Lelo F1S V2 Review [2021]: Is V2 Lelo’s Male Vibrator Any Good?

Lelo F1s V1 male toy left a lot to be desired… In this Lelo F1S V2 review you’ll learn if its worth getting, how does it fare against Prototype, and what are best alternatives:

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A few years ago Lelo released the F1s Prototype and Developer’s Kit Red. They were expensive, flashy, and packed with interesting technology. 

Even though there were a few letdowns, I really liked the idea of the F1s and thought it would be a killer if they could fix some of the issues. 

Well looks like my time has come. Lelo has just released the F1s V2: new, improved, and hopefully better. 

But is the second cumming coming worth the wait? Let’s find out! 

The Good

The V2 has improved motors which give some serious rumbly power, even though the original was no slouch.

It has new and better modes and patterns, with options to customize your own in the app (or code them, if you have coding experience). 

The silicone sleeve is softer, too; and like the previous versions, it’s still waterproof, lightweight, and has the same cruise control tech as before.

And did I say it looks INCREDIBLE? (User experience matters.)

The Not So Good

While the motor is incredibly high quality, I had challenges with its noise. It took quite a figuring for the perfect depth and angle to avoid F1 V2 sounding like a tractor.

It’s doable but didn’t expect it to be so sensitive. The app allows to set up different modes in the toy, but besides fun analytics don’t expect it to do much.

The Bottom Line

The F1s V2 is what the first two versions should have been.

The same awesome tech with a few adjustments, and less of the silly problems that plagued the Prototype and Developer’s Kit.

If you’re looking for powerful high-quality vibrations, luxury design, and don’t mind paying for it, I’m much happier to recommend the V2 than either of the previous versions. 

Lelo F1s V2 is for you if:

  • You love vibrations and sonic waves
  • You like new features and gimmicks
  • You want to experience hands-free orgasm just from HQ vibrations

Lelo F1s V2 might not be for you if:

  • You’re larger than average
  • You prefer stroking
  • You want something super quiet

Lelo F1s V2: First Impressions

As we live in Europe, Lelo’s boxes arrive just barely covered in a light, dark fabric. You can’t see much through it and the package doesn’t indicate the contents. Once you take it off, you see a usual Lelo box with hygienic seals on it.

Lelo F1S V2 Review hygienic seal

Here’s what comes in the box:

  • LELO F1S V2
  • LELO Antibacterial Cleaning Spray (60ml)
  • Lubricant
  • Carrying pouch
  • USB charging cable
  • User’s Guide

Not in the box, but there is an app you can download for Android or iPhone.

Lelo F1S V2 Review unboxed

What, no wanking gloves this time? I’m offended! (Not really)

The Developer’s Kit shipped with a pair of racing-style gloves and a sign for your door that let everyone walking past know that you were jerking off. 

Honestly, I’m glad they didn’t bother this time around. It makes the V2 seem like a more serious piece of hardware and (presumably) also keeps costs down a little. 

The box itself is what you’d expect from Lelo — fancy yet understated, like a Christmas gift box for men from a high-end department store.

It would make an attractive gift for a special someone.

Besides that, you get the usual warranty card, instruction manual, a cleaning spray, and lube. 

Finally, there’s the F1s V2 itself. So let’s see here… 

Let’s Talk About Lelo F1s V2 Design 

But first, let me show you the hard details… 

Insertable length
Insertable width
285g / 10oz
Silicone (sleeve), ABS (F1s V2) or Aluminum (Developer’s Kit) 

All three models of F1s have almost exactly the same cylindrical design. If I didn’t know better I might mistake them for Bluetooth speakers. 

The Developer’s Kit and V2 have transparent windows so you can see the motors and sleeve at work, which is nice if you or your partner is a bit of a voyeur. 

And they’re all incredibly compact! It’s seriously impressive that they were able to squeeze this much technology into such a small package. 

The V2 comes with either a deep blue or a red sleeve. The red one looks almost exactly like the Developer’s Kit. Meanwhile, the Prototype is a mini monolith of black. 

The sleeve itself is made of body-safe silicone that’s so much softer and silkier than the sleeve in the Developer’s Kit. I was surprised to first learn it wasn’t made of TPE (what Fleshlights and other ultra-soft strokers are made of).

It surely added a few bucks to that price tag. 

If I had to pick one color, I’d go with blue, but they all look great in my opinion. 

Lelo F1S V2 Review opened

But enough about fashion choices. How do they work? 

Lelo F1s Key Functionality – All Models

Now for the juicy geek parts. The tech. That’s the main even when it comes to the F1s, so let’s see what’s going on. First, we’re going to look at what every F1s contains, before getting into the major differences. 

Performance Sensors

The F1s has ten sensors lining the sleeve which collect and gather information in real-time such as temperature and pressure. If you want to see the RPM and gyroscope information, you can (in the app). 

These are fun to see on their own, but they work with the Cruise Control and can be used for the development of new apps and functions in the SDK. 

Cruise Control

The Cruise Control means that if you move around or adjust the F1s it will adjust the motors according to your movements to keep a constant level of sensation.

That means less fiddling around with buttons to get the feeling back where you want it. 

Dual Motors

There are two motors that work differently and can be controlled separately. There’s one conventional displacement motor at the base that delivers standard vibrations and also powers the sensors. It’s powerful and rumbly, especially the V2 version. 

And the other motor uses… 

Sensonic Technology

The Sensonic motor delivers sonic waves instead of the normal kind of vibrations. Lelo claims that this sonic energy goes through the skin and vibrates the whole penis from the inside and out so it feels like the whole thing is vibing all at once. 

Lelo F1S V2 Review control buttons

V2 / Developer’s Kit Red / Prototype: What’s Different? 

Developer’s Kit
ABS plastic casing
Solid coloring
Access to the demo app 
Can download third-party apps from your phone to use 
1st generation motors
Silicone sleeve
No vibration patterns 
Developer’s Kit
ABS and aluminum casing 
Transparent window so you can see the mechanism in action
Access to Software Development Kit to develop your own app (requires coding knowledge) plus demo app
Can design and upload apps (requires coding knowledge) and download them
1st generation motors
Silicone sleeve
No vibration patterns 
ABS and aluminum casing
Transparent window so you can see the mechanism in action
Access to Software Development Kit to develop your own app (requires coding knowledge) plus demo app
Can design and upload apps (requires coding knowledge) and download them
New motors: 2x power
New softer silicone sleeve
4 vibration patterns 

It should be pretty obvious that the V2 is the way to go if you’re thinking about getting a new one.

The softer silicone sleeve is so luxurious and helps with one of the major flaws in the original design (see below), and that extra power and vibration modes make a huge difference. 

Lelo F1s: The App 

You can use any of the F1s’s with Lelo’s app or without. 

Without the app, you can turn it on and get going straight away using the buttons to control the speeds and switch through 4 patterns. Totally simple to use. 

Connect the F1s to your phone via Bluetooth and the Demo App and you can see the performance numbers in real-time and control the toy via the app. 

You can also use apps developed either by yourself (if you have the Developer’s Kit) or other people with your F1s for more functionality. 

What Is The SDK?

If you buy the Developer’s Kit or V2 you get access to Lelo’s Software Development Kit, where you can design your own app for Android or iPhone to use with your own F1s. 

Your only limits are your imagination and the hardware.

Just off the top of my head, I would love to make an app that can sync up the sonic wave module to a music app so it “plays” in time with my favorite songs. 

Unfortunately for me, that’s far above my skill level, but who knows? Fingers crossed maybe someone will publish an app that does just that.

How To Clean The Lelo F1s?

I was a little concerned that you can’t invert the silicone sleeve on the inside of the F1s. That usually makes cleaning and drying it a nightmare. 

Turns out I had nothing to worry about. The F1s is waterproof so you can easily rinse it out with mild soap and water. 

Or you can use the Lelo cleaning spray that comes with the F1s. It’s a decent cleaning spray that does the job well and has very little odor. Wasn’t a necessary addition to the package but it’s nice to have it anyway. 

Lelo F1S V2 Review held in hand

My Experience With Lelo F1s: How Much Better Is The V2? 

Previously I had tried the Developer’s Kit. Overall it was fun but had a few glaring issues that took the shine off the experience for me. 

So let’s go through the best parts first. 🙂 Then we’ll get on to the problems the Developer’s Kit had that the V2 has solved (and the one or two issues that remain). 


I really liked the vibrations in the Developer’s Kit. They were deep, rumbly, and delicious, especially the traditional motor. 

The sonic waves were nice too, though they didn’t quite live up to the hype for me. My girl has a couple of Lelo’s toys that use the same Sensonic technology.

She swears it feels like it’s vibrating her from the inside and out, which she absolutely loves. 

But I didn’t get that same feeling from the Developer’s Kit, just some interesting vibrations. 

Until now. 

Those more powerful motors feel like they’ve been turbocharged for maximum performance. At the highest settings, I could feel it down to my bones. 

This is awesome, especially when you consider that the sleeve doesn’t even reach the base of my shaft. 

You can get a lot more variation combining the two different motors at different speeds for a staggering selection of sensations. 

So the different vibration modes are a blessing, too.

The only downside is that it feels like the increased power creates more noise in some angles. I was surprised by it, but after adjusting the depth of my penis, it went away. But something to watch out for.

Build Quality 

Just like previous versions, the V2 is well made out of superior materials.

It’s waterproof for easy cleaning and looks durable enough that it could survive a knock or two. (I wouldn’t recommend dropping it all the time, but accidents happen.)


My biggest problem with the Developer’s Kit was sound-related. Once I entered it, the seal around my shaft was airtight, which trapped a bubble of air at the end. 

This often stopped the end of the sleeve from keeping contact with my penis, so I missed out on the full experience. 

And when I tried to move it around to get the air bubble out, it let out a sound very much like a nasty wet fart. Loud enough that my partner heard it from the other room. With the door closed. 

So my first thought when I tried out the V2 was “have they fixed the farting problem?” 

Well… not entirely, but it is better.

The new softer silicone sleeve lets air out of the seal more easily, so instead of a loud off-putting thunderclap, it makes a funny squelching noise as the air escapes (if you attempt to stroke it).

Not perfect, but a big improvement. 

I still think they could put an air hole somewhere to get rid of this issue entirely, but it’s gone from “annoying problem” to “funny thing that happens, and who cares when it feels this good?”

And as for the noise of the motors themselves, well it’s pretty much the same as before.

If you switch it on it can get a bit noisy at the highest speeds and sounds a bit like an engine, which was annoying as I needed to adjust the depth to get rid of it.

Once inserted and sealed, however, the noise drops to a nice quiet hum. It wouldn’t satisfy a stealth-obsessed ninja, but I can’t complain. 


The V2 is the same dimensions as the Developer’s Kit, but it’s easier to get in and out of thanks to the new extra pliable sleeve. 

I have to talk about the new sleeve for a second. It’s amazing. It’s so soft I thought it might be TPE, but nope. Body-safe silicone. Outstanding. 

I didn’t have any problems fitting inside it comfortably. It’s supposed to be snug to deliver those vibrations effectively, so for me, it was a perfect fit. 

That said, it’s still a small toy with limited space. It should be fine for the majority of guys, but if you’re much wider than average, you might find it a tight squeeze. 

Because of the small size, you can’t use the V2 as a stroker very effectively. Those vibrations are so great that I didn’t mind one bit, but a word of caution to anyone who specifically wants a stroker: this isn’t a stroker.

Try the Lovense Max 2 instead if that’s what you’re after. (More details on that below.)

So is it worth getting the new one? 

100% yes. If you’re a fan (or curious) of unique vibrations and high-tech performance, the V2 delivers all that and more. 

It’s one of the best male vibrators in the market in 2021, closely competing with Arcwave Ion.

Lelo F1S V2 Review charging port

Where To Get One? 

You can pick up your V2 from Lelo’s website. It’s about $220. It is pricey, but Lelo’s toys last forever, and if you are into vibrations, I’d say it is worth it. 

Lelo F1s V2 Alternatives 

Arcwave Ion

A PleasureAir stroker, which works similarly to F1s. If I had to pick between Lelo or Ion, I am not sure which one it would be. Both feel cool, functionally and usage is similar.

I would def not get both of them, but would suggest reading both reviews, look at both toys and pick one that feels more appealing to you.

Lovense Max 2

It vibrates. It contracts. It sucks. And you can actually stroke it! There are a lot of options via the Lovense app like remote control, long-distance control over the internet and it can even sync with other toys for great virtual sex.

You can use it manually by stroking it yourself or even leave it on and have the contractions and vibrations get you off. It’s not the easiest to clean but apart from that, the Max 2 does everything you need it to do and more. 

And if you fancy a convincing blowjob machine that gets the job done every time, check out my review of the Kiiroo Keon. 

Final Thoughts

The Developer’s Kit and Prototype had some great ideas and a few unfortunate flaws, so it’s great to see that they nailed the execution the second time around. 

You might have tried other male vibrators before, but I guarantee you haven’t tried anything like this! 

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