Lelo Hugo Review: How Good Is This Prostate Massager?

The Lelo Hugo prostate massager is a top-ranking performer that has leveled up prostate play with a new remote function. It’s fitted with dual motors that deliver powerful stimulations to your prostate and taint at the same time. Its luxurious design is topped with a soft silicone surface and is very friendly to newbies.

lelo Hugo

The Good | It has a new remote control function with a unique SenseMotion feature. It comes with an added in-built perineum vibrator for taint massaging. It’s also amongst the most discreet in size and use (on lower settings) and the dimensions are pretty compact. It’s a great fit for beginners and intermediate players.

The Bad | Without the remote control, it gives a much lesser massage experience. The button at the base is only able to change the modes and not speed. The thin neck is too thin and it can slip off if you make sudden movements when it’s plugged in. Pretty expensive to a common wanker.

The Bottom Line | This toy is a luxury item and there’s no mistaking that. It’s well-designed and comes with a unique remote function unseen with other toys. The silicone touch is top-quality and like the Revo Stealth, it’s easily usable with the newbies too. The price will surely put a dent in your pocket but the guarantee is worth it.

Lelo has never disappointed when it comes to producing top-notch luxury sex toys. They’ve been at it for quite a while and this far we’re yet to see a decline in their creativity.

In this sacred space today, we’re doing a Lelo Hugo review and hope to help you understand why most people would rank it second after Nexus Revo Stealth.

Opening the lid on this toy, it gives a sleek and luxurious look for first impressions. It has a nice shiny base with a small flap that covers the charging port beneath it.

It’s also fitted with dual motors. One is located on the shaft and the other under the perineum arm to maximize your experience from the stimulations.

Further on, I will show you a summary of its specs in a table I’ve prepared.

We’ll also look at alternative p-spot massagers, in case Hugo’s price makes owning it appear like a pipe dream to you.

Bombs away!

Lelo Hugo Tech and Specs Overview

Lelo Hugo Tech And Specs Overview


The Lelo Hugo is a very compact toy if you’re someone who loves smaller sizes. It offers a comfortable fit to newbies and provides nice exploration dimensions for intermediates and pros.

In measurement, it has a total length of 4.5” with an insertable depth of 3.4”. Around the girth, it comes in at about 4.00” and has a total diameter of 1.28”.

As you can read from these dimensions, it’s a fairly discreet toy. And you can use it in most residential settings as storing it away is no hassle.


The Hugo is made using smooth and body-safe silicone. The material is again latex and phthalates-free while also non-porous, making it easy to clean.

There’s also a secondary ABS plastic material used. This is found at the base of the toy and has a shiny gold finish.

Price, Where To Buy

Now, in the beginning, I mentioned that this toy will punch a hole through your pocket. That’s especially true if you’re hunting for a low-cost prostate massager.

On the other hand… The design, material, and functionality coming with it are definitely worth the tag.

So, if you want to make your order, then check out Lelo’s Online Store.

It was retailing at around $222.00 at the time I was writing this review.

They give a one year warranty and have free shipping with the delivery taking 3-5 days if you’re from the US. Additional charges will suffice if you’re ordering from other countries.

Lovehoney is also retailing the toy at $219.99 and also offers free shipping within the US for orders above $60.

This also comes with a 1-year guarantee and a 4 monthly installment payment plan.

KEEP OFF eBay or Amazon when buying these toys! Otherwise, you risk receiving counterfeit goods made from unknown materials unfit for the human body use. Stay safe…

Table showing Hugo’s specs:

As promised above, I’ve laid out a comprehensive table showing the tech and specs for the Lelo Hugo prostate massager. Check it out below:

Design & Functionality

lelo hugo Design and Functionality

One thing that stood out for me is the new cool remote control that comes with it.

It uses a SenseMotion technology that allows you to control the vibrations using motion sensors on the toy. This is a cool upgrade compared with LeloBruno.

It’s also great for couple play and a little BDSM kink as the remote also vibrates independently.

Something else is that it has 6 vibration modes that can vary your massage experience. This is powered by 2 motors. One inside the shaft and the other in the perineum stimulator.

As for the body shape, it has one girthy tip that slowly tapers down towards the base.

This gently recedes into a thin neck near the base that gets pulled in by the anal sphincters for anchoring and pivoting.

And the good news? The toy is made with non-porous silicone that brings soft sensations and is easy to clean. 

Also, a 2-hour charge gives around the same amount of playtime if you’re on the lower settings.

Maximum settings allow you 40 minutes of playtime and this might bomb off guys who like longer and intense prostate stimulation.

In Use: How Does It Feel Like?

As with all other silicone toys, I used a water-based lube on the toy and my glory-seeking butt for the lengthy match ahead.

Avoid using silicone-based lube with silicone toys as it could reduce the silicone quality on your massager. 

Getting down to business…

You’ll notice that the head is quite wide and you might face some resistance during insertion. But it won’t hurt if you do it with care and use enough lube.

Again, getting to a comfortable position (lying on the side works for me) and taking deep breaths will help you relax. Everything sorta just takes off from there.

The Hugo fills up my tank very well and the perineum massager also gives a comfortable rest on the taint.

And though the Hugo doesn’t have an adjustable arm, its head is angled quite accurately and you can feel it start probing your prostate after a few minutes of stimulation.

Getting schwifty…The remote control was truly handy in enhancing my hands-free experience as you can change the speed, pattern, and intensity of the vibrations.

Now, the anchoring on this toy is not exactly a ‘yay’ and it occasionally slips out when you make quick movements.

I had to keep re-lubing the toy before popping it back in. And as you might well know, this can get messy.

As a silver lining though, clenching your anal walls at calculated intervals during this time does wonderful magic and can get you closer to edging (not a cheat sheet).

Using the remote, you can explore the two SenseMotion modes and play with the intensity and speed until you get what fits your bill.

Personally, playing with the patterns and remote motions got the work done for me. 

Also, you can use it without the remote, but the experience then doesn’t near what the remote function offers.

How Easy To Clean & Durability

Cleaning the Hugo is a breeze. You can submerge in water as it’s still waterproof. 

Use warm running water and mild soap to rub it clean. The use of toy-cleaners too is not prohibited. 

Just make sure you dry it well (air-drying or wiping with a lint-free towel) before storing it. You can return it inside the package box to keep it from attracting dust.

Would I Recommend It? If so, to whom?

I’d recommend this toy to any newb who wants to experience his first prostate stimulation.

Its size is accurate for such scenarios and it offers dynamic vibration modes together with the remote control.

The price is something you oughta consider first before making this type of investment. Also, if you’re a size junkie, then you might find it stressful to use the Hugo as it can slide right out.

On the upside, you can use this as a stimulation enhancer (like I did) and bend it to your advantage.

In a nutshell:

Who Is It For?

  • Guys who love vibrating prostate massagers.
  • Guys looking for an enhanced hands-free experience.
  • If you like small to medium prostate toys.
  • If you can afford the price.

Who Is It Not For?

  • If you prefer non-vibrating prostate massagers.
  • Guys who love bigger toys sticking up their taints.
  • If you want a low budget toy.

What Do Other People Think About It?

Let’s take a look at what other users are saying on Reddit about the Hugo…

From Reddit:

Here’s what Mynsfwname had to say after his maiden prostate massage:

“The vibration modes are really fun. I can have it stay on one speed, or it can do ‘waves’ or just really intense ON-OFF-ON patterns. There’s an interesting feature that uses the remote’s movement as the control. By angling the remote, it increases the intensity. Another setting uses the speed of the movement to change intensity (shake it vigorously to increase vibration). I gave the remote to my girlfriend and she had a blast with that feature (to my expense, haha).

This thing is a great fit for me, as it sits right on my prostate. I’d never had a prostate orgasm before this, and it feels incredible. Also, as an anal newbie, I didn’t have problems getting it inserted. I just lube it up, put a little lube on my butthole, and just put it in slowly, without much pressure.

The remote vibrates along with the massager, and I don’t think there’s an option to turn that off. This means I need to put the remote on a towel or something to isolate the vibrations if I’m setting it down. Adding to this, the remote uses two AAA batteries and isn’t rechargeable like the massager, so I think it’ll burn through batteries unnecessarily.

The massager won’t stay inserted if you’re walking around, or especially if you’re bending over. If I need to get up, I have to actively squeeze a little to make sure it stays inserted. I suppose this design makes it more comfortable while sitting or laying down, but it is an otherwise unfortunate effect.”


Another user ProsPosi, shared this about the battery life and overall performance:

“I’d say the biggest “con” is that the charge doesn’t last that long. At full speed and full charge, the toy only lasts about 40 minutes. That might seem like a long time to some people but I generally like to play for about an hour. Also, the charger mechanism connection can be a little loose – I am thankful for the warranty because I’ve had to replace mine a few times due to the charging mechanism stopping working. Because of this “con” when I think about what toy I’d like to buy next, I’d just want to get a second Bruno.

The Hugo is not cheap, but I think the price is worth the quality. I’ve bought some cheaper toys and ended up feeling fairly dissatisfied.”



Lelo Hugo alternatives

Now, I know the price of this toy probably made some of you skip right to this part, haha! …That’s all very understandable, and I’ve got something to save your day 🙂

So, if you’re a newbie or intermediate player, there is only one other prostate massager in the market that outshines the performance of this toy. 

And that is the Nexus Revo Stealth! Unlike the gentle slope on Hugo, the Stealth has a contour of 2 rolling bulbs on its shaft that amplifies the thrill you get from the stimulation.

Also worth checking out our Lelo Loki review for another good option.

Hope this will help your hunt!

Conclusion: Final Thoughts

Closing down this shop…

Everything about the Lelo Hugo screams that it’s a luxury prostate accessory. From its sleek curvy design to the top-quality silicone used.

In addition, sealing this deal off with a cool handy remote function was a nice upgrade.

Also, the fact that it is newbie-friendly and can double for solo or couple play, is just very rich. It may not be a perfect fit but is still worth a shot.

I could say of the Lelo prostate massagers I own, this model clearly stands out if you overlook the price. But then again, nothing good comes cheap, right? ^_^

Anyway… The only other prostate massager I know that beats the Hugo is the Nexus Revo Stealth.

It comes fixed with a rotating head that delivers very intense vibrations on your prostate. Its price is more or less around the same range, but this depends on where you buy yours. 

Hope this helps you with your next purchase.

If you’ve enjoyed reading this review, feel free to share and leave any questions in the Comments Section below 🙂


Lelo Hugo Review

Dainis Graveris

Lelo Hugo Prostate Massager


Lelo is a well-known brand and this product lives up to its name. While it retails for an above-average price, the quality and design are well worth it. Bonus points for it being newbie-friendly.

Dainis Graveris

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