Kiiroo Onyx Plus Review: Don’t Buy Before You Read This

The Onyx sex toy series has brought a major improvement in the Kiiroo Onyx Plus release. This model has improved grip performance. It has 10 contracting rings inside that give you very nice sensations, and a much quieter motor compared to the Kiiroo Onyx 2.

full size view kiiroo onyx model

The Good | The Kiiroo Onyx Plus model has a new automated stroker. It has a much quieter motor compared to its predecessor. They have again made the body’s grip firmer which is good in the case things get wet.

The Bad | This model takes quite long to charge (4 hours) for a maximum of a 1-hour use. Also, the protection ring is annoyingly difficult to take off and thus can result in damage to the toy or an injury to yourself. It’s not waterproof and considering its cost, that’s a very pricey gamble they want us to take.

The Bottom Line | Kiiroo Onyx Plus model is undoubtedly better than the Onyx 2. The grip is much firmer and supports the automatic motor contractions well. Other than that, I don’t think it’s a price I would ask anyone to pay, especially because we already have more solid and proven options in the market. I’d rather you start on a low budget toy then climb up. 

In this Kiiroo onyx review today, we are going to focus on the Kiiroo Onyx Plus model currently in my possession.

I will also attempt to explain in a table presentation how the model compares to the Kiiroo Titan.

The Onyx Plus version is slightly bigger than the Onyx 2 but has a reusable sleeve that’s removable. This makes it reusable and very easy to clean.

We’re going to look at the other details that we’ve been able to gather about its material and functionality.

Are the feature and designs worth the cost? Would you recommend it for yourself? Are there other penis milking machine alternatives?

Kiiroo Onyx Plus Specs Overview


The Onyx+ comes with a very comfortable girth that is not as tight as other models like the Autoblow AI. This a good relief as you won’t have to worry about choking your penis to death.

A quick inspection of the model and we found that it has a mouth diameter of 1.5 to 1.7 inches.

When you inspect the inside dimensions, we found the internal length to be approximately 6.5 inches. 

We think that’s decent and wouldn’t cause problems with the extra hung guys.

Also, an immediate realization when you unbox the package is that the Onyx+ is bigger than Onyx 2.

What is It Made of?

Well, there is a contrasting observation on the material used on Onyx+ and the Onyx 2. 

The Onyx 2 had a pretty more glossy appearance that surrounded the whole body. The latest Onyx+ version has a rather improved surface that is more firm and stable to hold when using.

The sleeve is from Fleshlight’s SuperSkin material (we’d recognize that anywhere) and is very elastic and simple to clean.

Worth noting though is that the internal surface is not waterproof and therefore you should take great care not to immerse it in water.


This Onyx male masturbator has done some fantastic improvements in the overall experience. 

To begin with, it has a new automated motor that contracts 10 stroking rings accordingly. The experience might differ depending on the mode or sensation it receives when you pair with your partner’s device.

Speaking of which.

This model has great interactive modes that enhance VR content connectivity.

It can link up with any source that facilitates this feature and links it to your VR goggles (I suggest you get one!). What does this mean?

Once you connect to your favorite porn yard with VR connection, the Onyx+ toy will relay the exact motions in the video to your penis and thus results in real-time reality experience.

You can also connect the Onyx+ with your phone via the FeelConnect and FeelShare apps to create your own waves using your android or IOS phone.

So What’s The Price & Where To Buy Onyx+ Best?

Here’s the bummer about this model. It currently retails at $219 in its official website platform. Yes, that’s right!

You’ll notice they gave so much attention to improving the previous Onyx 2 model features and might have used that to justify the price.

But considering they have only included one reusable sleeve… Well, let me not poke more holes into this.

To be fair, they issue a warranty on every purchase, and I figured that’s an honorable gesture from their end.

Here’s the catch though. 

For the warrant to be valid, you need to make sure that you have bought your Onyx+ from the authorized retailers only. So, don’t even think of trying your luck with Amazon. You will shed premium tears!

If you fancy you’d like to add this Kiiroo version to your shelf collection, then you should get it from recognized platforms in the toy world.

To make a purchase, you can visit Kiiroo platform. As of now, they are the only legit site where you could make a trusted transaction.

Still reading? Fantastic!

So, without wasting much time, as promised, I give you the table below that draws a vivid comparison between the Kiiroo Onyx+ and Kiiroo Titan.

Take a look at the specs and get an idea of what the Kiiroo family brings to the table.

Kiiroo Onyx Plus
Kiiroo Titan
Has 10 contracting rings.
Uses 9 vibrators attached to its 3 inside columns.
Automatic stokes, contracting up and down.
Manual stroke with intense vibrations.
One reusable sleeve.
Has 3 different sleeves.

Let’s Talk About Onyx+ Design & Features

close look to toys details

The Onyx+ design has won over a lot of users (I included) with the new sleek and easy to grip body case.

Compare this to the outlook design on other models like the Autoblow AI and you’ll get what I am talking about, buddy.

Now, the Onyx 2 casing was all too glossy, if not shiny. I am sure that dedicated wankers found this to be a too-telling bother. I mean, it could get real gross especially when you start noticing the fingerprints and smudges after a while.

Onyx+ has a cool matte black finish on the body case. The grip is also way superior to the Kiiroo Onyx 2.

This grip is convenient when for whatever reasons, you get all wet up and want to avoid the possibility of dropping the Kiiroo down.

On the sleeve’s texture, the Fleshlight SuperSkin sleeve included is a significant compliment. On this note, Kiiroo should not break the partnership they have with Fleshlight on sleeve processing.

The sleeve is pleasingly soft and has a studded interior that stirs up the sensations you’d have during normal penetration.

Couple this with the 10 contracting rings giving the up-and-down stroking motion, I think even The Terminator on VR, might just climax. 

In Use: How Does It Feel Like?

To first set up this toy to work:

You have to give it a full 4-hour charge as indicated in its manual guide before slipping anything in.

Second, you must take great care in taking out the sleeve from its packaging and putting it inside the Onyx+.

The reason why I tell you this is because I found myself using much more force than I figured to remove the protective ring from the toy. Was it playing hard to get? I don’t know…

Once it’s safely inside, lube it up real good. Lube yourself too before going in then turn on the toy (press the power button for 3 seconds to turn it on).

The blue light means that you are in the interactive mode and can pair with your partner’s device or toy likewise and give it a go. However, there are 2 other modes that I thought would be befitting to brief my solo career.

These modes are:

  • 01. Interactive Mode – It comes live after you power on the toy. You can connect with your partner’s device and VR feature here.
  • 02. Manual Mode – It comes alive when you press the power button again once and the light blinks purple. In this mode, you take full control of the strokes you want and you do this by swiping the touchpad up to increase speed and down to decrease it.
  • 03. Automatic Mode – Here the rings will contract without your input and you can change the intensity of the strokes by repeatedly pressing the button.

I’ve got to say, the general experience is quite worth it and the VR option spices things up well.

The contracting rings and studded sleeve make one great Super Tag-Team Dick Stroker. The vertical movements are ingenious and got me climaxed in around 7 minutes.

I think the motor sounds are still a tad loud though.

washing the toy and a sleeve suggestion

How Easy To Clean & Durability

As I have earlier pointed out, the Onyx+ has a reusable sleeve. 

This means that it is removable from the toy and allows multiple washes.

Since the Fleshlight SuperSkin is soft and non-porous, you can use the normal warm water and soap. You may also opt to use a toy cleaner of your choice if you don’t trust your regular soap.

This type of Fleshlight sleeve design is durable and could serve you well for over a year and still get a satisfying release. 

My slight concern again is the many complaints I’ve seen from users claiming that their units stopped working almost immediately.

Unlike the Autoblow AI glitch I talked of in another review, I have yet to experience this to be able to give any reliable feedback on the issue.

Would I Recommend It? If so, to whom?

Yes. I would recommend that you go and give it a shot. Also, having notes on new user experience is something I am looking forward to.

If you’re a die-hard Onyx fan, then the Plus edition is the topping of the cream.

I take this chance to again remind you that it does not come cheap and you might want to consider other options if your pocket is tight. There is no harm in that, and your penis ain’t going nowhere.

Another thing, if you like spilling juice in the shower, then you too might also want to take a chill pill and consider your options. I have already stated that this unit is NOT water-proof. 


Who Is It For?:

  • Guys who have access to interactive porn.
  • Guys who travel a lot without the wife.
  • Guys with no problem parting with $219 for a sex toy.

Who Is It Not For?:

  • Guys who don’t have private quarters.
  • Guys who don’t value big toys over their big boys.
  • Guys who have a problem with the idea of a $219 sex toy.

What Are Other People Thinking About It?

So yet again, our inquisitive nature led us to the red streets of top hedonists to gather information on what people are saying about the Kiiroo Onyx Plus toy model.

I took the initiative of providing you with some of the most helpful reviews and comments I could find from the YouTube and Reddit lounge.

Here’s what SexTechGuide had to say in their YouTube video review.

From Reddit’s Q & A discussions, this is what we picked up:

 “I’ve always been interested in Kiiroo sex toys, so I was happy to try their new Onyx+ male masturbator recently.

The toy has a unique design that sets it apart from other male masturbator style products – it uses a system of 10 contracting rings to milk the cock instead of the usual vibrations or milking mechanism you get with a lot of other products in this niche.

Like the previous Onyx iterations, the Plus can connect to VR and Bluetooth, which is pretty cool. It can also connect to an app on your phone, but I found the app to be a bit crap to be honest.

The sensation of this toy is pleasurable, and it’s better suited to thicker penises than something like the Autoblow AI or the Lovense Max 2, both of which can be very tight in my opinion. I find that you have to get used to it – the contracting rings feel very unusual at first.

I don’t think it’ll ever replace my Fleshlight Launch, but if you’re into VR porn then this toy is pretty good at syncing up with the motions intricately due to all those wonderful rings.”


“I have the Onyx 2. It is certainly interesting. It really depends on what you are looking for. The squeezing rings inside of the onyx feel nice, but it is not enough for me to have a truly hands free experience.

It feels a bit like a hand wrapping around you and letting go. Combined with using the toy as a normal Fleshlight (stroking up and down manually) it is the best toy I have used. It is also very easy to clean and take care of and the battery lasts a long time.

So overall, I think it is worth the money, but if you are looking for an automatic hands-free experience, it really isn’t anything as good as advertised, at least for me.”


“I ordered an Onyx 2 almost a month ago as a part of the couples’ set with the Pearl 2. After about 15 minutes of use, the thing locked up on me. It just made a weird vibration noise and died. I contacted Kiiro who had me send in a video of the problem. I did and they promptly sent me a replacement. When the replacement arrived I charged it and tried it out.

Not 5 minutes into use the exact same thing happened. Contacted Kiiroo, they had me send in another video of the new one fails. I asked if this was common and if I could swap out for launch instead since this appears to be more than a one-off problem. I was told their warranty policy is only to replace defective units with a new one. So my third onyx 2 is on its way here…

From what I’ve been able to gather, it’s possible it’s a girth issue with it. I’m not exactly a Coke can down there, but when I’m fully aroused is when the thing locks up. I guess if you’re average to thin it’ll work much better. Fwiw the sensations from the thing are really good, I just wish it would work without breaking.”


Are There Any Good Alternatives To Onyx?

Alternative toys kiiroo keon lovebotz autoblow

I always put forward that no toy is 100% perfect.

The Kiiroo Onyx model is no exception to this. In fact, no toy is. Otherwise, we would not have all the amazing accessories or complementing devices to lively up our sex scenes.

By now, you should have picked up my worry about the pricing of the Kiiroo Onyx+ model.

I always believe that a high price for a toy means that it is a new level creation and there’s no other like it to compete in the market.

There are other options that I came up with that fall under the male masturbator category.

You can check out our Lelo F1s review or Venus 2000 review to start.

Conclusion: Final Thoughts

I hope you have taken something home with you from this Kiiroo Onyx review.

If you are a couple, then you are also going to love its interactive mode with your partner.

The price is a bit steep if you are a starter on a budget but affordable to the more-experienced collectors.

The automated ring contractor motor motion is also very engaging and gets you off quite well.

But still, if you’d want a worthy alternative, then get the Fleshlight Launcher and blow your nuts dry.

Now… who has seen my lube?

Kiiroo Onyx+ Review

Dainis Graveris

kiiroo onyx plus product


Kiiroo Onyx Plus model is a very great improvement of the Onyx series. VR integration is ultra-modern and performs superbly. It has some bugs, but it’s a new technology, so not much better out there yet.


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