Liberator Wedge Review [2021]: After 3 Month Testing

In this Liberator Wedge review done freshly in 2021 you’ll learn exactly what to expect from this pad of furniture & if it will work for you.

Liberator Wedge

A hundred bucks for a sex pillow? Tsk tsk! Give me a break!

Yup, I have to admit I was quite skeptical about what the Wedge could offer. You see, strategically placing a bunch of regular pillows was doing it just fine for us.

But like leaving my fave vibrator on the highest setting… I was wrong. AGAIN.

The Wedge offers so much more that it’s become an I-can’t-have-sex-without-it tool for us.

So, what makes the pricey Wedge so damn special compared to stacking regular pillows? There’s a lot of reasons, really — reasons I made sure to cover in this review.

But if you can’t wait to get down (and dirty), here’s the TL;DR.

The Good

Liberator Wedge opens a lot of possibilities for couples to explore different sex positions without hurting their backs or necks or getting leg cramps.

It has a machine-washable microfiber cover, so you don’t have to worry about hard-to-remove love stains.

Plus, it doesn’t sink in or lose its shape like other pillows while you’re getting it on, giving you more comfortable, longer-lasting sessions minus the distractions.

The Not So Good

Couples on a budget may find it a bit pricey for a sex pillow. And it’s not that small, so you might find it a tad hard to hide if you don’t have a lot of storage space or if you want to bring it with you on your travels.

The Bottom Line

Liberator Wedge is a premium, quality sex furniture piece that’s a good long-term investment for couples who want to add more spice into their sex lives.

Yeah, it may be more expensive than your usual pillow or other sex pillow brands on the market. But it’s super worth the cost given its high-quality material and comfort no matter what positions you try.

Liberator Wedge is for you if:

  • You’re looking to enhance your overall sexual experience
  • You want more comfort and pleasure from your fave sex positions
  • You’re missionary lovers wanting deeper, G-spot-hitting Os
  • Your height difference makes certain sex positions feel uncomfortable
  • You and/or your partner have physical limitations that make some sex positions impossible to do

Liberator Wedge might not be for you if:

  • You don’t live together with your partner
  • You’re a couple on a super tight budget
  • You want a compact sex pillow you can bring with you on your travels
  • You don’t have the time and energy to care for and maintain a sex tool/aid

My First Impressions

I received my package in a plain, unmarked brown box. You know, the kind of box that no one (even your nosy roomie or neighbor) would be excited to open or sneak a peek at if ever there was a mix-up.

Of course, that’s a good thing so no one would know all the naughty things you and your partner are doing behind closed doors.

WAIT. How come my package is smaller than the product itself? Damn, if I ordered the wrong sex pillow, there goes my hundred bucks.

But phew! I think I’ve read that Liberator vacuum-compresses their sex pillows  — a smart move to cut back on shipping costs and waste.

Still, I wanted to make sure that everything’s inside. So I found a gray zippered bag that (hopefully) encased the Wedge, a cover (I chose blue), and a one-page instruction guide.

I unzipped the small gray compression bag slowly, and WOAH! There goes the Wedge inflating in all its full-size glory.

Note: Wait around an hour to make sure that the pillow is fully inflated.

I thought the gray compression bag was pretty dope if we ever planned on bringing the Wedge with us anywhere. But, unfortunately, you can’t fold it and put it back inside once the cat’s out of the bag (bummer!).

But you can order a gear bag for $15 if you want to keep your pillow safe after every use.

So, there’s a black cover that encases the white triangular foam inside. It felt a bit slippery, which is a good thing cause it means putting the cover on will be SUPER EASY.

And the cover was so smooth — the I-can’t-stop-putting-my-hands-on-’ya kind of smooth. I was happy with the blue color. It turned out darker than it looked on the website.

Let’s Talk About Tech Specs


The Liberator Wedge measures 14″ (L) x 24″ (W) x 7″ (H) with an upward angle of 27°. Simply put, its longest side measures 24″.

The 27-degree angle and 7″ height give your butt, hips, vagina, etc., a good tilt for deeper penetration and more chances of hitting the G-spot for vagina owners.

If one of you is on the heavier side, like over 250 lbs., I recommend getting the Wedge in plus-size. It measures 14″ x 30″ x 7″.

You’re basically getting the same material and angle. The only difference is the width. More width means more room for your curves and more comfort.


If you unzip the black cover or liner, you’ll find a white-colored foam that’s made from fully supportive polyurethane material.

It’s surprisingly firmer and denser than your typical pillows, back cushions, or therapeutic supports.

That means it won’t compress so much or lose its shape no matter how vanilla or rough the action gets.

But it’s soft enough that you can make every sex session more comfortable and long-lasting.

Now the black cover or liner is made from moisture-resistant polyester material. Well, it’s NOT WATERPROOF. But if lube or any sort of liquid spills through the liner, you can just throw it in the wash to clean it.

The slippery black liner means covering the foam is super easy. It was no sweat putting the microfiber cover on and off the foam with the liner.

Like the black liner, the microfiber cover is not waterproof, but it’s machine-washable. That means you can get rid of any dirt or liquid spills easily. 

While I initially thought that anything made from microfiber would be rough, not sexy, it’s actually quite soft, smooth…

It’s pretty comfortable against the naked skin while you’re getting some. My partner and I didn’t find ourselves easily sliding around the Wedge as we did with our usual pillows.

Plus, this same material makes assembling the Wedge on top of other Liberator sex pillows seamless. Neat!


While ours is in sapphire color, there are other Wedge colors you can choose from.


These include midnight (black), sapphire (blue), flame (red), chocolate (dark brown), amethyst (violet), and gray.

TIP: Don’t like the first cover you chose? You can get a replacement cover for $30 apiece.

I chose the blue variant because it blends well with our blue ottoman from Ikea. (I also don’t want to get bombarded with questions from house guests about what’s it for blah, blah.)

But I realize that whatever color you choose, Liberator Wedge does not give off that “they-just-use-me-for-sex” kind of vibes. Instead, it easily passes off as a backrest cushion.

And yes, you don’t need to find a storage space to keep the Wedge. You can just prop it on your bed or sofa.

It’s so versatile that we don’t just use it for sex. I personally like using it on our bed when I read books and watch movies on my iPad.

Is The Liberator Wedge Worth It? What To Know Before Buying

Like all things sex toys or tools, what works for others might not work for you and vice versa. 

And for a sex pillow that’s expensive as HELL, you want to make sure that you’re getting your money’s worth.

It’s not for you if you’re the type who wants to show off your kinky side. “Oh, hey guys! Here’s my sex dungeon and sex pillows.” LOUD. AND. PROUD.

But if you’re looking for a discreet sex tool/aid (still don’t want to call it a toy) — one that doesn’t make people suspicious of what it’s for, then the Wedge is perfect for you.

Do you often find yourself or your partner grumbling the next day because of all the dirty, hard-to-wash sheets you have to take care of?

You know, like the sweat, lube, cum, squirt, and many other love juices going in all directions. Well, the Wedge may be what you need.

Its outer microfiber cover and inner polyester liner are machine-washable, so you can get as wild, wet, and messy as you like.

And the next day, you can strip both sheets off and quickly clean ‘em. Done!

Oh, let’s go back to the PRICE.

As you know, Liberator pillows are made from high-quality materials. So yeah, it’s quite expensive for some couples.

But if comfort, pleasure, discreetness, and convenience all tick you and your partner’s naughty boxes, then the Liberator Wedge is an investment that’ll pay for itself in no time.

How To Use Liberator Wedge

Simply lie on your back or stomach and slide the Wedge underneath. With your butt, hips, and pelvic area elevated to 27 degrees; the possibilities are limitless.

You can even place it under your torso or legs. I mean, let your imagination run wild. And the Wedge will make sure that you’ll get to O Town — Orgasm Town.

Start with your go-to sex positions. You’d be surprised at the level of comfort and pleasure you’ll get when you use the Wedge each time you have sex.

Sex Wedge Positions You Can Try

You will find six different positions to enjoy the Wedge from the instruction guide that came in the box. If you look at the website product page, you’ll also find ten sex positions to try with visuals.

I’ll break them down to you into five different categories.


Nothing like some good ol’ vanilla missionary to break in the Wedge. Simply place the Wedge underneath the hips of the receiving partner. Then have the penetrating partner enter you.

You can take the usual missionary route or place one or both legs on your partner’s shoulder. Or position both legs on both your partner’s shoulders.

You can get deeper and more pleasurable penetration and see your partner eye-to-eye when you use the Wedge.


Like the missionary, the receiver lies on their back with the Wedge underneath. The receiver can open wide or place their leg(s) on their partner’s shoulder(s). The angle benefits the receiving partners by making them see what their partners are doing.

Givers also get the benefit of getting closer to the action. You don’t need to strain your neck or back to give your partner longer, more satisfying oral satisfaction.

Doggy Style

If doing it doggy style was uncomfortable for you and your partner because of height differences, the Wedge comes to the rescue.

Place the Wedge under your body and lean on it. You can angle your vag/bum as high as you want, so you don’t have to deal with all the leg cramps and pain afterward.


The penetrating partner lies on their back, placing the Wedge under the thighs so the knees bend upward.

This position elevates the crotch, making the angle more natural and easier for the receiving partner to ride and grind.

Me Time

Like the missionary and oral sex positions, place the Wedge underneath your hips. With a shorter distance between your arms and torso, you can get closer to the action.

You can also use your fave sex toy during your solo play experience without easily getting tired.

Need more inspo with visuals? Check Liberator’s position guide1.

My Experience With Liberator Wedge

When I checked the instruction guide and the varied sex positions I needed to try with the Wedge, I got excited and showed it to my partner.

It’s kinda like getting a page off the Kama Sutra, just a different edition ‘cause there’s the Wedge. But that was enough to get us all warmed up and ready for action.

Let’s see where our hundred bucks will take us,” we said.

When we started doing missionary, WOW. Just WOW. I didn’t expect the sex pillow’s angle to do a lot for me.

From missionary and oral to doggy and rodeo cowgirl style, the Wedge was transforming our favorite sex positions each time.

Each position felt new as if we just found out about them for the first time. Yup, I couldn’t even believe it myself because I thought we’d tried it all.

And my favorite position with the Wedge goes to… drum roll, please! The good ol’ missionary.

Surprised? I’m surprised too. I’m an adventurous gal myself, and I didn’t expect that the Wedge would settle me to missionary territory. But here we are.

So, why the missionary with the Wedge now? For starters, being penetrated with my bum 7” high felt way deeper and more pleasurable.

And the Wedge’s ability to retain its shape makes me see my partner eye to eye. It made me feel more vulnerable and aroused at the same time.

The best part about using the Wedge with any sex position is that sex becomes more comfortable and fun. It requires less work and more play.

Simply put, it makes life easier. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Price, Where to Buy

You can get the regular Wedge for $98 apiece from the website of the makers themselves. If you want the plus-size Wedge, it costs $105 there.

You can also get the Wedge at Lovehoney — the place to be for all things sex toys/aids.

DON’T GET IT ON AMAZON! Yeah, it may cost you $20 less. But you’re taking a risk on a product whose authenticity is a big question mark. 

What Do Other People Think About It?

Other folks can’t seem to stop gushing (even squirting) about the Liberator Wedge. Here are a few of them:

“We have the Liberator Wedge and we love it. I put it under my hips for oral and PIV. It helps both of us. He has a better angle, as do I. I usually orgasm a little quicker/easier, and sometimes it helps me squirt/gush.”

Black_Opal_, Reddit

“We have the wedge, and I love love love it. My husband has a foot on me, and I think it puts me in a better position for both missionary and doggy. I cum almost instantly in missionary position with it. It’s insane. We were keeping the wedge under the bed, but now we use it so much it’s on the bed mixed in with our pillows.”

Misslaceylove, Reddit

“Not even in the same ballpark. The wedge is soft and comfy, but it doesn’t really squash down at all. We use it for modified missionary, doggy, standing doggy, and for her to receive oral – and it excels at each of these things. It is expensive, but IMO totally worth it.”

MarsNeedsBars, Reddit


If you’re more on the petite side or simply looking for a cheaper version of the Wedge that still gets the job done, you can check the Liberator Jaz.

It’s the smallest sex pillow from Liberator and is shorter in width and height than the Wedge (14″ x 18″ x 6″). But unlike the Wedge’s sharper angle, Jaz has a certain curve to it that makes it comfortable to place under your hips.

There’s also the Liberator Wedge/Ramp Combo that takes your sex wedge game to a whole new level of comfort, pleasure, and adventure. It’s the ultimate Wedge upgrade.

Final Thoughts

The Liberator Wedge takes your favorite sex positions from MEH to OH YEAHHH!!!

It’s the furniture piece we never knew we needed, but we’re glad we did get it. Sure, it’s pricey and all. But all the pleasure, fun, and comfort it gives make it a worthy purchase.

Never will I compare a Liberator sex pillow to my other regular pillows ever again. It’s a downright sin!


  1. “Liberator Position Guide”. Liberator.
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