Liberator Black Label Hipster Review: Is This Sex Pillow Any Good?

The Liberator Black Label Hipster is a great upgrade from the Wedge that comes with a fantastic curve-design.

The inside padding is made from high-density foam that doesn’t squish much and holds weight well. Black Label allows restraints (for BDSM), has a removable velvet-smooth cover and accommodates a wide variety of positions.

liberator hipster review cover

The Good | This sex pillow comes with great anatomical curves that take strains away from most sex positions. The foam is a high-density model and supports most weights without feeling too squishy. Externally, its soft cover provides a lush feeling when in contact with the skin. And it has 4 restrains’ attachment sites on the sides that could help flare up some BDSM kink.

The Bad | Because of its size, it is easy to find a storage place for it. Also, the excellent quality comes with quite a high price tag. 

The Bottom Line | As long as you are ready for the expense, The Liberator Black Label Hipster will make an amazing piece of sex furniture and bring a touch of spiciness into the bedroom. The tantalizing curves blend in with most positions and relieve your bodies of some strain. It brings more life to ordinary sex positions and can be used in the day-to-day life too. 

Liberator Hipster Review: The First Impressions

We were familiar with Liberator for quite a while and really wanted to try something from their bondage-inspired Black Label Collection. 

Liberator offers a variety of luxury-feel sex furniture, starting from sex pillows and wedges to big sex chaise lounges and giant “bean” bags.


We got the Liberator Black Label Hipster sex wedge for this review. We thought it was a great middle-ground between “just” a pillow and a full-size sex chair.

When the package arrived, we were genuinely surprised by how small it was. As Liberator promised, the package was discreet. The only thing that gave out the filling of the parcel was its’ weight (~2.6 lbs).

liberator extras restraints and eyepatch

What Was In The Box?

Check out the summary of the Black Label Hipster’s specifications in the table below.

Black Label velvety cover
– Original 100% nylon microfiber cover
– 4 attachment sites for BDSM accessories
Black Label Cuff Kit
– Compatible with all the Black Label wedges
– 2 wrist cuffs, 2 ankle cuffs with velcro fastening, a full-blackout blindfold 2 short cuff-to-cuff connectors,
– 2 short & 2 long cuff-to-wedge connectors.

Once I started unpacking the Hipster, my Miss’s eyes sparkled. She didn’t expect to see the cuffs and a blindfold coming in addition to our Hipster.

Normally, the Liberator’s wedges don’t come with these, but the Black label edition allows you to add a little extra spice. The wedge has snap clips on the sides allowing you to cuff your partner directly to it. And thanks to a few extenders included in the kit, you can really get creative with restricting.

At first I didn’t like the fact that one needs to purchase the cuff kit separately, even though it is compatible with all the Black Label line. I later realized that I much prefer paying extra once as opposed to getting extra kits and hidden costs with each new Black Label wedge.


The wedge itself was compressed so much that I even thought, “Oh, is this it?” looking at the flat pillow with barely visible curves. Thankfully, after a few minutes, this is how it transformed. 

liberator hipster outside the box

What you Need To Know About The Black Label Hipster’s Design & Functionality

First of all, after witnessing the transformation from the lifeless flat piece, I was very surprised to discover how solid the foam is. It barely has any give even when you lay on it…. The two of you, I mean.


Some users actually complained about the Liberator Wedge’s hardness, but we found it to have a perfect balance of stability and comfort.

After numerous unsuccessful tries to use ordinary pillows during the play, we appreciated that it doesn’t sink in that much. You won’t lose the elevation and angle of your bodies with this one.

Well, the Hipster’s design has some upgrades that my partner and I have specifically loved. 

Anything New On Look And Feel?

Yes! – Liberator Wedge’s body design mostly involved flat and sharp slopes on the surface. It was technically a joined set of triangles. And maybe the cause of the few cases of muscle stiffness some users reported.

The Hipster’s body design, on the other hand, comes with much gentler slopes. Also, the slope recedes from the top to bottom in a series of curves.

The curve-design takes a lot of stress off you and your partner as it provides solid support for the body parts. Be it hip raise, armrest, or head and lower back comforting. 

It takes your body in and locks in with the tilts and arcs you make. A great plus for people who suffer from chronic muscle cramps and other pleasure-inhibiting pains.

What Else?

The outer cover’s made of microfiber fabric that makes the touch so sensual and plush on the skin. And it’s also great as it doesn’t give that cold feeling you’d normally get from leather.

The cover is removable. You can take it off and wash it aside when the need ever arises.

removable liberator hipster cover

What About the Size?

The Hipster’s width dimensions are so wide, easily allowing both of us to find space on it. This makes it great for some spooning action. 

Again, the wedge has a flat base that allows you to place it on a number of surfaces. Mostly the bed and floor for us.

Having had a great experience with Hipster, I do wish Liberator offered the plus-size option of this wedge, as they do for a few of their other products. 

Any Additional Spice, Additional Features?

The Liberator creators gave a special Midas touch to this Black Label model by adding attachment sites. They are 4 in total and are symmetrically placed on both sides of the pillow.

This includes two on the higher side and two on the lower. 

We really enjoyed playing with the cuffs and the blindfold! Within the Cuff Kit, you will find the connectors and extenders, so you can experiment with different restraining combinations. 

We also give special pointers for how comfortable they actually are. They have soft padding that lines their inner sides. And velcro allows for the easy switch if your mood changes.

The blindfold gives a total blackout once you put it on. I even considered using it for my mid-day naps!

And best of all? 

Because of the aesthetically-pleasing design, no one can tell that it is a sex aid. In fact, my girl had a girl’s party the other day, and none of her friends got a whiff of what they were sitting on 😉

In Use: How Does It Feel Like?

At first, we were not all too sure about the size. But when we took it out for action, we were pleased that our Black Label model sat well on our bed.

On a few occasions, we have used it on the floor and enjoyed its service all the same. The only difference is that working on the floor is a bit hard on the knees. This is because of the hard surface, but you can throw in a floor rug beneath if you have one.

All in all… 

The Black Label’s flat base provides a pretty wide surface for placement. It is pretty stable when used either on the bed or floor. 

The Hipster’s soft yet strong internal foam allowed us to play on it for quite a long time. We did not suffer any strains or stress on our knees, nor did we encounter any muscle cramps. But we don’t normally have big back issues, to begin with. 


The curves are not just comfy for sex and playtime! We loved them so much, that we started using them when we watch movies or for reading.

Best Positions That You Could Try

Doggie is one of the more enjoyable positions we have used on this toy. My girl could relax and rest her elbows on the wedge. Also, the plunge was much deeper and very arousing at the same time.

Missionary with me standing and the wedge pulled closer to the edge of our bed was interesting. I had her tied with the cuffs and wear the blindfold this time. I loved the ease at which I could perform as her crotch remained hoisted in a steady elevation.

The Cowgirl might as well be called the ‘romantic’ now as you are brought closer to each other. The gentle and dipping slopes woes both your bodies into a closer range, creating lots of intimacy.

This allows you to explore each other more freely, either through kissing or caressing.

The oral with her hips elevated got even more delicious as her pelvis was beautifully exposed and easily accessible. You can also use the Hipster’s arcs for some amazing 69er action.

As an added plus, you will get to enjoy the lustrous curves that form on your partner’s body as they hug the toy’s arcs. This goes pretty much for every position you and yours truly will explore during your playtime.

It is worth mentioning… 

During the heavy pounding action you might occasionally slide down from the higher side but holding down to the Black Label’s snap clips solved this problem for us. 

BDSM Tip: You can overturn the Hipster so that the flat base is on top. Afterward, have your partner lay belly-down on the flat base, wrapping their hands around the toy.

Then cuff your partner across the narrow space in the middle of the contours.
Finally, enjoy a new stance with the restraints sprucing up the scene for both of you.

Let’s Talk Cleaning, Maintenance, And Durability

As the cover is removable, you easily take it off and wash it separately. You can soak it or throw it inside a washing machine to go about this.

liberator hipster cleaning waterproof cover

The wedge is so comfy, that you might be tempted to lay or sit on it outside of playtime. 

But please! 

Do not carry any foods and beverages along. This is because some spillage may cause tough stains, which could prove difficult to remove.

Due to its size, finding storage space for it may be a challenge. So you may have to dust it frequently or alternatively get it a dust-cover.

Price & Where I Can Get One?

If you or your partner may be having some form of back pain as a result of injury or age, then you should consider getting one of these.

The only set back that you may encounter is that this luxury experience doesn’t come cheap. Currently, the Liberator Black Label Hipster retails at $195.00 without the cuff kit accessories. 

And while some might feel less inclined to part with that kind of money for a toy…With the kind of fun the Hipster provided us, I do think it is worth its price.

So to get your hands on one, head over to Liberator’s official shopping site and place your order. 

Liberator offers free shipping within the US on all orders above $75. They ship to other regions outside the US at an extra fee.

You can get a 20% discount off sitewide with our code – ALPHA20.

Would I Recommend It? If so, to whom?

I think this is a MUST HAVE for any couple that has ever considered any pillows or sex furniture.

Hipster will give you a feel of a sex lounger thanks to its anatomical curves and velvet finish. At the same time, it is a fully mobile piece that you can easily transfer from your boudoir to wherever you feel like playing. 

The contoured design of the Hipster’s surface will give you a lot of variety and a huge relief to the back muscles. 

The velvety-feel cover is awesome upon contact with the skin, and the strong foam that holds the weight together provide a high-quality experience.


The usage feels intuitive – a great sign for any technology.

Who is it for?:

Who is it not for?:

  • People who suffer from injuries or have delicate bodies needing support.
  • Couples that want to spice up your sex positions.
  • Those who considered buying a sex chaise, but don’t want to spend $500+
  • People looking to get a toy that will last for long. 

  • People who are working with a low budget.

What Do Other People Think About It?

Below, there are plenty of ideas about the positions you can get with the Hipster.

And some experience of the users from Reddit:

“We bought a hipster a few weeks ago. I love the more comfortable positions we can get in to.”


“We own the black label Hipster, and yes, we use the attachment points! We also have the Black Label Esse but haven’t finished our “fun” room, so haven’t put it to good use yet.
We have had a lot of fun using the spreader bar from Liberator in conjunction with the Hipster, though.” 


“Yeah, I usually chime in when anyone brings up the Liberator. It’s done wonders for our marital bedroom. I’ve got some back issues stemming from an old injury and some congenital stuff. 
The nice thing about the wedge and other shapes is that it’s nice to have that ability to have your pelvis tilted at different angles without necessarily having to be a contortionist. 

The foam is really nice and sturdy, but it’s not hard when you lay on it. And yet, it gives a nice bit of resistance. It’s quite an interesting material on the inside. Outside, too, it’s this sort of velvety material. 
And when you place one shape on top of another, the two velvety faces sort of cling to each other, so the shapes stay in place really well when stacked. Super cool.

And yeah, finding a dedicated storage area that doesn’t get too dusty is the biggest problem for us. You also want it accessible enough that you can grab it, instead of having to move five boxes in the back of the closet to get to it.”


Other Any Other Options You Could Consider?

There is one other alternative that you may check out. And that is the Liberator Wedge made by the same company. 

It serves the same purpose as the Hipster but comes in 2 different sizes. It also sells cheaper at $98. 

Final Thoughts

The Liberator Black Label Hipster is a great model that offered new horizons and novelty to our sex life. It produced a new meaning to everyday sex positions and made the experience very unique.

It’s a commendable option to increase intimacy even to people with physical problems.

I hope this Liberator Hipster review was of great help to you.

Enjoyed reading this article? Feel free to share and leave any thoughts in the Comments Section below.


It’s a high quality toy that I can whole-heartedly recommend.

Liberator Hipster Review

Dainis Graveris

liberator hipster product
Value for price


You’ll definitely get what you pay for and more with the Liberator Black Label Hipster. It will take your sex experience to the next level and open up positions you didn’t think were possible.

Dainis Graveris

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