3 hours

  • Hands-free (with panties)
  • Syncs to erotic audiobooks
  • Wonderful to start foreplay with
  • The battery doesn’t often last the 3 hours the manufacturer states

The Vibease is a cute little panty vibrator, with five vibrations you can control on the toy. It’s sometimes hard to do though, so luckily you can use your phone too.

It’s positioned in the panties, but make sure they’re tight. It’s not made to stay in place on its own.

Vibease is an external vibrator, with some cool and unique features. One is that it syncs to audiobooks. The other is that a partner can control it using WiFi from across the world.

For audiobooks, it changes intensities based on the context in the story. 

For couples, the woman wears it and the man changes the speed and strength by moving bubbles around on the app.

This isn’t the best vibrator to use in public, because it can get loud. It almost sounds like a wasp is nearby.

If you work in an office alone or go to a nightclub with loud music, then it’d be great.

Really, it’s more for home use, together or far apart. 

It’s also better suited to foreplay – it’s not too intense. It gives pleasurable, rumbling vibrations, but not really something that would make you squirm.

Just enough to get you excited.

Oh…and using code SEXUALALPHA on Vibease site checkout you’ll get 20% off. You’re welcome.

Lovense Domi 2

7. Lovense Domi 2

Best for full body play

Type: Wand | Size: 9.21” overall, 1.74” head | Material: Silicone | Battery life: 5+ hours

  • Mind-blowing intensity
  • Easy to hold
  • Frim, yet flexible, for great movement
  • Full-toy vibrations can make it hard to operate

The Lovense wand is a high-tech long-distance sex toy. It connects to an app whether you’re close or far away, syncs to music, it can be sound-activated, and has unlimited patterns.

It’s something to experiment with for hours.

It’s a perfect toy to ask your partner to move all over her body while you control the vibrations, low to mind-blowing. 

Being smaller than most wands, it should be easy to transport from clit, to nipples, to the entrance of the vagina, anywhere!

The toy’s body is firm, easy to hold, and guide. 

But the neck is flexible, like the head, so you can push it deep against a sensitive spot without pain or too much pressure.

The neck is also reinforced, so despite bending easily it won’t snap.

Vibrations you get from Lovense are deep and strong. They can be shockingly intense, or slow, drawn-out, and sensual. 

It’s very strong though, so if you’re a beginner, start off with the low settings.

Unless you, as a partner, want to make your lover scream out of shock and pleasure straight away.

There are also lights that flicker in time with the vibrations. They can get irritating if you’re trying to be discrete, but you can turn them off using the app.

Cowgirl Sybian Type Sex Machine

8. Cowgirl Sybian Type Sex Machine

Best wirelessly controlled sex machine

Type: Ridable sex-machine | Size: 16.4” overall, 4” attachments | Material: Silicone | Battery life: No battery, plug powered

  • Intense feelings
  • Not too big
  • Swappable dildos
  • Very loud

A lot of sex machines are big and bulky. This one, designed for riding, is much smaller and more convenient.

The Cowgirl Sybian sex machine is a saddle with a penis. You use one of the attachments, mount it, and you’ll be climaxing very soon. 

It’s mostly made for women, but men well-experienced in ass play could also give it a try.

You can use it with a partner, but not for long-distance. You need to be max 30 meters away to control it with the app. You can also use a remote at 3 meters, but it won’t be wireless.

Once it’s on, you can set the speed the saddle vibrates, and how fast the dildo attachment rotates.

It can be hard to control when using it though (that is how powerful it is!), so playing with a partner is best.

There are two silicone attachments, one for the clit-rubbing and one for the g-spot (or p-spot!). Both are perfectly made to hit the pleasure zones and make you scream.

Hopefully, you will scream – it’ll cover the noise of the machine. It’s very loud and is a tiny bit quieter if you use it on a soft surface

But let’s face it… this machine wasn’t designed to be discrete. It was made for ultimate pleasure.

The only downside to Cowgirl is that it’s very expensive – but worth it.

We-Vibe Nova

9. We-Vibe Nova

Best for clitoral stimulation

Type: Rabbit vibrator | Size: 5 inches | Material: Silicone | Battery life: 2 hours

  • Clit stimulator moves with you
  • Deep sensation
  • Easy to use alone or together
  • You can’t control the arms separately unless using the app

A lot of times, classic vibrators don’t have parts long enough to stay on the clit when you thrust them.

That’s the main feature of We-Vibe – the arched arm flexes as you move, rubbing the clit each time.

We-Vibe is to use alone, or with a partner. The app lets you customize the 10 vibration modes and connect to from all over the world.

This is a great vibrator to use to mimic penetrative sex with clit stimulation because of its great ergonomic shape

The main special thing really is how it consistently hits the clit. But when you add in the rumbling vibrations it gets even better.

They are deep, more rumbling than buzzing along both arms. And they’re almost silent, even on the highest setting.

Fleshlight Launch + Fuse

10. Fleshlight Launch + Fuse

Best fleshlight

Type: Fleshlight stroker, vibrator | Size: Launch unspecified, 7.1” vibrator | Material: Plastic and rubber launch, silicone vibrator | Battery life: 1 hour

  • Launch is compatible with most fleshlights 
  • Touch-sensitive
  • Works best with partner
  • Can be difficult to connect

This pairing is a little different. You’re not getting two full sex toys. You get a vibrator and a tool.

The vibrator is the Kiiroo Fuse – a powerful, tapered vibrator made to hit the g-spot with an arm for the clit stimulation.

It’s much more than a basic vibrator. You can sync it to VR porn, it’s touch-sensitive, and it has an LED light that changes color.

As you slide it in, the vibrations get stronger. If you slide it out they weaken. The woman gets control over the speed and strength of her experience, or her partner’s. 

It connects to the Fleshlight Launch which isn’t a fleshlight, it’s an automatic stroker where you put your fleshlight. Just choose a pattern, hold the Launch, and it does all the work.

You can use the Launch on your own with VR porn, but the sync isn’t great sometimes – it’s much better connected to a partner instead.

Then you control your experience and your partner’s using touch-sensitive buttons. Both partners get equal toy control, for a balanced power dynamic.

Unfortunately, Kiiroo and Fleshlight stopped their collaboration and that meant Fleshlight Launch got discontinued.

Right now you CANNOT BUY Fleshlight Launch anywhere online, and those are the bad news.

However, Kiiroo rose up to fill the void and on October 1, 2020, they released a new automatic masturbator Kiiroo Keon that you can check out here.

What You Should Know When Shopping For Teledildonic App Controlled Sex Toys?

There are a few key things to know about teledildonic toys.


Make sure it’s body-safe silicone. You’re spending a lot of money on high-quality toys. You need equally great material that will last and won’t grow bacteria.

Avoid TPE, it’s porous and harder to keep clean (and impossible to sanitize!).

You should also make sure the non-silicone parts are strong. The toys above use mostly ABS plastic or metal, usually covered by silicone.

This is the quality you want for long-lasting LDR sex toys.

Ease of use

Toys that confuse you are a mood killer, and you shouldn’t need to spend hours figuring the toy out in advance. Make sure it’s easy to use and control.

Every toy will come with an app, and usually instructions to help you.

Most of the time the app controls will be easy to understand. It’s when there are controls on the toy it becomes difficult. 

If you’re a woman playing with a partner, let him take control of the fun. It’s much easier to relax and let him use the app, instead of the on-toy controls.

It’s also easier for him to do it because he’ll have a mostly clear head. Focusing is much harder when you’re in the middle of pleasure.

Connection quality

The connectivity of these toys is top-notch but can be tricky to start with. Disconnecting and starting over will usually help.

Sometimes toys work better with Android devices over the iPhone, and vice versa. Watch out for this and avoid the ones that won’t work with your tech.

Disconnections in the middle of passion can ruin your whole night.


It’s always better to have more than one vibration option, but even that can get boring. Figure out if the toy you want has customizable patterns and speeds.

If it does, then it’s more worth the money.

Mobile app control

Just because the toy connects to an app, doesn’t mean you can control it this way. Sometimes it will just connect for VR porn, audio syncing, etc. 

If you’re interested in control via app, double-check before you buy. While most Bluetooth vibrators can be controlled via an app, paired devices aren’t always app-ready.

Sometimes you can only control your partner’s sex toy while using your own.


If you’re trying to be stealthy, your biggest issue will be noise. A quiet vibrator is best for public play and living with roommates.

Look for a toy that suits your situation. You can also cover up a small amount of noise with music or a blanket.

How To Use Long Distance Sex Toys?

If your phone doesn’t have Bluetooth connectivity, don’t worry. You can use Bluetooth and internet-connected sex toys from any device with Bluetooth. A laptop works as adequately as a smartphone.

However, you should read the toy’s instructions carefully just to make sure. Many toys have some limitations, but not many if you keep the software updated.

Other than that, here are a few general tips on getting started with LDR sex toys:

  • Take it slow – start with cheaper toys, experiment, and buy better ones as you get more experienced.
  • Use toys to imitate what you want to do to each other. If you want penetrative sex, use a vaginal vibrator to prepare for when you meet up.
  • Try realistic toys first. Launch and Fuse are subtle, stimulating, and tame. Upgrade to something stronger later, with crazier sensations.
  • Get intimate. Connected devices synced music that means a lot to you can add intimacy and closeness to a long-distance relationship.
  • Have some public fun. Ladies, wear a vibrator at work. Men, control it. It can add fun and spice to your relationship that you can’t have in person.
  • Play a game – use a wearable vibrator every day the week before you see each other. Make the vibration stronger every day until you meet.


Whether you’re using partner toys or just a vibrator the man can control, there are plenty of Bluetooth sex toys for long-distance relationships.

Teledildonics are magical together or alone, so even if you don’t have your perfect match in a man or woman, you should try one with one of these long distance sex toys.

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