Lelo Sona Review: Sona vs Sona Cruise Comparison

The Lelo Sona series are popular for being Sonic Clitoral Massagers. In this Lelo Sona review, we’ll compare A Sona vs Sona Cruise and see which is a tight race as they both use the same sonic pulses and waves to deliver stimulations to the clitoris. Also, the Lelo Sona 2 has up to 12 sonic wave modes that you can work through as you try to achieve your ideal orgasm.

Lelo Sona

The Good | The Sona 2 stimulator has SenSonic Technology. It uses a sonic wave feature that’s designed to deliver stimulative pulses on and around the clitoris. They’ve also used high-quality silicone that’s body-safe and gives smooth and sensual stimulations. The nozzle is bigger hence it provides stimulations to a larger surface area.

The Bad | As with most smooth-finish toys, the buttons need a lot of muscles to operate. And getting lube or cum over it doesn’t help the situation either. Also, Lelo Sona 2 female masturbator is, like most Lelo products, quite expensive.

The Bottom Line | It’s a unique toy with the sonic technology that’s different from conventional vibrations or air suction technology. The build is of high quality and the upgraded features play well to execute a decent service to you. The price may not be affordable for all though.

Lelo is a luxury brand that has made a mission of developing top-design sex toys over the past decade. The new Sona series was built with the idea to deliver pleasure both externally and internally underneath of the clitoris.

In this review, we’ll look at the Lelo Sona 2 toy in our possession.

So, what’s with the technology?

It’s a SenSonic technology that gives stimulation on and around the clitoris using pulses and sonic waves. Unlike the “sucking” sensation as seen in the Womanizer/Satisfyer brands, this is more of a rapid and gentle tap on the pleasure bean.

And the differences in a Lelo Sona 2 vs Lelo Sona Cruise comparison?

Well, right off the bat, the most distinguishing feature is that the Lelo Sona 2 has up to 8 intensity modes while the Lelo Sona Cruise only has 8.

The other thing is that the Lelo Sona 2 is slightly longer than the Lelo Sona Cruise version. Also, the Lelo Sona Cruise on average is about $30 – 35 more expensive than the Lelo Sona 2. 

And to top all this off, the Cruise has a Pulse Wave Modulation feature that allows its motor to keep running in case you’ve pressed it too hard on your skin. Therefore sustaining the stimulation all through.

The Lelo Sona 2, most of the time, shuts off or auto-resets back to the default settings when it senses pressure on its mouth.

Let’s dig deeper and see how the Lelo Sona 2 fairs in this review.

Lelo Sona 2 Tech and Specs Overview

Lelo Sona 2 Tech and Specs Overview


This model is very compact and will fit well in the hands.

The toy measures 3.90 x 3.43 x 2.20 inches and only weighs 0.26 lbs. The Sona Cruise on the other hand measures 4.53” x 1.97” x 2.20” and is slightly longer.


It’s built with ABS Plastic making the gold plate at the back and silicone covering the entire remaining part of the toy. 

This gives a very soft skin-like touch when you hold it in the hands.

Both materials are body-safe for human use.

Battery life

Both toys have an in-built Lithium-ion 530mA 3.7V battery.

And the Sona 2 takes 2 hours for a full charge and can serve for up to 1 hour depending on the settings you’re on.

Price, Where To Buy

Simply put, this is not a budget toy and you’ll have to spend big to get your hands on one.

Currently, you can buy yours at Lelo’s online store ($118). There was a discount price of $100 at the time I was writing this review. This comes with free shipping within the US and a 1-year warranty.

DON’T BUY such products from Amazon or eBay. You’ll most likely receive a pirated version that’s fake and made from unknown material that could hurt your health.

Table Comparing Different Models’ Specs:

Let’s check out this table showing a comparison of Lelo Sona models against the Womanizer Premium 🙂

Lelo Sona 2
Lelo Sona Cruise
Womanizer Premium
Silicone, ABS
Silicone, ABS
ABS, Silicone
12 Sonic Modes
8 Sonic Modes
12 Intensity Levels

Brief Sona vs Sona Cruise Face-Off

On functionality:

  • The Sona 2 has 4 more additional modes over the Sona Cruise’s 8. The difference is that Sona Cruise has more powerful lower settings than its counterpart.
  • The buttons in Sona 2 are also improved such that you don’t have to cycle through all the modes first before getting back to low settings.

On size and weight:

  • The Sona Cruise is longer than the Sona 2 but not much difference across the girth. 
  • They both almost weigh the same and are comfortable to hold and use for long periods of time.


  • The Lelo Sona 2 also has a lock function that allows you to shut the buttons. This is very convenient, especially when you’re traveling and want to avoid the awkwardness of the toy accidentally turning on inside your purse. How about that…

Lelo Sona Review: Design & Features

Lelo Sona 2 Tech and Specs Features

Sonic Intensities

The Sona 2 has up to 12 varying sonic modes for your exploration. The Lelo Sona Cruise only has 8 intensities but is way more powerful than even the Lelo Sona 2 on lower settings.

The first 4 settings are rather weak. The stimulation from 5 – 8 is more powerful and pleasurable. The 4 remaining high levels are pretty intense and may cause numbing if you have a sensitive member.


It has a 3-button interface that is very handy in maneuvering up and down the intensity levels.

Again, both models are waterproofed and you can use them in a bathtub or even the showers.


The noise range is about 47 – 55 dB and has the Whisper Quiet feature that makes it discrete in use. Also, the Lelo Sona Cruise is notably louder than the Lelo Sona 2.

In Use: How Does It Feel Like?

As usual, my girl helped me out with testing the effectiveness of this Lelo Sona pulse-wave massager. 

We got down with a bit of foreplay to warm up her pleasure nerves. Then afterward, she pulled back her labia leaving her clit glans exposed for the coming stimulation.

From years of interaction with this kind of sex toy tech, I and my girl realized you always have to explore all the functions until you get what gets you off.

Especially when there are so many modes and patterns involved.

Now, as I like to advise, it’s best to use a decent amount of water-based lube before starting things out. This is because using lube enhances the overall stimulation and reduces the rawness of bare skin.

To wake the Lelo Sona 2 from travel mode, we pressed the (+) and (-) buttons together for about 3 seconds and the indicator light will turn on.

After this, with her labia still pulled back, she gently placed the toy’s mouth on her clit as she lay on her back in bed.

To increase or decrease the intensity level, you may use either the (+) and (-) buttons until you find what works for you. Just holding the mouth over her clitoris gave me a quick reminder of what touchless stimulation really meant.

She really loved how the silicone mouth absorbs all that sonic wave and then channels that sensation on to her clitoris.

It’s a bit distinctive from what you’ll get from the Womanizer and Satisfyer models. Though they all work around the same touchless stimulation concept. 

When things got steamy, she wanted a taste of what the modes could do to her. So we pressed the “( )” button in between the “+” and“”buttons.

Now, I’ve got to say that this toy is INTENSE. So much that she couldn’t handle anything that was above level 8

The higher settings are definitely not her taste and she’d get ever so fidgety and uncomfortable when we ramped up the juice.

We had to stop a couple of times so that we could tone down the power away from her clit.

All in all, the orgasm wasn’t quick (she likes it this way) but the journey before the unloading was quite fantastic. 

To turn the toy off, just press and hold down the “( )” again and it’ll shut down.

As for the Lelo Sona Cruise, the Cruise Mode function is always on, and hence, there isn’t much controlling needed from your end. 

Worth mentioning here is that The Lelo Sona Cruise is muchlouder than the Lelo Sona 2. This applies to every available mode on the Cruise.

But the upper hand is that it has savage intensities even on the lower levels if you are a juice junky 🙂

The Lelo Sona 2’s lower settings are a bit weaker if you get the chance to compare them both.

Another thing you may find problems with is that hands-free use isn’t sustainable because of its size and shape. It’ll keep falling off or moving around more so when things get wet.

So, if you like to wedge ‘em between your crotch, this one won’t do it for you. 

How Easy To Clean & Durability

Both toys are all 100% waterproof. This makes cleaning very easy.

What’s more, it’s entirely covered with non-porous silicone so you may also opt to submerge it for a thorough brush.

Lelo included a satin storage pouch in the package that you could use to keep the item away from dirt and dust. 

It’s also rechargeable. Meaning you can use it multiple times over as long as you clean and maintain it well.

Would I Recommend It? If so, to whom?

I’d recommend this toy especially if you’re a damsel who has outgrown vibrating stimulators. It’s built with high standard materials and is very luxurious if that sort of stuff appeals to you.


Who Is It For?

  • If you’re looking for something other than vibrating clitoral stimulations.
  • If you like intense sonic wave stimulations.
  • If you are a travel person.

Who Is It Not For?

  • Girls who have a very sensitive clitoris.
  • Girls who love a quick spray.
  • If you prefer using vibrating stimulators.
  • If you are looking for something cheaper.

What Do Other People Think About It?

Check these reviews from Reddit about the toys.

Read nicky45’s review:

“I recently got the Lelo Sona 2. Here are my thoughts on it after a couple of tries:

The UI is clunky. You need to press the buttons “with determination” for it to respond. or keep them pressed for a moment. I’m guessing this was made to avoid accidental presses but really… 

Hands-free: Doable, but harder (due to shape).

The battery. The charging port in the Sona 2 is fully open, so, don’t charge it right after playing in the water. At least the Sona is supposed to be actually waterproof.

On the flip side, the quality of the suction/vibration/FEELING is AWESOME. Rumbly as f*ck. The thing is PRETTY.”


Another user also said this about the Cruise:

“Got my wife the Lelo for her birthday, and we’ve only used it twice with great results. The first time she had 3 eye-watering orgasms. The only issue was that it left her so sensitive that she didn’t even want to attempt intercourse right after.

The second time, she had the longest orgasms of her life, according to her. She said that she could have kept going but it got to be too much to take so she removed the Lelo to make it all stop. 

She said that she’s not sure that she could recommend it to a less experienced friend because of the intensity.”

– Reddit user


Lelo Sona Review alternatives

There are a few top alternatives that I could recommend if you want to experience something other than the sonic wave massages.

Also, I know the price could be alarming for some so there’s a cheaper option that you could also check out.

My #1 suggestion is the Womanizer Premium or Pro 40 models if you want to experience a high-end air pulsation stimulation. And for a cheaper option from the brand, then you should consider the Starlet.

Alternatively, you can check out our Lelo Soraya review.

If you want to experience the above toys but still feel shallow in your budget, then the Satisfyer Pro 2 will save your day.

Conclusion: Final Thoughts

To round it up…

The Lelo Sona 2 is a commendable improvement from the original Sona and fiercely competes in a Lelo Sona 2 vs Lelo Sona Cruise face-off.

The 4 added intensity modes on top of the Cruise’s 8 give you a much broader field to experiment and explore as you find your kink.

The high-quality silicone build in both Sona 2 and Sona Cruise is pleasurable. 

Adding to it, Sonic Technology is also unique and provides a whole new means of getting a clit massage.

Depending on your anatomy and personal preferences, it’s a product worth giving a shot. This, of course, if your budget can afford it.

But for an equally popular and functional brand, then you could as well check out the Womanizer and Satisfyer options as I’ve suggested above.

That’s all from me today 🙂

Have you enjoyed reading this review? Then feel free to share and leave any queries in the Comments Section below!

With much love…

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