Kiiroo Keon Review [2021]: After 1 Year Of Testing + FeelGirls

In this Kiiroo Keon review we’ll take a look of how well this machine stack against other top contenders & we share insights of Feel Stroker Girls + ninja usage tips.

kiiroo keon product

Kiiroo Keon has filled the void and become the most reliable and satisfying interactive automated masturbator for men in 2021….

Others dont even come close… Ok, maybe TheHandy competes, but its going for a bit different category.

The Good

Interactive mode worked without hiccups, and after a few tries were able to enjoy a very realistic auto blowjob session (try it hands-free too with pillow support, it’s incredible).

Adjusting the speed and depth was easy, and the connection was stable.

The Not So Good

Some interactive videos weren’t perfectly synced, but switching to manual mode and adjusting the stroke and speed on the fly was very easy. (I prefer the manual.)

The Bottom Line

It’s a great device that happily retires the Fleshlight Launch (& beats Universal Launch) and finally gives us an interactive blowjob machine THAT actually works.

I think that Kiiroo Keon is the best interactive automatic male masturbator created YET. It has improved a lot since the Fleshlight Launch version.

The usage feels intuitive – a great sign for any technology.

Kiiroo Keon is for you if:

  • You want a high-quality automatic masturbator, blowjob machine that simply works and does the work for you. So, you can just sit back and enjoy it.
  • You want to be ahead of sex tech advancements. Kiiroo Keon features the best that technology has to offer yet.

Kiiroo Keon might not be for you if:

  • You’re on a budget and simply cannot justify spending $250 on a device. Well, stick with a manual masturbator till you can then.
  • You want something light for travel. While the toy itself is discreet and silent, it is quite heavy to have around while traveling.

Kiiroo Keon: My First Impressions

kiiroo keon automatic male masturbator

From the time I picked up the package from the delivery man, I felt that something BIG is about to arrive.

This Kiiroo Keon review is one of the rare ones I actually feel excited to dive into. Reminded me of the time I got my first and best pocket pussy.

Kiiroo Keon weighs 2.4 lbs. + the Feel Stroker is 1.8 lbs. + in the package, there was a toy cleaner, water-based lube, warming lube, and a micro USB charging cable.

Yup, the package was quite heavy. But with good weight comes good power.

It was exciting to unpack this bad boy.

My first impression? It felt like a solidly made quality toy that might actually become a long-term part of my toy collection.

To get a better feel of the Kiiroo Keon, check this video I made for you guys:

Tech Specs Overview

First, we’ll discuss all the raw numbers, and later we’ll talk about the interactive mode and how it feels during use. One step at a time.

Size Dimensions
8.7 x 5.1 x 5.8 inches (220 mm x 130 mm x 146 mm)
Total Weight
4.2 lbs. (Keon + Stroker)
Charging Time
4 hours
Use Time
0.5 h–2h, depending on usage
From 6 to 230 strokes per minute
Stroke Length
0.8–2.56 inches

I just wanted to quickly mention that I absolutely love the stroke length and speed adjustments. I am an average-sized (5.1 inches) man, and the longest stroke at the slowest speed felt great.

But even for smaller guys, you have 8 depth modes (and more options with the app) to adjust the stroke. And for bigger guys… 2.56″ feels just the right stroke length.

I was surprised it’s only 2.56″ — as it felt a lot deeper than that.

How Does the Kiiroo Keon Look & Feel?

The Keon is definitely more compact and sleek than its retired brother from another mother — the Fleshlight Launch. But it still reminds me of a sophisticated coffee maker, just a smaller one.

While the Launch was the size of an inflated football with an unnecessary flared-out top, the Keon is roughly the same size as an A4 notebook (as seen on my video).

And I liked this size so much more. Holding the device for an extended period felt more comfortable.

Both the Keon and the Feel Stroker are all black — sexy, matte black. So, it doesn’t slip off easily on your hands, especially when you’re all lubed up. Or when you’re wanking in various sex positions.

You will find a tiny mode button, the power button, and the charging port at the back.

There are grooves on both sides of the machine. There you can find the control buttons and easily access them while keeping the device in one position.

There are ridges on either side as well for your thumbs to brace naturally into the device.

The bottom part of the machine is made from firm, smooth silicone material that makes mounting the machine on the pubis comfortable. It’s unlike the Launch’s super-squishy bottom that won’t stand upright.

So, yes… You don’t have to worry about your $249 tumbling down for no apparent reason.

However, lube, dust, and dirt easily stick to this material. This isn’t really an issue for me because I can just clean the bottom of the toy using a damp cloth or antibacterial wipe.

Inserting the stroker through the bottom vs. the top of the Keon is another major change from the Launch.

This definitely makes inserting the stroker easier and less messy before you start getting messy. There are also grooves on the Feel Stroker that make snapping it into the machine more secure and super satisfying.

Once it clicks into place, there’s no way for the stroker to move around or slip off.

If you’re wondering, your Fleshlight case is not compatible with the Keon, but the sleeve is another story (much more on that later).

Even on the highest speed and shortest stroke settings, Keon stays in place while the stroker goes up and down. So it doesn’t feel like it’ll jump right out of your hand.

Keon’s Bluetooth Connectivity and Interactive Content

Kiiroo has been creating Bluetooth-enabled toys since time immemorial. So it’s no surprise why all of their toys begin in default Bluetooth mode once you press the power button.

And so far, they have never failed me. Initial set-up takes seconds. The connection is super easy and fast with little to no disruption.

I mean, what more can you ask for from a Bluetooth device? Well, there are a few things on my mind that I’ll discuss later.

So… Keon comes to life when you connect it to your iOS or Android smartphone. But first, you need to download the FeelConnect 3.0 on your phone, then sync it to your Keon. There’s no desktop version of the app, though.

Note: The ONE WORD version, please. Not the first unstable, buggy Feel Connect version (two words) that won’t work quite well with your Keon.

You can sign up as a new user or continue as a guest.

If you’re worried about your privacy, you can choose the latter. However, you won’t use all the app features like the partner and chat features.

From there, you can use the app from your phone to control your Keon and, later on, connect it to interactive content.

There are 3 main things you can do when you’re in interactive mode.

  1. Control the device from the app — You basically use your phone as a high-tech remote control for your Keon. Then you choose from three more options, namely, touch control, presets, and local connect.

Kiiroo promises to give us more features like creating our own patterns and making the device move according to background sounds or music beats. SOON.

For touch control, you will see two bars on your screen: The left bar that lets you control the stroke speed and the right bar that lets you control the stroke length/depth.

What makes controlling Keon on the app different is that you can get specific on the parts of your penis you want to get some stroking action.

For example, you can select the top, middle, and bottom options. That means the machine will stroke your penis from the head to the bottom of your shaft.

If you select top only, that means that the stroker will only stimulate the top or head of your penis. Middle, then the middle of your shaft. Well, you get the picture.

But what about choosing the top and middle options only? Well, that means that the stroker will stimulate only 2/3 of your penis starting from the top. 

For presets, you’re supposed to control the inner presets of your toy with this option. But, unfortunately, there’s none for Keon.

Finally, local connect enables device-to-device control. That means if you have the Keon and your partner has a Pearl 2 or another Keon, you can control each other’s toys.

Yup, those are the only two Kiiroo toys that are compatible with Keon. This feature won’t work with the Kiiroo Onyx 2, Onyx+, etc.

If you’re signed in as a guest, you have to be close to each other for device-to-device control. But if you have FeelConnect accounts, then you can use this option for long-distance control.

2. Partner — To enjoy partner control, both of you need to have the app and create profiles. You can then add your partner’s username. You’ll see their name listed under the Partners tab.

You can then connect, share devices, and synchronize your Kiiroo toys. If your partner has the app and not the toy, they can still connect to your device and control it from afar.

There are also chat and video call features that you can enjoy. The best part? You can call or chat with your partner while simultaneously controlling Keon.

3. Website — Take your interactive solo play experience up a notch by connecting your Keon to any interactive website of your choice. You can watch 2D/VR interactive adult videos or even view webcams.

I tested this feature with Kiiroo’s interactive website, FeelXVideos, and connecting it was easy. Just choose the video you want to watch, and find the Sync Toy to Video option.

You’ll see a QR code, scan it through your app, and BOOM! You’re now connected. Your Keon will move depending on the action happening on your desktop/phone screen.

Overall, the machine was pretty responsive and in sync with whatever’s happening on the video. There were some delays but not to the point of major inconvenience or losing an erection.

The only downside is you can’t override the pre-programmed stroke speed and stroke length with manual controls. You have to go along with whatever the script says.

Besides Kiiroo’s default FeelXVideos website, you can also check out other interactive videos from PornHub. To this day, there aren’t many porn categories to choose from.

You’re not gonna get a lot of gay/bi/trans content and other kinks and fetishes. You have to go through a few meh videos first till you find the best ones for your taste.

But if you’re into straight vanilla sex, then the videos are right up your alley.


Kiiroo Keon Strokers

When Kiiroo launched Keon last October, it only came with one classic textured sleeve — the Feel Stroker. The RealFeel sleeve is a departure from their ex-partner’s Fleshlight SuperSkin sleeve material.

However, their signature blend of TPE and silicone surprisingly feels and looks like the real thing.

The case is a tad bit smaller than the Fleshlight case, though. But it still has a suction end cap to adjust the toy’s tightness, remove air/noise, and make cleaning the sleeve easier.

Now just like Fleshlight, Keon users have different texture preferences. And some simply want variety. So, Keon came up with their Feel Stars Collection (kinda like Fleshlight Girls) that I’ll discuss in the second part of this section.

You can buy each stroker individually (you can even use them manually) or order them along with Keon.

Feel Stroker by Kiiroo

Here’s an overview of Feel Stroker’s specs:

Sleeve Material
Size Dimensions
7.9 x 3.3 inches (200 x 84 mm)
1.8 lbs.

Now that I have the Feel Stars, the Feel Stroker’s opening/vulva is not that realistic.

But still, the OG Stroker feels REALLY GOOD as the machine goes up and down. This is because there are those little round bumps on the inside that rub the penis in a very realistic way.

It’s not too tight, not too intense – it felt like receiving a real blowjob or relaxing while the girl is riding you.

And I think this default uniformed texture really suits Keon’s powerful motor. It kinda reminds me of Fleshlight’s best-selling Stamina Training Unit texture that I enjoyed using with the Launch.

The thing about using crazy textures on an automatic masturbator is that you’re not gonna feel the difference or not enjoy the moment, especially in high-speed settings.

I wouldn’t even want anything more intense – I could only handle a 2/4 speed setting with the longest stroke. All the faster speed settings with long strokes would get me over the edge in just 10-15 seconds.

Feel Stars Collection

Like Fleshlight Girls, the whole Feel Stars collection is molded from porn actors’ vulvas. Unfortunately, Kiiroo is giving us only one type of orifice as of this writing.

Of course, they’ll be launching more Strokers in the future. *Fingers crossed for fans of butt, mouth, and other otherworldly orifices.*

Feel Star strokers are made from the same outer casing and sleeve material as the OG Real Stroker. But they’re almost an inch longer than the OG and will cost you $10 more if you’re gonna buy the stroker only.

So far, you can choose from 8 Feel Stars strokers. All of them are compatible with Keon. Unfortunately, I only have and tested 4 of these strokers.

Here are my insights:

Britney Amber

Uniform rib-and-bump texture all the way with variations in tightness. It’s not as intense as the OG Feel Stroker — perfect for folks with premature ejaculation, those who want a less intense experience, and those who want to last longer.

Apolonia Lapiedra

Variations in ribs, nubs, bumps, and tightness throughout the sleeve. It’s more intense than the OG Stroker and Britney Amber. This is for you if you want a quick release or something to go with your Keon that’s super intense.

Kenzie Taylor

More detailing and texture variations, but much smaller ribs and bumps compared with Apolonia. Variations in texture go all the way to the last part of the sleeve. That means folks with longer penises will enjoy this sleeve.

Alexis Fawx

Compared with the other Feel Stars, Alexis has a more detailed vulva (think labia majora and minora). The toy has a bigger chamber once you put your penis inside. It feels smooth and soft, making the entrance not that intense.

But as you insert around 1.5-2 inches of your penis, you will feel tighter, more narrow, and textured chambers. I think this is the sleeve for you if you want more stimulation on your penis head.

Other Feel Stars I’ve yet to try are Natalia Starr, Nicolette Shea, Rae Lil Black, and Victoria June.

So far, my personal favorite is Apolonia. But I’m looking forward to trying Nicolette and Victoria because they have these super-tight and interesting textures.

At the end of the day, it all boils down to what texture speaks to you or interests you the most. My insights are based on my experience. Our preferences may vary.

Different strokes for different folks.

Will Keon Work With Fleshlight Sleeves?

Alright, I’m sure many of you have this question in mind since Kiiroo is no longer in partnership with Fleshlight.


LONG ANSWER: While the outer casing has a bit different dimensions than Fleshlight and Fleshlight sleeve isn’t a perfect fit…. It fits just good enough.

I mean, the Fleshlight case is a tiny bit bigger, the same as the sleeve. But when inserted, you won’t notice any issues about it not holding in place.

So, while Kiiroo might not advertise it – if you have tons of Fleshlight Girls, you will be able to enjoy all these delicious textures with a proper automatic masturbator!

How to Use Kiiroo Keon

Before you use your Keon, make sure that you give it a full 4-hour charge.

Red blinking LED light indicates that it’s charging, and a steady green light indicates it’s fully charged and ready for action.

Now, attach the Stroker into the Keon properly.

Simply insert the Stroker from the bottom, and turn it counterclockwise until you hear a click sound. Then, you turn the Kiiroo around and apply some lube on the sleeve and your penis.

Keon has two modes available: manual and interactive.

To switch between modes, simply push the small mode button found at the back of the device for around 2 seconds.

The LED lights found on both sides of the machine will turn BLUE in interactive mode and WHITE in manual mode.

Manual Mode

To activate the manual mode, push the small mode button for 2 seconds until you see the LED light turn white.

Manual mode allows you to control Keon’s stroke length and stroke speed. There are 4 LED lights + 2 buttons on each side of the machine.

Pressing the “+” and “−” buttons on the left side controls the stroke length/depth. 4 different stroke length settings correspond to 4 light indicators.

Pressing the “+” and “−” buttons on the right side controls the stroke speed. There’s a total of 8 speed settings. And the 4 light indicators give two different shades each, corresponding to the machine’s current speed level.

If you want to pause Keon, press the power button once. The LEDs will blink purple. To resume, press the power button again. The LEDs will turn white, and the machine will move again.

In manual mode, you simply press the up and down buttons and be in full control of just the way you want the masturbator to stroke you.

This is my favorite mode just because of the full control I have (I guess I am a control freak), but more about that later…

Interactive Mode

Interactive mode is the default mode when you press the machine’s power button for around 3 seconds. Blinking blue LED lights mean that the machine is ready for pairing.

You need to turn your phone’s Bluetooth first and then go to the FeelConnect 3.0 app on your phone to connect Keon.

Once connected (steady blue LED light), you can:

  • Manually control the machine through the app’s touch control option,
  • Have your partner long-distance control the strokes while you’re on chat or video call,
  • Or synchronize your machine to 2D/VR interactive adult content.

I’ve already discussed in detail how to go about with Keon’s interactive features (see Keon’s Bluetooth Connectivity and Interactive Content section).

If you’re still a bit confused, don’t worry. The app will give instructions for each feature. All you have to do is follow them.

Some ninja usage tips…

To get the most pleasure out of Keon, you’ll need to prepare.

Initially, I was surprised about the included warming lube, but later, I learned why it’s there.

So if you don’t want to spend extra time to warm up the sleeve or stroke a cold one, you should apply warming lube to the sleeve and then water-based lube to your penis. ONLY THE SHAFT!

Somehow, I found that if I apply warming lube to the tip of the penis, it creates a few uncomfortable feelings. However, mixed with water-based lube – it’s perfect.

Warming lube warms up during friction (stroking) and feels great after a few strokes.

Prepare some paper towels if you want to watch some videos during the session.

It can get a bit messy, especially when you are just learning how to use Keon and don’t know how much lube is perfect for you.

Other than that, just enjoy the session.

Kiiroo Keon is compact, and even though it packs some weight, it’s handy to hold onto. If you want a completely hands-free experience, you can place the Keon against pillows.

But I liked to hold onto it and keep adjusting the speed and intensity until the session ended.

My Experience With Kiiroo Keon

After the first usage, my girlfriend was asking curiously…

How does Kiiroo Keon fare against other toys, actual intercourse?

First of all, using Kiiroo Keon feels great. It’s a different kind of experience.

You cannot compare it against a manual stroker. You also cannot compare it with actual intercourse.

I wouldn’t choose one or the other. Why choose – if all the different flavors feel incredible?

Right now, admittedly, all the other toys are gathering dust since Kiiroo Keon is here. But it’s early to tell whether it’s just the excitement of a new toy or other toys don’t even come close.

Oh, and my favorite way was actually using it in the couch hands-free – you just prop pillows on the side and watch anything or imagine that someone is really doing it all for you.

I used the app’s touch control feature to adjust the speed and thrust, so no need ever to touch my Keon again.

What I liked most was having control over which part(s) of my penis I want the stroker to stimulate. This really customizes the experience — you can’t do it in manual mode.

Now, controlling Keon with a partner is super easy.

You can connect compatible Kiiroo devices locally. But we wanted to try the chat and video call features for long-distance play.

As the partner with the Keon, I simply added my partner by searching for her username. Once she accepted it, we were able to chat and video call each other.

Plus, there’s the option to connect devices (if she has the Pearl 2) or have her control my machine’s movements while on chat or video call. Sweet!

There were no lags. It worked very well. And everything from the set-up, connecting the toy, and controlling it was super easy.

My girlfriend’s only complaint is she can’t see the real action happening inside the stroker as she does with our favorite Fleshlight Ice sleeve.

But that’s for another time. And she’s still quite happy having control over my pleasure and seeing the satisfaction on my face after getting off with her help.

What about the interactive mode? How good is it?

It’s not perfect, but it’s pretty good. Technology is getting better, but it depends on the video. Some videos were in nice sync, and some felt a little off.

That’s how it works: the more high tech is involved, the more little hiccups you’ll experience.

While it’s fun to play with it and have a completely hands-off experience, at least to me, I preferred the manual mode.

I felt like I could replicate whatever is going in the video faster and easier with manual controls. Many times, in interactive mode, I felt like the action on the video and device was going too fast.

And because of how intense the OG Feel Stroker (and even my favorite Feel Star Apolonia) can get, I quickly got off.

But sometimes, I don’t want a quick release – I want to enjoy a longer session. This is what manual mode gives you – FULL CONTROL.

Well, there’s always the power button that doubles as a pause button if you want to edge. 

However, pressing this button will only stop the machine’s stroking action. The interactive video continues.

Some folks might not like this when someone decides to barge through the door without knocking.

Of course, there are times that you just want to sit back, relax, and enjoy the show without doing any work. Some videos do a great job at this.

And some only signal Keon to start stroking a few minutes after the video starts. There was one video that made me wait around 10 minutes.

My lubed penis dried out and lost its erection. Bummer!

But that was only one incident. I’m glad that most interactive videos I’ve tried with Keon don’t have that 10-minute waiting time.

I only wish that FeelXVideos and PornHub will add more interactive adult content categories. We do want a few kinks and fetishes to our solo play experience. 😉

realfeel kiiroo keon stroker

Kiiroo Keon Durability and Ease of Cleaning

Kiiroo Keon looks very durable. It feels like you have a quality device in your hands when holding it — a luxury experience.

While its long-term durability is early to tell, the device comes with a 1-year warranty.

As for cleaning the RealFeel sleeve, it’s basically the same as cleaning a Fleshlight sleeve.

The biggest challenge is to dry it. After you wash it, you should hang it somewhere with air circulation to make sure it properly dries.

I use a simple hanger for drying and rinse it as well as I can before with a towel.

Yeah, cleaning is not perfect. But it doesn’t take a lot of time either.

So, Where Can I Buy One and How Much?

Right now, you can only order Keon from Kiiroo’s official website. It’s the best place to buy it if you want to have a warranty, support, and not a potential knockoff.

It costs $249. Looks expensive, eh?

Well, I went ahead and negotiated it exclusively for you guys. Just use my discount code SEXUALALPHA on checkout, and you’ll get 10% off.

That’s $25 off! 😉

And you’re gonna get not just the Keon machine itself and the RealFeel Stroker (casing + sleeve)…. But also 2 small packages of lube, a toy cleaner, and a USB charging cable:

  • 60 ml water-based lube
  • 60 ml water-based warming lube
  • 120 ml toy cleaner

Now, that’s what I call a good deal!

Oh, you can download the FeelConnect 3.0 app that connects interactivity for free on the App Store for iOS users and Google Play Store for Android users.

What Do Other People Think About It?

The Keon is still a fairly new product, but the sentiment has been positive from the few early reviewers. Don’t worry. I’ll be updating this section as more people get their hands on it. 

While Fleshlight Launch was very annoying, big, and poorly designed – Kiiroo Keon feels intuitive and a joy to use and hold onto. It’s a great upgrade to the Launch, for sure.

KEON is much easier to hold (than Fleshlight Launch). It does have some weight to it (almost 2000g), but I mean, all that power comes with some weight. I’m really happy that Kiiroo made a toy like this, it turned out really amazing!


The Keon is definitely a nicer and more streamlined version of the Launch. I’ll echo what others have said, as it’s an excellent upgrade from the Launch. Better ergonomics, more efficient controls, and its compact design just feels a lot more solid. The stroke length and speed seem to be a little better than the Launch, and it seems to run much quieter as well.

All of my Fleshlight sleeves work with the case that came with my Keon, so no complaints there. The case itself is much nice than what Fleshlight sells with their sleeves, and having it actually lock in place is awesome. The sleeve that came with the Keon is pretty good, too, though I think it’s a little firmer feeling than a comparable Fleshlight sleeve.

My only gripe so far is how tiny the button used for switching between interactive mode and manual mode is. It can be a little tricky to use. The charging port is also a little wonky, but overall I’m thrilled with the upgrades.


Kiiroo Keon Alternatives

There are two products that I can think of as alternatives to Keon: The Handy and the Fleshlight Universal Launch. I’ll discuss them more in detail in the following subsections.

But TL;DR? Choose The Handy if you’re looking for an automatic interactive masturbator that’s a bit cheaper than Keon and doesn’t operate on batteries but electricity, so you can use it whenever you like.

If you’re an avid FLyer with a Fleshlight collection but not that tech-savvy, go with the Fleshlight Universal Launch. It’s all about the automatic up and down movement minus the interactive bells and whistles.

Kiiroo Keon vs. The Handy

Now, Kiiroo Keon is bigger than The Handy, making it so much easier to hold and keep in place. But because of its size and weight, its movement is limited. Plus, you need to use both of your hands to hold it.

Now, The Handy is much smaller than Keon. So you can hold it with just one hand. However, there’s a learning curve to figuring out the best position to get the most stimulation from your sleeve.

In terms of controlling the buttons, Keon is easier because it’s more ergonomic. Your thumbs naturally slide to both buttons on either side of the machine so you can control the stroke speed and length.

Keon accommodates regular-sized sleeves like their signature Feel Stroker and Feel Stars collection. While there’s not much variety yet, you’re free to use your regular-sized Fleshlight sleeves into Keon’s stroker case.

The Handy comes with their patented TrueGrip sleeve that fits most men and the TrueGrip band so you can adjust how tight or loose you want your sleeve. But, unfortunately, it won’t envelop your entire shaft.

Well, there’s a workaround to this.

You can snap other strokers into the Velcro band — the small- and medium-sized ones, not the too big and heavy ones. So, regular-sized Fleshlights are out, but Quickshots and some Tenga cups are in.

In terms of texture, it all boils down to your preferences.

Then there’s power. You need to charge Keon for 4 hours to get 30 minutes to 2 hours of usage. This means you don’t need to be near a wall outlet or deal with long cables to get your freak on.

While The Handy requires being plugged in at all times, there’s the advantage of using it whenever you feel like it. In addition, you don’t have to deal with a battery-operated machine that stops halfway through your solo session. 

And because it’s electric-powered, you’re getting more powerful stroke speeds — perfect for folks who really want super intense sessions.

Both machines have great build quality, are durable, quiet, and have reliable interactive features. I did experience a few interactive hiccups on both devices, but nothing major.

The adult content libraries and categories for both machines still need more content, though.

However, I have to give props to The Handy’s HandyFeeling app. If you don’t like their available content, you can use certain videos online or local videos on your device.

When you select a “.csv” script on, it’s uploaded to the servers and then downloaded to your Handy device. The script is stored and can be used by others.

Kiiroo Keon vs. Fleshlight Universal Launch

Okay, not to be confused by the discontinued Fleshlight Launch… But the Fleshlight Universal Launch is an entirely new product.

Of course, it’s dedicated to avid FLyers who want a fully automatic Fleshlight experience minus the interactive features.

It’s now compatible with almost all Fleshlights, except FL Flight and Quickshot products. (They have the Quickshot Launch that’s created for their Quickshot line.)

In terms of size, it’s definitely bulkier than its predecessor and the Kiiroo Keon. But the new Fleshlight Universal Launch comes with two handles — kinda like controlling an old-school arcade game.

Though it’s bulkier than Keon, it’s more stable and much easier to hold onto. In addition, it’s a pretty straightforward machine that makes your Fleshlight move up and down.

That means you’re only getting manual controls out of the Universal Launch vs. Keon’s manual and interactive modes.

Well, it does have a smartphone mount for some adult content viewing. But to be clear, it won’t move in the same way as the videos you’re watching.

Like Keon in manual mode, the Universal Launch’s left side buttons control the stroke length; the right side, speed. Also, there’s a dedicated pause-stop button if sensations get too intense.

You’re getting 250 strokes per minute max from the Universal Launch vs. Keon’s 230 strokes per minute. Still, you’re getting the same 2 hours maximum usage time.

However, you have to charge the Universal Launch between 6 and 9 hours to get 2 hours of use. That’s twice Keon’s 4 hours max recharge.

But the Universal Launch comes with an Active Launch Mode, so you can use it even while plugged into power. You can’t do this with Keon. You have to unplug it before you can use it.

Just keep in mind that the Universal Launch is a tad bit expensive than Keon, though. And the price doesn’t include any Fleshlight stroker.

Final Thoughts

Kiiroo Keon has pushed the technology of interactive automatic male masturbators further than anyone else.

It’s a high-quality toy that I can wholeheartedly recommend.

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