Kanojo Toys Review: Is It A Legit Store? [2021 Check]

This Kanojo Toys review will satisfy your anime fetish desires with their selection of toys in the niche sex toy boutique. Kanojo Toys offers toys for both men and women and couples too!

The Good | They have toys for men, women and even for couples play—plenty of choices for people who love anime.

The Bad | The company is based in Japan, so shipping might be complicated and a long process depending where you live.

The Bottom Line |  It’s a shop for every anime lover out there that offers good quality niche sex toys you might not be able to find anywhere else. 

If you’re like me and love anime porn as much as I do, you’ll be happy to find Kanojo Toys. 

As hentai (aka anime porn) was my first type of porn I’ve watched when I was a teen, this niche has a sweet spot in my heart. 

Today, I want to take a look at Kanojo Toys and discuss everything there is that you need to know if you’re interested in buying from them. 

So, let’s jump in. 

Kanojo toys Review: What Are Kanojo Toys?

What Are Kanojo Toys

Kanojo Toys is a niche sex toy shop in Japan, specializing in bringing your anime fantasies to life. 

They have a massive selection of toys, over 8000+ sex toys for him, for her and for the couple’s play.

While they do offer a huge array of products, they’re still considered to be a boutique, a niche shop catering to specific needs.

They have been featured in magazines like Cosmopolitan and Wired, so they’re known not only in Japan. 

The great thing about them: 

While they’re based in Japan, they offer worldwide shipping and different payment methods so everyone can enjoy their products. 

There is a downside, though:

Because they’re based in Japan, the shipping process might be complicated (I’ll touch on it a little bit later in the post).

Where Do Kanojo Toys Shine Comparing To Others?

Kanojo Toys really stand out in a crowd with the massive array of products that they offer like: 

They have something for almost everyone, and their prices range from as low as $10 (check out our best cheap sex doll guide for more choices) to as high as $1000+.

Another thing that stands out about Kanojo Toys is their specialization in anime fetish. 

Hentai is a huge thing in Japan, and other places in the world, and all of their toys are created to serve that audience. 

They have cartoonish packaging and toys, which might look disturbing for people who are not into hentai. 

What Products Can You Find On Kanojo Toys Site?

Let’s get to the fun part:

There is a wide array of sex toys Kanojo has on their website, from onaholes to actual sex dolls, and it can be hard to navigate. 

However, I have good news for those of you who already feel overwhelmed.

Kanojo Toys have a comprehensive guide on their website that can help all the new shoppers to understand the Japanese sex toys scene a bit better. 

You can find the guide here

Now, let’s talk about some of the most prominent categories:

Mini Sex Dolls

Mini Sex Dolls

This category is very interesting. 

Mini Sex Dolls comes in a pack of a few parts. You get the main body part, which is the masturbator onahole that you will be using. 

And then there are other parts of the body that come with it like legs and arms that you can later add if you’d like. 

It’s a unique design sex doll, and it’s pretty small around 5.7″ x 2.8″ size. 

Mini Sex Dolls can cost anywhere from $15 to $150, so everyone can choose something they like for their price range. 

A few of the options I recommend are this one and this one.

Hentai Onaholes

Hentai Onaholes

Onahole is a male masturbation tool that resembles the vagina. It’s basically a Japanese version of a fleshlight. 

They come in different sizes and shapes, so you have a lot of different onaholes to choose from. 

The prices vary a lot, depending on which one you choose, but you can get yourself an onahole for as cheap as $6.

You can browse different onaholes here, and the one I recommend is this one here.

Butt Replica Onaholes

Butt Replica Onaholes

For those of you, who enjoy anal play, these Butt Replicas are going to be great. 

They look so realistic and are just pretty to look at. 

As with all the other toys, there is a massive selection of different designs and prices, so you’ll have to spend some time going over the site to find the one that works for you. 

This one here is a pretty good option for a reasonable price.

And, if you know the Japanese porn start scene, you might enjoy this Butt Onahole that is created after a famous adult-movie star in Japan. 

Premium Sex Dolls

Premium Sex Dolls

This category really sets Kanojo toys apart. 

They offer a real size, very realistic looking sex dolls that have a unique look. 

Some of them are even made after famous Japanese adult movie stars, and they have smaller ones and real-size ones as well. 

Now, buying one of these premium sex dolls is going to be an expensive pleasure. 

They’re one of the most expensive toys in the shop, and their prices can range anywhere from $1,500 to $13,000 for a doll. 

Yes, you read it right:

$13,000 for a sex doll, this one specifically here

It might be cheaper to get a girlfriend at this point, really. 

Customer Service

Kanojo Toys offer a pretty impressive customer service experience.

They have a team working around the clock as they have international customers who are all at different times. 

What’s great is that they offer support in three languages: German, English, and Japanese, so there are options for different people.

There are two ways to contact the team:

By the phone or email here.

They also have a pretty detailed FAQ section where you can find answers to most of the questions that might arise when you’re ordering from them.

I suggest you go through the FAQ section before contacting the support to save you time. 

How To Pay For Items

They accept all the Visa and MasterCard cards via their payment provider Verotel. 

They also accept American Express and PayPal. 

However, if you’re buying DVDs, they’re not eligible for the PayPal payment option. 

If you’re based in Germany or Japan, they accept wire transfers from those countries. 

Shipping to the USA

Good news:

While their toys are very out there looking, they’re shipped in discreet packaging. 

You can read more about the packaging here

Kanojo Toys usually ship via FedEx or EMS. You can expect your order to be shipped within 1-3 working days after the payment is processed. 

The shipping might take anywhere from 4-7 working days if there are no interruptions. 

If you’re buying during a busy period like the Holiday season, the shipping might take longer as per usual. 

Final Words

So, here you have it. 

If you’ve been wondering about buying from this shop but weren’t sure if it’s legit or not, now you know. 

It has a wide selection of different Japanese sex toys, so it might be worth your time if you’re into that niche. 

I think it could be a fun idea to get gifts for your friends who love sex toys and have a collection of them.

I hope you found this Kanojo Toy shop review helpful, and don’t forget to leave your question in the comments.

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