Lelo Enigma Review [2021]: After 3 Month Testing – Worth It?

In this Lelo Enigma review I’ll share my honest thoughts on this dual stimulator. Does it work? How to get the most out of it? And how it fares against other toys?

lelo enigma

From my go-to clit-sucking queens Sona and Sila to my G-spot hit-or-miss Gigi and Soraya…

Yup, you can say that I’ve had my fair share of Lelo toys over the years. Some worked, and some felt like there’s still something missing.

Then the stars aligned, and Lelo moanwalkers gave us Enigma. Futuristic, mysterious Enigma.

Oh, come to greedy mama!

I’ve had the Enigma for over three months now. And I’ll share all of my experiences with it in this review.

Will Lelo’s new dual stimulation vibrator finally get us saying buh-bye to that’s-so-90s rabbit vibrators (and some of our fave Lelo toys)? Let’s see…

If you’re short on time, here’s the TL;DR:

The Good

Lelo Enigma is an ergonomically designed, easy-to-clean, intuitive dual stimulator that offers a new way of stimulating the clit and G-spot.

Unlike the external clit vibes on Soraya and most rabbit vibrators, it uses sonic waves à la Sona and Sila to stimulate your external and internal clit.

Plus, it has a super flexible insertable hook-like arm that you can move easily to send rumbly vibrations to your G-spot.

The Not So Good

You can’t control the clit and G-spot motors separately. There’s a learning curve to find the right stimulation and angle that works for you. And it’s not 100% guaranteed to work for all anatomical configurations (typical rabbit vibrator issue).

The Bottom Line

Overall, the Enigma is a great buy if you want dual stimulation with similar vibration settings as other Lelo toys that feel deep and won’t numb or sensitize your genital area.

If you liked Lelo’s signature clit-sucking tech on Sona and the deep, rumbly vibes on Soraya 2, there’s a big chance that you’re gonna like this toy. But you might want to skip it if you prefer precise clit and G-spot stimulation. 

Lelo Enigma is for you if:

  • You can’t orgasm through penetration or clitoral stimulation alone
  • You prefer rumbly pulsating vibrations over thrusting sensations for your G-spot
  • You loved your previous Lelo’s toys
  • You prefer suction over vibrations to stimulate your clit
  • You have limited mobility

Lelo Enigma might not be for you if:

  • You were dissatisfied with the intensity of other Lelo’s toys before
  • You prefer thrusting/rubbing sensations on your G-spot
  • You prefer long and girthy toys for penetration

My First Impressions Of Lelo Enigma

Getting a new package from Lelo always gets me giddy. And now here comes the E-N-I-G-M-A.

Opening it is kinda like unboxing my new iPhone with its sleek, sexy, luxurious black box. And like my other Lelo toys, it has a plastic cover that gives you a glimpse of the toy.

lelo enigma package

Inside I find my Enigma (setting it aside first). I lift open the side panel, and there’s…

  • the USB charging cord
  • a stretchy storage pouch
  • a bunch of tiny paper things

Side note: I’m still a fan of the Lelo’s spandex-ish pouch because it fits Enigma’s full size quite well like my other Lelo toys. I even store my charging cable inside.

Using my grandma glasses, I see that one’s the warranty registration card, and the other is a detailed instruction manual with even tinier letters. There’s always an easier-to-read online manual if you don’t want to squint ‘em eyes.

Plus, you’re getting a sample packet of Lelo’s signature Personal Moisturizer (AKA water-based lube)!

Taking Enigma out of the box, I couldn’t help but notice how smooth it felt to the touch. It looks refined, soft with no rough edges.

It has a unique design that’s very much different from other Lelo toys and other dual stimulators.

The bulbous end with the control buttons reminds me of my Lelo Sona.

It’s just that it now comes with a flexible curved end that goes inside your vagina for G-spot stim.

It fits into my hand perfectly. If I compare it to my Lelo Soraya Wave, it seems less robust but is so much easier to hold and manipulate.

Let’s Talk About Tech Specs

Lelo Enigma’s Measurements

End to end, the Enigma measures 7.3″ (L) x 3.9″ (W) x 1.9″ (H). The insertable length is around 4″ long, just enough to hit most vagina owners’ G-spot.

But if you include the flexible neck, it goes up to 5.5″ with a thickness of 1″-1.5″.

Simply put, the toy as a whole is kinda big. But the insertable part is as thick as an average penis.

Again, its insertable length is not that long. So if you’re looking for more length and girth, this is not the toy for you.

What It’s Made Of

The Enigma is mainly made out of medical-grade silicone, with a tiny bit of ABS plastic (yup, the pretty pink and purple ombre handle with the LELO logo).

Unlike my Soraya Wave, Enigma’s insertable arm is all silicone with no plastic bits. That means it won’t be a pain to clean thoroughly.

You can now find the plastic part on the handle that improves your grip on the toy as you use it.

It’s 100% waterproof, so you can bring it with you in the bath or the shower if you want a bit of splish-splash fun. Plus, it’s fully submersible and resistant to water damage, making it super easy to clean and maintain.

Enigmatic Design

The Enigma looks like a big, thick hook. It doesn’t give off that hey-I’m-just-like-any-other-rabbit-vibrator vibes. It is unique, futuristic… enigmatic (figures).

The bulbous Sona-like head is where you’ll manipulate the toy with your hand and operate its controls. Below the buttons is Lelo’s contact-free clitoral SenSonic stimulator. 

On the other end, you’ll find a curved, flexible tip that’s meant to go inside your vaginal opening and stimulate your G-spot.

Like my other Lelo toys, the Enigma comes with an intuitive 3-button interface. It’s super easy to learn and use that even first-time users don’t need to squint through the tiny manual to use it.

And you can feel these buttons with your fingers, without even looking at them. That’s perfect for folks who want to get it on with the lights off.

Enigma comes in two colors. I chose the black one. But you can also get the deep rose color that reminds me of my fave childhood dinosaur mascot, Barney. (*I love you, you love me.*)

Lelo Enigma’s Key Functionality

SenSonic Technology

Like Lelo’s range of clit suckers, the Enigma is equipped with their patented contactless SenSonic Technology.

That means the clit sucking part uses sonic waves instead of vibrations to stimulate the external, visible part of your clit and the inside. Though it sits on the clit itself, you’ll feel the sensations everywhere.

If you’re new to Lelo clit suckers, the sensations will surprise you — in a good way.

It’s unlike the super intense vibrations that you get from the clitoral stimulator part of most rabbit vibrators.

Double Arousal

The Enigma offers the best of both worlds: clitoral stimulation and G-spot vibration for blended orgasms.

It uses pulsating sonic waves to target both the external and internal parts of your clit. Plus, deep, rumbly vibrations from the insertable end stimulate the G-spot.

You can cycle through 8 different pulse/wave vibration patterns and 8 intensity levels like my Sona and Soraya (much more on that later).

Combine these strong G-spot vibrations with somewhat intense clit sucking sensations on high settings? BOOM!

Ergonomic Design

The entire toy is lightweight (0.43 lbs.) and has an ergonomic design that’s easy to hold and operate. And it doesn’t strain your hand.

Most toys with an almost straight angle require a lot of work to hit the G-spot. NOT Enigma.

It instead has a super flexible insertable G-spot arm that you can adjust depending on your unique anatomy.

Once you’ve found the best position, it stays put and rumbles deep. You don’t need to touch it again unless you need to change the pattern/intensity level.

It lacks Soraya Wave’s come-hither motion, unfortunately. So, if you want a more precise G-spot thing, this may not be the toy for you.

How To Use The Enigma

Note: Make sure to give your Enigma a full two-hour charge before first use.

I recommend playing with the buttons first before inserting the Enigma. But for experienced Lelo users, you can skip this part.

Here’s a quickie on using the toy:

  1. Press and hold the middle “()” or “+” button for a few seconds to turn the toy on.
  2. Press the “()” button to cycle through the 8 vibration patterns.
  3. Press the “+” or “−” buttons to increase or decrease vibration intensity levels.
  4. Press and hold the “()” button again to turn the toy off.

If you plan on traveling with the Enigma and don’t want to be embarrassed with the TSA opening your “vibrating” luggage, you can lock the control buttons.

Simply press and hold the “+” and “−” simultaneously for 3 seconds until the light turns on. Then, to unlock the toy, do the same.

Now, onto inserting the toy. Putting it in is quite simple. It’s getting the right angle that requires a bit of fidgeting here and there.

First, open the lube sample (or any water-based lube) and apply a generous amount on the clitoral and insertable parts. 

Use one hand to spread your labia, and use the other hand to insert the G-spot end inside your vagina. Hold on to the handle and position the sucker against your clit.

Adjust Enigma as necessary. Make sure to do this before you turn the device on. From there, you can use the control buttons to cycle through different patterns and adjust intensity levels.

PRO TIP: If you use a certain pattern you like and turn off the Enigma, it remembers that exact pattern, so you can pick up where you left off.

It’s a pretty neat Lelo feature, really, and one that other dual stimulation vibrators don’t have.

The only downside is you can’t independently control the clit suction and G-spot vibration functions. They power on/off at the same time.

lelo enigma charging

How To Charge It

Charging the Enigma is easy-peasy.

Just insert the DC plug into the toy’s DC port, and the other end goes into any USB power adapter. These include your phone charger, computer, or power bank.

WARNING: DON’T PUSH THE DC PLUG TOO FAR. There will be a gap between the charging plug and the base of the toy that’s perfectly fine. If you have other Lelo toys, you’ll notice this too. 

And yeah, you can still use the charging cables from your other Lelo toys. So you don’t need to bring/use a different cable for each device each time. Sweet!

You’ll notice a pulsing light when the device is charging. Once it’s full, it emits a solid, steady glow. And if you’re running low on juice, the toy will show a blinking white light.

It takes 2 hours to charge the device fully, and continuous use takes around 2 hours too.

It has a power-saving function that automatically turns the device off after an hour of inactivity. Plus, it has up to 90 days of standby time. I don’t think it’ll take you that long to use the Enigma again.

But it’s reassuring to know that you can use it the way you left it after 3 months max of standby.

My Experience With Lelo Enigma

After years of thoroughly testing Lelo toys, I can confidently say that I can fiddle with the buttons with my eyes closed. 

Even so, new users will find controlling the buttons of the Enigma super easy after initial testing. The buttons are big enough and have a noticeable shape under the thumb.

Now, onto the patterns and my experience with them.

In a nutshell, you’re getting 4 synchronous pulsating patterns and 4 asynchronous wave-like patterns.

That means for the first 4 patterns, both the clit and insertable parts vibrate at the same time in the same way. For the remaining 4 asynchronous waves, the vibes alternate between the insertable arm and the clit part.

For the sake of science (and this review), I paid close attention to these alternate patterns before insertion.

And basically, for each pulse/wave of the insertable part, there are almost two pulses of the clitoral part.

That means two different motors are working. Nice!

Of course, I didn’t feel these distinct alternating wave patterns once the Enigma was inside me. But I was definitely surprised – a good kind of surprise – every time I changed patterns.

The insertable G-spot end kind of gives rumbling vibrations that reach deep while the clit sucking part feels like it’s everywhere. It’s not like other clit suckers (like Womanizer and Satisfyer) that feel like they’re doing something to the clit itself.

I would describe the sensations as a hybrid of Lelo Sona’s clit sucking sensations and Soraya Wave’s G-spot rumbly vibrations sans the come-hither motion.

Note: When both motors work together, synchronously or asynchronously, they give radiating vibrations. I mean, you can’t pinpoint which motor is working, but you can feel them all on your pelvic area.

The combo sensations felt really nice. While not super intense, they build into one big O.

THE BEST PART? You can go for another round because your clit doesn’t feel as sore as when you’re using intense clit vibrators or other rabbit vibrators.

You see, that’s the thing about Lelo’s toys and why they’ve been in the business for almost two decades.

I haven’t found other brands whose toys give deep vibrations without hurting or numbing you. And unlike other noisy rabbit vibrators, it’s quiet enough when in use.

The only downside to Enigma is the usual rabbit vibe issue. Because the hook is so big, the angle might not work for all vagina owners.

If there’s more distance between your vaginal opening and clit, then this toy will fit you perfectly. However, if you don’t have much distance between the two, you have to manipulate the toy to get the right angle and fit.

As for me, I have to push the toy a bit lower because if I just let it sit without touching anything, the clitoral part won’t hit my external clit.

Thankfully, this also makes the insertable part press stronger on the inner walls. But I can’t use it hands-free. 

That said, Enigma’s design is very comfortable to hold even for an extended period of time. 

“The Lelo Enigma is a amaaazing and can get very strong, inside and out.”

Rare-Turnover-3344, Reddit

How To Clean Lelo Enigma

Lelo mention that Enigma is 100% waterproof. It is hard to believe it since the DC port is wide open. But cleaning the toy is a no-brainer for folks familiar with silicone toys.

Simply wash it before and after use using warm water and antibacterial soap. You can also spray it with a toy cleaner instead of using soap.

Rinse the toy with clean water and use a lint-free towel or cloth to pat dry.

Reminder: Don’t forget to thoroughly clean and DRY the DC port before charging your toy.

Price, Where To Buy

Admittedly, this luxurious combo experience is on the pricier side.

You can get it for $189 on Lelo’s official website.

It’s the best place to get it, as you get a year of warranty, a 10-year quality guarantee, and Lelo’s discreet shipping.

No to buying sex toys on Amazon, please!


If you enjoy dual stimulation but want more vibration patterns and intensities than Enigma offers, you could go for the Womanizer Duo.

It’s more expensive than Enigma, but you’ll get a total of 10 patterns and 12 intensities. You’ll also get a clit-shaped keychain as a gift.

If you want to stick to Lelo at all costs, the second-best choice would be the Lelo Soraya Wave, which we’ve covered too.

Instead of sucking sensations, you’re getting direct vibrations to your external clit. Its Wave Technology (come-hither motion) also gives more precise G-spot stimulation for a more pleasurable experience.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for a luxurious clit and G-spot stimulator that gives pleasurable pulsating vibes to give you a good buildup to satisfying Os, get the Enigma.

Yeah, it also comes at a luxurious price tag and might need a bit of work for some anatomy.

But the fact that you’re getting a multipurpose toy with adjustable patterns, speeds, and an insertable arm? That works. Plus, from a quality brand that’s been in the business for 18 years!

Those are just some of the reasons why Lelo toys are in a different price category. The devil’s in the details, they say, and these folks nail them AGAIN with the Enigma.



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