11 Best Long Distance Relationship Gadgets For 2021

You’re closer to one another than you think thanks to long distance relationship gadgets! Explore which one is best for you and your partner.

Best Long Distance Relationship Gadgets

Long-distance relationships can be so hard. Even if you communicate every day, the lack of intimacy just wears down the passion between you and your oh-so-far-away lover.

But you can bridge the physical gap with the help of long-distance relationship gadgets.

We’ll go over some of the best picks to make your remote relationship feel closer than you ever thought possible. 

Top LDR Gadgets in 2021

little riot pillow talk

Pillow Talk


Price: $$
Use: Feel partner’s heartbeat while sleeping
Rechargeable: Yes
Battery life: Works off phone battery

heartbeat ring

Heartbeat Ring


Price: $$$
Use: Feel partner’s heartbeat
Rechargeable: Yes
Battery life: 14 hours

bond touch bracelets

Bond Touch Bracelets


Price: $
Use: Feel your partner’s touch on your wrist
Rechargeable: Yes
Battery life: 4 days

1. Heartbeat Ring By TheTouch

Sophisticated ring

Use: Feel partner’s heartbeat | Rechargeable: Yes | Battery life: 14 hours 

  • Beautiful, elegant design
  • Durable
  • Easy to use
  • Expensive (>$1000)
  • Short battery life
heartbeat ring by the touch

We’re starting off this list in style. You can use these long-distance rings to send your heartbeat to each other whenever you want.

These are some seriously sophisticated rings. They have something like 100 components crammed in them, and they still don’t look bulky. 

Made of slick stainless steel (or rose gold, depending on what you choose) and lined with sapphire, they’re incredibly elegant, too. No wonder they cost an arm and a leg.

The fact that they’re covered in sapphire means that these rings are practically unscratchable.

They’re easy to use, too. You simply tap your ring, and that sends your current heartbeat to the other ring. You do need to be connected to an app on your smartphone, however.

The ring doesn’t last all that long before running out of power. You’ll have around 14 hours, meaning you might have to recharge it midday.

Not much of an inconvenience, though, seeing that the charger is wireless and doubles as a protective box.

2. Little Riot Pillow Talk

Long distance pillows

Use: Feel partner’s heartbeat while sleeping | Rechargeable: Yes | Battery life: Works off phone battery 

  • Makes you feel close when sleeping
  • Transmits in real-time for extra intimacy
  • Compact
  • Possible connection issues
  • Doesn’t work well on some devices
pillow talk

A similar concept to that of the HB Ring. The twist here is that you use it while sleeping.

The Pillow Talk sets consist of a speaker connected to a phone and a wristband. You place the speaker under your pillow and the wristband around your wrist.

The band tracks your heartbeat and transmits it to the speaker of your SO and vice versa.

As a result, you can feel like you’re lying right next to your partner, even though you’re miles apart. The speaker is soft and compact, too. As such, it won’t feel uncomfortable under your pillow.

One important note, though. The app may have a few hiccups on some phones, so double-check it first.

The great thing about this long-distance pillow is that it gives a live feed. This makes the experience even more authentic since you’re both in bed at the same time. 

While that does come with probably connectivity issues, it really makes you feel closer to one another.

That said, being in dramatically different time zones might present a problem if you want to give this one a go.

3. Bond Touch Bracelets

Vibrating bracelets

Use: Feel your partner’s touch on your wrist | Rechargeable: Yes | Battery life: 4 days 

  • Slim, elegant design
  • You can see the battery charge on your partner’s bracelet
  • Waterproof
  • The touch sensor doesn’t always do what it’s supposed to
  • Charges for around 3 hours
  • The app drains your phone battery
bond touch bracelets

Here’s another way to feel close to your faraway love. The Bond Touch bracelets let you send mild vibrations through one bracelet to the other. It’s a quick, simple way to let someone know you’re thinking about them. 

The wristbands connect to an app on your phones. This app gives you all sorts of info, including the city your SO is in, the weather there, and even their bracelet’s battery status. 

The app saps away at your battery since it needs to stay active, but it gives you some nice data in return.

The bracelet, meanwhile, looks sleek and isn’t bulky, so it’s not a fashion sore eye. Do make sure to charge it properly because it takes around 3 hours. 

Not only is this vibrating bracelet for couples fashionable, but it’s also waterproof. That means you can use it in the shower or in a pool.

4. Hey Bracelet

Use: Send a gentle squeeze to your partner’s wrist  | Rechargeable: Yes | Battery life: 2 days 

  • Lasts up to 2 days with regular use
  • Very lightweight
  • Waterproof
  • Sounds kinda buzzy when moving
  • No variety in squeeze intensity
black and white hey bracelet

This one is really similar to the Bond Touch Bracelets. There’s an app, there are wristbands, and you send a stimulus from one band to the other.

The kind of stimulus you give and receive is where Hey diverges from the formula of most long-distance touch gifts. 

Rather than getting a quick vibration, the bracelet treats you to a loving squeeze, like a tiny little hug for your hand. It sounds a little buzzy, it reminds me of a windup toy, but it squeezes with just the right firmness.

Moreover, it’s a little more personable than just a quick vibration

But I wish that there were degrees of intensity, like if I squeezed it harder the other person would feel a tighter grip. It’s still a novel idea and a unique sensation, though.

Unlike the Bond Touch, this bracelet has more lasting power. You’ll be able to keep it active for around 2 days before needing a half-hour of recharging. But like the Bond, it too is waterproof.

5. Kiiroo Onyx & Pearl 2

Use: Simulate sex from afar | Rechargeable: Yes | Batteries: 1 hour 

  • Best LDR sex you’ll ever have
  • Combines with VR for extra immersion
  • A tad pricey
  • The Onyx is kinda loud
Kiiroo Onyx & Pearl 2

One of the hardest things about a long-distance relationship is the fact that you can’t get intimate with your partner.

Well, for the not-so-humble price of almost $300 dollars, you’ll get as close to actually doing’ it with your remote SO as it can get. 

This is a set containing a fleshlight-like device and a vibrator (Onyx and Pearl respectively). The Pearl has nine vibration settings, while the Onyx can stroke in three different intensities.

The vibrator is mostly silicone, while the other one consists of SuperSkin, the kind of material the Fleshlight textures are made of.

The two toys are connected via an app, and sensations from one are transferred from one to the other. Each “shake” of the vibrator translates into a stroke of the Onyx. It’s probably the best LDR sex experience out there.

There’s around 1 hour’s worth of battery life, so you’ll have enough time to get yourselves off. Just make sure you’re alone. It can get noisy, so it’s far from a stealth sex toy.

Kiiroo actually offers other products for couples in this vein. The Onyx/Cliona and the Titan/Fuse combos are particularly good.

6. Lovense Nora & Max 2

Use: Simulate sex from afar | Rechargeable: Yes | Battery life: 2-3 hours 

  • Intelligent Playback feature works around connection issues
  • Can sync with music
  • Rabbit vibrator adds more stimulation
  • Can get loud
  • A little weak vibrations
Nora & Max 2

If you read the section about Kiiroo’s Onyx and Pearl 2, then you’ll understand how this one works, too. 

You’ve got a vibrator, a fleshlight masturbator, and an app that lets them interact. It’s also a loud combo, just like the Onyx/Pearl 2 pairing. 

There are a few things this “couple” does differently. For one, it has a playback feature that memorizes your previous sessions and replays them. This comes in handy when you’re facing connection issues.

The fleshlight bit (Max 2) works with a combination of vibrations and air suction pumps that feel a little more realistic. Meanwhile, Nora the rabbit vibrator provides double stimulation with its two tips.

But that’s not all. The app can also sync the vibrations and air pumps to the beat of the music that you play. That makes these two excellent gadgets for long-distance couples looking to spice things up in the bedroom from afar. 

7. We-Vibe Rave

Use: Remote-controlled vibrator | Rechargeable: Yes | Battery life: 2 hours 

  • Fairly quiet
  • Primed for G-spot stimulation
  • Great for both internal and external pleasure
  • Some may find it too firm
  • Not both users get sexual pleasure

We-Vibe Rave

We-Vibe’s Rave is a great piece of vibrator long-distance tech designed to be as pleasurable on the inside as on the outside. 

The fancy shape isn’t there to just look flashy, after all. The curves are there to optimize G-spot stimulation

It also provides enough vibrating intensity to please the clit as well. It’s covered in smooth silicone. 

The Rave comes with an app that controls the vibrator’s settings. That way, you can let your partner take the reins of your satisfaction.

As you can see, this toy is pretty vagina-centric. Its use is pretty much one-sided, so the other party has to find pleasure in giving pleasure. I can’t recommend using it anally, as it doesn’t have a safe flared base.

8. Lovense Lush 2

Use: Discrete remote vibrator | Rechargeable: Yes | Battery life: 2.5 hours 

  • Wearable outside
  • Strong, rumbly vibrations
  • Multiple ways to control the vibes
  • Not for both parties’ sexual pleasure
  • No clitoral stimulation
a pink lush 2 vibrator

If you have an outdoor kink but want to keep things discrete, Lovense’s Lush 2 is likely the best of long-distance relationship products for you.

Not only does it give off powerful yet quiet vibrations, but it’s also compact enough to wear outside comfortably and discretely.

Like the Rave above, it only pleasures one person. However, the “giver” also has plenty to look forward to.

What does that mean? Well, the application that controls the vibrator has a ton of customization options.

You can set up a schedule for when the vibrator starts working, for example. The app can also activate the vibrator by sound. There’s an option to create and choose from different vibration patterns, too, as well as to sync it to music.

It has a lot of options, giving you plenty of room to get creative. The battery lasts up to 2.5 hours when used actively.

9. The Hug Shirt

Use: Transmits the warmth and sensation of hugs | Rechargeable: Yes

  • Doesn’t look silly
  • Totally unique concept and product
  • Hard to find and buy
  • Takes a while to get used to the feeling
a woman wearing the hug shirt

A lot of the products I talked about here send small sensations to symbolize a hug. This one, however, gets closer to an actual hug than anything else I’ve seen.

The Hug Shirt has a swath of components, from microelectronics and smart textiles to tiny actuators that provide pressure at all the right places. 

The result? A fairly convincing hug given from across the world. It’s strange feeling it without anyone physically touching you, but you get used to it after a while.

Getting your hands on one isn’t all that easy, though. The only reliable distributor is CuteCircuit, the makers of the Hug Shirt, and they’ve been out of stock most of the time I checked.

That aside, there’s nothing quite like the Hug Shirt on the market. One would think all the electronics would give it a bulky look, but it’s actually quite sleek.

10. Long Distance Touch Lamps

Use: Turn on and control your SO’s lamp | Rechargeable: No

  • Sleek design
  • Doesn’t take up much room
  • Lovely dim light and color palette
  • Short cable
  • Not useful as an actual lamp
Long Distance Touch Lamps

The Friendship Lamp is an adorable little light source that lets your lover feel more connected to you.

The idea with these LDR tools is simple: you tap your lamp, and your SO’s will turn on. You can also change their colors if you want.

Besides being a great connection to your LDR partner, the lamp works as a decoration really well.

For one, it’s pretty compact so it fits anywhere. Just keep it somewhere near a power socket since the cable is a little short.

There’s more to the lamp, though. It also creates a great mood with its lovely, dim arsenal of colors that sway from one to the next. It is not strong enough to keep your room alight effectively. But that wasn’t the main goal of this lamp.

11. The Apple Watch

Use: Send a heartbeat, sync screens, and more | Rechargeable: Yes | Batteries: 18 hours 

  • Whole slew of features
  • Neat, bright display
  • Waterproof
  • Pricey
  • iPhone exclusive 
Apple Watch

If you have the money to spare, the Apple Watch can be an incredibly useful addition to your everyday life.

It tracks a whole mess of your biometrics, in addition to boasting tons of other features.

It does a lot to help your fitness in particular, from workout tracking to playlists. It’s even waterproof in case you like swimming or something.

But the relevant feature for you is the fact that you can send your heartbeat to your partner. It’s a great heartbeat bracelet for long-distance couples in addition to a Swiss knife of features.

Not only that, but you can also sync screens to share even more data. 

You both have to get a watch each, but there’s plenty of value to be had from owning one.

The watch is an iPhone exclusive. If you don’t own an iPhone, you won’t be able to sync it. But if you’ve already got one, there aren’t plenty of reasons not to get a watch of your own.


Technology has done so much to bring any long-distance couple closer together. It still doesn’t take away all the problems out of an LDR, but it does remove a lot.

So get yourselves some of these long-distance relationship gadgets and make your remote romance a little easier to nurture!

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