Lelo Billy Review 2021: How Well Does This Massager Work?

In this Lelo Billy review, you’ll see how prostate stimulators are a real treat to the field of prostate play. The Lelo Billy is very discreet during use and is a reliable toy if you want the good ‘ol stroke-athon. It comes with a revamped 8 vibrations settings and has a smaller size that’s more lenient to first-time users.

hand holding lelo billy

The Good | Its size is lenient with first-time users as compared to the Loki entries. It has 8 different vibration settings and allows you to modify the vibration intensity during use. It’s very quiet when turned on and is good if you’re looking for a discreet toy. Its waterproof capabilities are much stronger than Lelo Billy v1. More enjoyable with a partner.

The Bad | It’s general body structure limits the number of positions you can have when using the toy. The buttons are a bit difficult to use as they are somehow rigid and very slippery when you have lube on. As its smaller than the Loki, it also slips off on higher vibration settings and it is not cheap.

The Bottom Line | The Lelo Billy prostate vibrator is an okay toy to begin your PO journey with. Especially if you’re looking to start on a subtle note. The size and overall performance make it a no-go for advanced players but still have an awesome silicone surface for the best stimulating experience you can get out of it.

Lelo has kept its signature luxurious outlook while ensuring that only the best features go into their products also discussed in our Lelo Hugo review.

On our radar, today is the Billy release, with our focus greatly targeted on the Lelo Billy 2 that has kept me company for the past couple of weeks 🙂

Now, the Lelo Billy 2 comes in a nice matte finish and is very small compared to the Loki or Loki Wave. It has also upgraded the vibration modes and now comes with 8 different settings as compared to the first Billy’s 5-mode settings.

Its build is rather small but comes with a comfortable base handle that has the control buttons for functional navigation. 

In this Lelo Billy review, we’re going to take another skinny dive and see more of its design, functionality, and how it compares to the Loki.

Let’s get crackin’…

Lelo Billy Review: Tech and Specs Overview

Lelo Billy Tech and Specs Overview


As you might have figured out from the pictures by now, this toy is small. It’s way smaller than the Loki and Loki Wave and has a pretty lean construct to it.

It could pretty much be the size of Dwayne Johnson’s thumb in length and girth… Don’t ask me how I know that. <_< 

But supporting my claim, it has a measurement of 3.9” for the insertable length and a diameter of 1.1”. 

In cubic body dimensions, it’s 6.9” by 1.4” by 1.1” and only weighs 0.2 lbs.


The Lelo Billy 2 model is made from ABS Plastic and Silicone as the primary materials.

The silicone is medical-grade and body-safe and makes the entire length of the shaft. On the other hand, the ABS plastic material has gone into the construction of the toy’s base which also doubles as the handle.

Price, Where To Buy

To again burst some bubbles… This prostate stimulator doesn’t have the word ‘cheap’ written anywhere near it. 

To start you off easy, you can check out Lovehoney’s cheaper offer ($139.99) coming with a one-year warranty and a 4-installment payment plan option.

You can also get it at the Official Lelo Store ($139) also coming with a one-year warranty and free shipping within the US.

STAY AWAY from Amazon and eBay when making this kind of purchase! Their sellers are notorious for sending knockoffs made from substandard/potentially hazardous materials unsafe for human use.

How does the Lelo Billy Compare with the Loki?

To aid you, I’ve prepared a brief table comparing the model specs between Billy and Loki and hope it helps your buying decision. Check it out:

Lelo Billy 2
Lelo Loki

Design & Functionality

Lelo Billy Design and Functionality

Now, a distinctive observation on its body… The Lelo Billy 2 has a much straighter shaft gradient in comparison with any of Loki’s versions. The curve isn’t as bent but still gets the job done.

It has 8 vibrating modes and comes with a 5-button control interface at the base handle. To save you the pain, the 5th button is located right in the middle of the 4 navigational control buttons.

They are also fitted with LED lighting for visibility during the night or in dark rooms (BDSMers know what I’m talking about here) 😉

Moving on, the small base-area is good for a comfortable grip and helps to find leverage when trying to locate the p-spot. And it has a shaft made purely from medical-grade silicone for the best prostate stimulation experience.

Capping this, it’s also rechargeable and has a decent battery life of about 2 hours if you use it on medium settings.

And just like most Lelo products, this toy is also 100% waterproof making the cleaning process a breeze.

In Use: How Does It Feel Like?

As always guys, use ONLY water-based lubes on toys with silicone surfaces. If you’re a newb and aren’t sure of how to properly lube up, I recommend you get yourself an anal douche to save you some stress.

Getting down to business… I greased myself mighty well before inserting this vibrator in my tank. Its tapered tip is very smooth and insertion isn’t a struggle. 

For the newb though, just make sure you’re relaxed and in a comfortable position.

Anyway… To turn the vibrations on, press the button in the middle or hold the ‘+’ and ‘’ buttons together until you notice the toy low-key revving up.

The medical-grade silicone, as always, is pleasing and very sensational against your rectal walls. The small handle has a comfortable and sturdy grip. I found this helpful when you want to use your hands to fiddle the toy around when locating your prostate.

Well, its almost-straight shaft ain’t the best design for prostate location. And finding the perfect angle for stimulation can get tedious. Also, because its design omits a taint massager, anchoring becomes a problem and the toy may slide out a couple of times.

All in all, to change the settings, you can press the ‘UP’ or ‘DOWN’ buttons on the device to cycle through the different vibrating modes.

To adjust the intensity, press the ‘+’ or ‘’ buttons until you find a comfortable combination with a suitable vibration mode.

Because of the size, this toy wiggles easily inside your anal walls and produces no notable discomfort. Hell, I even tried a few thrusting motions with it and I sure darn can’t complain.

I mean… I am an advanced player and the experience for me was kinda ‘meh’ but you know…this is Lelo. And it’s always nice to have some new items on your trophy cabinet 🙂

So jumping back to my adventure, I personally found combining the pulsating vibrations with medium intensity settings actually works well with thrusting. 

But try as I could, I couldn’t see how I was getting a hands-free orgasm out of this prostate massager. 

I mean, I enjoyed my time with Billy, but I had to slap one out the traditional way to get me to climax.

How Easy To Clean & Durability

Cleaning the Billy 2 is easy. Unlike its first version, this is made 100% waterproof and so you can soak it up for a good wash. 

You may use warm water and a soap/toy-cleaner of your choice to give it a good scrub after use. After this, you can choose to either air-dry or use a lint-free fabric to dry off any excess moisture.

The good news is that Lelo includes a satin storage bag for safekeeping and the toy is rechargeable. Therefore, allowing multiple uses and extending its duration in the long run. 

Would I Recommend It? If so, to whom?

I think I’d recommend this toy first to beginners because of size, and then intermediate guys for exploration.

Unlike mainstream prostate massagers, Lelo Billy 2 comes out as a rather meek toy that doesn’t support the life of a party. This is in terms of product features and user experience.

But if you’re up for it, it’s way cooler to use with your hands if you are a guy who would love something like that.

So dropping the hammer:

Who Is It For?

  • Guys who like subtle-to-medium vibration intensities.
  • Guys who love smaller toys.
  • Guys who love some stroking action with their prostate massages.
  • If you can afford the price.

Who Is It Not For?

  • If you prefer more powerful vibrations.
  • Guys looking for a completely hands-free experience.
  • Guys who prefer jumbo toys up their tanks.
  • Guys looking for a low-budget prostate massager.
  • Advanced players.

What Do Other People Think About It?

I’ve gathered some reviews and comments from users on YouTube and Reddit about the Lelo Billy 2 prostate stimulator.

Watch what The Sextrovert had to share in his YouTube video.

From Reddit:

Here’s what one user had to say from his extensive interaction with prostate orgasm toys:

“The billy has made me cum, but only if I already came from an Aneros or Revo 2 session. That’s just me. But it’s the best vibe I’ve had. It does a great job of being large enough to massage the walls of your anal hole without stretching you too much that it hurts. And the tip allows you to hone onto specific spots that you come across while exploring your ass. It’s the best.

I just purchased the Lelo Bruno and the Loki today, they seem to be more of the “lay down and relax” type of vibe, rather than the Billy which is more of a “fuck your self gently” toy. Check those out too! I have the Njoy wand, and I like it, but not as much as everyone here seems to. They’re crazy about it. But I’m much more into vibes and it sounds like that’s what you’re looking for.”

Reddit user

Another Reddit user, bubba0929, aired this sentiment about the Billy prostate stimulator:

“I got the Lelo Billy a while ago and was extremely disappointed. As you said it is hard to use on yourself. Too short and not curved enough to hit the prostate. The vibrations added nothing. The best prostate toy I’ve used by far is the Njoy Pure Wand. Easily hits the spot and helps give incredible orgasms. It also works well on the G spot.”


Here’s the last comment from another user, PokeMyPSpot:

“I own the Billy, and it is one of my least favorite toys (I own more than a dozen.) I have not used it in over a year and probably will never use it again. Nothing about its shape is particularly good or anatomically designed, and it’s very bad to use solo. Perhaps it’s better for the user with a partner. I would try… anything else.”



Lelo Billy Alternatives

As it is currently, the Lelo Billy 2 is already inferior to Lelo Loki and the Loki Wave. And to be as gentle as I can, I think this toy is more fun as a time-killer than a pleasure-filler.

We have a complete Lelo Loki review for more details about those products.

So, even if you are a beginner, you’ll find your tank asking for that little extra juice to give you that Super-O. 

And for that reason, as the #1 alternative, I’m certain that the Nexus Revo Stealth is the best thing that you could gift your rookie ass.

It comes with a mind-blowing perineum stimulator and a rotating head that adds that extra spice for an explosive prostate orgasm! Also, it’ll give you the best hands-free experience with or without a partner.

And the best news? It’s an awesome option if you’re a beginner and still a nice plunging tool for intermediates and experts.

Lastly, if you don’t have the budget to spare you can always learn how to make a homemade prostate massager.

Conclusion: Final Thoughts

Zipping up the Lelo Billy review:

It’s pretty similar to the first Billy. And it’s obvious that the Loki beats it hands down while we can’t even compare it with the Loki Wave. From my end, it’s a great toy if you just want something to shove up your ass and kill time with. 

So, with respect to that. It’s most suitable for guys who aren’t looking for much in prostate stimulation and can edge off from subtleness. 

But for a more satisfying PO experience, then do check out the Nexus Revo Stealth and explore a more fulfilling orgasmic prostate release. 

…That’s my cue!

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Happy Hunting!

Lelo Billy Review

Dainis Graveris

Lelo Billy


Overall the Lelo Billy has made improvements compared to its 1st version making it a good starting toy for beginners. If this isn’t your first rodeo, perhaps the Loki would be a better choice.


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