Kiiroo Titan Review: Is This Stroker Toy Any GOOD?

The Kiiroo Titan is an awesome interactive masturbator that comes at an affordable price. If you are looking for a cheap VR-enabled masturbator, then the Titan by Kiiroo is a great option for you. Though the Fleshlight Launch is still superior to it, it is more compact, affordable, and quiet during use.

Kiiroo Titan held in hand

The Good | It is a FeelMe-enabled interactive model that allows you to link with online content on your screen. They give you one month of free access to the adult movies library upon purchase. It is retailing at a very cheap price for a male masturbator and is convenient in terms of cost, size, discreteness, and experience.

The Bad | The Kiiroo Titan model is not automated and this might be a huge turn-off for guys who want auto-service. Cleaning and returning the sleeve can be a real struggle, especially if you are pressed for time. The battery life is also a point of concern considering most smartphones have way better power capacity.

The Bottom Line | We still think it’s a great teledildonic from Kiiroo and works well to give you a good time. The small body is nice and it is not so loud. Kiiroo Titan’s price is also convenient if you want to have a sneak-peek of the good stuff only experienced using high-end toys. 

So, did you want to know more about Kiiroo’s Titan model before making your order? Well, you’ve landed on the right page, my fellow hedonist.

In this Kiiroo Titan review today, we are going to take a detailed look at this model and see whether it’s worthy of your penis or not.

Get this. While the Titan may appear small with regards to what Kiiroo promised it offers, it will put up a good show for you.

It has 3 touchpads on the sides that you can use to control the vibrations and create varying strokes with the different modes.

I took the time to study this toy to get to understand how it functions compared to the other models by Kiiroo.

I am going to show you the design and features and also explain briefly my experience from using it.

Buckle up, and let’s take a stroll…

Kiiroo Titan Tech and Specs Overview


Now, if there is one thing that I think will sit well with most guys about the Kiiroo Titan, is its small size.

While in most cases the size of a toy does not affect the size of its performance, smaller sizes are always better for mobility and discretion.

The Titan is also a bit smaller than the Kiiroo Onyx 2 and Kiiroo Onyx Plus in its physical appearance.

The model measures at 8.7” in height, and 3.4” as its width, and weighs in at a total of just 1.9 lbs. 

Pretty neat, right?

When you come to its internal user dimensions, it measures at 7.5” length and 1.25” across the sleeve diameter. 


Kiiroo Titan has also at least three material components making the finished product. This includes plastic, rubber, and a few metal-works inside.

The Kiiroo company has used ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) plastic in this model.

The plastic is used to make the outer body’s primary casing and has a striped touchpad panel on the side. 

They have used the Real-Feel sleeve to create a similar soft impression of the vaginal or oral openings. The inner sleeve is made from TPE (thermoplastic elastomers) and is a good fit for this model.

Lastly, they have used metallic vibrators fixed inside the rods only seen when you remove the sleeve, to generate the motion inside the toy.


The Kiiro Titan really scored a lot of pointers here with the toy’s overall performance. I actually wonder how they managed to make it this multi-featured and at such a low price.

What’s more, they had no external partnership this time and didn’t even use the Fleshlight sleeve!

Starting from the outside, the Kiiroo Titan has an interactive feature that allows you to use a VR kit and connect to 2D or other online content (you know which ones).

It also uses Bluetooth and pairs you with your partner’s device and can share experiences through the FeelConnect App.

The app is a free download and is compatible with most smartphone devices. 

Onto the more nerdy specs…

The Kiiroo Titan is fitted with a 9-bullet vibrating core that powers the motion inside the sleeve. These vibrating cores are distributed 3 on each of the inside columns and are covered by the sleeve.

Looking into the power and battery, it needs 3 hours to power up to full charge and is fitted with a 1000Amh battery.

Now, what I didn’t like about this Titan model is that the 3-hour charge will only last you 30 – 40 minutes of playtime. This stinks… really.

So, definitely not ideal for a Friday night showdown.

Price, Where To Buy

I can say that Kiiroo has given us the best wank deal yet on this one. It’s not every day we’ll see a manufacturer consider such a fairly low price for the kind of service we get from the Titan.

I have seen a couple of vendors retailing the Kiiroo Titan at a ranging price of $149.99 to $159.00. The difference there is no biggie, as it just depends on where you buy your Kiiroo toy from.

As always, I don’t advise you to buy these toys from Amazon an eBay. The sellers there are unchecked and you might end up buying counterfeit or generic products with your sweet bucks.

If you want to buy a Kiiroo Titan model for yourself, then I’d STRONGLY suggest that you make your order at the official Kiiroo store.

What’s better, is that you will get a one year warranty to go along with your product.

Another place that is verifiable and trusted for the purchase is Lovehoney. They have a free 3 -7 days Domestic Shipping via DHL if you buy above $60.00.

They also have a 2-3 day expedited shipping if you spend $200.00+ and will also give you a warranty on your purchase.


I took the liberty to prepare for you a table showing the 3 Kiiroo masturbators and their different specs.

I hope this will help you to make a better comparison if you want to get any one of these Kiiroo products.


Kiiroo Onyx+
Kiiroo Titan
Kiiroo Onyx 2
Has 10 contracting rings.
Uses 9 vibrators attached to its 3 inside columns.
10 contracting rings.
Automatic stokes, contracting up and down.
Manual stroke with intense vibrations.
Automatic strokes.
One reusable sleeve.
Has 3 different sleeves.
One reusable sleeve (Fleshlight).
Soft-touch & Glossy.
Matte with Gloss Finger touchpad.

Design & Features: Texture and Firmness

kiroo titan design and feature

On the outside. Kiiroo’s Titan made an attempt with a matte and gloss touchpad finish. Also worth noting, is that the case is ribbed to make the toy’s grip firmer in use.

Well, I don’t think that played out as intended because I could not feel the impact when using mine. And I am not a sweaty-palm! (no offense if you are)

The Real-Feel sleeve though is going quite well for them. I liked the softness of the TPE material.

They have also ribbed the internal surface of the sleeve, and the resulting texture gives a satisfying sensation.

I think if Kiiroo took a serious dive into making their own sleeves they could create top-notch quality for their subsequent releases.

You can take a short look at this video from Kiiroo to see what they really offer on the general design and specs before we continue.

In Use: How Does It Feel Like?

Kiiroo heavily pushed on the Stroke->Vibrate->Climax action on the Titan model.

I can’t say that the sensation you’ll get here is anything like sex, but the vibrations do give your shaft some pretty good pleasure experiences.

Before I used my Titan, I made sure to give it a full charge using the power cable included in the box.

Actually, there isn’t much to do here with regards to installation as the toy comes with the sleeve already attached.

After the charge, you only need to lube yourself, and the toy up, and you’re good to dance.

I must acknowledge, that I and my penis, indeed felt welcome by the Real-Feel sleeve.

The softness of the internal texture was pleasing and the accompanying vibrations did a noble job on my penile nerves.

You can get different results by combining the different modes and with different strokes until you find what clicks for you.

The 7 different modes are:

  1. Bluetooth Mode: You can use this if you want to interact with synced online VR-porn or your partner’s device.
  2. Targeted Mode: It uses the touchpad on the sides to give you targeted vibrations. This means that only the part you will touch (whether bottom, middle, or top) will vibrate.
  3. Targeted Power Mode: This mode combines the power of all the proceeding levels you touch from the bottom, middle to the top vibration. This gives you Bottom vibrations, Bottom and Middle vibrations, and All vibrations.
  4. Auto Mode: This mode makes the vibrations to move up and down the sleeve in an attempt to simulate real sex.
  5. Blow Mode: The motors here move one at a time give makes the vibrations move from bottom to top to give you the experience of a blowjob.
  6. Pulse Mode: The motors take small pauses as the vibrations move up and down the sleeve, just like a pulse.
  7. Endurance Mode: The vibrations here move in varying intensities of Soft, Medium, and Hard vibrations as it moves from bottom to top.

Tip: While using the Automatic Mode, take advantage of the three touchpads to control the speed of the vibrations from slow, medium to fast levels.

The Kiiroo Titan gave me some fun but short experience due to its low power capacity. 

Though I’ve said it’s not simulating actual sex (my opinion), your creativity with the modes and vibrations will make you nut a good one.

How Easy To Clean & Durability

Well, here’s a bit of a steep. Trying to get the sleeve off after my first use was a little struggle.

Although currently, it’s not as hard, I still feel her giving me some resistance when pulling the sleeve out. 

So I’d say it’s not entirely easy to clean… Easy doesn’t fight back! 

What this does is make you want to ‘plan’ when to use it. This way, you are sure you are up for the cleaning afterward. 

Other than that, once you take the sleeve out, just wash it with your preferred soap and warm water and you’re good to go.

Another thing worth pointing out is that the Titan model is not made waterproof. You must prevent water and other liquids from getting inside to the motors.

Ensure the sleeve is dry before returning it back.

Would I Recommend It? If so, to whom?

I think what I’ve shown in this Kiiroo Titan review, is that this teledildonic is a must-have for low-budget guys.

For one good reason, you get access to an interactive feature like other users with high-end male masturbators.

The manual stroke function, coupled with the vibrations is awesome and will get you to your final destination. 

So, yes! I can definitely recommend it.

But first:

Who Is It For?

  • Guys working on a low budget.
  • Guys who like smaller toys on their big boys.
  • Guys in long-distance relationships.
  • People who travel a lot.

Who Is It Not For?

  • If you fancy automatic strokers over buzzing balls.
  • Guys who prefer toys that go longer periods.

What Do Other People Think About It?

We have compiled for you a few independent reviews from YouTube and Reddit to share what other people have to say about the Kiiroo Titan.

Hope this will help your knowledge further.

Here’s what The Sextrovert had to say about the Titan in his YouTube video below.

Below is also a few personal reviews and comments from some Reddit users:

“I just think it’s a great first toy for anyone who wants to experience interactive porn or long-distance sex for the first time. It comes with a free VR headset that can be used with your phone, lube, cleaner, and a very decent price for its capabilities.

The sleeve is no different from the Onyx+ when it comes to the texture – it feels great. I liked it a lot, but I have to make the same disclaimer: It might not be for everyone. Some love it, others hate it, it’s more complicated when it comes to these devices that are supposed to work alone most of the time. You might just not like it.

On the positive side, it lets you have more control.”


Here’s one from a user who also a problem with cleaning:

“I have the titan and honestly, it’s not that great. I wish I had saved the money and invested in the fleshlight launch instead.

The titan just vibrates, as opposed to stroking – like the fleshlight. It’s also a pain in the ass to clean as you have to slip the sleeve out from the vibrating beads and it’s a pain to get back onto the beads.”


Here’s the last from one user who’s used both the Titan and Launch:

“A lot smaller than the “Launch”, but it uses vibrating bullets along a sleeve instead of stroking. The vibration is intense, certainly. I’ve used the Launch and the Titan both on the same video. The Titan is better at reacting in-time with the on-screen video and does feel pretty good. The Launch is more stimulating, what with the stroking and all, so long as it doesn’t get out of sync with on-screen activity.

The Titan is a pain to clean, though. It does have a separate sleeve inside the device, but with the tight fit of the vibrating bullets inside the sleeve channels, it really can be kind of annoying.”



Kiiroo titan Alternatives

Although the Titan offers a very rare package in the price and service offered, there still are other alternatives that you should check out like in our guide on the best male vibrator or this Cobra Libre review.

They offer the same, and some, even better experiences depending on your taste.

Obviously, the Fleshlight Launch is the best male masturbator yet when it comes to the world of interactive porn.

What’s more, is that it gives you a relieving sensation from their enhanced sleeves producing a higher level of pleasure experience.

They are currently top in the market of teledildonics and also our #1 alternative for you. 

Other options could be the Tenga Spinner. It’s also a cheap stroking toy but does not have the teledildonics feature.

Conclusion: Final Thoughts

Even more, it’s size and weight makes it a very suitable traveling escort, as it’s petite and very discrete.

However, if you can handle the cost, the Fleshlight Launch is still king-of-the-stroke.

Its interactive experience is unmatched and will give you a more satisfying climax. That’s why it’s still ranking as the top teledildonic masturbator.

There you go! You now have all the knowledge you need about the Kiiroo Titan masturbator. I hope this walk-through has been helpful to you and your penis. 

If you have enjoyed reading this Kiiroo Titan review, feel free to share it, and leave your comments below!


Kiiroo Titan Review

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The Kiiroo Titan is a fantastic option for guys who want to own and experience one of the FeelConnect toys. It comes at a great price value and offers a great experience. But Onyx+ offers more functionality like automatic stroking.


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